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Craigslist Find: 1965 Ford F-100

1965 Ford F-100

It’s Truck Thursday, and I am pretty excited to share this pickup with you today, because it happens to be one of my favorites. This is an all original 1965 Ford F-100. … Continue Reading

Are These The Top Off-Road Trails in America?


Off-road enthusiasts all have their favorite spots to hit up for a day of fun in the dirt. That favorite spot may be a well-kept secret hidden deep in the hills or a popular spot that brings in the biggest crowd, but regardless, there are tons of great off-road trails to explore in this amazing country of ours. How do you know where to go next?

Allow the people at PartCatalog to help with that. The car and truck accessory distributor has compiled a list of the top five best off-road trails in most states based on a survey of over 3,800 off-road clubs and enthusiasts. This resource is designed to help all off-roaders easily track down the best destinations in and around their home state. They only got enough data to accurately report on 37 states, but who says you can’t also have a road trip on your way to the trails?

PartCatalog has all the details in a simple infographic available over on their website. Whether you’re an experienced off-roader looking for a way to kill time or a beginner looking to give your neighbor’s lawn a break, you just might find a new favorite trail out of it. Enjoy.

[Source: PartCatalog]

Truck Thursday: Long Shots: Ever Seen A Jeep Delivery?


If my fellow Hoons happened to read this olelongrooffan’s error filled Long Shots post last Tuesday, it may be remembered that it was the sighting of something seen by Bus_Plunge and myself that prompted me to head back over to see that highly desirable Land Cruiser. It was a Jeep Delivery and feel free to click on through to see more of it.

… Continue Reading

Truck Thursday: V.I.S.I.T.: An O.J. Front Centurion From The Hills


Earlier this week, this olelongrooffan was returning to Bus_Plunge’s B’s Nest cabin down near the shores of Lake TaneyCoMo. As I was cruising down that Eisenhour Interstate Highway System like US 65, I spotted what looked like a Ford Bronco with the rear top removed.


It wasn’t until I pulled my longerroof out into the passing lane that I noticed this Bronco had four doors. “Centurion!,” I actually said out loud. As getting back to the lake in a rush wasn’t necessary, this olelongrooffan decided to head back over to the slow lane and see where this rarity was headed. I hadn’t seen one in the flesh, so to speak, in years and hadn’t see any info on one since fellow Hoon, Marcal, posted this a few months ago.

By the way, my apologies to my fellow Hoons for the lack of clarity of the above two images. I took them with my old 28dollarebayacquired image taker I keep in the pocket of my longerroof for use in an occassion such as this.

… Continue Reading

Dune Limo? Patio Boat for the Sand? Regardless, We Love It

dunes limo“Oldsmobile Other Awesome” works just as well. What we have here is a failure to communicate an Oldsmobile aluminum 215ci V8 powered vaguely VW-based six seater buggy/sand rail. Literally atop all that awesomeness is a massive platform/roof rack sporting an ambulance light…because why not? Apparently, it’s somewhat famous thanks to appearances in videos from the dune scene out at Glamis.

The seller highlights the highlights without overselling it as some kind of priceless piece of fabrication excellence. I’d be curious to see how it drives with six adults on board, as at a certain point it’s gotta get troublingly tippy. Aside from thinking you and your bros are automatically going to attract the hottest babes at the dunes, this thing could serve some real utility as a shuttle for some remote resort, filming or job site work.

6 seat dune buggy for sale (1)6 seat dune buggy for sale (2)6 seat dune buggy for sale (4)

Bidding’s at $3k with an $8k asking price, which seems a little steep depending on just how fun this thing is to drive.

1963? Oldsmobile Powered six seat Dune Buggy – eBay Motors

Truck Thursday: 1973 Ford F-250 is a Steal at $1000


For your Truck Thursday enjoyment, I present you the classic 6th generation F-Series pickup. … Continue Reading

Truck Thursday: Long Shots: The International Edition


One of the perks of working in an automotive museum is the ability to see some pretty cool stuff the folks visiting us Hoon around in. Last week there was a pretty good size car show here in the central part of these here United States of America. A customer of ours from the Dallas area came up with three of the five cars he has purchased from us over the past couple years. Yeah, a 61 Bubble Top 409, 56 Nomad and a 68 Camaro made the trip up, on trailers of course. He left with a grey 39 Ford Sedan as well. But as those are rather pedestrian automobiles, this olelongrooffan didn’t even gather an image of them. However, on Monday of this week, this beast was spotted in the parking lot and certainly captured my attention.

… Continue Reading

A Westy Syncro isn’t Ten Times Better than this 4×4 E350

e350 4x4 for sale Westy syncro for sale

We try to keep it positive here at Hooniverse; we do this not because we feel a need to pull punches, but because we do cars for fun, so why traffic in outrage or misery? Maybe when we run out of awesome stuff to talk about we’ll go negative. All that said, WTF is it with the pricing on Vanagon Westfalia campers?

One one hand we have a pretty redneck-y, but undeniably badass 4×4 Econoline for $5500, while the contrasting Westy Syncro is $54,500. I can appreciate the compact packaging, efficiency and overall Indie Kid cred afforded by the Westy. This particular example is in unbelievably perfect condition, possibly the nicest one anywhere. For its part, the Ford sports a 460ci big block backed by one-ton running gear, with an LSD up front and locker in the rear. It manages to wear 36″ mud tires without looking like a Jenga tower. Don’t even start about the 460’s thirst, because you’d have to drive to the moon to recoup the gas savings(1).

Can someone explain to me why that Syncro’s worth somewhere between double and triple what I would’ve guessed?




Pile of VW Bus Shaped Rust to sell for over $6000

…and we should all be ok with that. Is it astoundingly dumb that a rusted, engineless shell of a 1960 15-window VW Bus would sell for so much money? Yes. However, that’s really only a good thing for us. Those of us owning anything close to this model might feel a trickle-down bump from the inflating prices of these vans, while the rest of us will just find something else that’s cheap and endearingly crappy.

Whoever’s bidding up this van knows that completely restored versions are selling for even more absurd prices at auction. He or she is doing the math on what it’d take to reconstruct what’s missing and shine up what’s there. Whether or not they actually make money on the endeavor is irrelevant; someone’s about to pour mid five-figure sums into independent automotive shops and parts suppliers to bring this thing back to life. Those dollars aren’t going to buy cheap sweatshop-made sensors and sending units via RockAuto for a more sensible newish car, they’re going to the Hanzel’s Auto Body Works and Canepas of the world. If everyone were cheapskates like us, the automotive aftermarket economy couldn’t support itself. If some nostalgia-drunk (or just drunk drunk) Baby Boomer with more money than sense wants to create their own personal stimulus package, more power to them.

In case you’re interested in practicing your body work skills for the next 100 years, here’s the auction. Bidding ends Saturday!

1960 Volkswagen Bus for sale – eBay Motors

1949 Dodge Route Van Sports Cool Technology, Looks like an Extra from Cars

1949 Dodge step van for saleIt’s unfortunate that every patina-ed old desert truck elicits a Mater reference even worse when people make clones thereof. However, this 1949 Dodge Route van has just the right overall look to be Mater’s older brother/cousin. The “Flathead Valley Diesel Repair” hand-painted logo seems almost too perfect for that universe.

Anyway, this one’s got typical old service vehicle rust in all the typical places. It’s got what the seller guesses is a GMC 270 in place of whatever Dodge flathead came from the factory. Most interestingly, the seller says this model has independent rear suspension. The ad has no pictures thereof, but I found this thread with someone working on one. In addition to the IRS, these had an offset engine. Those two features combined to maximize the interior room and get closer to being a “storage cabinet on wheels” as they were advertised. Sort of an alternative evolution to the FWD minivan or VW Type II’s methods of solving the problem.

For once, the body work is the easy part; these are just flat panels that can be patched with flat sheet. The oddball IRS-specific parts and oddball everything else might leave you stymied or in search of more common underpinnings to drop in. Sorted out, though, this would make such an awesome shop/delivery/florist/dog washer/small business van. Just make sure you hand-paint your logo.

It’s sitting at $4,250 with an unmet reserve and an auction ending shortly.

1949 Dodge Route Van for sale – eBay Motors


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