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Podcast: Episode 68 – Electricity, Hydrogen, and Atomic Betty


This week Jeff is out of town and leaves Blake and Chris to their own devices. They deliver a number of tangents cleverly disguised as segments including…

  • Live TV Audiences
  • So You Think You Can Dance
  • Blake reviews the new Cadillac Escalade
  • Android Auto & Apple Carplay
  • Drunk Drivers vs. Texting Drivers
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells vs. Batteries
  • Elon Musks plans to rule the automotive industry
  • Chevy SS now with 100% more manual transmission
  • Monster Miatas

Hop the jump for the hot ear medicine…

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Podcast: Episode 67 – The boys are back in town


For the first time in a long time, the whole crew is back together. Hosts Jeff Glucker and Blake Z. Rong are joined by both producers, Chris Hayes and Zack Klapman. This means they dive right into what everyone has been up to, which means a wide range of car adventures. Blake recently returned from the same Nashville-based Nissan event that Jeff spoke about last week, Zack was driving all over the country for a few different things includeing an IMSA race and a country-wide Rally, and Jeff’s prepping for a few more adventures.

The talk changes to what we’ve been driving, which includes the 2015 Cadillac Escalade, and a few other machines old and new.

Hit the jump to listen in, while taking in the rest of our Project Car State of the Union Day on Hooniverse.

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Podcast: Episode 66 – On the road again (special episode)


So we’re trying something new today. I’m reporting in from the road, as I’ve traveled to Nashville, TN to sample the entire Nissan lineup. After a day of driving, I am sitting down to let you know how the cars were, about a few special gems that were available to drive, and what I’ve got coming up when I gets back home.

Also, I’m apparently easily distracted by the chick in the AT&T commercial…

Make the jump for Episode 66.

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Podcast: Episode 65 – Bavsound Brings The Noise


We may occasionally rant against all-things BMW on this podcast, but deep in our dark hearts there lies a soft spot for the Bavarian beasts. This seems to be the case for Jeremy Whittle and Jason Seaver, because the pair are part of a company called Bavsound. Essentially, Bavsound is an audiophile haven aimed at making BMW vehicles a better place to listen to music.

Myself and Blake Z. Rong dive right into the chatter with the Bavsound crew to get the low down on all things automotive audio. We learn that Pink Floyd can make you cry under the right circumstances, paper speakers aren’t terrible, and factory systems can always be improved upon.

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Podcast: Episode 64 – Those Project Car Blues


Myself and Blake Z. Rong are back together in the podcast palace of love. The main subject for episode 64? Banged up, clapped-out, project cars.

Blake’s Miata… is dead.
My Civic… is dead.

Listen in and found out what’s going on with both cars, before the we both ultimately diverge into a series of weirder and weirder tangents.

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Podcast: Episode 63 – Two Wheels, BAD!


Zack Klapman from /DRIVE and The Smoking Tire joins me for Episode 63 of the Hooniverse Podcast. We have no agenda this evening, but our conversations surround two main topics.

  1. Zach talks about his horrific motorcycle accident from back when he was in college.
  2. We discuss the application of the term “supercar” and if the term “hypercar” needs to exist.

Oh, and I digress to talk about an awesome snowboarding documentary called The Crash Reel. It’s seriously good… just like this episode of the podcast.

Stop stalling and make the leap to listen to Episode 63.

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Podcast: Episode 62 – ‘MURICA
AKA Finn it to win it Pt.II


Antti is still in California so we have him back on board for a second round of podcast pleasure. Jeff returns to host the party with guest Antti joined by producer Chris Hayes.

The chatter pretty much just focuses on Antti’s trip to the states. He’s been roadtripping in a 2014 Dodge Challenger RT Blacktop, and then we had him switch into a Ram 3500 HD Dually (MWUAHAHAHAHA).

What did he do with the truck? Apparently he went to Walmart and bought American flags… seriously.

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Podcast: Episode 61 – Finn it to win it!


Ladies and gentleman, ready up your ear holes… it’s time for Finland to invade them. Our guest this week is none other than Mr. Antti Kautonen, our very own European Editor. He’s in California for ten days, so this is just the first of two podcast episodes with our favorite Finn.

When we knew Antti was coming to the states we had to arrange the appropriate vehicles for him to drive. First up? A 2014 Dodge Challenger RT Blacktop. After that? A Ram 3500…


So sit back, open your brains and ears, and allow the dulcet love metal voice of Antti Kautonen mix with Blake Z. Rong and producer Chris Hayes. Hop the jump and hit play already.

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Podcast: Episode 60 – DRIVEing down the lane


This week I’m joined by podcast producers Chris Hayes and Zack Klapman.

Zack just got back from Europe where he is now a field producer with the /DRIVE team. The big news, of course, being that /DRIVE will be appearing on NBC Sports. Klapman talks a bit about his journey across the pond.

Chris recently bought a scooter, and we dive into that a bit as well. (I drove it, it’s awesome and confirms my need for a Ruckus)

New car chatter involves the new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, GM woes, and … something that isn’t a car at all, but a plane. There’s a bit of info on the Civic and also the Wombat as well. Listen in and enjoy!

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Podcast: Episode 59 – Stay Regular


Here are the notes I’ve been given for this episode of the Hooniverse Podcast. The guests this week are the fine folks behind Regular Car Reviews.

This is basically an insane persons brain… unraveling:

  • visiting LA
  • Pennsylvania references
  • rocko’s modern life
  • business panties
  • scooters
  • catholic vs protestant church
  • embarassing neon
  • motorcycle repair
  • driving through nyc
  • tatra
  • honda fit
  • zuma 125
  • ruckus
  • motorcycles
  • dodge omni
  • dodge neon
  • toyota echo

As weird as that list looks, it’s actually quite clear that these guys should be running Hooniverse…

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