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Podcast: Episode 93 – An Awful Accent


Zack Klapman is fresh from a The Smoking Tire trip to New Zealand. He’s joined by host Blake Z Rong and Podcast Producer Chris Hayes, and they explore everything from Kiwi Country.

I couldn’t make it to the episode because… I was nervous my truck would overheat on the drive up to the studio. I need to swap in a new thermostat. Oh well, make fun of me all you want. After that, LISTEN TO THE PODCAST. OBEY ME.

Hooniverse – An Awful Accent

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Podcast: Episode 92 – Two Ring Circus
With The Ring Brothers


The Ring Brothers are in town to show off their latest award-winning creation known as Recoil. While they’re out West, they’ve been kind enound to jump into the podcast palace. Mike and Jim Ring stop by to chat about how they got started and what they have in store for the future. Also, they brought beer.

[Image courtesy of Leo from CnC Pics]

While Recoil is amazing and the upcoming all-carbon-fiber Mustang Fastback sounds outrageous, we might just be most interested in the busted-ass Winnebageo that the crew have turned into something special.

Regardless, it’s time to press play and soothe your precious ears with some podcast pleasure.

Hooniverse – Two Ring Circus [w/guests The Ring Brothers]

Podcast: Episode 90 – An Al You Minium Adventure


Chris Hayes and Blake Z Rong decide to take the podcast on the road for Episode 90. The two are stuck together in the cab of a 2015 Ford F-150, and are on the road to go pickup a new engine for Blakes Miata. This will be the third engine… by the way.

Here’s the full description from Producer Chris:

This week Blake and I decided to record an episode inside the 2015 Ford F150 Ecoboost whilst venturing to the wilds of deep Corona California to pick up his freshly built Miata engine. This week we cover the Ford GT, Buick’s lack of direction, chassis stiffening, mid-engine Corvettes, the Mercedes SLS + AMG GT all under the veil of imminent road rage.

Please excuse some tapping noise at the very end of the episode as our microphone mount became loose.

Hooniverse – 2015 F150 now with optional podcas studio.

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Podcast: Episode 89 – The Future of Hot Rodding


Today we dive into some new car chatter. One of the main topics is the subject of the future of hot rodding, and how I believe it will be about electric cars, coding, and drive-by-wire adjustments.

Additionally, there’s news of a purchase for the Hooniverse family. A new project car is arriving, and you can learn more about it by listening in.


Hooniverse – The Future Of Hot Rodding

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Podcast: Episode 88 – Assistant to the Regional Curator


Blake and I are back in the old-school Podcast Palace of Love in this episode, and there’s a lot to talk about. The 2015 Detroit Auto Show just took place and the reveals were pretty awesome. Ford killed it, Buick surprised everyone with a lovely concept, and a handful of other automakers showed some great products.

Beyond the new car news, Blake has a bit of news of his own. He’s got a new gig, and it’s pretty damn perfect for him. Listen up!

Hooniverse – Assistant TO the Regional Curator

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Podcast: Episode 87 – Back to work


The holidays are over, which means it’s time to get back to work. I’m joined by producer Chris Hayes to chat about what we’ve been up to. Also, it’s time to dive into some new car news before we take a lookat our own cars.

As you know the Civic Si is gone, and so I talk about what I’m looking to find to replace the Honda. I’m going in quite a different direction.

The new car news ranges from Audi running an autonomous car between San Francisco to Las Vegas before switching to chatter about possible Porsche name changes.

Hooniverse – Back to work

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Podcast: Episode 86 – Make It To A Million w/ guest Matt Farah


Friend of Hooniverse Matt Farah (The Smoking Tire) comes on to tell us all about his latest acquisition; that 900,000-mile Lexus LS400. Also, Richard Radcliffe is back on and he just bought Jeff’s Civic!

We talk about some of the recent cars we’ve driven while also learning a bit about Lemon Law vehicles.

It’s a holiday edition of The Hooniverse Podcast, so ignore your family and listen in!

Hooniverse – Make It To A Million [w/ guest Matt Farah]

Podcast: Episode 85 – From McQueen to Matchmaking w/ guest Spike Feresten


Our guest this week is renowned comedy writer, car lover, and Fox talk-show all-star Spike Feresten. You may know him from his work providing the funny to shows like Saturday Night Live, Late Night and The Late Show with David Letterman, and Seinfeld, as well as many other programs.

Now Spike is using his love of cars to help folks find the perfect automotive match. His show is called Car Matchmaker, and it runs on Esquire. Feresten shows folks a variety of cars that he thinks would be the ideal fit for them, and this can range from a new Mercedes-Benz GLK to a Buick Grand National.

On the latest episode of Car Matchmaker, Spike’s brother turns to him for help. Feresten gets a helping hand from Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Fallon, Will Forte, and Seth Meyers in the first hour-long episode of Car Matchmaker. It’s a show that perfectly bridges the automotive gap between enthusiasts and normal folk who don’t obsess over all-things automotive.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… actually, if you cry you probably have some other issue, because you should just laugh. Hop the jump to listen in and make fun times with your ear holes.

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Podcast: Episode 84 – Colossus Blazer Action (w/ guest Daniel Cudmore)


Our guest today is Daniel Cudmore. He’s a rather tall actor who hails from Canadia, and you’ve seen him recently as Colossus in three of the past X-Men films. Cudmore also happens to love cars, which means he’s ONE OF US.

His automotive past includes a handful of Subarus, two or three Audis, and an old K5 Blazer that was used to ram a camper van.

Hooniverse Credentials: Approved. Hop the jump to listen in…

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Key Lago Go Drifto (w/ Guest Carlos Lago)


Carlos Lago is a man who drives man amazing machines… but the one that is currently providing him the most thrills happens to be his own project Nissan 240SX. That’s because it has a LS3 crate motor that’s making 430 horsepower. His car is fast, and it enjoys going fast in both straight lines and sideways as well.

Oh, he also plays host on the Motor Trend channel when he’s not churning out stories and reviews for the print side. He’s also our guest on episode 83 of the Hooniverse podcast.

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