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Weekend at Beaulieu:- 4 Sale:- T’Bird? Word.


£23,750. It all comes down to context, really. In my world, where my daily driver is worth probably a hundredth of that, that’s a whole hill of cash. In vehicular retail terms, though, twenty-four grand doesn’t yet see you out of KIA territory. You’re talking real low-end BMW and Mercedes fare for that kind of figure. For out-and-out look-at-me new-car credibility, £23,750 doesn’t earn you a whole bunch of bragging rights.

So why not spend your 24 kiloquid on this? Parked amid the “for sale” area at the World Famous International Autojumble at Beaulieu this year, to say that this ’63 Thunderbird stood out is an understatement akin to the 1986 mutterings of Chenobyl safety officers that “we might be in a spot of bother here.”

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Weekend at Beaulieu: The Museum Pt3 – The Record Breakers


Part of me absolutely hates museums. Line after line of immaculately presented mechanical corpses sit there, mute, waiting without hope of ever seeing action like they did in the days before they were embalmed and roped off with velvet.

You need to visit Goodwood, Duxford, or dozens of the other gatherings around the world to see vintage aircraft and race cars being given a proper work-out. At Goodwood this year, on the same day that a Mercedes W196 Racer was being thrapped up the hillclimb, a Hawker Hunter and English Electric Canberra were dancing an intricate, noisy routine in the skies above. Of course, there are certain awesome artefacts from time that can never be demonstrated in public, though, which is a shame. There is unlikely, for instance, to ever be a Saturn V rocket display.

Which brings me to where I’m stood right now. Inches from machines which have been the fastest wheel-driven vehicles of their time. Absolute power, silenced.

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Weekend at Beaulieu:- The Museum. Part 1- Cars.


I’ve just spent the past weekend in the company of a great many bearded men from all over Europe (and beyond) who had flocked to Southern England for a world-famous motoring event. It’s called the Beaulieu Autojumble, and you may have heard of it. It’s a mecca for those vintage car enthusiasts who have been searching in vain for Darracq doors or a Delahaye differential.

Let’s start by introducing the home of this annual pilgrimage; Great Britain’s foremost car museum. Welcome to Beaulieu.

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Get Your Kicks at LA’s Autry Museum

Robert Emslie September 9, 2014 Museum Tour


You’ve heard of car shows, but how about a road show? One road that deserves its own display of history and memorabilia is venerable Route 66, also known as “America’s Main Street.” The Autry National Center of the American West in Los Angeles has opened just such a show, bringing, as the LA Times describes it, “the lure and allure of the highway” to a new generation. The exhibition, which opened last Sunday and will run through January 4, 2015, is entitled “Route 66: The Road and the Romance,” and it covers a lot of road. … Continue Reading

Hoonivercinema: Vintage racing around Indianapolis Motor Speedway, drooling allowed


I struggle with brevity. I love explaining things to the point that my writing probably struggles for it. But for once, I’m going to keep it short. After the jump, you’ll find nine minutes of Bvideo highlights stitched together from the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association’s (SVRA) massive Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, mostly on the road course. In the video is everything from pre-war open-wheelers to ground-pounding Can-Am cars and all of it includes original audio.

Enjoy and be sure to select 1080p resolution.

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Hooniverse Asks Bonus: What’s the Creepiest Vehicle You’ve Ever Seen?


One of my new favorite Twitter accounts is Abandoned Places, a site dedicated to derelict, decaying, and disused buildings around the world. Oftentimes, this includes abandoned vehicles, left to slowly decompose and return to the earth, a rusty reminder of better days. Last night, I saw this rusted out London bus and wanted to share it with you all.

We’re all familiar with the popular Living and Dying series that features here at the Hooniverse quite often: cars all over the world are put out to pasture (sometimes literally) and left to die. The question to you is simple: what is the weirdest, creepiest, or perhaps coolest abandoned vehicle you have ever seen with your own eyes?

[Source: Abandoned Places]

Used Car Review: 1988 SEAT Ibiza


SEAT are a fascinating company. Chart the Spanish firms history back over the decades and their CV is rich with an astonishing variety of automotive offerings, the majority of which started out in life wearing Fiat badges. However, in the 1980’s SEAT split from Fiat and went on a marketing rampage that saw their profile rising spectacularly, and it was this little red car you see above that did most of the fighting.

As an amusing exercise, before sampling the latest Ibiza FR 140 (stay tuned, folks…) I thought I’d experience where SEAT had come from before sampling where they’re going. Dust off your Global Hypercolor T-Shirt, I’m driving back to 1988.

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Wrecked Toyota 2000GT Makes Grown Men Weep


Yesterday at around 9:00 in the morning, a tree fell in the forest. While the tree was about 100 feet tall, and just over six feet in diameter, and surely had lived a very long and important life, its final failing took the life of an  important piece of Japanese motoring history. One of only 337 built, this Toyota 2000GT was at the same time a thing of art, a valuable investment, and an important step in Japan’s (and Toyota’s) evolution as a car manufacturing giant.

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Driving a ’81 ‘Vette for the first time and smashing head-on into reality.


It seemed like a damn good idea at the time. I was drawn to the Stingray like the proverbial moth to a flame; the scarcity of these cars in the UK combined with extrovert looks and all-American hero image aligns it with pure exotica, even in the minds of those who should really know better.

I had never, ever driven a Chevrolet Corvette of any description, so when I found this cocaine white ’81 example just sitting there, keys in the ignition, I saw no reason to not tick another life box.

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The Carchive: Audio Edition! Vauxhall Tape Madness


Before you click the jump, and I know that very few of you will have read this far, such is your eagerness for the riveting audio ecstasy that awaits you, I ask you this. Where else on the internet could you possibly imagine this kind of killer content?

There was a time before the world wide web, I’ve heard. Car manufacturers would strive to spread the word about their products in any way they could. Printed media was, of course, the most popular, but people had to take the time to sit and read it. TV advertising was good, but it’s hellishly expensive to run even a twenty second long slot, and it relied on people being sat there as a captive audience, and attention could easily drift. Radio was good, as it allowed people to go about their daily duties whilst having a promotional message subliminally drummed into their head several times a day.

In 1986, flushed with frenzied excitement following the release of the New Vauxhall Carlton, somebody in GM’s management had the fantastic idea of issuing a promotional tape about the new car, so people could brainwash themselves voluntarily while driving, because it’s safer to listen to a Vauxhall Cassette at 80 than to read the brochure behind the wheel. And now, in a Hooniverse World Exclusive, you too can share the excitement of Vauxhall’s hottest release of 1986. You lucky, lucky people.

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