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Truck Thursday: Because UNIMOG


So this past weekend, this olelongrooffan hooked up with my Cobra, Aurora, Street Rod and Mustang owning friend TheKenMan and we spent the greater part of the day seeing as much as could be seen around here in FantasyLand. As will be, or has been, related here in the Hooniverse, we experienced a bunch of cool events and at one of them was this fantastic Unimog this olelongrooffan just had to share with my fellow Hoons.

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Hooniverse Asks Bonus: Best Cheap Compact Truck Under $6k?

Who’s up for some recreational car truck shopping? I’ve got a co-worker in need of a truck to haul crap around. She and her beau just bought a classy mobile home (it’s the Silicon Valley version of a trendy loft), and they’re neck deep in Home Depot/Lowe’s Runs. They’re looking to unload an older (stickshift!) Accord and pick up a cheap truck for cheap truck stuff. Cheap truck stuff includes:

  • Hauling large objects
  • Hauling dirt/compost/yard stuff
  • Hauling a motorcycle or two
  • (Maybe) making use of four-wheel-drive to avoid putting on chains for ski trips to Tahoe

Cheap truck stuff probably doesn’t include:

  • Serious offroading
  • Towing anything really heavy
  • Regular commute duty
  • Endless upgrades, modifications or working on it

She’s isn’t overwhelmed by a vehicle that needs maintenance, but she’s not into car stuff for car stuff’s sake. That said, something that’s got some character isn’t too bad. Right now a leading candidate is this guy, but it’s a question of just how much of a POS it actually is. My counsel was Rangers are crappy but cheap and cheap to own while Toyotas Hiluxes/Tacomas are much better, but much spendier. I’m leery of S10s, Durangos, and Nissans in this price range, but my real exposure to them is pretty limited. She’s shopping on SF Bay Craigslist, but even some general wisdom and recommendations for what to look for or avoid in this price range (under $6k) would be helpful.

Truck Thursday: A 1319 Diesel For A 13:19 Post


[Just a quick note: Here in the Hooniverse, we post about every hour and a half. It is based on Pacific time and in 24 hour clock format. Thus, this olelongrooffan often gets extreme confused trying to figure all this out while living in the Eastern time zone. I finally figured out that 13:00 = 6 pm for me and that is where I try to stay. However, in honor of today's Truck Thursday, this olelongrooffan has deliberately self scheduled this post for 13:19. Please forgive this olelongrooffan my Hooniverse Overlords.]

Now this olelongrooffan has previously shared with my fellow Hoons that my new gig has me hanging in a pretty upscale FantasyLand residential community. Now most of the subcontractors my firm hire put a ton o miles on their vehicles every year. As a result, bright and shiny new trucks and SUVs, as well as many varieties of luxury cars belonging to our homebuyers, pass by this olelongrooffan prett near every day. There was this one day however, this olelongrooffan heard a unique, almost guttural, growl of a vehicle pass by the window of the den of my $2,000,000 cube and I just knew I had to check it out. Zyncro anyone?

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Truck Thursday: 1981 Volkswagen Has Room for All Your Things


It’s everyone’s favorite, the VW Caddy!

I was spending a few quiet moments on my laptop last night (stop it), when I came across a truck that needs no introduction. I say truck, but it’s really just a car with a big trunk. This Volkswagen Caddy is ready to steal your heart, and throw it in the back with the rest of your stuff for your next apartment move. Let’s take a closer look.

[Source: Seattle Craigslist]

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Truck Thursday: Chevy S10 Québécois Drift edition [Video]


We’ve talked drift trucks here before with Chad Copeland’s monstrous SR20DET-powered Datsun 620 getting a Hooniversal Car of the Year nomination in 2010. But French-Canadian drifter Maxime Lemoine took a different approach to utility-hauler-drifting. Rather than put a boosted car engine into a vintage truck frame, Lemoine instead dropped a GM LSX454 crate motor into a relatively late-model Chevy S10. The result: glorious American tire-shredding muscle in the hands of an able hoon from our French-speaking neighbors to the north. Enjoy a couple videos after the break.

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Truck Thursday: A Few From The Street Rod Nationals


So, a whiles back this olelongrooffan spent some time wandering around a field at the spring training facility of some major league baseball team (don’t remember which one and don’t really care–I just know it wasn’t the Cards) up in Fort Myers, and while there I spotted a few trucks at that Street Rod show. One of them was this OJ front Bronco. Yeah, a few years ago while this olelongrooffan was still living in Sl-Ocala, I picked up a ’93 F150 for some reason or another. H*ll, I owned a home on three acres and a Hoon just has to have a truck while living on a ranchette. Anyway, I called thejeepjunkie and as I described it he exclaimed, “Oh, it’s the one with an OJ front.” Ever since then, that is how this olelongrooffan describes this gen of 150s. My fellow Hoons will need to make the jump to see some of the other trucks spotted for this Truck Thursday.

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Truck Thursday: V.I.S.I.T.: A Stateside Kei Truck

kei truck

So after grabbing a sammich at my local Chick-fil-A which serves as my local In n Out, this olelongrooffan was heading back to my new gig when I spotted this kei truck. I am such a jaded Hoon that it took me a second to realize just what it was and then to grab my shitty work provided Blackberry and grab an image of it.

Yeah, that is a Florida temp tag hanging off the rear end of it proving, once again, that you can register pretty much anything here in the Sunshine State.

And that sign in the rear window? This right hand drive short roof is for sale for a mere $4,400.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2014/longrooffan

Your Dog Wants You to Buy this ’64 Ford F100 4×4

1964 ford f100 4x4 for saleWhat is it about a dog riding up front on a bench seat? There’s a part of our eight year old selves that lives on, begging to go take a toy truck and the dog and play in the mud or snow. This is that truck.

Specifically, we’re looking at a 1964 Ford F100 with a 292 Y-Block V8, 4-speed (with granny low) manual transmission and four wheel drive. Per the seller everything works great and the paint is a 70s re-spray with patina. The pictures show a clean looking truck that appears to get regular use. No, you won’t win any form of race or conquer the Rubicon trail with this truck, but you will be able to go camping anywhere with your dog and your girl without even having to pitch a tent. You’ll get thumbs up and respect with every Lowe’s run and you’ll develop a strong relationship with your physical therapist or pharmacist to deal with the back pain.

 1964 ford f100 4x4 side1964 ford f100 4x4 interior1964 ford f100 4x4 offroad

Anyway, we’re looking at $2,125 with an unmet reserve and 1½  days remaining.

1964 Ford F100 4×4 for sale – eBay Motors

Truck Thursday – Double Dose of Toyota Trucktastic Cruiser Classics



I promise, I don’t go looking for classic Toyotas, but somehow, they always seem to find me.  Be it driving around on my lunch hour, or spotting one in the crowded DMV parking lot, these two sought me out last week, tracking me down, jumping into the spotlight of my scanning eye.  I guess I was not prepared for a sheer quantity of cool vintage trucks that have survived out here in the Nevada high desert.

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This Crew Cab Dodge is Enough Truck for a Year of Truck Thursdays

Crew Cab” comes from the assumption you needed to bring a whole crew along with your payload to do whatever commercial/industrial/forestry task your pickup was in use for, hence two full benches with room for six. While International Harvester released the first crew cab fullsize pickup in the US in 1957, Dodge was the first of the Big Three to do so in 1963. Today they’re everywhere, as customers have recognized they’d like to haul both people and things. In the era of today’s 1964 Dodge Crew Cab, trucks were still so uncivilized and brutal to ride in, you’d better be making at least $1.15/hour to do so. Also note the efficiency in design: those rear doors are 90% the same as the fronts, with identical glass minus the vent windows.

1964 dodge crew cab 4x4 truck motor1964 dodge crew cab 4x4 truck interior1964 dodge crew cab 4x4 truck for sale

That doesn’t mean I don’t want it. Badly. We’ve got a four-speed, 4-wheel drive, small-block (but which one?) power and enough room for all the things. The orange paint is fading with a few (California grade) rust issues, and it’ll need almost everything mechanically and cosmetically refreshed. Still, those mechanical bits are about as universal and simple to work on as possible, with no shortage of motors or full width axles you could swap in. This one’s rough enough that the Originality Police won’t come a-knocking unless you afflict it with 22″ wheels and stacks.

Unmet reserve at $1400 as I write this, but in this case that’s probably still near scrap or part-out value.

1964 Dodge Crew Cab 4×4 Pickup for sale – eBay Motors


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