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Moskvitch Weekend Edition: Oldtimers and Oddballs


From 1947 to 1954, the Moskvitches produced by Moscovskiy Zavod Malolitrazhnyh Avtomobiley were often of the 400-420 saloon type, as seen above. The car was based on the 1938 Opel Kadett, and the 1.1-litre engine produced 23 horsepower. Wikipedia mentions the 0-50 mph sprint as having taken 55 seconds, and the car achieving 31 mpg, which is hardly bad for those times.

In the Moskvitch portfolio, there are numerous models that deserve to be seen. Take a peek.

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Moskvitch Weekend Edition: The 1976-1987 Moskvitch 2140/Elite


With time, the 408/412 series were replaced by the modernized 2140 series, which relied on the same basic structure. As with the previous post, there is a great deal of Finnish promotional shots courtesy of the importer.

The sole engine here was the 1500cc engine from the 412, meaning the export versions remained to be called the Moskvitch 1500/1500S and the later 1500SL.

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Moskvitch Weekend Edition: The 1964-1975 Moskvitch 412/Elite


Above the Moskvitch 408 line, there was the 412, to which I referred in earlier posts. It was positioned as a more premium choice on the repertoire, as it was plusher and featured a larger engine.

It’s also worth mentioning that the bulk of the photographs on this piece have been taken by the Finnish importer, Konela Auto. Those black plates really shine on the brand-new Elites, as the 412 was called on the export market.

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Moskvitch Weekend Edition: The 1964-1975 Moskvitch 408


With yesterday’s posts, we focused on the 1970s prototypes that centred on replacing the 408 and 412 series cars of the 1960s and 1970s. It makes sense to give some space to the earlier cars, as they are really rather beautiful in a narrow, upright sense. The promotional images dedicated to them are also worth taking a look at, as the colours are bright and everything is tip-top.

The first car, the black one is actually a pre-production example from 1961. Keeping in mind it took until mid-1980s for the lineage to be replaced, the base car that started its life as the 408, survived a handsome quarter of a decade – to some turbulent times.

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Moskvitch Weekend Edition: The Moskvitch Prototypes Part III


After the mid-1970s design prototypes, the basis for the new five-door Moskvitch 2141 was confirmed. The process was simplified greatly: out of the contemporary offerings in the Western market, the Car of the Year 1976, the Simca 1307 was chosen as the base. It must have been a tough decision from the designers’ perspective, as the preceding work was wiped clean, and they were told to follow in the footsteps of what Chrysler Europe had been doing.

But still, work was started over again and prototypes were again produced.

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Moskvitch Weekend Edition: The Moskvitch Prototypes Part II


After discarding the 412 as a basis for the forthcoming prototypes, Moskvitch’s design started to get really interesting. Although the source material doesn’t explicitly address this, the Saab influence in the first prototype, denoted C-1, is more than obvious in several respects.

Another amusing thing is that the 1975 C-1 prototype, due to its striking green colour, ended up being named after the children’s programme character Crocodile Gena. There are worse comparisons, I guess.

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Moskvitch Weekend Edition: The Moskvitch Prototypes Part I


This weekend, it’ll be 25 years from the German Reunification. The East and the West started a process that made Eastern Europe what it is today: countries full of well-used 1990s Volkswagen Passats and some really lovely towns to spend time in, having a hearty meal with a good beer alongside.

Hooniverse has had its share of Lada photos and the occasional Samara content, and we’re not averse to Trabants, but Moskvitches haven’t been too common on this site. That’s why I’m lending a little light to The Other Russian Car Maker, the one that isn’t VAZ.

Remember Aleko? You will, after the first posts this weekend.

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Weekend Edition: The Mk3.5 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet


Much like the Ford P100 pickup truck seen in the earlier Weekend Edition post, the Mk3.5 Golf Cabriolet is something wearing the face of something else. The hardware and the hard points, along with the rest of the car from the A-pillars backwards, mean that you’re still getting the same Golf that debuted in 1993, but the appearance was tailored to match the new fourth generation car. It’s hardly different from what Volkswagen did earlier, as the first-generation droptop doubled for the Cabriolet when the Mk2 Golf was built.

This 1999 car actually looks quite good in black, and the Azev A wheels are always a favorite.

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Weekend Edition: On the Ford P100 “Euromaster”


Some of the things I dislike on my Ford Sierra are the trucklike handling, slow steering, long-throw gearshift and unrefined engine, along with the utilitarian controls. These are ill-fitted on a passenger car such as the humble Sierra of yours truly, but on a truck they fit the picture, as expected. What, then, a more suitable vehicle than a pickup truck that bears the face of a Ford Sierra?

The Ford P100 has been the name tag for the earlier, Cortina/Taunus based pickup, ute or a bakkie, whatever you would want to call it. The “Sierrachero” here was the appearance for the 1987-on P100, but it’s somewhat removed from an actual Sierra.

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Weekend Edition: On the Chrysler Neon


It’s not only the Lumina and Cavalier I’ve had on my mind recently. Unlike the Cavalier, the Chrysler Neon was sold here officially, and as a result the low end of the Finnish used car market is plentiful, if not flooded with cheap Neons. They are worth nothing here, which means you can pick up a road-legal one for 500 euros. If you want a clean one, you can buy one for 500 euros. If you want to spend more money, you can buy one for 1500 euros. You get the picture: there are Neons available, no-one cares about them, and no-one really cares how much money they will make by selling their Neon and no longer having to worry about anything related to Neons.

This is exactly why I want to get in on the game.

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