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Wagon Wednesday: Volkswagen Passat W8 Wagon


I was out perusing Craigslist again (when will I learn?), and stumbled upon quite the rarity: a manual-transmission-equipped Passat W8 wagon. For the longest time, I was convinced that these were a myth, a Teutonic creature created to strike awe and fear into our hearts. Well, my heart may not fear it, but my wallet sure does. 

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Wagon Wednesday: 1990 Ford Country Squire

1990 Ford Country Squire front left

Have you ever of heard of SpeedyCop? Yes, of course you have, one of his creations tied for the 2013 Hooniversal Car of the Year, the most prestigious award in the automotive industry. If you’re still clueless as to who/what SpeedyCop is, then there is no hope for you.

Sometime ago Mr. SpeedyCop decided to build a National Lampoon’s Wagon Queen Family Truckster as a 24 Hours of Lemons racer. This is why he obtained the pictured wagon. But even a ruthless cop has moments of weakness, and when it came to butchering this youngtimer and sending to racing hell where it would spend the rest of its life swapping paint and genuine-ish wood-ish paneling with other crapcans, the good cop said “No!”  

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Craigslist: 1995 BMW 540iT 6-speed

E34 wagon

Many many years ago, in the good old days, BMW was selling very interesting types of vehicles in the the U.S. called Tourings, more commonly known as station wagons. The idea behind those vehicles was simple; take a sedan and add an enclosure over the trunk, fourth roof pillar, side windows, and a tailgate. This worked brilliantly both in theory and in practice – a sport wagon would have the agility and comfort of a sport sedan with the added functionality of a small van. Win-win, right?

Unfortunately, history will show that these brilliant vehicles did not find much love in the new world. The reasons were many, but none were truly objective. Proper European station wagons, the rear-wheel-drive ones, with a proper manual transmission, are now gone from the U.S. market. Thankfully there is Hooniverse, which each week reminds you of the wagon’s glory days.

It is refreshing to know that BMW currently still offers a station wagon in the 3-series line, and by some miracle is it even offered in a diesel flavor. Unfortunately, U.S. buyers are limited to steering-feel robbing all-wheel-drive models with automatic transmission that are matched to two different under-powered four-cylinder engines. Still, if you want a new BMW wagon you can have one, which is nice.

[Source: Denver Craigslist | Thanks for the tip, Ssurfer321!]

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And a 428 in Every Driveway!

1967 Mercury Colony Park for saleYou know what’s expensive? An Ecoboost®-equipped Ford Flex®. You’re almost halfway to six figures by the time you spec out a new one. Given their wagon-y lines, mediocre fuel economy and lack of room compared to a minivan, it’s not hard to see why they’re slow sellers. Still, more people should buy them, complete with the good motor. Why? Because it’s The One With The Good Motor that’s always worth buying, owning and fixing as the decades march on. Perhaps that’s why my early-80s eyes see a lot more potential for awesome in classic wagons than my dad does. Most longroofs you’ll find on eBay or Craigslist today are v8 equipped, and the full-sizers aren’t hard to find with big blocks. However when new, these muscle wagons were the exception. Most puttered about with straight sixes or bottom-spec V8s and lousy transmissions, and that’s what Baby Boomers remember.

1967 Mercury Colony Park1967 Mercury Colony Park rear1967 Mercury Colony Park 428

Today’s example is the Ecoboost of its day: a Mercury Colony Park with a 428 “Super Marauder” (awesome name) V8. It’s got power everything, typical California-desiccated paint and…well, that’s all we can learn from the ad. Given the half-open hood, wheel blocks and adjacent project Mustang in the pictures, the condition’s probably not top-notch. Luckily the seller only wants “$4″ for it!

1967 Mercury Colony Park for sale – SF Bay Craigslist


Wagon Wednesday: Longroofs From The Street Rod Nationals in Florida


So, a few weeks ago this olelongrooffan attended the Street Rod Nationals Show up in the City of Palms and, as expected, there were literally tons of cool *ss cars and trucks there. Naturally, this olelongrooffan was most interested in the longroofs in attendance at this show. I thought I would take this opportunity this Wagon Wednesday here in the Hooniverse to share them with my fellow Hoons. However, making the just is necessary to see more than this sweet old Sedan Delivery longroof hot rod.

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2013 HCOTY: My Fellow Hoons Must Agree It’s This Longroof


Man oh Man my fellow Hoons, another year has sped on by and it is time, once again, for the Hooniversal Car Of The Year. As this olelongrooffan would suspect, my fellow Hoons know I would, once again, nominate a longroof. I have seen quite a few cool conventional longroofs over the past year. And making the decision about which one would make the cut has not been an easy one for this olelongrooffan. Click on through to see a few more missing the cut and the one that did make it.

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Wagon Wednesday Weekend Edition – Probably the Nicest 1973 Dodge Polara Wagon Ever…

Fullscreen capture 11202013 111007 AM.bmp

Editors Note: This was going to go live on Wednesday, but there was other content that took its place. However, this listing is going to end in a few hours, so I thought i would run it for the weekend instead.

Welcome to another Wagon Wednesday feature here on Hooniverse, and I wanted to bring this particular wagon to your attention as it was featured on both the Brown Car Appreciation Society, as well as the Wagons HO! Facebook Pages. It is really no secret that I have a soft spot for the “Fuselage” styled Chrysler wagons of the 70′s, and this one is one of the nicest currently available for sale. Make the jump, and see if you agree with me…

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Wagon Wednesday: 1959 Chevrolet Parkwood

Greg Kachadurian November 13, 2013 Wagon Wednesday

1959 Chevrolet Parkwood

It was another gorgeous Sunday morning at Caffeine and Octane, Atlanta’s Cars and Coffee-type show, when a marvelously classy longroof caught my eye from a distance. It was this 1959 Chevrolet Parkwood, beautifully preserved, lightly modified for reliability, and very, very low, which was my personal star of the show. Even among strong showing of Lamborghinis, the dozen or so C7 Corvette Stingrays, and every Mustang club in the state of Georgia, this was simply the one because it isn’t often that a car like this goes on display in my neck of the woods.

Restored, driven often, and loved by a life-long wagon guy, this Parkwood is just one of many long-roofed projects taken up by the owner. And even though it looks good enough to be a finished product, this Parkwood is still very much a project whose life is far from over.

Click past the jump for more photos and some details on this Parkwood and its exciting future.

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Wagon Wednesday: 1961 Chrysler Town and Country Hardtop Station Wagon


How can any of my fellow Hoons not like a longroof with seven words in its name? Yes, this Capri and Parisian Blue colored hardtop wagon was spotted by this olelongrooffan at the Winter Park Concours and I just had to share it with all ya’all. Not only that, it has Show Biz connections as well. Click on through to “Read All About It.”

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Wagon Wednesday – A Graceful and Brown 1976 Dodge Royal Monaco Wagon

Fullscreen capture 10282013 33918 PM.bmp

For this Wagon Wednesday, I thought I would highlight one of the last full-sized wagons produced by Chrysler in the form of this 1976 Dodge Royal Monaco. These wagons had one more year of production before becoming extinct, and that is really a shame. The name Monaco first appeared in the Dodge Lineup in 1965 with a model that was suppose to compete with the Pontiac Grand Prix as the Dodge Personal Luxury model, but morphed into a full lineup when the Custom 880 moniker was laid to rest. Then in 1974, the long running Polara nameplate was also retired, and a new Monaco, the Royal Monaco, became the top tier nameplate. This is one of those Royals for the 1976 Model Year…

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