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Hooniverse Goes To The Virginia City Hillclimb


Just last week I was listening to the Smoking Tire podcast (when I’m not listening to the Hooniverse podcast or hosting the Cammed & Tubbed podcast, of course), when I heard mention that the famous Cobb Tuned Fiesta ST would be making an appearance at the Virginia City Hill Climb that very weekend. I live in Reno, and Virginia City is about a 30 minute drive from my house. I should probably go to that, yeah? So that’s how I found myself driving to the middle of nowhere at 6 in the morning on a Saturday to watch a bunch of cars I can’t afford drive up a mountain. That’s my idea of fun!

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Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion – Nothin’ But Corkscrew

Monterey Historics laguna seca corkscrewOnward with our continued “coverage” (in the form of massive picture dumps) of the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. Upon receipt of my media band and a photographer’s vest, you can be damn sure the first locked gate I bypassed was the Corkscrew’s. What follows are some highlights from Saturday’s Shelby GT350-specific (this year’s featured marque), the ’55-’62 Sports Cars (Vettes, 356s and some priceless Ferraris), Pre-1940 Sports Racing/Touring, and ’73-81 IMSA GT-GTX, AAGT, GTU (BMW CSLs, Turbo Porsches and some fast but offensively ugly Vettes and Monzas) races.

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A visit to the Classic Car Club Manhattan


The original Classic Car Club started in 1995 in London. In 2005 it came to New York City. The idea is simple: join club, pay dues, drive cool cars, socialize, party. The club, located on Manhattan’s lower west side, close to the Holland Tunnel entrance, is a car enthusiast’s paradise on an island that is not known for its love of cars.

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Weekend Edition: Hooniverse Goes for a German Junkyard Run


Just a few days ago, I was in Hamburg, Germany. We had a few hours to kill in the area, so naturally it was suggested that we go see a sizeable junkyard just a couple minutes’ drive from my friend’s place. “It’s one of the biggest yards in Northern Germany. And there are a lot of Golfs there.”

I’ve always been a big fan of Murilee Martin’s junkyard postings over at Jalopnik, Autoweek and TTAC, and I’m not sure if there has been a German Edition in his works. You’re free to consider this as a homage of sorts, then.

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The Mystery Of German Motors


When I was in Michigan a few weeks ago, I was driving around in the Detroit area, and I found this interesting little shop on the corner of a side street I’d ventured down. Honestly, I’d gotten a bit lost, and was sort of wandering aimlessly until I found a place that looked familiar, or at least frustrated enough to pull over and confer with the sat nav. Being a huge German car nerd, I always get a bit excited when I see a nondescript shop with the tri-colored German markings on the side. Throw in the name “German Motors” writ large in blue, and I’m geeked. I thought I’d pop in, see what was up, and maybe hand out a business card or two (being that I am in the parts business). What I found, though, was an overgrown “yard” and parking lot. There was some oddness going on here. Click through to see more of what I’m talking about.

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An Unexpected Adventure With This olelongrooffan Begins


My fellow Hoons may recall this olelongrooffan is up for a mind clearing road trip and man has it been one. After spending some time with thehorsefarmer, theKid and thejeepjunkie on Sunday, I headed over to my favorite notellmotel on the beach there in The Birthplace of Speed for a restful night’s sleep. Upon awakening, I headed over to that new beachfront park to gather an image of the Atlantic Ocean prior to commencing upon my Unexpected Adventure.

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V12 XJ220: The Biggest of Big Cats


This was a good test of a Hoon, one which 90% of the people milling around this participant of the Cartier Style Et Luxe at Goodwood this year, failed. Even those who took the time to read the accompanying datacard. “Hey, an XJ220!” they said. They paused, they looked, they appreciated, then they moved on. But did they catch the big “AND”?

The clever yet subtle decal says it all. V12 XJ220 . Yes, this particular machine has twice as many cylinders as your regular garden variety hypercat, and that makes it just a teensy bit special in my book. Indeed I began to get a little light headed as I looked around it, and I apologise if the images get increasingly pornographic after the jump. Actually, perhaps I don’t.

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Hooniverse Goes To The Canepa Design Open House


Do you live anywhere on the west coast? Have you been to Seconds Saturdays at Hanzel’s yet? You really should. It’s awesome.

While the Seconds Saturdays event usually takes place at Hanzel’s in Oakland-ish, a couple of weeks ago, Canepa Design was hosting their open house, and the Seconds Saturdays crew was on their annual convoy to Canepa event. Hanzel’s is a 4 hour drive for me, but it’s worth the trip, especially when it involves a side trip to one of the best vintage restorers in the country. As an added benefit, Mr. Canepa himself had recently purchased one of Porsche’s 959 Dakar racers, so I absolutely had to make this trip.

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Doin’ Car Stuff On Our Honeymoon


My Wife and I, newly wed and all, packed up all of our things into that Rogue and drove back to the Detroit Wayne County airport for a long, long flight west to Los Angeles. I’d been to LA a few times before, but mostly for work and had never really seen the sights. Amanda had never been, and she was pretty excited. Because we’d been together for quite a while, we’ve already done pretty much everything together. We were looking to spice things up a little, and I was able to, just once, convince her to spend the day doing car stuff. I mean, I knew I would enjoy it a lot more than she would, and it would probably just be a pain for her, but there was a chance she might enjoy it and let me do that again. We went to my favorite vintage car sales specialists, European Collectibles, we visited Blake at the Petersen Museum, and stopped in to Singer Vehicle Design. It was only one day of our week long trip, but it was just so freakin’ awesome. Read on for more.

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An Unexpected Adventure With This olelongrooffan


It was late on Saturday afternoon this past weekend as this olelongrooffan was sitting amongst a bunch of cool old cars chatting it up with my coworker about the dismal amount of traffic we have seen over the past month since we started schleping classics cars, our congenial sales manager approached us. “The owner has decided to make some changes and I have been told to release you two guys from our employment.” Yeah, one month in and my career as a classic car salesman has come to a screeching halt. WTF? It sure has been an interesting year for this olelongrooffan. So after spending the evening on Saturday pondering my next move with a bit of the Skye, I could only come to one conclusion as to my immediate next move.

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