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Project Subaru Justy: Itty Bitty Wheels and Tires


My Justy’s previous owner sold the car to me with a brand-new set of tires mounted on alloy wheels. He said he had spent a good amount of time finding wheels that were the right size and period-correct. It was clear the man loved the car and was interested in taking good care of it, but that also meant the Justy rolled with balloons on the same sort of wheels I’ve seen on dozens of Pontiac Grand Ams.

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Project Eagle: Diagnosing a Driveline Problem


When I last spoke of this Eagle, it was a mere introduction — both of myself and of this project. I hinted vaguely at its “some kind of clutch problem.” Honestly, that’s about all I knew at the time. Shortly after, my dad came over for a visit and we spent a couple days yanking the transfer case, transmission and front axle out to see what was up.

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Introducing Project HoonTruck: My “new” 1965 Ford F100

Jeff Glucker January 22, 2015 Project Cars

2015-01-21 17.33.03-1

The time has come to begin a new project journey. For some reason that I can’t fully explain, I’ve had an itch to add a truck to my life. It had to be old, and it had to have a bit of style. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to my 1965 Ford F-100… Project HoonTruck.

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Project Justy: Even Your Horn Can Wear Out

Alan Cesar January 21, 2015 Project Cars


On my first night drive with my Subaru Justy, a friendly motorcyclist pulled up next to me and said I don’t have any marker lights. My brake lights worked fine, which was somewhat comforting, but any co-spatial event in this tin can is unlikely to end well for me. I had to avoid driving at night until I could sort out this wiring problem.

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New Project: A Buyers Dilemma

Jeff Glucker January 19, 2015 Project Cars


I’m very close to adding a new project car into the Hooniverse garage. Ever since I’ve sold the Civic, I’ve been looking for something to fool around with at least until The Wombat is ready to roll.

I’ve got two choices on my plate this week, and I’m interested in both. One is close to what I’ve been looking for while the other is a total monkey wrench. I’m going to share them both with you, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Project Justy: A Tune-Up and Unearthing Problems

Alan Cesar January 16, 2015 Project Cars


This Subaru Justy, as with most cars that sell in the very-low-four-figure range, has had an unknown number of previous owners. It’s not worth the trouble to find out. That simple fact, combined with its low price, means the Justy had problems that were ignored because they’re not worth the cost to repair, and has problems that were repaired poorly.

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Farewell Project Civic Si(gh)…


She’s really gone this time…

Shortly before Christmas, I took the Hooniverse Honda Civic Si(gh) out for one last drive. That trip took me inland, away from the beaches of Southern California. The route was out towards Corona which, oddly enough, is the same town that saw me pick up the car a few years ago. It wasn’t returning to its home garage though, but to a new owner.

The 2000 Honda Civic Si that I had plans for, has moved on.

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The Wombat: Steering Issues

YouTube Preview Image

We’re back with more on The Wombat; our 1984 Mercedes-Benz HEMI wagon project car. This time it’s an update on what we have looming in front of us. This means we’re looking at steering issues, wiring, the driveshaft, cooling, and anything else that will pop up.

It’s a long list, but Mark from Scared Shiftless is confident that we’re moving ahead nicely. I may be bringing in a surprise steering expert in the near future though, so stay tuned for that!

I Got A New Toy – OBD II Edition

Civic Check Engine Light_7

Driving the Civic the other day, my check engine light decided to supply me with some illumination. What I couldn’t be brought up to speed about, however, was why the check engine light came on. I had guesses, but without a code reader I had no real clue, especially since the car wasn’t doing anything terrible at the moment.

Most code readers run a few hundred dollars. I don’t want to spend those monies on a code reader. Instead, I found this Actron PocketScan Plus which retails for well under a single copy of Franklin’s Face.

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Project Civic Si(gh): It’s time we parted ways…

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 11.09.37 AM

What was once fun, is no longer so. When you lose interest in a project vehicle, it’s best to either take some time apart from it or get straight to the point and sell it. I’m at that point, and I’ve listed the car for sale. I have a few interested parties ringing me up (including our friend Rick who worked on the car), and there’s even a buyer coming to look at the car today.

Is my price crazy? Sound off below.

What’s next? Well, I’ve been scouring Craiglist for something to hold my attention until my wagon is done. I find myself being drawn to old pickup trucks, and I think I may head in that direction. I keep eyeballing this truck in particular as I wouldn’t need to change too much to get it to where I’d want it… at least at first.

So… am I right to sell the Civic now? Am I wise to test my luck on an old truck? Is there something else I should be looking to acquire? Let me know below.


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