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Modern Art Monday: Let there be light…


Is the Acura NSX a piece of modern automotive art?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, you’re on the wrong website… and Muthalovin’ would like to speak to you out back.

This photo will serve as a teaser to some oh-so-awesome video to come. Stay tuned…

[Image copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Jeff Glucker]

Modern Art Monday: Tesla Model S Drivetrain

tesla drivetrain

This series originally kicked off with a look at interesting design features of modern cars. The Tesla Model S is as modern as we can get in the world of automobiles. With a handsome design which features two trunks and a hatch, electric motors powerful enough push the performance into sports car territory, and nationwide supercharging system designed around these new electric vehicles, Tesla may go down in history as a company that revolutionized the automobile.

What is rarely seen in automotive media is the service side of new vehicles. The above picture shows the whole electric drivetrain (not the batteries), elegantly removed from the Model S. It comes out in one piece, with suspension and brakes attached.

One Tesla owner, “kerrentonsnow” on Imgur, has posted a lot of pictures he took while having his Model S serviced. It’s worth checking out. It’s a nice look into a world that does not deal with oils and fuels, which makes the service shops look much more clean. Hit the jump for a few more pics.

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The Art of Bugatti
On Display At The Mullin Museum


Last week, I gave you a quick tease about a story I was working on. The image showed a pair of Bugatti automobiles, one old and one far newer. The two vehicles are a part of the collection at the amazing Mullin Automotive Museum. There’s a new exhibit that attracted my attention, and it’s not just about cars.

It’s called The Art of Bugatti, and it highlights the fact that this family was good at designing more than just automobiles.

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Modern Art Monday: The lines and creases of the Audi A3

Audi A3

This series originally kicked off with a look at interesting design features of modern cars, and that’s where it’s returning to this morning. Last week I had the pleasure of driving the all-new Audi A3 sedan up in Northern California, and my review of that vehicle will be landing soon. One thing I was struck by, however, was the design description of the car by its own stylist Dany Garand.

Listening to an engineer is interesting, but listening to a designer can be quite the experience. His or her passion comes through, and can be then seen in the real-life shape of the machine before you. 

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Modern Art Monday: Automodello Ford Mustang I Concept In 1/43 Scale
Mini Mustang is a diecast delight

Automodello Ford Mustang I Concept-12

If you’ve been wandering around the Hooniverse for some time now, you know that we’re fans of the lovely scale beauties put out by the team at Automodello. We’ve examined the Griffith Series 200 and a Bricklin SV-1. We also got up close with the larger 1:24 scale Phantom Corsair, which is quite simply an absolute stunner.

Now it’s time to examine a piece of Ford history because Automodello has recently released it’s 1:43 scale version of the Mustang I Concept car.

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Diecast Delights: УАЗ-469 in 1:43 Scale


It’s Monday, which means another chunk bitten out of the Hooniverse daily schedule to take a look at the world of miniature models of marvellous, mostly military motors.

This time we’re looking at another one of those vehicles that you’ve seen on numerous cold war movie thrillers but possibly struggled to identify. Let’s face it, behind the Iron Curtain there were countless mysterious beasts, all with immemorable alphanumeric names, but somehow the 469, with its split grille, always stood out

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Diecast Delights: The RAF-2203 Latvija, in 1:43 Scale


I’ve been accumulating (Collecting is what connoisseurs and people with selective tastes do, and I’m nowhere near as discriminating as I should be) Diecast model cars since just before I learnt that putting them in my mouth was a bad idea. Like anybody else I have owned countless dozen models and toys over the years, and among all the Ferraris and Porsches sometimes one will turn up that genuinely adds to my education.

A  Matchbox Superkings toy was the first I ever knew of the ’74 Mustang II, for example; although this particular red and white car with COBRA written down the side had such mangled proportions it made the car look altogether a more muscular machine than it turned out to be. I was about seven, and easily impressed. Anyway, I’m now 32, and that sensation has returned. This is a model of the Riga Autobus Factory 2203, Latvija, a vehicle I had never heard of until about a month ago.

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Diecast Delights: VAZ-2112 in 1:43 Scale


So far throughout the current series of Diecast Delights postings, I’ve been called out on the fact that all the cars I’m posting appear to be of Russian origin. Well, yes, you’re right. And it’s all because, until recently, none of my model cars at all represented this region and, though there’s a high risk of overdose, I’m quite enjoying my current addiction.

Today we wind forward to, as near as dammit, the current day, with a 1:43 rendition of the AvtoGAZ 2112, in Police INTERCEPTOR (or something) trim.

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Diecast Delights: Izh 2715 in 1:43 Scale.


As sure as the feeling of bloatedness at the end of a KFC Bargain Bucket and as inevitable as the release of a Cliff Richards Greatest Hits album around Christmas time, it’s high time for our weekly inspection of a 1:43 scale model of a Russian vehicle.

This series has been a real eye-opener to me; the machines featured have all been either extremely rare or completely non-existent on British roads, and I know very little about them. We continue in this vein with the Moskvitch derived Izh 2175.

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Diecast Delights: GAZ-3110 in 1:43 Scale


Last week’s trip into the 1:43 world saw us discussing a mysterious and sinister, evil in fact, van, dressed up as a carpet fitter’s wagon, in the hope that people would be thrown off the scent. Desperate measures in late ’50s Soviet Russia.

Today, well, it’s a Taxi. Short of making up some kind of nonsensical story about the GAZ-3110 body being used to camouflage certain hyper-secret MIGs during pre-flight testing, there’s not really away to dress it up. Ladies and Gents, the GAZ-3110. It’s a taxi.

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