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Podcast: Episode 55 – We’re Talking About Racing with Justin Wilson


IndyCar and Dale Coyne Racing driver Justin Wilson joins Jeff Glucker and Blake Z. Rong in the podcast palace. The chatter dives right into the world of motorsports, of which Justin is a prominent figure. He’s won at nearly every level in which he’s competed, and he’s now gunning for a strong showing in the 2014 Indy season.

Eventually we talk about some non racing bits, including the NSX, which Jeff can’t stop talking about. 

If you’re a fan of motorsports, this will be our greatest podcast episode ever. If you’re not, it’s still pretty damn awesome.

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Podcast: Episode 54 – A Winner Is You… and guest Garnett Lee!


Episode 54 is here to rock your ear holes, and it features a special guest by the name of Garnett Lee. If you’re a fan of video games, you should know that name has Lee is the man who started the wildly popular 1UP Yours podcast. He’s since moved on to a new show he hosts called Garnett on Games.

Also… he’s a car guy! He owns a 2013 Porsche Boxster, and he loves talking all things automotive. Folks, I know I say each episode is a good one… but this one is a good one. So hop the jump, hit play, and enjoy!

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Podcast: Episode 53 – Smooth Jazz


Blake Z. Rong and Chris Hayes takeover the Hooniverse Podcast for Episode 52. It’s their world, and we’re just living in it… with our ears. Topics range from the Dinan 1M and Mazda’s vision for the next Miata to the Dragon-Edition Jeep Wrangler and the death of the Mitsubishi Evo.

There are, of course, tangents involved… Jump to listen and make your brain happy.

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Podcast: Episode 52 – Praising the CTV? WE’VE LOST OUR MINDS


Oh Canada, you’ve brought us tasty beer!

Our guest this week is Brendan McAleer, who’s a talented young writer from America’s Hat. His work can be found on a handful of Canadian outlets, as well as BBC Autos, Road & Track, and some plucky little website called Hooniverse.

For Episode 52, we prattle on about the new Subaru WRX and STI, chat up the new Porsche Boxster/Cayman GTS, and then dive into an amazing story about a mister Walter Wolf. It’s a good episode, and your ear holes will thank us when it’s all over.

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Podcast: Episode 51 – Dinning on Dinan Delights


We took a week off, but Blake V-School Rong and I are back in action. This is episode 51 of the Hooniverse podcast, and it’s ready to rock out with your ear balls. Topics at hand include Blake driving the Dinan-tuned BMW 1M, I explore the new Audi A3, and then we chat about building an engine at Hendrick’s Motorsports and that the Civic finally gets an update.

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Podcast: Episode 50 – We’re Getting Old!


In the words of Molly Shannon’s character from SNL… “I’m 50! 50 years old!” OK, we’re not 50 years old, but the Hooniverse podcast has just hit its 50th episode. So three cheers to that, eh?

Blake Zed Rong and myself are back on the microphones to chat about cars. First up we talk about some of the things being shown at the Geneva Motor Show before diving into what we’ve each being driving lately. Here’s a spoiler, Blake is winning the game.. He managed to secure an Acura NSX for an entire week.

My jealousy… it knows no bounds.

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Podcast: Episode 49 – The Good Ship Rong Reporting For Duty


All aboard the U.S.S. Hooniverse Podcast! Your captain on this voyage is Blake Z. Rong, and he’s joined by First Officer Zack Klapman. Our guest of honor on this trip will be Nick Bailey, the man running the show for Gotham Dream Cars West and a talented photographer.

We ask that you open your ear holes during this voyage and tune into the delightful sounds of car chatter. All sorts of topics are at play, so put on your headphones and prepare to enter aural nirvana in the car, at work, or even while, you’re on the can.

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Podcast: Episode 48 – A Bill Caswell Flyby


Episode 48 has arrived like the wind, much like our guest. Well, we didn’t intend on having a guest for this episode but you don’t make plans with Bill Caswell, you just react. Mr. Caswell is in town to handle the business end of a few projects, so he swung by the Podcast Palace for a few minutes. During his brief visit, he tells us all about attending the recent running of the King of the Hammers.

After that, Caswell departs for more business and Podcast Produce Chris Hayes and I get back to the business of car chatter. Our topics range from the new 2015 Subaru WRX STI I recently drove, to the Chevrolet SS and Jaguar XFR-S that Hayes spent some time piloting. Hop over the jump and open up your ear holes.

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Podcast: Episode 47 – Sideways at 150 with Chris Cantle


Our guest this week is Road & Track Multimedia Editor Chris Cantle. He’s a delightful chap who’s rather brilliant with a camera, conned his bosses into spending money on a Miata with 320,000 miles, and was the person riding shotgun when Mad Man Higgins put a Subaru WRX STI rally car sideways on the Isle of Man.

If anyone has some stuff to chat about, it’s Mr. Cantle… or Cant-luh as we prefer to say it.

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Podcast: Episode 46 – An interview with Pete Brock


If you don’t already know, Blake Z. Rong is quite a famous automotive journalist. He jaunts from place to place to make automakers excited with his presence, vehicles excited to experience his V-School skill, and ladies weep with joy when he pops up on their Tinder radar. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mr. So Rong He’s Right managed to snag a sit down with none other than Pete Brock.

Yes… that Pete Brock.

I have nothing more to add because you should already be down below the break listening to this episode.


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