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Hagerty’s Festival of the Unexceptional


If you have turned on your computer in the last two weeks, you have surely seen coverage of the Concours d’LeMons, which is a growing car show that celebrates “the oddball, mundane, and truly awful of the automotive world. Another show, which you may not have heard about, is the Festival of the Unexceptional – a Concours de l’Ordinaire. These two festivals exist an ocean apart, but have the same misfiring heartbeat.

Click through for some truly ordinary stuff.

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Silverstone Classic: Oddballs and Rarities


Hopefully, you have not yet grown weary of our ongoing coverage of the Silverstone Classic. If you have, perhaps this final installment will rekindle your interest. We’ve saved the best (or at least the hoony-est) for last. This post will be a photo dump of some of the odd and rare vehicles that turned up for one of the greatest vintage racing events in the world. The VW Transporter pictured above was certainly not the rarest, but it seems an obvious choice for the lede image with its sweet track graphics.

Come one, come all, and click through for the odd, the ridiculous, and the amazing!

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Hooniverse Asks Bonus Edition: For What Should I Be Looking?


So this weekend up at my old stomping grounds, more commonly known at the Daytona International Speedway, the France family is hosting the inaugural Red Bull Rally Cross race at that venue. It is a two day event, (Friday and Saturday) and this olelongrooffan will be attending on Friday. Yes my fellow Hoons, you read that correctly, Friday. The dude that signs my paycheck has granted me a rare day off to attend my virginal rally cross event. Why not Saturday you may ask? I have been honored to spend a couple days with my oldest brother Bob hanging by his pool and enjoying a cold beverage or two.

My attendance at the former event is what leads to this Bonus Edition of Hooniverse Asks. As this is my first time at a stadium style event of this nature, what is the cool sh*t this olelongrooffan should check out? If any of my fellow Hoons have a suggestion or two, please leave them in the comment section. I’ll be checking in regularly. Thanks in advance Hoons.

[Image Source: Daytona International Speedway Site]

Silverstone Classic: The Italians


What would a classic auto racing event be without representation from Italy? It would sorely lacking, that’s what. The Silverstone Classic certainly was not lacking. From Fiats to Ferraris, the sexy styling and bright colors proudly proclaimed, “Guardate noi!”

Click through for the photo dump.

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Hooniverse Goes to Monterey (Day 2): Astons to Zagatos


That there is no mere Maserati Biturbo. It’s a maxi version called the 228. The execs at Maserati, in their infinite wisdom, built 469 of these between 1987 and 1991 to compete with the likes of the Mercedes 300CE, BMW 635CSi, and the Bertone Volvo 780. This being Hooniverse, I focused my Saturday down in Monterey on the unusual, the obscure, the Hoontastic. Make the jump to see the unusual, the obscure, and the Hoontastic. You won’t be disappointed. … Continue Reading

Hooniverse Goes to Monterey (Day 1): Aventador, Jackie Stewart, Laguna Seca


I can report to you that Day 1 of my Monterey jaunt was a smashing success. I got to drive a V12 Lamborghini, saw three-time F1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart, and spotted hundreds of rare and lust-worthy automobiles. It was a perfect day. Make the jump to see why Monterey Car Week is every car nut’s dream destination. … Continue Reading

Silverstone Classic: All those Aston Martins

Aston Martin 4

[Ed. Note - Sorry for the glut of Aston Martin posts lately, we didn't intend for them to stack up. Actually, you know what... screw it, there's no such thing as too many Astons. Carry on!]

Aston Martins are built in Gaydon, England, which is 25 miles from Silverstone Circuit. Given that proximity, one might expect a strong representation from one of the UK’s proudest and longest-running marques. As it happened, the word “strong” is not nearly strong enough to describe the turnout. It was as if all the Aston Martins in the Kingdom turned up for this amazing event.

Click through for some shots of these brilliant cars.

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Silverstone Classic: Cobra-palooza

Cobra 12a

If you are any kind of hoon, then you know that the Cobra has a storied racing heritage. This beautiful example of British styling and American horsepower turned in a win in the 1964 24 Hours of LeMans, and then went on to great success in Europe and stateside. In the process, Shelby put an end to Ferrari’s sports car racing dominance. So, it only makes sense that the Silverstone Classic, a festival of classic automotive racing, would feature plenty of Cobras, both on the track and on display.

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Newport Pagnell Keeps Aston Martin’s Heritage Alive


Aston Martin has been producing vehicles for 101 years now. The automaker came to be back in 1913. This means that Aston Martin predates both Bentley and Jaguar. Bentley was founded in 1919 while Jaguar arrived in 1922. That gives Aston Martin a six-year production head start over Bentley and a nine-year advantage over Jaguar. Aston Martin, however, is a small builder of bespoke beauties, and its total production figures might surprise you.

Over the course or 101 years, Aston Martin has produced around 70,000 vehicles… total. Bentley has produced that many in the last nine years. Jaguar could knock out that many vehicles in a year. I don’t tell you this to diminish what Aston Martin has done over its 101 year history, but rather use these data points to show you just how small the automaker really is.

What they are big on, however, is building beautiful machines… and at the Aston Martin Works facility in Newport Pagnell, hand-crafted classics are coming back to life.

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Hooniverse Goes To The Silverstone Classic


The Silverstone Classic at Silverstone Circuit in Towcester, England bills itself as the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival. Over 1,100 entrants turned up for 22 races featuring everything from historic Formula 1 cars to ’90s Super Touring cars. In addition to the classic racers, there is also a classic car show on hand featuring representation from up to 90 different UK car clubs.

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