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The Carchive: Maserati Biturbo 222 and 430


Once again Friday is upon us, for which we let out a collective hurricane of relaxed exhalation. In the dusty parking lot in which I type this, the sun is beating down and I’m in a really good mood. It’s also my birthday, and as has become customary this means airing one of the more spangly documents from The Carchive.

The Maserati Biturbo was launched in 1981, the same year as me. So lets head to Italy and take a look at a couple of cars from a period of Maserati’s history they probably don’t want to dwell on.

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The Carchive: The Bedford HA Van


With the sun ploughing through solid diagonal bars of rain like some great biblical battle of the elements, It’s time to sit in my steamy old Audi and ponder once again on the subject of cars long forgotten. Welcome back to The Carchive.

Last week we were looking at a product of Chrysler Europe, seasoned with a tang of North America. Today’s effort, also a van, is entirely home-brewed. And you’d really never mistake it for anything else. It’s the Bedford HA Van, seen hear in a gossamer-thin but informative pamphlet.

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The Carchive: The Dodge 50 Series Trucks.


It’s 19:28, I’m watching NCIS on DVD, floating on a cocktail of paracetamol and ibuprofen and surrounded by ample supplies of three-ply tissues. Much of my face is red raw through repeated nose-blowing endeavours, I’m deaf in my right ear and the room spins gently whenever I raise my eyes anywhere above the horizon. Welcome To The Carchive.

Last week for whatever reason I chose to showcase the third generation Chevrolet Corvette. Well, now for something completely different. This time around we’re looking at something even less exotic, even if its interesting Anglo-American recipe has a unique flavour. It’s the Dodge 50.

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The Carchive: ’74 Corvette (C3)


On Monday Rob posted a reminder that, lest we forget, Chrysler once showed us that they still had blood running through their veins by giving the world the Viper. This was a car that went into production (and turned up in The Carchive here) with surprisingly little dilution from the show-stopping prototype.

The ’92 Viper had been a bolt out of the blue from a company who had long been putting out some of the most conservatively designed cars on the market. Crowds exclaimed “Where the hell’d that come from?” Now, of course I wasn’t there at the time, but I would imagine that the C3 generation of Corvette must have generated a similar stir among GM followers when it first arrived in ’68. Let’s take a look a a mid-term brochure for that car to jog our memories.

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The Carchive: The Peugeot 309


I didn’t quite get this ready in time for the usual Friday slot, so let’s use our 13:30 Monday lunch break to fix that puncture on the bicycle of discovery and head out for a muddy scramble along the bridleway of motoring history.

The Lion goes from strength to strength. A couple of weeks ago we took a look at last of the Peugeot 404’s. Today we’re heading forward in time and a little way downmarket. It’s the Peugeot 309, a real Poissy magnet if ever there was one.

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The Carchive: The ’86 Austin Rover Range- In Video!

carchive rover

Another week has creaked past, and so we celebrate by climbing the ladder of intrigue up onto the diving board of exploration, ready to plunge inelegantly into the murky, slightly malodorous lagoon of motoring history. Welcome back once more to The Carchive.

Last week we spent a little while looking at what Nissan had to offer their most discerning British customers at the turn of the ’80s. Today we’re pondering Austin Rover at a time which was actually, I promise, a very interesting period in their existence.  It’s a video this time, I’m afraid.

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The Carchive: The Datsun 280C


So, it’s now Friday afternoon
And it came not a moment too soon.
Lets take time to explore,
A car brochure from yore,
While eating tinned pears with a spoon.

It’s time for the Carchive, which this week means visiting Japan in 1980 to bask in the sheer magnificence of the Datsun 280c.

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The Carchive: The ’73 Peugeot 404


It’s Friday, and I for one think that it’s come about five days too late this week. So let’s unwind by pumping up the tyres on our bicycle of discovery and take a meandering trip trip along the rust-coloured avenue of automotive history. We’re heading to early ’70s France for this week’s visit to The Carchive.

This particular brochure was printed in 1973, by which time the superseding 504 model had already been in production for a good few years. Yet there was still a ready audience for whom only the 404 would do.

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The Carchive: The 1982 Toyota Supra

IMAG4932The Gypsy Queens have been started, the stewardess is on hand with sandwiches and tea, let’s all board the “Carchive Airways” De Haviland Dove of wisdom and take a slow, low flight through motoring history. Our destination is quite a few refuelling stops away, mind: Today we’re off to Japan.

We’re taking a look at the first vehicle ever to bear the Supra name with this 1982 brochure for the baddest of all the Celicas.

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The Carchive: The Mercedes W123 Sedans


It’s been a long, heavy week, and boy am I looking forward to taking an hour away from 2016. Let’s jump aboard the skiff of research, put the oars in the rowlocks of time and skull slowly across the lake of automotive history, before reaching up on the rocky shore of The Carchive.

Today we’re looking at a quality brochure for a quality product. Resplendent in vivid orange, this document simply screamed to be plucked from the mass of flotsam and jetsam surrounding it. We’re off to 1970’s Germany for a ride in a W123 Mercedes-Benz.

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