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V.I.S.I.T. – 2014 Mercedes Sprinter Van


After another too long break from the Hooniverse, I’ve come sprinting back with a van-geance. See what I did there? In honor of Truck Thursday and general trucking goodness, I felt obliged to share this Vehicle I Saw In Traffic with you all. … Continue Reading

V.I.S.I.T.: 1953 C5 Corvette Commorative Edition


So today, this olelongrooffan was chatting it up with thebossman and spotted something I just knew was Hooniworthy pass around the round about out in front of one of the subdivisions we are building. It was a 2003 Commemorative Edition Corvette and I told Charles what it was and that I would be right back, see ya. So I jumped in my longerroof and got out on the golf course lined perimeter road and followed that C5 up to the tennis club next to the clubhouse of the toney community in which I work.

Once again this olelongrooffan can hear my fellow Hoons screaming, “A C5 Corvette? WTF ORLF?” A jump might answer that question.

… Continue Reading

V.I.S.I.T. – Asian Invasion


Last Saturday, we decided to take a trip out to a little Porsche gathering in the SF Bay area, both to put some miles on our new Boxster and to meet and greet with some fellow P-car enthusiasts. It was a good time, and we were thoroughly enjoyed the vintage 911 fare. What we didn’t foresee, however, was that a group of Japanese car fanatics would arrive to take in the sights of our little gathering as well. This crew obviously rolls deep, as they arrived in a gloriously complimentary array of vintage and contemporary Japanese iron. A Hakosuka, an S2000, an NSX, and a Kenmeri Skyline showed up, and were dressed to the nines. 

… Continue Reading

V.I.S.I.T. — Mercedes 180D (W120)


I frequent a local gas station because the small garage attached to it occasionally has some interesting jalopies in its driveway. I’ve seen a pristine Toyota Paseo and a ratty old Suzuki Esteem in the driveway, but while filling up recently, a pair of much nicer cars there caught my eye. The third-generation Pontiac Firebird Formula was in great shape, but the curvy Mercedes merited further inspection. 

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V.I.S.I.T.: Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile (4)

I was having a miserable morning; cold, windy, late, a fat guy in a MINI Cooper intentionally ran a stop sign just to get in front of me, I forgot to add sugar to my coffee, and four hours of sleep just wasn’t cutting it. To avoid some city traffic I was taking a shortcut, which is actually longer in distance but shorter in time, when I noticed a big weiner in the parking lot of a local Holiday Inn.

It’s funny how seeing something like this can instantly brighten one’s day. Never before has a big weiner made me feel this way. The rest of my day was better. More pictures after the jump.

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Weekend V.I.S.I.T. – A Power Suit Porsche 959


 The 959 has long been a loony-hoony favorite of mine, being the pinnacle of 1980′s automotive engineering. Where the F40 attacked the 200 mile per hour barrier with pure power and light weight, the 959 used brains over brawn. The F40 is a pair of Usain Bolt’s Puma track spikes, and the 959 is a well heeled pair of Saville Row Oxfords that somehow managed to achieve the same level of speed prowess. The 959 was the Veyron of its day, and it’s never given up the mantle of dream car.

I never thought I’d see one out on the road, let alone in the dark early morning in the middle of last weekend’s Los Angeles Monsoon!

… Continue Reading

V.I.S.I.T.: A Flat Black Rattle Can Mazda Miata


A whiles back this olelongrooffan shared my somewhat jaded experience down on toney 5th Ave South here in FantasyLand with all the seemingly every day run of the mill cars they had down there. Now I know that is not entirely true but just yesterday I was heading down Airport Road to pick up some plumbing supplies, no seriously I needed some towel bars for a home and the most efficient way for that to go down was for me to head south about 8 minutes, pick them up and get back to have my already on site guy install them. Ah sh*t, another digression.

Anyway, I spotted not one, but two late model Beemers of the 650 persuasion. Now just to let my fellow Hoons know, one was an everyday convertible while the other was the rarer fastback version. But there they were on an eight minute run to my plumbing supply house. And, by the way, just to the left of my longerroof is one of many exotic car dealerships round these here parts.

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V.I.S.I.T: ’89 Chevy Camaro RS


Colchester is the oldest recorded town in Britain. Roman remains spring up from the earth whenever you rub the sole of your shoe against the ground; Sestertii are more numerous than pound coins and the Toga is still de rigeur in the more avant garde nightspots. Actually, that’s nonsense.

‘Twas a dull, grey Sunday, but it was brightened up somewhat through my sighting of this; another refugee from a forgotten era.

… Continue Reading

V.I.S.I.T: Land Rover Forward Control


When it comes to Vehicles I Saw In Traffic posts, I do my level best to ensure that only cover machinery that I’m pretty sure will be worth sharing with the whole world. It takes something pretty cool to make me cross the street, even cooler to warrant troubling Hooniverse with it.

Now, there are probably a hard core for whom the 88″ Land Rover I reported on Monday isn’t quite awesome enough. For those discerning readers, and anybody else to boot, I offer this; which is so cool I may have to put on an extra layer and go click the thermostat up.

… Continue Reading

V.I.S.I.T: A ’59 Land Rover Series II 88″


Land Rovers are for heroes, we all know that. In my view of Defenders through the ages, with the exception of money-no-object specials like the Bowler Wildcat, the older and more basic, the better the Land Rover.

Here is an example of one such vehicle found not traversing a wooded hillside or wading through an inhospitable sludge lagoon, but waiting outside my local supermarket. Click the jump to see it in all its click-to-enbiggenable glory.

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