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Our Cars: Should I repaint the Lincoln?

Tanshanomi April 24, 2014 Project Cars


As I pointed out recently, my ’92 Lincoln Town Car is getting pretty ratty. I’ve been waffling on whether to plan on simply retiring the old girl at some point and continue driving it into the ground, or begin pumping some resto-mod funds into it. I still genuinely enjoy driving the Town Cow, but a newer replacement would offer better gas mileage…and a big ol’ Easy Button to press. Either way, it’s time to stop being a cheapskate; one way or another, additional four-wheel transportation expenses are on my horizon.

The Town Cow’s most egregious issue is the horrid appearance. Call me shallow, but driving around in something that looks like a refugee from the police tow lot is depressing, and saps my enthusiasm for making other improvements. I saw a Maaco commercial on TV a few nights ago, and the idea of giving the Lincoln a new exterior finish has been tickling my pituitary pleasure center ever since.

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Two-Wheel Tuesday: Honda CL125S – A New Addition To The Garage


Last week I bought a Honda CL125S, the same model as the first motorcycle model I ever owned. 

The CL125 was the faux-scrambler version of the long-lived CB125 street bike. It was only made two years, 1973 and 1974. Other than the very cool looking high pipe and the bits and brackets that accommodate it, the CL is almost identical to a CB of the same year. But that comparatively rare exhaust makes all the difference to me.

I bought my first one on July 31, 1980, from a kid I worked with at the local hardware store. I had just turned 17. I paid $275 for it, as I recall, including a beat-up open-face helmet. It was actually a ’73 in Hawaiian Blue, but the tank was so rusty inside that I needed a new one. The local Honda dealer had a ’74 Candy Ruby Red tank in stock, so I bought that and mine then looked just like this one (only with flat-black spraybombed side covers to hide the original blue). I traded it in the next spring on a new (left-over) ’79 Triumph T140E Bonneville. And I don’t think I’ve seen a CL125S in the flesh since.

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24 Hours of LeMons: Saying goodbye toTeam Resignation’s Ford Escort


There was no fanfare as the new owner pulled the dented rustbucket away on the rental trailer, itself fittingly oxidized and tired. It was a thing that had needed doing and that thing was done. I plopped into my daily driver—which had temptingly housed the same type of motor as the heap I’d just sold—and headed for home and warmth. Shelter. I no longer owned a 24 Hours of LeMons car.

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Project Civic Si(gh): The kids are alright

high school civic

Is that not a wonderful photo?

That is a merry band of high school students getting their hands dirty and learning how to wrench on a car. Some of them are elbow deep in my Honda Civic, because it needs a bit of work as you all know. Actually, it needs a tiny bit more than I originally thought, and you can see why after the jump.

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Project Civic Si(gh): Work has begun…

Hooniverse Project 2000 Honda Civic Si 001

The Civic has arrived, safe and sound, at it’s new temporary home. That home is the Norco High School Auto Shop garage, which is where a team of students will bring it back to life. I ventured inland to have a look at the facilities and the car, and I know it’s in good hands.

So now that it’s in the shop, what does the team have to get wrenching on?


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Project Civic Si(gh) has NEW LIFE!
…at the hands of some students

2000 Honda Civic Si(gh)

It’s finally getting some love…

My 2000 Honda Civic Si has been sitting for a bit, collecting dust, dirt, and sadness. The battery is dead even though it’s a relatively new Optima unit, and the passenger side window has stopped working. The face is still bruised up, and the passenger side airbag still sits flapping in the cabin.

Regardless, when I do drive the Civic I have a massive smile on my face. It’s still such a joy to drive, even amongst the variable press car rotation specimens I have occupying my official parking spot (in fact, you can see the latest machine somewhere in that lede photo).

This Honda deserves some attention, and now it’s going to get it. Read on to find out what’s in store.

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Our Cars- Datsun 240Z Update

Robert Emslie January 21, 2014 Featured, Project Cars


I know I haven’t given an update on my 240Z in a while, so I thought I’d let you know what’s up with all that. Let’s start out with it’s new hood. Well, it’s not new exactly, I pulled it off a ’74 260Z in a Sun Valley Junkyard, but it sure looks better than the dented oldness, which if you’re in the mood you can reminisce about after right the jump.

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The Wombat: Wheels, Tires, and Rear Suspension Parts Are In


Our 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300TD is going to need some good rubber underneath it. Our friends at Michelin hooked us up… big time. Remember those oh-so-excellent Pilot Sport A/S3 tires I so loved after a few laps at a track outside of New Orleans? Well, we just got a fresh set.

Unfortunately, this means we can’t run the existing 14-inch wheels that it currently wears. That means new wheels. After searching around, we settled on a set from AXIS Wheels. They’re called the OG San, and we love that they look just like the old-school BBS basketweave-style wheels from the 1980s. We may be getting modern wheels, but we appreciate classic cool and these wheels have just that appeal.

Click past the break for our latest video update on the progress of The Wombat.

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The Wombat: That there’s a HEMI in your engine bay…


It’s time for an update on The Wombat; my 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300TD that is receiving a new heart. When we last saw the car, I was speaking to Scared Shiftless shop owner Mark about what we might need to do to get the V8 in betwixt the fenders. Well, since that time I’ve ordered a new oil pan, rear suspension, and we received our wheels and tires.

Today we’re just focusing on the engine. It fits in the bay rather nicely, and even sits delightfully low in the car. Of course, this isn’t mounted in yet, it’s just sitting in there to give us an idea of what we can expect. Our biggest issues will be crafting the headers and creating a custom steering solution.

Hop past the jump for a quick video to see some of the progress.

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Repairs with Marcal, or When All You Have is a Hammer . . .

2011-10-23_15-29-39_30 (Custom)

About a month ago, I finally decided to get under the hood and figure out what was going on with the throttle. You see, my truck has a 5.0 with the Mazdog 5-speed manual transmission. Between shifts, when the throttle should be closed and the engine should slow down, it was revving really high, almost like the gas pedal was stuck, or as if I had my foot on it the whole time. … Continue Reading


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