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Weekend Edition: 417 Cars and Coffee – 2015 Wrap-up, The Sequel


So last Tuesday, fellow Hooniverse contributor and also fellow Ozarkian, Marcal Eilenstein posted his wrap up of the final 417 Cars & Coffee of the 2015 season. If my fellow Hoons missed it, you should take a take a look at it here. Marcal and this olelongrooffan have similar posting styles in that we often take an event we have attended and break it into different segments….my recent Branson Auctions posts come to mind…and he had broken his attendance at this event up similarly. But as to fact his post was the Wrap-up, I can only presume fellow Hoon Marcal has forgotten this olelongrooffan is a member of the Slacktivism group over on that Book about my Face. I do, however, find it interesting to see what two Hoons attending the same event find to be notable and worth sharing. Click on through to see what this olelongrooffan found worthy of sharing.

But first, the obligatory ’55 Chevy Belair Hardtop, seldom noted by this author and the only Tri 5 spotted that day by this olelongrooffan.

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Weekend Edition: A look at Eastern Europe, 1985-1989


This Sunday is Father’s Day here in Finland. It seems fitting to contribute an article consisting of photographs taken by my dad way back in the mid-to-late 1980s, as he travelled to East Berlin, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and so on, with a group of other Finnish teachers. I got this stack of travel photos from him last weekend, and we leafed through them.

I cannot provide a point-to-point narrative for them, as some of them are out of sequence by now and even the chronological order is sketchy at best, but what they do is provide a look into countries that do not even exist anymore. After these photos were taken, Eastern Europe faced years of change never even thought possible, and even the next five years were a tumultuous time for those countries. Germany, separated for decades, became whole again and these street scenes captured from a tour bus would never be the same. Trabants, Wartburgs, Skodas fill the parking lots, almost the only bright spots in towns and cities consisting of grey and brown, the early wintertime having stripped the trees of leaves and the ageing photographs exaggerating the muted colour palette.

The Berlin shots are from December 1985, and the Hungarian scenes have been taken as late as 1989. Everything here falls in that time period beginning 30 years ago, as my dad was roughly the same age as I am now.

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Weekend Edition: Finishing Up At The Branson Auction


Just to finish this olelongrooffan’s sharing of the stuff I saw while out at the Branson Auction a whiles back. If my fellow Hoons believe that General Motors is the only manufacturer to build a Super Sport you would be sorely mistaken. This 1951 Crosley Super Sport precedes those GM products by at least four years. And this wasn’t included previously in my Detroit Steel post because these were built in Marion, Indiana. It was a cute little buggy and sold for a fee inclusive $9,180.00. I would call that well sold. Click on through to see a couple more, if you like.

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BTTF II Weekend Edition: Down on the Hill Valley Street

Antti Kautonen October 25, 2015 Weekend Edition


In addition to the concept cars, Back to the Future II featured a lot of regular everyday cars dressed up for the movie, as well as proper proppy props that were designed just to do their thing for five seconds and not much more. This post handles both.

The first one is the Foxbody droptop Mustang that has a similar retro-fitted hover car setup as Biff’s BMW 6-series choptop. It’s a 1987-1989 Mustang GT, and it has to be said current ’80s Mustangs are definitely lacking in the enormous rear spoiler department. Probably because they are grounded to the ground.

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BTTF II Weekend Edition: The Pontiac Pursuit Concept

Antti Kautonen October 25, 2015 Weekend Edition


Another General Motors concept that can be seen down on a 2015 Hill Valley street is the Pontiac Pursuit from 1987. Unlike the Chevrolet Express, it’s not a gas turbine vehicle, but it still looks kind of trippy inside.

The Pursuit, its computer mouse styling aside, was quite believable in terms of tech, as it had a turbocharged 200-horsepower four banger up front. Sounds like a very 2015 engine.

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BTTF II Weekend Edition: The Chevrolet Express Concept

Antti Kautonen October 25, 2015 Weekend Edition


In addition to the Saab EV-1, one of the more swoopy 1980s concept cars featured in Back to the Future II was the Chevrolet Express. Now, the Express name is more eagerly connected to the age-old Chevy vans, but the 1987 concept car was something else entirely.

Its wheels completely faired-in, and the taillight assembly circling the afterburner-like rear, the Express was what could be expected of 2015 sports cars.

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BTTF II Weekend Edition: The Saab EV-1 Concept

Antti Kautonen October 25, 2015 Weekend Edition


The weekend posts from me will focus on the cars you could see in the background, watching Back to the Future II’s Courthouse Square scenes set in 2015. The filmmakers used contemporary concept cars along with dressing swoopy everyday cars to look more futuristic, and I’d say the result was somewhat believable.

The first one to go is the Saab EV-1 concept, which obviously would have been a popular car in 2015, had the company not gone under years earlier. Right?

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Volga Weekend Edition: The 1956-1970 GAZ M-21

Antti Kautonen October 18, 2015 Weekend Edition


Instead of dedicating an article to the Volga Siber, which is most likely the most modern Volga there is – because that is a Russian-built Chrysler Sebring with Volga badging – I’ll rather go right back to the start and show the first Volga there was, the M-21 series. It’s a lovely, rounded 1950s design and on the lead image you can see all three versions of the 21: the first, “Star” series, the second “Shark” series, and the third, “Baleen” series. All the nicknames come from the way the radiator grilles were designed, as they differed a little from each other.

There was also a wagon variant, which was referred to as the “Shed”. If there had been a wagon version of the Siber, it would probably have been called the “Shedbring”.

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Volga Weekend Edition: The 1998-2004 GAZ-3111

Antti Kautonen October 18, 2015 Weekend Edition


The absolute weirdest-looking Volga saloon was the 1998 3111, which is almost science fiction -like in its appearance. It’s bulbous, it’s heavy-looking, it’s vulgar, it’s grotesque, it’s everything the GAZ-24 wasn’t.

The idea is for it to appear somewhat similar in detailing, but the 3111 looks like it’s been blown up at the factory and then painted and fitted with wheels.

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Volga Weekend Edition: The 1992-1996 GAZ-3105

Antti Kautonen October 18, 2015 Weekend Edition


Now that the production cars are out of the way, we can get into wacky, wacky prototypes and small series cars. GAZ didn’t necessarily plan to just keep building the same car over and over again, as there were ideas and developments to do more with design and amenities. And as the Chaika was buried in history, there was a real need for a modern Russian luxury car in the mid-1990s.

Here’s what the short-lived 3105 series looked like. It’s not too far removed from what the Western carmakers were doing, even if the dimensions aren’t quite there.

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