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Motorboat Monday: Riding Superstar- An Ambition Realised in a Classic English Speedboat.


I was eight years old and she was seventeen, and I’ve been besotted ever since I first saw her. I was on vacation with my parents in the West Country, it was a holiday romance that never happened and I’ve been returning every few years in the hope of seeing her again. She’s now 43 years old, yet still as beautiful as ever, despite the pleasure she has given to so many men (and women) over the years. Yes, ever willing to please, for just a few quid she will take you out for twenty minutes of damp and delirious excitement.

For twenty-five years I’ve been chasing her, yet never managed to take my place in the queue. Finally,last summer, I paid my fee and added myself to her list of conquests.

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Hoonivercinema: Monday Movie Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 7.58.30 AM

I’m going to come right out and say that this week’s movie, 2013’s Gangster Squad, is a steaming pile of cinematic crap. The movie never finds the right tone – it doesn’t know if it wants to be L.A. Confidential, Sin City, or Dick Tracy – and Sean Penn’s performance in it calls into question his continued interest in acting.

Gangster Squad is additionally infamous for needing a late reshoot due to a scene that too closely resembled in action and timing the Colorado theater shooting. That was after parts of that scene had appeared in the trailer. Can’t really blame the film makers for that, however.

That all being said, the movie does have awesome costume design and a ton of cool cars throughout, including my father-in-law’s 1950 Jaguar XK120 (see it here) that does duty as Emma Stone’s character’s ride. Two stories about that after the jump and then we’ll get to the trailer. … Continue Reading

Walk the Monterey Paddock With Dr. Orlove and Jalopnik

YouTube Preview Image

Raphael Orlove is a young gushing geyser of automotive knowledge. The man knows his old cars, and he puts that knowledge on full display while walking the paddock at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

Follow allowing with Orlove as he basically freestyles his way through the pits.

Hoonivercinema: Monday Movie Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 6.58.28 AM

Imagine if you will opening a movie the same year that Star Wars hit the silver screen. Nineteen seventy-seven was the year, and I’ll bet you can’t name a movie other than Star Wars that debuted that year. Well, here’s one that got lost in the Star Wars shuffle that you’ll want to know, William Friedkin’s Sorcerer.

Friedkin’s previous work included The French Connection and The Exorcist, and he envisioned this as his greatest undertaking. The movie is an adaptation of Georges Arnaud’s 1950 novel Le Salaire de la peur, which had previously been filmed in 1953 as The Wages of Fear. In the story four men on the run end up in a small Latin American town and need to drive a pair of trucks containing highly unstable explosives more than 200 miles to an oil well that has been blown up by local terrorists.

Roy Scheider plays an Irish mobster and is perhaps the only recognizable name in the film. It’s the trucks however that are the big stars, beat to hell and way past their sell-by dates the two GMC M-series beasts tackle seemingly insurmountable odds – including the crossing of a rain-swollen river on a tree trunk bridge that’s one of the most edge of your seat stunts ever attempted. There’s plenty of cool cars playing supporting rolls too, including a Porsche 911 Targa that’s going to need an expensive window replacement, and a Plymouth Fury that gets pretty furious.

Sorcerer debuted to critical pans and little interest from the movie-going public who were perhaps too caught up in the Star Wars frenzy to care. Time has been kind to Friedkin’s film however and it’s today considered to be a masterpiece. I can’t say if that’s an accurate portrayal, only that it’s one of my all-time favorite movies. Check out the trailer after the jump and see if it might be one of yours as well. … Continue Reading

Quick Take: A Very Venerable Volkswagen Van


It was another one of those serendipitous YouTube moments that led me to this awesome video. I was looking for some homemade truck camper ideas, when this gem popped up. I don’t see myself as a Beetle guy, but having drooled over so many Westfalias, Syncros, Wolfsburgs, and Sambas, I can see the appeal of a small, simple car with a similarly efficient camper trailer in tow. Imagine pulling a trailer that you couldn’t jackknife! I’ve been to some pretty big VW shows in the past, but never seen or heard of this. How about you? Check it out.

Driver on Driver: Episode 6 – Mad Mike Whiddett

Mad Mike Whiddett and Drift Idiot finally figure out if Mike is actually from Australia, Mike agrees to put V8 engines into all of his cars, and Sam enters Valhalla, shiny and chrome, in this special episode of Driver on Driver.

If you missed it, here’s:

Episode 1 with guest Chris Forsberg

Episode 2 with Fredric Aasbø

and Episode 3 with Pat Goodin

and Episode 4 with Ryan Tuerck

Hoonivercinema: Monday Movie Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 8.10.04 AM

Have you ever noticed that Clint Eastwood’s good-guy characters are never all that good? In Thunderbolt and Lightfoot he got to play the full-on baddie, portraying a notorious bank robber and preacher impersonator nicknamed “The Thunderbolt.” The 1974 crime flick was written and directed by Michael Cimino, a former Madison Avenue TV commercial director – one of the original Mad Men – who would later go on to direct Deer Hunter and the fabled debacle Heaven’s Gate.

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot however is far from a debacle, and co-stars the ever likable Jeff Bridges as Lightfoot, the other half of the titular team. Other noteworthy names attached to the film are George Kennedy, who was in pretty much ever ’70s movie, as well as Geoffery Lewis and Catherine Bach. The plot involves a bank heist, a double cross, and lots and lots of cool iron as the gang attempts to stay one peel-out ahead of the authorities and… well, each other.

Featuring prominently amongst that iron are a ’73 Pontiac Trans Am stolen early on by Bridges, a sweet ’51 Merc, a boattail Riviera that gets its boattail shot full of holes, and a Cushman Truckster ice cream man truck.  Not only is Thunderbolt and Lightfoot full of cool cars, but it’s also a pretty good flick. Plus it has Jeff Bridges in drag! Check out the trailer right after the jump. … Continue Reading

Hoonivercinema: Monday Movie Trailer

viva las vegas

The trailer for the 1964 musical Viva Las Vegas claims that the film has the “most exciting road race ever filmed.” That’s a bold statement to make, and in fact the hokey ’60s back-projection effects that attempt to put star Elvis Presley behind the wheel of an Elva Mk6 racer do kind of take you out of the moment.

Of course, people didn’t go to Viva Las Vegas for the racing, they went for co-star Ann Margaret’s legs. She plays a Las Vegas swimming instructor while the King plays a waiter trying to earn enough cash to buy a new motor for his race car. Singing and dancing ensue, and then there’s that most exciting road race ever filmed.

The race was filmed on the Lake Mead Parkway, a stretch of Nevada road that, at the time had no posted speed limit. The race scenes are pretty good, and feature a slew of great cars – including a Jag 120 that meets an untimely end. Yikes! Other notable iron in Viva Las Vegas include Max Balchowsky’s Ol’ Yaller MKIII, a C2 Corvette, 250 GT Ferrari, a Cobra and a TVR 200. You can get a gander at a lot of them in the trailer, plus both skinny Elvis and Ann Margaret are pretty easy on the eyes. Enjoy the whole thing, right after the jump. … Continue Reading

A Dipshit’s Lap of: Willow Springs (Cadillac ATS-V)

YouTube Preview Image

Say hello to what hopefully becomes a new series here on Hooniverse. This is A Dipshit’s Lap of, where we take footage from a track test of a car that we can’t exactly use for our official video review of the vehicle.

You can almost consider this a stream of consciousness spurting forth from my mouth hole. It will be about the track I’m on, the car I’m driving, and a whole bunch of nonsense in between.

There’s a chance this experiment could fall flat, but I’m hoping you’ll find a bit of humor in my on-track ramblings.

(Also, this is a chance to try and get more track time whenever I can…)

A Felony Vehicle Stop How-To… from 1973

Jeff Glucker August 5, 2015 Hoonivercinema
YouTube Preview Image

When you’re rolling around early 1970’s Oxnard in your Plymouth Satellite, maybe it’s time to rob a bank. You better be careful though because the local fuzz is rolling around with their Dodge Coronet cop cars. They’ve also been properly trained on how to take down your perp ass thanks to this how-to video from 1973.

At the end of the day, you will wind up in jail while the informed officer gets to cruise off into the sunset in his bitchin’ Charger.

(After he tells his wife to get the hell out of his seat…)


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