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Hooniverse Marketplace: Clean 1982 Starlet

1982 toyota starlet for saleToyota, you were so cool back in the 80s. What happened, man? You used to make unexpectedly cool little cars like this RWD 60-series Starlet. This Marketplace example comes from Jesse of Barnfinds.com. It’s been a short-term project car, getting a few quick fixes that it needed, with a few more left on the to-do list. It’s not perfect, but it’s shockingly rust-free and would make a great platform for a speedy commuter or autocross rig. As-is, it gets great mileage and manages to still feel peppy courtesy of its 1600lb curb weight.

Usually for a marketplace post, I have to wring a bunch of info about the car from the seller, but Jesse’s done more than enough in his write-up over at Barn Finds. He’s got a no-reserve auction running on eBay motors, and as I type this it’s at $1500. A few more highs and lows and pictures after the jump…

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Hooniverse Marketplace: 1986 Skoda Rapid with Parts Car

Skoda Rapid for saleŠkoda Rapid? Yes, a Škoda Rapid (we had to look it up, too). For those too lazy to click through to wikipedia, the Rapid was a two-door fastback based on the Škoda 130 Sedan. With its rear-engine, rear-drive configuration, it was described as a poor man’s Porsche. That’s particularly accurate if you consider the power outputs of early 356s.

Anyway, onto Lowell (or “faberferrum” as you know him)’s Skoda. Actually Skodas, plural. He’s  got this great-running 1986 model and a mostly complete, but terminally rusty parts car to go with it, asking $1500 for the pair in his ad on kijiji. More info after the jump:

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Hooniverse Marketplace: 1963 International Harvester Travelall

1963 International Travelall for sale

When you think 1963 International Harvester Travelall, you usually think rusted, clapped-out raccoon sex dungeon on the back 40 of some farm in Iowa. Today’s example is no such hulk. This one’s been completely gone through and received a collection of new parts including paint, tires, a carb rebuild, battery and other details. There are basket cases, there are cars with what seems like a bunch stuff added, and there are cars cleaned up correctly. This one’s the latter.

With a 266ci V8 and 4 speed manual, it won’t win any races, but it will tow a small boat or sports car of similar vintage. It’s only two wheel drive, but let’s be honest: you’re not going to do any serious offroading or snow duty in a classic like this. Besides, the tires are 33″ BFG All-Terrains that offer enough clearance and traction should things get interesting. If you really wanted to, you could convert it to 4wd for less money and effort than it would take to bring a typical 4wd example up to this condition.

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