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Pile of VW Bus Shaped Rust to sell for over $6000

…and we should all be ok with that. Is it astoundingly dumb that a rusted, engineless shell of a 1960 15-window VW Bus would sell for so much money? Yes. However, that’s really only a good thing for us. Those of us owning anything close to this model might feel a trickle-down bump from the inflating prices of these vans, while the rest of us will just find something else that’s cheap and endearingly crappy.

Whoever’s bidding up this van knows that completely restored versions are selling for even more absurd prices at auction. He or she is doing the math on what it’d take to reconstruct what’s missing and shine up what’s there. Whether or not they actually make money on the endeavor is irrelevant; someone’s about to pour mid five-figure sums into independent automotive shops and parts suppliers to bring this thing back to life. Those dollars aren’t going to buy cheap sweatshop-made sensors and sending units via RockAuto for a more sensible newish car, they’re going to the Hanzel’s Auto Body Works and Canepas of the world. If everyone were cheapskates like us, the automotive aftermarket economy couldn’t support itself. If some nostalgia-drunk (or just drunk drunk) Baby Boomer with more money than sense wants to create their own personal stimulus package, more power to them.

In case you’re interested in practicing your body work skills for the next 100 years, here’s the auction. Bidding ends Saturday!

1960 Volkswagen Bus for sale – eBay Motors

1949 Dodge Route Van Sports Cool Technology, Looks like an Extra from Cars

1949 Dodge step van for saleIt’s unfortunate that every patina-ed old desert truck elicits a Mater reference even worse when people make clones thereof. However, this 1949 Dodge Route van has just the right overall look to be Mater’s older brother/cousin. The “Flathead Valley Diesel Repair” hand-painted logo seems almost too perfect for that universe.

Anyway, this one’s got typical old service vehicle rust in all the typical places. It’s got what the seller guesses is a GMC 270 in place of whatever Dodge flathead came from the factory. Most interestingly, the seller says this model has independent rear suspension. The ad has no pictures thereof, but I found this thread with someone working on one. In addition to the IRS, these had an offset engine. Those two features combined to maximize the interior room and get closer to being a “storage cabinet on wheels” as they were advertised. Sort of an alternative evolution to the FWD minivan or VW Type II’s methods of solving the problem.

For once, the body work is the easy part; these are just flat panels that can be patched with flat sheet. The oddball IRS-specific parts and oddball everything else might leave you stymied or in search of more common underpinnings to drop in. Sorted out, though, this would make such an awesome shop/delivery/florist/dog washer/small business van. Just make sure you hand-paint your logo.

It’s sitting at $4,250 with an unmet reserve and an auction ending shortly.

1949 Dodge Route Van for sale – eBay Motors

Craigslist: 1998 Lada Niva in Los Angeles

lada nive in los anglees front

The Lada Niva. Some call it the best Soviet vehicle ever made. It’s so good, that they still make it. It’s so good that my father, who lives in Poland, is on his second one. I spent a full day driving it and I wasn’t so smitten by it; manual steering, not enough power, and overall just not up to par to western vehicles produced in the 1990s. It was tiresome, but for communist Soviet times, it was great, and it sure would make a great novelty car in the U.S.

I once toyed with the idea of bringing an Eastern Bloc car from Poland to the United States. Back then they were still dirt cheap, but lately a wave of patriotism and cult following has developed for these cars, bringing sales prices up with it. Add $2000-$3000 for import fees and I’d be lucky to break even on an eventual sale, not calculating the time and stress needed to legally register such vehicle.

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A Tour of Omix-ADA’s Historic Jeep Collection


In the modest town of Suwanee, Georgia, there lies a remarkable collection of rare, unique, and otherwise significant Jeeps of all types and decades under a single roof. 27 Jeeps – all in full working order – reside at Omix-ADA’s headquarters and have just recently become accessible to the public through complimentary guided tours.

They were kind enough to invite me to Suwanee to see this collection of theirs firsthand. I live within driving distance of this wondrous place, so I happily accepted.

Omix-ADA is a name that many Jeep enthusiasts will likely recognize as one of the world’s largest independent manufacturer and wholesaler companies that specialize in all things Jeep. To those who aren’t familiar… well, there you go. These guys live and breathe Jeep and this new collection of theirs really shows just how passionate they are about preserving them.

This collection is not the biggest or the shiniest around, but if anything that only adds to how awesome it is for enthusiasts like you and I. Click past the jump and I’ll show you what I mean. There’s a lot here so get comfortable and enjoy this virtual tour of some of the best from this collection (note: not everything will be shown).

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Truck Thursday: 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser on Craigslist

1967 land cruiser 1

Japanese classics are gaining appreciation and value at a very high rate. Rust aside, perhaps it has to do with the fact that they are arguably better made than their American and European counterparts. Perhaps it is the people who grew up with these so-called appliances that are getting old and nostalgic. Whatever the case is, Toyota Land Cruiser is one of those vehicles being a red-headed stepchild a few years ago to where it’s dream ride de jour. Finding one that is priced relatively well can be challenging.

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Truck Thursday: NPOCP – First Generation Econoline Pickup


So as my fellow Hoons may remember, this olelongrooffan used to Hoon around in a 1963 Ford Falcon Station Bus. Like every car I have ever owned, whenever I see a variant of that olestationbus, I have to stop and check it out.

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Truck Thursday: 1995 Jeep Cherokee 2.5


Every now and then, driving past used car lots, you do an absolutely classic double take. Then you make sure there’s no-one right behind you, hit the brakes and head over to inspect closer whatever it is you just glimpsed.

In my case, it was a red Jeep Cherokee XJ and I did the complete Christine manoeuvre. I was hoping it would be the full 4.0, but that wasn’t the case: it was a 2.5 four banger with not much up its sleeve.

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Truck Thursday: Topkickurban


You know what my fellow Hoons? Sometimes having an old school Suburban in your livery is just not quite enough. I mean you can drop the shell on a one ton chassis with added fender flares out back. You can even lift it several feet, even put obnoxious stickers on the rear window and it still isn’t enough.

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Long Shots: A Goat and A Mini Moke


So the other day this olelongrooffan was out and about just Hooning around seeing what could be seen. I was down at a fairly cool car target rich environment and out back was this cool Mini Moke. I spotted a red one of these many moons ago while working with Manuel Labor up there in the Birthplace of Speed. I remember they had it for sale and the going price was $12,500.00

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Someone in Poland drives a Lamborghini LM002 daily

Lamborghini LM002 rear

You know those series I do about the various cars in Poland? Yes, that one. And that one. And many others. Well, I do them because each time I see something that just blows my mind, and today is no exception. Someone sent me a link to Polish blog that posted the images of this Lambo. It started a conversation on the Polish reddit, known as Wykop.pl. There the commentators found out that it was registered as a farm machine, which I guess it could be. And which I guess is a bit of a sneaky to avoid some taxes, I’m guessing.

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