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Craigslist Find: 1970 Honda CT70 – $1500


As I have said in the past, I am no motorcycle expert. I like looking at some of them, and it’s fun to watch some of them race, but I could barely tell the difference between a Suzuki or a Yamaha, much less make/year/model. If a bike appeals to me, it’s because it looks different somehow. Such is the case with this tasty two-fer. Kick it into gear and let’s go! … Continue Reading

The Carchive Bike Shed: The Honda Express.


Far be it for me to tread on the toes of Tanshanomi, the Hooniverse guru of all things bi-wheeled, it occurred to me that quite a lot of the documents lurking in The Carchive relate to vehicles with a different wheel-count.

So, I tentatively unveil The Bike Shed. Here, on a Tuesday every now and again I’ll fill a gap in the Hooniverse broadcast schedule with a dusty old bike brochure that we can either meet with giddy enthusiasm or we can condemn noisily. We start with a classic of worthy Japanese engineering; The Honda Express. I think these things are awesome, and judging by the photos in this brochure they held the key to all kinds of fun and games that, frankly, I want to be a part of.

… Continue Reading

Two Wheel Tuesday: Insane Enduro Helmet Cam

YouTube Preview Image

The Red Bull Marketing Machine doesn’t really need any help promoting their canned fizzy bull urine, but they’ve been very supportive of motorsport over the last two decades, and I have to say I’m thankful for it, because it means we get to watch awesome stuff like this. Blocking off a series of stairs and streets and boardwalks and byways, Red Bull’s Urban Hard Enduro Racing mini-series hit Lagares, Portugal recently, and here is one rider’s (Spaniard, Alfredo Gómez) point-of-view perspective. There were a couple of moments where Alfredo even needed a hand from the locals…

[Video: youtube.com/redbull]

The Carchive Bonus Edition: Honda Motocompo


Any of you who were sufficiently dedicated to sit through today’s Carchive Video instalment will have noted this curious motorcycle as the last thing I spoke about. Well, inevitably this curious 1980s relic is SO INTERESTING that it goes way beyond the scope of The Carchive and an actual print brochure has so far evaded me.

Fortunately, somebody excellent has taken the time to scan pages from the original Honda Motocompo brochure. Welcome to a Carchive Bonus Edition.

… Continue Reading

Two-Wheel Tuesday: 6 Reasons Why Motorcycle Flat Track is More Awesome Than You Realize

Tanshanomi September 15, 2015 Featured, Two-Wheel Tuesday


Hooniverse, despite featuring motorcycle-related features we like on Tuesdays, is overwhelmingly a four-wheel site. So, chances are good that right now you consider yourself a “car guy,” not a “bike guy.” BUT WAIT—DON’T GO YET. You need to know that few forms of racing offer such consistently close racing, such fascinating machinery, and such spectacular entertainment as professional flat track racing. Furthermore, flat track is amazingly accessible to spectators, both in person and on video. Other forms of motorcycle sport, such as motocross, roadracing and even freestyle stunt jumping have have had periods of widespread popularity and thus worked their way into the public consciousness; flat track racing hasn’t been able to garner the same level of awareness with the non-riding public, or even among gearheads in general. Even if you never, ever intend get on a bike yourself, I am here to convince you that you need Pro Flat Track in your life like toddlers need naps. All the reasons why are waiting on the other side of the jump. … Continue Reading

Roadside Attractions – 2013 Ural Patrol


On my way home the other day, I spotted something small, odd-looking, and Russian sitting in someone’s yard. No, it was not Vladimir Putin. Knowing I had never seen anything like it, I jumped on the brakes and pulled over to take a look. Check it out. … Continue Reading

DC & Robbie Maddison Break Our Brains With “Pipe Dream”

YouTube Preview Image

We all have dreams. They can be dreams, small dreams, those that are possible, and even those that aren’t. Robbie Maddison, the freestyle motorcross star, stuntman, and James Bond bike rider, has dreams as well. His dream is a bit… different, than yours.

Maddison has been dreaming of a way to ride his dirt bike in the water. Get a jet ski, you say? No, that’s too easy and doesn’t accomplish the goal of Maddo’s dream. He really wants to ride his dirt bike in the water and take the damn thing surfing.

Guess what… he did it.

He fucking did it.

Three-Wheel Tuesday: A Tuk-Tuk on a European Tour


Friend of Hooniverse, Joe, spotted this three-wheeled contraption on his holiday in Croatia. Originally an Italian development, Tuk-Tuks or auto rickshaws have popped up all around the warmer climates, where they work well as an uncomplicated means of transport. Perhaps you remember the one from Octopussy, popping a wheelie.

This blue, German-registered example made by Piaggio was touring the Adriatic Sea, and from Croatia it would have continued to Montenegro, then Albania and back via Italy. Quite a ride!

… Continue Reading

Two-Wheel Tuesday: 5 Days, 8 States* & 1,970 miles


*Technically, seven states and one Canadian province.

Mrs. Tanshanomi and I just returned from riding the first Smackdab Solstice Ride. Since I’ve previously shared the premise of this dawn-to-dusk ride between Lebanon, KS and Rugby, ND with Hooniverse readers, I’ll simply refer you to the article I’ve linked. But participating in the 675-mile, one-day ride meant making a spectacular five-day, 1970-mile round trip from our home outside Kansas City. The adventure has given us some great memories and a great story to share.

… Continue Reading

2015 Honda NC700X: Think Urban Jungle, Not Actual Jungle

YouTube Preview Image

Honda wants to position the 2015 NC700X as a dual-sport machine. That’s a bit generous, as I found out after spending a bit of time with the machine. It’s less real-jungle-ready, but quite primed to tackle the urban jungle.

It’s not cheap though. This bike is packing a dual-clutch gearbox, ABS, and more storage than it might actually need. Still, even with all that extra gear, it proves to be a solid ride.

Is it worth the dough? Take a look and see.

[Disclaimer: Honda provided the bike for review and included a full tank of fuel.]



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