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The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 66 – Up In The Hooniverse Hills

C&T 66

Jason’s back from his birthday hiatus (and his stint on the hoonicast and TST), and he’s joined as usual by Cam and Tub. Cam’s still recording with his cellular telephone, hopefully for the last time. We really had fun with this hour, and we hope you enjoy it.

This episode’s topics include: Little Lamborghinis, The 3 Ds, Cam’s RX7 starts and runs again, Brad’s Boxster starts and runs again after a battery debacle, Jason talks about his time away, Brad (weirdly) lusts after a new Jetta Sport, and we discuss ‘friend of the show’ Mr. Regular’s new gig at Road & Track.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Up In The Hooniverse Hills

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Podcast: Episode 114 – A Huracan’s A Blowin’


I’m back in the studio after an unexpected absence last week. Joining me is Producer Chris Hayes as we kick it a bit old school and run down some new car news before diving into what we’ve been driving and what’s going on with our own cars. What’s the new car news? Well, a couple in Texas bought their 78th and 79th Dodge Vipers, and we think that’s kind of dumb. A Tesla Model S owner lapped the ‘Ring in 9:08 and we think that’s kind of awesome.

In the motorsports world, there was a big win at the 24hrs of Spa for the MarcVDS racing team. We want to congratulate our friend Francois on the victory.

In our own personal news, I tells the story of my weekend with the Lamborghini Huracan… and how one day turned from a standard video shoot into something so much more important.

Hooniverse – A Huracan’s A Blowin’

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The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 65 – Sports & Jokes

C&T 63

Jason’s sitting out this week because it’s his birthday, but Cam and Tub are in studio to entertain your ears. Cam’s still got less than stellar audio, but we deal. Hopefully back up and running like usual next week. Jason was on both TST and Hooniverse podcasts this week, though, so if you get a hankering to hear his beautiful voice, you have plenty of opportunity this week.

This episode’s topics include: Two of three Ds, Cam’s RX-7, Brad’s Jetta rental car experience, someone we don’t know taking delivery of the new LCI F30 340i, jealousy over Jason’s Huracan experience, Eric Rood’s LeMons car and a possible Cammed & Tubbed sponsorship deal, Cam played a solo concert and wrote a new song for Dirt Rockets called “73 RS” about, you guessed it…, and we introduce the “Facebook Car Club of the Week.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Sports & Jokes

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The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 64 – The Long Con

C&T 63

The Holy Trinity is back in action this week with a new episode of the C&T show (W/ Jason). Cameron’s computer problems are still persisting, but we managed to muscle through it. This one was more fun than average, and you should probably give it a listen.

This episode’s topics include: The 3Ds (Drinks, Driving Music, and “What’s on your Desk”), A rant about Richard Rawlings and how he relates to the documentary “King of Kong”, Countach values?, Dream Parts, Shelby Dakotas, Embarassing Car Stories, I say “Ummm” a lot, Jason gets lasik eye surgery, Cam’s playing a show (tonight!) and Shoutouts.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – The Long Con

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Podcast: Episode 112 – Ramblin’, Podcastin’, and Peein’
An On-the-Road Episode


On this episode of the podcast, you’re getting a shorter On the Road bit. I’m in Minnesota to drive new Hyundai product, and I decided to fire up the microphone while he was sitting in my hotel room.

The chatter this time around ranges from what I’ve been driving to thoughts of getting old…

Hooniverse – On the Road: Ramblin’, Podcastin’, and Peein’

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The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 63 – The Makeup Episode W/ Mr. Regular

C&T 63

Hey Hooniverse, Cam here. Due to prolonged technical difficulties (read: the ignominious death of the Official Cammed & Tubbed Production Computer™), there is no new episode this week. However, we have reached back into the archives to bring you a classic episode of Cammed & Tubbed, and it’s a real corker. It starts off with stories about a messy divorce with my Mustang caught in the middle, and the infamous parking lot crash that led Brad down the rabbit hole of Boxster body modifications. It might be the first episode to feature the theme song you know and love, and it’s also the first to feature a guest: Mr. Regular of Regular Car Reviews! We hope you enjoy this little peek into the pre-Hooniverse days of Cammed & Tubbed, and we also hope you’ll join us next week for an all-new episode!

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – The Makeup Episode

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The last episode, and a quiet exit

Fourth of July, Redondo Beach. Fireworks across the horizon. 

It’s 1,300 miles to Austin—a two-day trip. I wanted to do the whole 20-hour drive in one spell, but looking at the moving truck parked outside, it’ll be a little more than just unwieldy. I’m not just moving there because the girl I’m in love with is starting a job and graduate school there. I’m moving because we’re not the first ones to leave Los Angeles for the reasons you might guess.

Four years, amigos. Four years in this glittering city, full of wealth and hardship, opportunity and denial, cliches and exploration. For the last four years I’ve seen friends move in and out, rents go up, cars slip in and out of my grasp. I’ve moved at least once a year in the past four years. I loved being part of a big city—it felt good to be part of something larger than myself. (It’s why I contemplated moving to New York after grad school.) But the grating repetition of LA life—looking out the window, seeing the sea of expensive cars—can eat a man up from the inside. Living in Los Angeles is like sitting in a smoke-filled room, staring at a poster that says “I’M BETTER THAN YOU.”

When the time comes, the time comes.

But in the meanwhile, I’ve got this beautiful, humble website to thank for giving me a chance. For getting me my first press car, my first press trip, my first reviews…my first chance at this business that occupied my time and my life and my passions for my post-college life.

The last 110 episodes have been nothing but fun—so many good guests, so many great discussions. (We recorded on a boat! We talked to Bob Lutz! We may have gotten drunk!) And, all these episodes inadvertently charted my progress from Very Famous Auto Journalist to Semi-Retired Auto Journalist to Who Knows What I’ll Be Now.

Something, I reckon. Something that won’t stray too far from a platform where I can voice obsequious opinions about horseless carriages, especially while using the word “obsequious.”

At least I still have my certificate from Cadillac CTS-V Racing School.

Podcast: Episode 111 – The Stars At Night…
[w/ guest Michael Banovsky]


This is the one where we say goodbye to co-host Blake Z. Rong. He’s packing up his LA life and relocating to Austin, Texas. We’re joined by guest Michael Banovksy, who is Managing Editor of Petrolicious. Additional, he’s the auther of the book Weird Cars. Our chatter revolves around his own car history, how he got “into cars”, and we dabble a bit in the world of Petrloicious.

After that, I talk a bit about his Isle of Man TT experience before we all dive back to talk about some of our favorite episodes over the last 110 episode run.

Fair thee well Blake Z. Rong… we will keep your chair warm.

(with farts)

Hooniverse – The Stars At Night…

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The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 62 – Allegedly

c&T 62

Well, we were all back together last week, only to fall apart again this week. Cameron had some computer issues, so I had to host by myself this week with Jason Connor as a guest (Probably for his 20th time?). Anyway, it was still a good time, and we had some interesting stuff to talk about.

This episode’s topics include: 2 of the 3 D’s, Goodwood FoS recap, Blipshift t-shirts, Mustang “Eleanor” progress?, Project Boxster Clubsport progress, Mustang GT350R launch, Pikes Peak recap (including a moment discussing the sad passing of Carl Sorensen). It was a good one, but wasn’t quite as long as usual, because Cam wasn’t around to get us off on tangential discussions. No 80s music or Cleveland Punk Rock scene discussion this week, sadly.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Allegedly

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Podcast: Episode 110 – On the Future of Cars and Real Records with Alex Roy


On this week’s episode of the Hooniverse podcast:

International Man of Mystery Alex Roy graces us with his presence. Roy and myself attended the Petrolicious Rally this weekend, a celebration of beautiful vintage machinery and the passion of driving from a bygone era. So what do we do? We dive right into the topic of autonomous cars.

Yes, there’s two sides to the wonderful fantastical world of motoring, and while one of them involves the worship at the altar of old Porsches, the other involves the new world of mobility for those who can’t afford old Porsches. Yes, even for someone who showed up to the podcast studio in his Citroen SM. And whose mind was blown by this lady.

#alfaromeo #style #fashion #pantsuit #vintage

A photo posted by Alex Roy (@alexroy144) on Jun 30, 2015 at 6:29am PDT

At the same time, we fawn over the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, tie up loose ends in Roy’s cross-country record, and for a brief moment I get honest about my dearly-departed Miata.

Hooniverse – On the Future of Cars and Real Records with Alex Roy

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