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A Visit To Alex Job Racing and The Ultimate Rod Shop


Well, my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan is still hanging out in the pits and garage area of life these days so, on a fluke, I emailed my Rolex24 buddy, RJ, to see if he was in town for Mother’s Day. Well, it turns out he is in the USA for a few weeks off his job as an engineer on an oil industry supply boat in the Persian Gulf and he asked me to come on over and enjoy his hometown for a few days, catch up with each other and spend all day on Sunday planted on the sofas of his new home getting overloaded on some racing action. Well, can my fellow Hoons guess what this olelongrooffan did?

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An Afternoon With TheKenMan: The Second Edition


So after lunch was finished up over at that park with the big lake and we had had enough of the guitar serenading dude, TheKenMan, this olelongrooffan, and many of the Cool Cruisers headed over to that parking lot adjacent to that place with the big golden arches for the final, full attendance, car cruise of the Spring 2015 season. Many of the members of this club were headed back to places north in the next few days and they weren’t quite ready to let another year pass through their lives.

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An Afternoon With TheKenMan: The First Edition


So I would suspect that my fellow Hoons have realized this olelongrooffan, for now, lives down in sunny southwest Florida. And while in many areas of this great country we live in have seasons marked by the return of tree leaves, grass growing in the spring time requiring cutting and trimming on a regular basis and then brown during the summer on to the vivid color of those deciduous tree leaves in the fall, down here in southwest Florida, our turning of the seasons is demonstrated by the almost overnight appearance of privatized auto transporters over in the Big K parking lot on the Tamiami Trail here in FantasyLand. Yes, my fellow Hoons, spring has sprung here and the snowbirds are heading home. And their cars are off on these transporters like wayward children riding the bus while Mom and Dad pop for first class airline tickets. Alas, they both will return in the fall and another season will have begun. But what does that mean to this olelongrooffan? Well, my fellow Hoons, a jump will need to be made to make that determination.

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Hooniverse Goes to the Citroen Conservatoire


Lady and gentlemen, the Citroen Conservatoire is one of those places where you say to yourself, after the visit– If I die now, I have no regrets and I’ve lived a full life. The collection is that extraordinary. And here’s the secret– It’s not a private collection that is next to impossible to see. Just send a courteous email to the staff, and they’ll happily fit you in.

There are hundreds of cars in the collection, so I have split this tour into four posts. Make the jump to see Nirvana-on-Earth.

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Fort Lauderdale Auctions America 2015: The EuroClassic Edition


So there this olelongrooffan was, hanging out at the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center and checking out some pretty seriously cool cars and trucks. Well at least to me anyway. As I gathered the above image of this sweet old ragtop, I tried to remember if I had ever seen one in the flesh and I don’t believe I have. It is a sweet and rare ride. I contemplated using this image as Mystery Car post but I figured my fellow Hoons would have it identified prior to completely loading. If my fellow Hoons are having difficulty ID-ing this thing, please feel free to make the jump.

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Fort Lauderdale Auctions America 2015: The Eurosport Edition


So here this olelongrooffan is, back over at the Auctions America show at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center there in the Port of the Everglades, nearly beachside in that oceanside community. My buddy, TheKenMan, had hooked me up with some freebie tickets so I topped off the petrol tank on my longerroof, as that would be how much I would need, and headed over to see what could be seen. Man there was a bunch of cool stuff there and this next couple posts are about the EuroSport and the EuroClassics I spotted that day. Interestingly enough, TheKenMan was there as well with three other buddies riding in that luxurious new Buick mini SUV he recently acquired. Although we never hooked up (cell phone reception in that center sucks, well at least with Metro PCS) but he told me later they were sitting in the bleachers, as old men tend to do, and started yelling at me to gain my attention. The bidder’s assistant thought they were trying to bid on a car and he got all hot and bothered when he realized they weren’t. Me? This olelongrooffan was off in LaLa dream land and missed all of that excitement. Oh yeah, this 1959 Ferrari 250GT, which is the same age as me sold at $715,000 with no reserve. Extremely unreasonable to suspect this olelongrooffan would bring in similar dollars. There is a jump here if any of my fellow Hoons are interested in seeing some of the other EuroSport carp I spotted on the other coast that day.

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Fort Lauderdale Auctions America 2105: Project Car Nightmare Edition


1973 Peugeot 504 Cabriolet

So recently I attended an AuctionsAmerica Show and have been sharing what was there to be seen and noted by this olelongrooffan for my fellow Hoons viewing pleasure. As I spotted these two, I came up with the idea of the PCH PCN and as I have experience with both of these makes of vehicles, I thought I would toss them out here for my fellow Hoons viewing pleasure.

1972 Citroen SM


Yeah when this olelongrooffan was a mere whipper snapper my Pops, TheGentlemanFarmer, owned some pretty much off the wall stuff. He acquired, somewhere, somehow, a 1975 Peugeot 504 Diesel with a four speed for his kids Hooning pleasure. At the same time, he was Hooning around in a 1972 Citroen DS 21 Pallas. (Mom still had the Robins Egg Blue Country Squire) That DS was sweet cream in color with butter soft leather inside. Of course, the mechanicals on each of these cars were rather sketchy and thejeepjunkie and I honed our Hooning skills on the Diesel while Pops preferred to let the pros see to his DS. Understandably so. Now has come the time to make the jump to see more of these beauties. All of the italized text is from the AuctionsAmerica site and is their property used here without permission. Images are all mine.

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Ft. Lauderdale Auctions America 2015: The Shelbys and The GTs Edition


So a couple weeks ago, this olelongrooffan took advantage of some free access passes to the Auctions America Show provided by TheKenMan and headed over to the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center to see what there was to be seen. As I took over 110+ images, I knew I would have to break them down in some sort of organized chaos. Previously I posted about The American Classics , A Truck Thursday Post as well as a Mystery Car sighting, the first one this olelongrooffan has seen in person. Well my fellow Hoons, it is time to check out, if you are so inclined, to check out some of the various Blue Oval offerings I spotted there in the Port of the Everglades. However, a jump will be required.

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Wagon Wednesday: Ft. Lauderdale Auctions America 2015 Edition
The Longroofs and The Micro Cars


In honor of Wagon Wednesday here in the Hooniverse, this olelongrooffan thought I would share with my fellow Hoons some of the longroofs I spotted over at Auctions America a couple of weeks ago. There really was a mere handful of them there and they all were from the mid 50’s and mostly of the Ford variety. There was not one from the 60’s nor the 70’s that I remember spotting anyway. You can see one of those longroofs, with that lovely clam shell rear opening in this lede image but my fellow Hoons will need to make the jump to see the others and oh yeah, the micro cars.

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Hooniverse Goes to Formula E


1 series. 10 teams. 20 drivers. 40 cars. Say what? Because the electric racers don’t have enough juice to run the entire hour-long race, Formula E drivers have to switch cars midway through. And you know what? That’s not the most absurd thing about this series. Make the jump to find out why I think the series is a novelty with a three-year expiration date, tops.

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