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Show and Tell: Dashboard Illumination

Chris Haining November 21, 2013 In General, Tech


Here on the fringes of the Arctic Circle, the nights are drawing in. It’s gloomy while we drive to work long-facedly in the morning and its pitch black when we bolt the doors and rock off into the night. But it does mean that we get to experience the joy of dashboard illumination.

Dials and gauges that light up are terrific aid to monitoring your velocity over land and how furiously your engine is spinning. Before the days of compact bulbs, fluorescent tubes and LEDs, instrument markings used to be painted on with a radioactive substance that literally glowed-in-the-dark, my father has an altimeter from something old, wooden and canvassy that does just that. ‘Course, it’s all electric now, which is nowhere near as fun.
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Quick Take: Marcal’s Machine Makes a Milestone

2011-10-23_15-29-39_30 (Custom)

Well, it finally happened. I couldn’t pull over and get a picture at the exact moment it happened, but here it is. My 1992 F-150 XLT Supercab has driven 150,000 miles in its 21-year life, or roughly 20 miles a day. 150,000 miles on a 5-speed transmission that’s been through a few clutches in its day. It’s hauled dirt, sand, lumber, boxes, furniture, trailers, people, bikes, and any combination of all those. I’m averaging about 15 mpg right now, although that will probably go down soon with bad weather and winter gas blends.

I’ve only owned it for two years and about 20,000 miles, so my daily average is a little higher than 20, owing to the occasional long drive and frequent trips to haul said things (& people). I know the previous owner has been a lot of places with rig, including South Dakota, Montana, and Texas before coming to the Seattle area, and it gave him years of service with regular maintenance and minor repairs. … Continue Reading

Product Review: 3M Clean Sand System

3m clean sand kit review

If you are a proper Hoon, you will eventually find yourself taking some car apart and painting it, or part of it at least.  In order to properly paint anything, you’ll need to prepare the surface by sanding it.  3M recently offered Hooniverse an example of a new product designed to take the mess out of sanding. 

Dubbed the Clean Sand System, it is a hollow sander with holey sandpaper and a hose that will attach to any vacuum to collect the dust as you create it. Keep on reading to see if it actually does that.

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Bonjour, les Amis [New writer alert!]

Honda CR-Z

Greetings, all. I suppose I should take some time and introduce myself.

My name is Shant, and I come bearing news: I’m the new guy here. I love cars of all types, be they microcars built in the Eastern Bloc, or the latest and greatest sports car. If it has wheels and an engine, chances are, it’s likely relevant to my interests. Except beige Toyotas.

As for what I drive: a 2011 Honda CR-Z. Before you all pelt me with rotten produce, hear me out. It’s a good car, darn it. Sure, it’s not a roaring, tire-destroying monster, but it’s a fun-to-drive car that loves to be thrown around corners. That said, if someone asks me if it’s a Prius again, I will not be happy.

Of particular note is my questionable affection for the Malaise Era. Be it a Cosworth Vega or a Gremlin X, my taste for cars can be called anything from “odd” to “masochistic.” Another weakness of mine is anything French, especially anything with the Citroën chevrons.

I’m in the Los Angeles area, and am fortunate to have access to countless car-related events. I’ll be sharing what I can, and hope I don’t put you folks to sleep.


Truck Thursday: Our Cars: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

2013 500 006

So my fellow Hoons, this is once again another rather long and rambling post about some of the things going on in this olelongrooffan’s life at this point. If you don’t really care for my ramblings, please move along. I won’t be offended. However if my fellow Hoons have a bit of time to waste this Truck Thursday, click on through…or wait until you are able to enjoy a cold libation while reading these ramblings.

Astute followers of this olelongrooffan’s ramblings will remember some of these images and also the comment I made in the post about The Mad_Hungarian and I attending the Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance (trust me, more is coming) about my means of transport to that prestigious event. No my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan did not scoot up Florida Highway number 9 to that event in my oldbeaterpickemuptruck but instead took my newish longerroof. 

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Weekend of Weird-Ass Crap- Mohs Model

What’s the weirdest, most bizarre, and possibly rarest car in the world? If you said the Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan then you would be correct. If instead you said the Mohs SafariKar. . . well, you’re so close, better luck next time. 

The thing about any of the Mohs models is that as they were the invention of a single man – Bruce Mohs, founder of the Mohs Seaplane Company – which resulted in their being unlike any other vehicle on the road. That seriously limited their appeal in the broader market, constraining production to but a small handful – like four cars in total.

Who might want to create more Mohs’? Well, this modeler, who while not working in full size dimensions, does seem to be creating models that are somewhat working. Check out the two videos after the jump of his Mohs models in progress. Freaky!

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Weekend of Weird-Ass Crap – Sticker Shock

California, like many states, requires an annual automobile license fee, the proof of payment being a sticker that’s appended to the rear license plate. This plate happens to be on a 1954 pickup, and that is 59 years worth of license renewals all in one not so neat little stack. That’s dedication, and probably evidence that the truck’s owner is a prime candidate for an episode of Hoarders.

Image: [Imgur]


A Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey – The Scion FR-S


 Oh yes I did. 

The FR-S wins my vote as a Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey becuase Scion came so close, but fell so short.  These are heady days when it comes to performance numbers.  Automakers are stuffing enough horses into cars these days to make the muscle cars of the ’60s look like a bunch of Shriner cars.  The FR-S?   Not so much.

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Random File: Doily Car

Scott Ith November 8, 2012 In General, Speed Reads

It looks so warm in there.  This is located at a museum in Prague, as well it should be.  Extra points if you can name the year, make and model.  (Not you, Antti.)

Click it for one more shot of this beauty. 

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Generational Phenomenon: Police Distrust

Scott Ith October 23, 2012 In General, Nostalgia

[image source: www.motoringartist.com]

The Vietnam war was in full swing, Woodstock had come and gone, and a new generation was being introduced to this crazy world.  Jim Morrison had died a mysterious death in Paris just two weeks before I unwittingly joined Generation X.  What had I done?  There were hippies teaching my classes and my shirts were striped velour.  Willie and Waylon did their best to keep disco at bay, while on television, the Dukes of Hazzard and Jim Rockford taught me an important lesson about life.  

The lesson?  Don’t trust cops. 

Click through for an exploration of this phenomenon. 

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