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V.I.S.I.T.: Two Wheel Tuesday: A Lovely Cafe Racer


Now, this olelongrooffan does not hesitate to admit that I know nearly nothing about motorcycles, although I am learning more every week thanks to a certain Hoon contributor who is providing that knowledge to all of we Hoons. But, having said that, I do recognize something special when I see a certain two wheeled ride. And this was one of those times.

I don’t have a lot to offer on the specifics of this except that is a Honda and another image seen after the jump.

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Bikes You Should Know: 1987 Yamaha FZR1000


Bikes You Should Know appears weekly as part of Two Wheel Tuesdays. Since Hooniverse primarily caters to automotive enthusiasts, this column focuses on historically or culturally significant motorcycles that are likely to interest a non-riding audience.

If you want to know where the modern sport bike era started, it was 1987, with the bike on which you are currently gazing. Period.

The FZR1000 was the first machine to possess all the basic pieces of the modern sportbike architecture we still see on showroom floors today. Motor vehicle development is evolutionary, and most parts of the configuration had been tried here and there, but the big FZR was the first to assemble them all and hang them on a truly modern motorcycle frame. Oh, what a mighty, gorgeous, remarkable frame.

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Bikes You Should Know: Norton Commando


Bikes You Should Know appears weekly as part of Two Wheel Tuesdays. Since Hooniverse primarily caters to automotive enthusiasts, this column focuses on historically or culturally significant motorcycles that are likely to interest a non-riding audience.

The Norton Commando is thought by many to be the ultimate expression of the classic Britbike, the high water mark of Britain’s original motorcycle industry. In fact, in a survey of readers by Old Bike Journal magazine in the early 1990s, the Norton Commando was voted THE single most desirable of all classic production motorcycles from anywhere in the world.

Even though I was a Triumph Bonneville man myself, I am unable to refute that reputation; by any objective measure it was bigger, faster, racier, more sophisticated, more popular, and more steeped in mythology than just about anything else England produced prior to the disintegration of that country’s manufacturing sector in the mid-1970s. Perhaps more than any other bike, to ride a late-model Commando is to understand why even today generations of riders still wax lyrical about the magic of big British twins.
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Bikes You Should Know: 1984 Harley-Davidson Softail


Bikes You Should Know is a new feature that will appear weekly as part of Two Wheel Tuesdays. Since Hooniverse primarily caters to automotive enthusiasts, this column will focus on historically or culturally significant motorcycles that are likely to interest a non-riding audience.

You wouldn’t know it to look at Harley-Davidson now, but about 35–40 years ago, America’s only surviving major motorcycle manufacturer was on the ropes, and in genuine danger of going under altogether. The Universal Japanese Motorcycle was in its heyday and was vastly superior in performance and reliability. By 1978, Harley sold off its Italian holdings and abandoned the lightweight bike market. The only people who wanted Harleys were people who wouldn’t consider anything else for cultural reasons: outlaw motorcycle gangs, tradition-bound cops, rabid nationalists and labor union supporters who refused to buy foreign imports on principle, and those who had grown up in a Harley-riding household.

That’s certainly not the case today, and this bike, the Harley-Davidson Softail, is one big reason why.

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Regular Car Reviews examines a 2007 Suzuki Bandit 1250

suzuki bandit 1250

The Regular Car Reviews team continues to churn out a slushy froth of video content brimming with insightful tidbits and quick comments. It all comes together to prove that the Narrator is either a genius or has a tumor that’s pressing down on a part of the brain that gives way to a Rain Man-like level of knowledge. Think John Travolta’s character in Phenomenon.

Also, Google might have the same tumor because I typed “John Travolta Tumor Genius” and the IMDB page for the correct film was the first result.

This time around the RCR team has turned its attention away from four-wheeled conveyances. The vehicle in question is a 2007 Suzuki Bandit 1250, but the video treatment is all the same. Click on down past the jump to take in the RCR journey of the bike in question.

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V.I.S.I.T: What is it I don’t even: The AutoMoto


Very seldom are my eyes confronted by something wheeled that I can’t identify. In the worst cases, as with pre-’49 vintage machinery and certain marques which exist in the UK only through parallel import and the determination of eccentric enthusiasts, I can usually at least narrow it down to a manufacturer.

Now, you guys overseas are probably knee-deep in these, but I’ve never encountered one of these over here. Sighted on Brighton’s Marine Parade, a stone’s throw from the celebrated pier, it sat at the kerbside, still bearing some of its original waterproof protective packaging? But what the heck was it? Bike? Car? Scooter? The answer to all of the above is “Yes”.

And, whatever it is, can it possibly be as good as a bike, car or scooter. The answer to that is, well…


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V.I.S.I.T: A Chopper That’s Hardly Davidson…


Brighton, on the south coast about sixty miles from London, is one of the most fashionable places in Britain. It’s so fashionable, in fact, that I was concerned that I could have been ejected from the city without a moments notice for failing to meet this nanoseconds exacting sartorial demands.

It’s also the kind of place where you can’t possibly guess what you’ll see around the next corner. Here’s what I found parked outside one of the trendy clothing emporiums that I would have been shot on sight if I had attempted to gain entry to.

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Two-Wheel Tuesday: Honda CL125S – A New Addition To The Garage


Last week I bought a Honda CL125S, the same model as the first motorcycle model I ever owned. 

The CL125 was the faux-scrambler version of the long-lived CB125 street bike. It was only made two years, 1973 and 1974. Other than the very cool looking high pipe and the bits and brackets that accommodate it, the CL is almost identical to a CB of the same year. But that comparatively rare exhaust makes all the difference to me.

I bought my first one on July 31, 1980, from a kid I worked with at the local hardware store. I had just turned 17. I paid $275 for it, as I recall, including a beat-up open-face helmet. It was actually a ’73 in Hawaiian Blue, but the tank was so rusty inside that I needed a new one. The local Honda dealer had a ’74 Candy Ruby Red tank in stock, so I bought that and mine then looked just like this one (only with flat-black spraybombed side covers to hide the original blue). I traded it in the next spring on a new (left-over) ’79 Triumph T140E Bonneville. And I don’t think I’ve seen a CL125S in the flesh since.

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For the Love of the Razor

2014-03-31 06.22.50 1_2.jpg

Among the many things that were born around the millennium, the Razor scooter changed the world for kids. Go back some fourteen, fifteen years ago to a time when teens and pre-teens got around on simple, two-wheeled aluminum machines that made bikes look lame and drew some competition for the skateboard. 

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Get Lucky

Lucky Riders Lede

Are there any real bikers any more? You know, the bearded, near-septic types of dudes who once populated the pages of Easyriders and In The Wind?  Today, if you were to visit one of the traditional biker hangouts, like say Malibu Canyon’s The Rock Store, you’re much more likely to come across Italian rides than American iron, so much so they might want to rename the place the duck farm. Still, there are those keeping the spirit alive, and one of those groups is Tennessee’s Lucky Riders vintage motorcycle club.

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