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Icelandic Odyssey: The Finest Roads I Have Ever Driven.


It was, by its very nature, a driving holiday. When you have ten days to see as much of an island as you can, it’s going to mean a lot of wheel-time. However, frankly, you don’t hold out much hope for invigoration while piloting an Opel Corsa with an automatic gearbox.

However, sometimes the stars align and you find yourself in a position of automotive ecstasy when you least expect it.

It happened in Iceland, in a rented car. A grey one.

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Icelandic Odyssey: Air-Conditioning, 49 Seats, Anywhere.


When you rock up in the campsite there’s always somebody smugly BBQing outside their Prevost, looking down their nose at the massed ranks of Fleetwoods and Winnebagos as the evening sun glints off the gleaming chrome of their retirement land-yacht.

In those situations what you really need is a locomotive horn to break the hickory-smoke infused tranquillity, and then to park this thing in the plot immediately next to Mr VIP Coach RV.

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New Location, Same Old Seconds Saturdays


Last weekend we went to perennial Hoon favorite show, Seconds Saturdays in Oakland, CA. For a few years now, the show has been a staple of the weird-car loving community, and was graciously hosted by Hanzel Auto Body Works. Unfortunately for us, Mr. Hanzel has retired and the shop has closed its doors after 97 years in business [Yes, you read that right. Family owned for almost a century.] However, the torch has been passed along to a couple new hosts. From now on, the show has been moved to alternate month to month between Alloy Motors and the Rat Hacks shops. This month was the first of those, and Alloy Motors was the first up. We decided we’d take Rowdy the Audi and go check it out. The venue may have changed, but it’s lost none of its amazing-ness. Hit the jump for more photos and words.

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A day at the 2016 NYIAS


I’ve been going to the New York International Auto Show on-and-off for the the last ten years. Of those 10, some were better than others; this year fell right in the middle. The automakers brought some really exciting vehicles, but many more were just background scenery.

That said, I went to this year’s NYIAS and snapped photos of anything and everything that caught my eye or that I thought would be of interest here. A quick disclaimer: I’m by no means an expert photographer, and mediocre may even be a stretch. Without further ado, come with me as we take a look at what New York’s premiere new car show had to offer…

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2016 Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance


Every year, mid-February, my wife, kids, and I escape the crummy New England weather for the sunny skies of southern Florida. This trip always coincides with the Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance (2014, 2015). While I am not much of a concours person, I have grown to like this show a lot. Yes, it’s a bit snooty, after all it is set at the posh Boca Raton Resort, where just the cars of the resort guests easily surpass most people’s annual income, but I have learned to ignore the fluff and just enjoy the cars in the hot sun.

This year Jay Leno hosted the dinner and auction the night before the show (I didn’t attend that, too broke) and I happened to run into him at the show. We actually have a mutual Lada/VAZ-owning friend and I felt the need to mention that to him. Other than that, I checked out the cars. This year two things really caught my eye: hood ornaments and the way the dash design changed through the years. The styling of everything is really inspirational, which is one of reasons I go to that show.

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Hooniverse goes to PRI 2015


Hi, I’m Eric Rood. You may remember me from such Hooniverse articles as “America is Just Swell,” “America is Still Just Swell,” and “Beef Casserole Doesn’t Taste Any Better Than It Looks, Sounds, or Smells.” I’m here today to explain to you the wonders of the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis, which I attended a month ago by renewing my Hooniverse media credentials and making some vague half-promise to Jeff Glucker to write about it for the site.

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State of the Garage (and Car Vacations) Address

IMG_9001 (1)

It has been a while since I posted on Hooniverse so I thought I would catch you up on what’s going on in the Yu garage. A couple of Germans may soon be added. Plus, I have photos to share from my recent trips to Seattle, Los Angeles, and Japan. … Continue Reading

Weekend Edition: 417 Cars and Coffee – 2015 Wrap-up, The Sequel


So last Tuesday, fellow Hooniverse contributor and also fellow Ozarkian, Marcal Eilenstein posted his wrap up of the final 417 Cars & Coffee of the 2015 season. If my fellow Hoons missed it, you should take a take a look at it here. Marcal and this olelongrooffan have similar posting styles in that we often take an event we have attended and break it into different segments….my recent Branson Auctions posts come to mind…and he had broken his attendance at this event up similarly. But as to fact his post was the Wrap-up, I can only presume fellow Hoon Marcal has forgotten this olelongrooffan is a member of the Slacktivism group over on that Book about my Face. I do, however, find it interesting to see what two Hoons attending the same event find to be notable and worth sharing. Click on through to see what this olelongrooffan found worthy of sharing.

But first, the obligatory ’55 Chevy Belair Hardtop, seldom noted by this author and the only Tri 5 spotted that day by this olelongrooffan.

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Weekend Edition: Finishing Up At The Branson Auction


Just to finish this olelongrooffan’s sharing of the stuff I saw while out at the Branson Auction a whiles back. If my fellow Hoons believe that General Motors is the only manufacturer to build a Super Sport you would be sorely mistaken. This 1951 Crosley Super Sport precedes those GM products by at least four years. And this wasn’t included previously in my Detroit Steel post because these were built in Marion, Indiana. It was a cute little buggy and sold for a fee inclusive $9,180.00. I would call that well sold. Click on through to see a couple more, if you like.

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Weekend Edition: Saturday Imports Spotted At The Branson Auction


So it was nigh onto a month ago this olelongrooffan decided to part with a trio of fins and attend the Branson Auction to see what was up with the only classic cars auction around these here parts. Previously, the Friday cars were shared and on Wednesday, this olelongrooffan was honored to have my Saturday Detroit Steel posted by my Hooniverse Overlords in a rare, at least for me, early morning timeframe. Thanks Guys. But, like yesterday’s ole school newspaper, that is old news. Well, today this olelongrooffan shares with my fellow Hoons the Imports seen on that warm Saturday in October here in the Ozark Mountains.

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