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The Carchive Bike Shed: The Honda Express.


Far be it for me to tread on the toes of Tanshanomi, the Hooniverse guru of all things bi-wheeled, it occurred to me that quite a lot of the documents lurking in The Carchive relate to vehicles with a different wheel-count.

So, I tentatively unveil The Bike Shed. Here, on a Tuesday every now and again I’ll fill a gap in the Hooniverse broadcast schedule with a dusty old bike brochure that we can either meet with giddy enthusiasm or we can condemn noisily. We start with a classic of worthy Japanese engineering; The Honda Express. I think these things are awesome, and judging by the photos in this brochure they held the key to all kinds of fun and games that, frankly, I want to be a part of.

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The Carchive:- JDM (C31) Nissan Laurel


It’s a quarter to nine in the evening in the UK right now. I’ve got good strong coffee and chardonnay on ice, Waynes World is on DVD because there’s absolutely nothing on TV, and I have a Japanese language car brochure on my lap. Welcome to The Carchive.

The last couple of times we’ve looked at a brochure from the orient it has been by way of video. This time around we’re doing it the old fashioned way with hopeless lighting and not-quite-high-enough-resolution images. Just the way we like it.

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The Carchive: Dodge Viper RT/10


It’s Friday afternoon, and NASA have been advised to track our activity as we make our way through the cold, dark, infinite blackness of automotive history in the hope of chancing upon a fascinating wormhole into motoring past. Welcome To The Carchive

Today we’re looking at a brochure for a car which was widely celebrated rather than condemned or pitied, mainly because it was one of the more interesting machines to have come off a North American production line for as long as anybody could remember. The year is 1992, and we’re looking at The Viper.

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The Carchive Bonus Edition: Honda Motocompo


Any of you who were sufficiently dedicated to sit through today’s Carchive Video instalment will have noted this curious motorcycle as the last thing I spoke about. Well, inevitably this curious 1980s relic is SO INTERESTING that it goes way beyond the scope of The Carchive and an actual print brochure has so far evaded me.

Fortunately, somebody excellent has taken the time to scan pages from the original Honda Motocompo brochure. Welcome to a Carchive Bonus Edition.

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The Carchive- Video Edition: The 1982 JDM Honda City


It’s time to get the coastguard on high alert as we clamber into our inadequate inflatable dinghy and set out in the violent swells of motoring history, in the hope that we might find something interesting floating between the relentless white horses. Welcome to The Carchive.

Take the jump to endure another slice of Carchive Video as we pore over the colourful pages of the Japanese market Honda City brochure. It’s a volume containing only the occasional English word, so let’s go through it together and see what we find.

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The Carchive: The ’93 Lancia Thema


Summer returned to the UK for just a couple of hours this afternoon, not that I noticed as I had made my descent once more into the other-worldly void that is The Carchive. There I bravely battled fierce creatures, the defenders of the realm, in an effort to purloin and return to the surface the priceless relic you see before you.

While I was in there I searched everywhere for a Thema 8.32 brochure, but it was in vain. I know there’s a pre-facelift one knocking about somewhere, too. But for today we’ll make do with the “New” and “Improved” Thema The Second, For which this is the ’93 brochure.

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The Carchive: The ’97 Buick LeSabre


It’s Friday, it’s 13:30, it’s time to don our chainmail suits and leather gauntlets and venture into the dangerous realm that is The Carchive. Actually, scratch that, we can let our protective outfits rest in the wardrobe for another week.

Finding today’s artefact required no more hazardous operation than bending over to pick a bright yellow USPS marked envelope from my doormat. Yes; today’s blast from the past is kindly sponsored by Tanshanomi of this parish; it’s the ’97 LeSabre, and he mailed it overseas first class!

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The Carchive (In Video!): The 1979 JDM Nissan Stanza


Once a week we send a note home to warn loved ones of the imminent danger we face, before donning our biohazard gear and venturing into the foetid, toxic quagmire that is The Carchive. While in there we’ll peer into the gloom in the hope that something, anything worth our while will emerge from the murk, whereupon we’ll hose it down and bring it back to the surface to share with the rest of mankind.

Hooniverse has been bombarded by literally zero emails demanding MOAR Carchive Video, so here we go with a second live action helping. All wave your lighters in the air for the jingle after the jump.

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The Carchive: The Honda N-Series


Time for us to immunise ourselves with protective jabs and machete our way through the poisonous jungle of motoring history, in the hope of maybe finding treasure in a clearing somewhere. Welcome once more to The Carchive.

Sometimes we chance upon a brochure which represents a category of car which sits at an extreme edge of the automotive spectrum. This diminutive brochure for the late ’60s N360, one of the original Kei cars,  is as fascinating as it is flimsy.

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The Carchive (In Video!): The 1986 R31 Nissan Skyline


Welcome once more to that time of the week where we blow the dust off yesterdays memories only to hurriedly find some way of forgetting them again as quickly as possible. Today we’re trying something a little different.

The Carchive contains a great many worthless priceless documents which, sadly, don’t translate too well into the format we have developed over the years, either because of sheer length (too many pages to photograph and then yammer on about in type, TL;DR) or because of language. The latter point is the case with the wealth of JDM brochures lurking in The Carchive.

So, I figured, if we can’t decipher the words, maybe we can look enjoy the pictures together? Carchive Video is very definitely still in Beta, but lets see if live action brings the pages to life a bit. Welcome to The Carchive, version 2.0.

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