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Modern Art Monday: 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO

2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO

You either love it or hate. It’s the (modern) Nissan GT-R, and it’s been a polarizing machine since the day it was born. The latest and technically greatest version is the 2015 GT-R NISMO, which is lighter and more aggressive than your “standard” version. I recently got to sample the car, alongside a host of other Nissan products in Nashville.

This is the one that made me swear out loud…

Hop the jump if you want to see a Nissan product that made me smile far more than this GT-R. I promise it will make you smile too.

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Modern Art Monday: 2015 Lexus NX F Sport
Prepare to be polarized


They say art is supposed to evoke different emotions and ideas in different people. Some might look upon Van Gogh’s Starry Night and long for a quiet evening under the stars in some far off land. Other’s, however, might see a confused landscape that longs for the light of day.

The 2015 Lexus NX is a piece of automotive modern art, in that it will surely evoke a wide range of responses from those who gaze upon it. I recently spent a day in a variety of NX examples, hustling along the backroads around Whistler in British Columbia. I can’t yet tell you anything about how the NX drives… but we can chat about how it looks, and how that makes you feel.

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Modern Art Monday – From Twin Turbos…With Love

Brutal yet simplistic design is something I love about engineering. Something that’s made to be so functional it’s beautiful can be very easy to geek out over. This Modern Art Monday we take a closer look at the wonderfully controversial Hennessey Venom GT and it’s quite stunning mirror image Twin Turbo system.

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Modern Art Monday: McLaren 650S Stripped Bare


Like many of you, I have been holding off from dropping a deposit on a new McLaren because of uncertainty as to exactly what I get for my outlay.

I mean, this is a car that comes without Rich Corintian Leather ™, with no option for a landau roof or locking wire-effect wheel covers. Sure, there’s a V8 underhood but it’s only a measly 3.8. From what I can see on this unclothed example, what you’re paying for is a bunch of components.

Some of which are, admittedly, quite nice.

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Modern Art Monday: 1981 Matra Murena
…and it’s for sale!

talbot matra murena

You love the idea of a sporty two-door coupe, but you have two friends that you’d like to bring along for the ride? Have I got the car for you. It’s a 1981 Matra Murena, and it’s a lovely bit of forbidden fruit set to liven up your Monday afternoon. The Matra Murena is a mish-mash of parts plucked from a variety of French automakers. Talbot supplied the engine, Citroën gave up a gearbox, and both Renault and Peugeot joined in the fun as well.

The overall exterior shape is a bit Italian nose meets Japanese/American rear end, while the interior is all French weirdness. See what I mean, after the break.

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Modern Art Monday: The McLaren 650S


While the 2014 New York Auto Show seemed a bit sleepy this year, there were a few items that helped to spice things up. A flock of Mazda Miata examples certainly helped, as did a slew of sports cars on display. One item, however, was not actually on the show floor but instead a few blocks away.

It’s the 2015 McLaren 650S, and it made its official North American Debut just around the corner from the Javits Center. Is it more than just a “budget” (term used insanely loosely) McLaren P1? Yes of course it is… it’s also a bit of Modern Art that should help your day get started, even if you haven’t had coffee yet. 

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Modern Art Monday: Let there be light…


Is the Acura NSX a piece of modern automotive art?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, you’re on the wrong website… and Muthalovin’ would like to speak to you out back.

This photo will serve as a teaser to some oh-so-awesome video to come. Stay tuned…

[Image copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Jeff Glucker]

Modern Art Monday: Tesla Model S Drivetrain

tesla drivetrain

This series originally kicked off with a look at interesting design features of modern cars. The Tesla Model S is as modern as we can get in the world of automobiles. With a handsome design which features two trunks and a hatch, electric motors powerful enough push the performance into sports car territory, and nationwide supercharging system designed around these new electric vehicles, Tesla may go down in history as a company that revolutionized the automobile.

What is rarely seen in automotive media is the service side of new vehicles. The above picture shows the whole electric drivetrain (not the batteries), elegantly removed from the Model S. It comes out in one piece, with suspension and brakes attached.

One Tesla owner, “kerrentonsnow” on Imgur, has posted a lot of pictures he took while having his Model S serviced. It’s worth checking out. It’s a nice look into a world that does not deal with oils and fuels, which makes the service shops look much more clean. Hit the jump for a few more pics.

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The Art of Bugatti
On Display At The Mullin Museum


Last week, I gave you a quick tease about a story I was working on. The image showed a pair of Bugatti automobiles, one old and one far newer. The two vehicles are a part of the collection at the amazing Mullin Automotive Museum. There’s a new exhibit that attracted my attention, and it’s not just about cars.

It’s called The Art of Bugatti, and it highlights the fact that this family was good at designing more than just automobiles.

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Modern Art Monday: The lines and creases of the Audi A3

Audi A3

This series originally kicked off with a look at interesting design features of modern cars, and that’s where it’s returning to this morning. Last week I had the pleasure of driving the all-new Audi A3 sedan up in Northern California, and my review of that vehicle will be landing soon. One thing I was struck by, however, was the design description of the car by its own stylist Dany Garand.

Listening to an engineer is interesting, but listening to a designer can be quite the experience. His or her passion comes through, and can be then seen in the real-life shape of the machine before you. 

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