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V.I.S.I.T: Citroen Deux Chevaux


So today this olelongrooffan was returning from TheKenMan’s pad where I picked up my pass for the AuctionsAmerica Auction next weekend over in Fort Lauderdale. As I was cruising down Airport Road here in FantasyLand, I squinted my eyes to take in a rarely seen shape in the next lane over just up a ways. Well my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan grabbed my new Bradley Brownell recommended Canon image taker, slowed my longerroof down a tad bit and grabbed a few images of it out the front windscreen.

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Black Pepper: Volkswagen Lupo GTI


The Volkswagen Lupo was never sold here new, but some examples have been imported here privately in the latter years. You can take your Lupo pick from usual 1.4 petrol engines, or go for different TDI versions, the three-pot, 78mpg 3L TDI being the more interesting of those. But this GTI version is probably the most Hoon-worthy model of them all, with a 125-horsepower 1.6-litre petrol engine.

This 2002 car was seen in the next town over, and I snapped a couple shots as a memento.

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Vanity Plates Are Cool, Right?


Vanity tags are an interesting facet of car culture and individualism. I’ve seen a bunch of really lame ones, but here’s a collection of the few that have been worth taking a picture. After years of snapping license plates on various cars, I thought it would be worth sharing a masterpost of some of my favorites. Please enjoy.

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V.I.S.I.T: Huracán. So, you’ve got your supercar. What next?


I followed the above pictured Lamborghini Huracán on my daily commute this morning. It’s clearly brand new and was being driven in the manner of somebody who had a new toy and wanted to play with it. That’s cool, who wouldn’t want to do that? But it was also being driven very badly, in the manner of somebody with scant experience of this kind of machinery.

You know the form; frequent jabs on the throttle, even when stuck in 30mph traffic. Sudden bursts of acceleration but then very early and nervously on the brakes, and making his overtake just as a school bus came heading towards him. If I was to hazard a guess I’d say this was somebody’s first supercar.

So the next question is, now you’ve got your Lambo, where do you go from here?

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Pest Shots – The Greenest, Flashiest Trabant in Hungary


A friend of Hooniverse, the guy known as Frankiess, packed his bags as lightly as he could and took the next flight to Hungary. He’s wandering around both Buda and Pest, camera phone ready to be drawn, and amongst the numerous Trabants that putter around the Hungarian capital, he found this green gem.

Modified with only the best taste, the Trabant really stands out. I asked for a few more detail shots, all reproduced here for your enjoyment.

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V.I.S.I.T. – Kuikku Striped Supra MKIII


The other day I stopped in to the quick-mart fuel-stop to grab a morning cup of joe, and this big Grand Touring Supra Turbo woke me up more than any caffeine ever could. As the resident MKIII Supra enthusiast, I must say I was delightfully impressed by this one. I have a couple of these myself, and neither look anywhere near this good (or run, for that matter). I’m not normally one for ‘Shelby-style stripes’ on non-Ford vehicles, but for some reason they worked on this one. The gunmetal paint and aftermarket 6-spokers worked well together. Attractive, and I’m a sucker for a good MA70 chassis.

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Retromobile 2015: The Cars Outside


Last weekend, I attended the large car show in Paris called Retromobile. It’s basically a new car show, a classic car show, a swap meet, a car auction, and a road rally all rolled into one– in French. I had a great time and there is so much to share. We’ll start with the cars outside the convention hall. Make the jump to see the obscure at the Porte de Versailles Metro station.

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V.I.S.I.T. – Mystery Jeep Half-Cab


I ran across this Jeep CJ pickup a while back, serving as a parking lot attendents’ service vehicle. Any longer-wheelbase CJ-6 is a rare enough sighting. A CJ-6 wearing a half-cab hardtop is rarer still. This one, however, is downright bizarre: notice that the only seam between the cab and the body is the uneven crack in the white paint. That cab is not the usual bolt-on accessory top typically seen on Jeeps. Did someone (for reasons unknown) put forth the time and effort to custom weld and fill the junction between a standard CJ-6 and an aftermarket half-cab top? Or was this some type of limited-production hardtop from Kaiser, or a third party? Jeep gurus, feel free to leave your insights in the comments and let me know exactly what the heck I was looking at.

V.I.S.I.T: Land of the Rising Sun, Zero inspired Datsun 240Z

Way back when in the time Independence Day was the top movie in the box office and the Macarena was permanently burned into our memories, I was perfecting my skills in driving a manual transmission. I first learned when I was 14 on a 1984 Maserati Biturbo that my father had at the time. I fumbled and bumbled.

With the next offering, a 1987 Honda Civic and with its forgiving clutch and robust transmission, I finally got it down. However, it wasn’t until I first drove my friends 1981 Datsun 280ZX that I felt I actually knew what I was doing and enjoyed what fun a rear wheel drive manual transmission car could be like.

While the 280ZX was not particularly loved in the Z car lineage, 16 year old me enjoyed every minute of it and we had our adventures running around Dallas, Texas. It’s safe to say I have a soft spot in my heart for any old Nissan/Datsun offerings.

That makes this particular find rather special to me.

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V.I.S.I.T. – Identity Confused Chevzuki Swint Turbo GTi


An eighties 1 liter 3-cylinder hot-hatch on a set of genuine panasport wheels. For personal travel around San Francisco, can it get any better than this? I recently took a weekend trip to the SF bay with my wife, little brother, and little sister, and while they spent time seeing the touristy stuff like China Town, the Fisherman’s Wharf, and some bridge somewhere, I spent most of my time carspotting. I suppose that’s what I do anywhere we go, though, so it should come as no surprise to them. This one had so much of my attention that I had to walk a block out of my way and across a busy street to see it. They didn’t understand my fascination, but you might.

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