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Truck Thursday – A 1955 Chevrolet 3100 Stepside Pickup That’s Not What it Appears to be!

Chevrolet Other Pickups Incredible One of A Kind Show Truck  eBay - Google Chrome 7162014 34438 PM.bmp

Many of our longtime fans here on the Hooniverse know my feelings about RestoMods, but every once in a while, I become enamored with a well executed modernized classic, like this one. This is a 1955 Chevrolet 3100 Stepside Pickup that has been highly modified, but not in the way that you imagined. No, there isn’t a modern big block Chevrolet V-8 under the hood, or a modern Chevrolet Pickup chassis lurking under all the smoothed over body work. No, this truck was modified to accept a fully functioning 2001 Mercedes-Benz ML-320 Chassis and interior. Yes, a Mercedes-Benz ML-320! Make the jump to read a lot more about this interesting ride…

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Get Your Vintage 4×4 Fix for Cheap with this Scout 800A

1968 scout 800 for saleVintage 4x4s are getting more expensive by the day. This guy just got $31 grand for a ’69 Wagoneer (which puts the scheming portion of my brain into overdrive). Land Rovers, Cruisers, Classic Broncos and K5s are rapidly graduating to collectible status, with the accompanied price jumps. Bare-bones utilitarian vehicles meant for park rangers, selling as luxury items, huh. Luckily, Scout 800s are still widely acknowledged as being the crappy little 4x4s they always were. As such, they’re still available with prices like “will trade for 5hp chipper shredder”.

1968 scout 800 for sale (1)1968 scout 800 for sale (2)1968 scout 800 for sale (4)

This one’s a nice exception to the general crappiness of the 800, as it’s equipped with a 266ci V8 and a 4-speed manual. That said, plan near total dis- and re-assembly to get drain every fluid and replace every seal and hose. There’s more rust than we’d expect from an Arizona car, but it’s still on the low end for an ancient Scout. The nice part is you’re really under no obligation to restore it beyond grinding down the worst of it and getting the thing running. I’d keep it basically stock, save a grumbly exhaust and skinny mud terrain tires.

Opening bid is a mere $1500: 1968 IH Scout 800A for sale – eBay Motors


Goodwood 2014: Ford Mustero: Professional Hack-Job?


When I’m drunk and armed with a Sawzall and absolutely no safety equipment nor any prior planning, there’s nothing I enjoy more than cutting the rear end from a perfectly serviceable car and “converting” it into a pick-up truck.

I don’t really, of course; but if eBay and Cragslist are anything to go by, there are an awful lot of people out there who do. Not all of them can string a sentence together, but they all have access to power-tools. Usually, though, they start off with some rough old beater before commencing their round of “improvements”.

This machine, seen on display at the Cartier Style Et Luxe competition at Goodwood, promised to have rather more provenance; though I’m not quite sure. Make your own judgement after the jump.

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1965 Mercedes Benzamino Inspires Junkyard Quest

1965 Junkyard BenzaminoThis is a picture of a 1965 Mercedes Benz 220 station wagon (or possibly sedan) at the Newark, CA Pick-N-Pull. You now know what I know. However, I’ll be stopping by tomorrow to take advantage of their 4th of July weekend sale and I will investigate further.

Care to speculate what this thing was or where it came from? It really has the look of the hacked up vehicles one finds in war-torn failed states. Those folks know what lasts and what doesn’t, and an ancient MB will outlive its owners if treated well. I’m hoping some junkyard archaeology will reveal if this was an enterprising farmer’s sheep hauler or some stupid art car from Burning Man.

Found courtesy of the craigslist-for-people-who-want-something-below-the-bottom-rung: Row52.

Truck Thursday: The Trucks of Alaska’s Dalton Highway


A couple of weeks ago, I took a van trip up Alaska’s Dalton Highway to the Arctic Ocean. The Dalton, also known as the Haul Road, parallels the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and was made famous by the TV show Ice Road Truckers. I saw many pieces of unusual heavy machinery, like this Euclid B70 dump truck.

My ride was a Ford Econoline E350 with the V10 Triton. It transports people, bicycles, and canoes up and down the Dalton. My round trip fare was $500. Coincidentally, this van burns $500 of fuel for the round trip between Fairbanks and Deadhorse (1,000 miles total). Since the road was mostly gravel (and mostly rough gravel), we rarely exceeded 40 miles per hour. The steepest grade was 12%, at the Atigun Pass.

Make the jump to see more.

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Truck Thursday – Driving the 2014 RAM 3500 Big Horn Crew Cab


So far, I’ve told you all about the Challenger I drove on my American holiday. In the piece, I mentioned how I had to drive it back to LA from San Francisco, to be swapped for another vehicle. I say “vehicle”, as you cannot really call it a car: instead it’s a truck as big as they come. After leaving the Challenger in the attendant’s hands, I received the keys for a 2014 RAM 3500 Big Horn Crew Cab 4×4 Dually Long Box with the 6.7-litre Cummins turbo diesel. Go ahead, say that really quickly.

Jump into the Challenger from an European-sized everyday car and it feels long and wide and threatening. Step into the RAM from the Challenger and the muscle car is instantaneously dwarfed. Such are the dimensions of the tall, long and wide truck – traveling four-up, we felt like we had to shout at each other to be heard, as everyone sat so far apart. Not that there was much of a racket inside, as the Cummins big six was a relatively civilized affair for a workhorse. I mean elephant.

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Truck Thursday: Massachusetts State Police Lenco Bearcat

Lenco Bearcat (1)
I was casually walking home from work when in the corner of my eye I saw this beast. I think it is commonly known as The Bear among Massachusetts State Troopers, but feel free to correct me on that in the comments section. The vehicle was in Boston as part of the increased security for the annual marathon following last year’s bombings and subsequent manhunt.

This Ford Heavy Duty-based armored vehicle is made by Lenco Armored Vehicles. It looks to be the BearCat G3 model and according to the company website it provides “.50 Caliber armor protection” and offers increased off-road performance over more pedestrian BearCats. This one is equipped with roof-mounted cameras and additional work lights. The front and portable side battering ramps seem to be standard equipment. Writing this, I realized that I need a vehicle with a battering ramp.

MSP seems to have several of them as we have seen one with license plates 2601 before and there are pictures of 2603, too. More pictures after the jump. Yes, I did get permission to take these pictures from the Troopers that were there. For other police car reading check out the Crown Victoria nursing home and Taurus SHO versus Police Interceptor Sedan.   … Continue Reading

Diesel Power: The British Truck Racing Championship 2014


AKA my new favourite Motorsports formula. I mean; where else can you see cigarette-paper close racing between 1200hp, diesel fuelled, 5-ton monsters, belching black smoke and flames, roaring around a track at three-digit speeds?

I had the pleasure of attending the first rounds of the championship at the Brands Hatch circuit, Kent, and left in the evening with lungs full of vapourized rubber, soot in my hair and a broad grin on my face, as well as the upper register of my inner ear’s frequency response decidedly absent. Make the jump to take in a video that hopefully demonstrates some of the appeal.

And turn it up. Loud.

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Truck Thursday: Because UNIMOG


So this past weekend, this olelongrooffan hooked up with my Cobra, Aurora, Street Rod and Mustang owning friend TheKenMan and we spent the greater part of the day seeing as much as could be seen around here in FantasyLand. As will be, or has been, related here in the Hooniverse, we experienced a bunch of cool events and at one of them was this fantastic Unimog this olelongrooffan just had to share with my fellow Hoons.

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Hooniverse Asks Bonus: Best Cheap Compact Truck Under $6k?

Who’s up for some recreational car truck shopping? I’ve got a co-worker in need of a truck to haul crap around. She and her beau just bought a classy mobile home (it’s the Silicon Valley version of a trendy loft), and they’re neck deep in Home Depot/Lowe’s Runs. They’re looking to unload an older (stickshift!) Accord and pick up a cheap truck for cheap truck stuff. Cheap truck stuff includes:

  • Hauling large objects
  • Hauling dirt/compost/yard stuff
  • Hauling a motorcycle or two
  • (Maybe) making use of four-wheel-drive to avoid putting on chains for ski trips to Tahoe

Cheap truck stuff probably doesn’t include:

  • Serious offroading
  • Towing anything really heavy
  • Regular commute duty
  • Endless upgrades, modifications or working on it

She’s isn’t overwhelmed by a vehicle that needs maintenance, but she’s not into car stuff for car stuff’s sake. That said, something that’s got some character isn’t too bad. Right now a leading candidate is this guy, but it’s a question of just how much of a POS it actually is. My counsel was Rangers are crappy but cheap and cheap to own while Toyotas Hiluxes/Tacomas are much better, but much spendier. I’m leery of S10s, Durangos, and Nissans in this price range, but my real exposure to them is pretty limited. She’s shopping on SF Bay Craigslist, but even some general wisdom and recommendations for what to look for or avoid in this price range (under $6k) would be helpful.


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