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The Carchive – The DeTomaso Pantera L


Some time in the late ’90s, I wrote to the exotic sports car manufacturer DeTomaso and asked for a Pantera brochure. I wanted to get something as a present for my brother, as in those days I did do some Haininging myself, and as a result there’s a few brochures taking up Expedit space in my apartment even today. Back then, I was very fond of the Pantera and the ’90s DeTomaso products that were slowly churned out really caught my attention.

Weeks or months later, the brochure arrived in the mail. Surprise! It was an older brochure from the early ’70s, when the Pantera initially came out under the watchful eye of the Lincoln-Mercury dealers in the first batches, after being introduced in the 1970 New York Motor Show. My 15 years of not-too-careful admiring have torn the four-page leaflet in two, but it’s definitely scannable – and that’s what I did to hi-jack the Carchive slot for today.

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The Carchive: 1978 Renault Lineup


Welcome to this week’s second instalment of musty paper offerings from the deepest, darkest reaches of motoring history’s forgotten cavern.

Since seeing what Ford were up to in 1967 on Tuesday, let’s head a little way forwards in time to 1978, from whence we’ll board an Air France Concorde and head over to see what was going on with Renault in that year.

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The Carchive:- The 1967 Ford Lineup


It’s high time we boarded the clunky old elevator once again, to creak us skyward up the lift-shaft of memories, aiming to find something of interest when we reach the viewing platform of wisdom. Or somesuch.

The most recent visits to The Carchive have yielded brochures which have been far too seriously recent enough, by half, so it’s time to tumble back through time to a year in which we would See Emily Play for the first time, and the Boeing 737 took its first flight towards ubiquity. Today, for about an hour and a half, it’s 1967.

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The Carchive: The Alfa Romeo Spider (916 series)


Welcome to this week’s second visit to the festering compost heap of motoring history, from the bottom of which we hope to scrape something vaguely of interest.

On Tuesday we chanced upon a brochure for the Series Four Alfa Romeo Spider of 1990, the final iteration of a car which had been in production for aaaages. In 1993, things changed for ever….. and I didn’t take any notice for seven years. So here’s a brochure for that car as it was in 2000.

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The Carchive: Alfa Romeo Spider Series 4


Welcome back to the decaying, rusty vault that is The Carchive, where we take a look back at brochures from the past and determine whether the promises of the copywriter were kept by the reality of the car.

This week, with no real forward planning, we’ve hit upon a theme that should appeal to Italian arachnophiles the world over.

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The Carchive: The 1981 Ford Fairlane


Welcome back to The Carchive, where we have an economy-class ticket for a flight into history, before collecting some outdated, forgotten luggage from the creaky carousel after landing.

Apropos of nothing my hand randomly plucked this brochure for the Australian Ford Fairlane out of the darkness and, on the basis of it being a dismally short publication, we’ve accidentally established a theme after the three-page Peugeot brochure on Tuesday. Start nibbling your Vegemite sandwiches, we’re off Down Under.

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The Carchive: Lotus Eclat and Elite


It’s time to embark once more on the rusting, diesel-hydraulic train of curiosity, travel past the closed, ancient stations of history in the hope of breaking down somewhere forgotten and interesting. Welcome back to the Carchive.

After Triumphing with a Dolly Sprint brochure on tuesday, we’re leaving Coventry, taking the A14 and travelling East about a hundred miles before joining the A140 and sitting behind tractors until somewhere just after Norwich, where we’ll stop and get into the Lotus position.

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The Carchive: The Triumph Dolomite Sprint


Good afternoon. Once more it’s time to rummage down through the laundry basket of history, cast aside the odd socks of the ordinary to seek out a vintage nylon shirt of wonder.

After last week’s visits to look at the Sayama-built Honda Aerodeck  and the Cologne-built Ford Scorpio, I figured I could stay a bit closer to home this week, so let’s start with the Canley-built Triumph Dolomite Sprint.

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The Carchive:- The 1994 Ford Scorpio


It’s time for us to invert the muesli box of history, sweep away the fine dust of progress and pick out a nutty, raisony cluster of intrigue. Welcome to our second visit to The Carchive for this week.

I’ve been looking forward to covering this car for ages, because, in truth, I’ve always felt rather sorry for it.

It’s the 1994 Ford Scorpio.

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The Carchive: The Honda Aerodeck.


Once more it’s time to plunge the sieve of clarity down into the sand bucket of the past, and see what nuggets of fascination can be shaken from the grit of time.

No theme whatsoever this week, just a random couple of pluckings from deep core of The Carchive. This one comes from the “forbidden fruits” section for all you who live West of the Atlantic.

It’s the Honda Aerodeck.

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