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Weekend Edition – Tampere Sightings: Toyota Celica 1.8 GSi


In case you caught a glimpse of an electric blue Celica in the background of the previous Micra shots, you’re in for a treat. I did actually have time to take a couple photos of the Toyota, too.

And as it so often is with these ones in here, this Toyota Celica is the base model 1.8 GSi with 115hp. Total Suomi-spec, and this one has been in the country since new, originally sold by a capital region dealer.

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Weekend Edition – Tampere Sightings: Nissan Micra C+C


On a grocery run, I noticed this candy apple red Nissan Micra. Don’t get me wrong, supermarket parking lots are usually stocked full of librarian-spec Nissan Micras, but this was worth photographing. The 2007-model car is one of the rare enough C+C coupe cabriolet, and it’s about as ungainly looking as any millennial coupe cabriolet with the exception of the Mercedes-Benz SLK and the NC-body Mazda Miata.

I did actually stick around for a while, taking in the shapes and shades. The C+C is just baffling.

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Weekend Edition: Checking out used cars in Germany


I did a couple of trips to Germany late last year, and some of the activities we did with my petrolhead friends was to see some used cars that we had scoured up on Autoscout24 and mobile.de. I didn’t have my car-buying pants on then, but it was interesting to see what the market looked like in the metal, and how the cars measured up to the way they were advertised.

After I got myself to the Düsseldorf International Airport and was picked up by a friend in a ratty E30 at the departures door, off to the autobahn we went.

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Weekend Edition: A leisurely drive in a Mercedes-Benz 220 (W115)


This 1971 Mercedes-Benz W115 is one of the loveliest cars I’ve driven. It belongs to a German friend, one who currently hosts the Suzuki Swift convertible in his garage, and it’s been in his family since new.

A few months ago, as I was in Germany, I had a chance to check out the Benz and have a little drive around the smallish town. Armed with my trusty brown camera and a nifty-fifty lens, I snapped a few detail shots to accompany the post.

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Weekend Edition: Swift Possibilities Looming


I’ll cut to the chase: does anybody have a wiring loom for a Suzuki Swift GTi just hanging around, doing nothing?

Alright, maybe a little back story is required here. My friends, often of wrenching sort, acquired a Suzuki Swift cabriolet for last summer’s roadtripping around Europe. You know, the Geo Metro kind. The German-market Swift came with an eight-valve, 1300cc SOHC powerhouse that produced maybe 60 horsepower, and the gearing was ridiculously long. I mean, highway speeds had the engine turning over at 2000rpm, and Nürburgring laps were done in second and third for most of the time. I’m not kidding, the blue-wheeled, tribal-striped white droptop did a good number of Bridge to Gantry times on two glorious days.

Of course, later on it was deemed the Swift needed a burst of MORE POWER. For a not unreasonable sum, a powertrain for a Swift GTi was spotted in Berlin and then we sort of drove there across the country to pick it up. Back at the garage, it was noticed that despite the seller’s claims, the engine is not electrically a straight swap. The short-ratio GTi gearbox obviously bolted on the 8-valve engine and did its part to help, but the 16-valve, 100-horsepower engine needs the correct GTi wiring loom to make the transplant work.

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Datsun-Nissan Weekend Edition: Your Turn


Now that the Nissan Newsroom old model archive has been raided for your pleasure and the Datsun-Nissan Weekend Edition can be seen through, I hand the torch over for you in this last post. Find out what you find the most interesting and share your weirdness in the comments.

Just like this Pulsar EXA convertible shows, there really is something for everyone in there.

Link: www.nissan-newsroom.com/EN/PRODUCTS/OLDMODELS/

Datsun-Nissan Weekend Edition: The Gloria Saloon


One thing I love about these Nissan press photos is how they display the ultra-basic and the super sumptuous just alongside each other. And since the large rear-wheel-drive Gloria saloon was such a sizeable model range, and in production for quite a while, there are a lot of good shots of them in various guises.

There were formal roofs, hardtops, wagons and a Jack Nicklaus special edition, as seen above. It’s impossible not to love the late 1970s feel here.

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Datsun-Nissan Weekend Edition: The Volkswagen Years


It’s not terribly uncommon for automobile manufacturers to shake hands and enter partnerships. There are parts-sharing deals, badge engineering endeavours and common development. But still, one of the weirdest things to have taken place was Nissan taking up the manufacturing of Volkswagen’s midsize Santana saloon and offering it via its own dealerships.

There it was, from 1984 to 1990, built in Zama, Japan and called the M30 in Nissan’s own internal speak. And it didn’t look terribly bad while at it.

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Datsun-Nissan Weekend Edition: The Datsun Trucks


One thing that Datsun is universally known for, is trucks and light utility vehicles. Sturdy, simple, honest, blocky: you got your Datsun right there. No matter how bumped and rusted they get over the years, they seem to soldier on Hilux-like, in worlds first, second and third.

This press photo post concentrates on the load-hauling stuff, shiny and new in these studio shots.

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Datsun-Nissan Weekend Edition: 1981-1984 Nissan Skyline R30


Another thing that this Nissan photo bank handily shows is that the venerable Skyline was a full line-up with basic models, and that the Iron Mask R30 coupe was just the tip of the iceberg. You got your load-luggers, family saloons, smart lower level coupes and all.

The 2000 RS-Turbo seen above was the most powerful Japanese production car of its time, with 190 horsepower available on command. But as mentioned, there’s much more to Skylines.

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