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2015 Subaru WRX is a mature middle child

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Earlier in the year, we got to sample the all-new 2015 Subaru WRX STI. It’s the wild child of the Impreza family, and it might actually prove to be a bit much for the average person when it comes time to pick a daily driver.

Enter the 2015 Subaru WRX. It’s the middle child, and it’s more mature than it’s insane-o sibling. The car has grown up, it’s evolved, and it’s changed.. for the better.

[Disclaimer: Subaru loaned me the car for a week, and included a tank of gas. Just as the WRX is more mature, I too am more mature* and have nothing funny to add here to this disclaimer.]

[*Extra Disclaimer: ...Poop, hehehe]

Intervals examines the 24 Hours of Nürburgring

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Slow motion and motorsports go together quite well. They compliment each other in a manner that makes for easy and repeated viewing. Nitto Tire knows this, and it recently produced a video for a YouTube channel called Driving Line.

The video is called Intervals, and it’s worth a watch if you’re a fan of good things. You are a fan of good things, right? So stop hemming, hawwing, and start wasting time at work!

Hoonivercinema- Monday Movie Trailer

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 8.13.04 AM

This week we are initiating a new feature. Instead of Mondays hosting a car-related music video, we’re going to offer up car-related movie trailers. And, if the movie happens to have been made legally streamable, we’ll tell you how you can watch the whole kit and caboodle too!

Seeing as we’re in the middle of Summer, this week we’re starting with some summer camp, meaning a tawdry Drive-In spectacle from 1956 entitled =Hot =Rod =Girl. Hot rods? Girls? What could be better, right? Well, how about Chuck Conners? Who? Yeah, get off my lawn. Conners was the Rifleman on TV. Hot Rod Girl was directed by Leslie H. Martinson, who would go on a decade later to direct the Batman Movie. Check out his ode to fast cars and even faster women right after the jump.

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Here’s an RC Helicopter-Eye View of Some Classic Cars Circling a Track in Italy

Robert Emslie August 11, 2014 Hoonivercinema

Drone Track

For next to impossible shots, like observing a fireworks display from inside the maelstrom, remote-control helicopters have both their supporters, and their detractors. One place where they can be used to advantage is in taking birds-eye views of sporting events in a much cheaper and less dangerous way than using a helicopter, spy satellite, or blimp.

This video is the result of just such an endeavor, full of aerial shots of vintage sports and race cars circling the track at the Circuito International d’Abruzzo just outside of Ortona, Italy on the Adriatic coast. You could listen to me drone on about how cool all the cars are – Abarths, and Lancias and Caterhams and the like – but wouldn’t you rather just watch them in action? You can do so right after the jump.

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Hoonivercinema- Monday Music Video


For a band called the Datsuns, these New Zealand rockers haven’t put out that many car-related songs. Supergyration is their first single – released in 2000 – and it comes the closest. Directed by Greg Page, the video for the song features a beat-based tachometer opening, and a bunch of hot rods that serve as eye candy for the remainder.

The song itself is vintage Datsuns – hard rocking and fast as hell. Check it out after the jump.

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Citroën promo video features merciless hooning, crashing of 2CVs

Eric Rood August 11, 2014 Hoonivercinema


Most Hoons will, like me, wince at the above image of a pair of Citroën 2CVs colliding head-on if for the implication of its wafer-thin body panels yielding to the universe’s oppressive forces like so many 1940-vintage Char B1s. Fret not, Francophiles; this is all part of an early 1970s Citroën promotional video on the brand’s dedication to safety, uploaded to YouTube by Citroën GSection, someone I can only assume to be a connoisseur of the finer cars in life.

Sure, the 2CV’s crash tests are a little alarming, but the bevy of road tests not only show the French builder near the time’s leading edge of safety, it also creates some spectacular footage. After the jump, you will see exciting (low-resolution) scenes such as, in no particular order,

  • Load sensors that take up the entirety of the non-driver side of the cabin’s front printing out data in real time.
  • A legitimate DS jump.
  • “Safety.”
  • Luxurious French interior and gauge porn.
  • A demonstration of the 2CV’s ridiculous suspension geometry.
  • An English narrator of highest Look Around You caliber.
  • A man standing unhindered 10 feet from the path of a car with a cut tire during a safety test, possibly smoking a cigarette.
  • Mesmerizing rough-road tests.
  • Bubbles the test driver.
  • Gratuitous runs on a high-banked test track, including a 2CV at full chat.

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First Drive: 2015 Aston Martin Vanquish & Rapide S
Finally putting the super in these super cars

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Yes, both the Aston Martin Vanquish and Rapide S are gorgeous machines. They make great noise, and they’re fun to drive. That’s actually a bit of a problem though, the fact I just said “fun” and not amazing, outstanding, or excellent.

Aston Martin knows this.

The automaker has just revised the cars for 2015, and you won’t find the changes on the outside (minus a new color or two and some wheel changes). Instead, the revisions have occurred under the skin in the form of a new eight-speed ZF gearbox, revised suspension geometry, a modified rear subframe, and fatter anti-roll bars. Ast0n Martin has also extended the range between settings of the adaptive damping suspension system so that you can clearly feel the difference between each of the three. Additionally, the front brakes are larger and the braking boost has been adjusted.

Have these changes paid off? Oh yes.

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The Drift Chronicles: The Warmth

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Sometimes we explore the darker side of drifting. Today is not that day. Instead, we look to the moments that provide you with warmth… when you feel good, or when everything is going right, and you get to realize it and cherish the moment.

Ryan Tuerck, Pat Goodin, Jonathan Castro, and Chris Forsberg spill the beans on their proudest/greatest/A-Ha moments that they’ve experienced.

So saddle up, take off your sunglasses, turn towards the sun… and embrace The Warmth.

Hoonivercinema- Monday Music Video

monday music video-04-08-14

If your town is anything like mine, then on Saturday and Sunday mornings the roads are clogged with joggers, and more intrusively, bicyclists who tend to ride in clumps. Like flocks of birds, they will often stray into traffic lanes. It’s an annoyance, but I say share the road, and it is after all another good excuse for sleeping in on the weekends.

This video for the Australian band Violent Soho’s song In the Aisle provides another reason, and a two-wheeled distraction that is a reminder of two things – this recent event, and the old maxim that those who are most willing to get naked in public are also those who you would probably least like to see naked in public. I consider it a public service that I keep my clothes on when out and about. Despite the below-the-equator pixelation in the video, this is probably NSFW, so be forewarned. It’s a pretty good song though, so feel free to crank it up – and look away – when you get home. Check it out after the jump.

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Video: The Smoking Tire takes the No Style Corolla into the hills

YouTube Preview Image

Remember the No Style Corolla? We found it back in 2012, and we were pretty blown away by the build at that time. The mish-mash of parts all seemed to come together in a fairly impressive manner resulting in an extremely unique vehicle.

Mark Still is the man behind the No Style Corolla, and he recently let The Smoking Tire crew into his world. Matt Farah jumps behind the wheel of the Lexus-powered, Mustang-supercharged, T56-using oddball, and his impressions can be seen above.


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