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TaxTheRich Returns And Brings Ferrari F40 Goodness

Jeff Glucker January 22, 2016 Hoonivercinema
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One of the great automotive channels on YouTube also happens to be one that posts sporadically. Over the course of three years, TaxTheRich100 has posted just 16 videos. Yet those 16 clips have garnered over 50 million views. That’s because the content is essentially the stuff of fever dreams filled with automotive mayhem in vehicles you’d never expect to see getting dirty, never mind getting sideways and silly.

This channel is essentially the European version of how I’d live my life were I to have won the recent Powerball jackpot… except with far greater car control skills.

No Beach Out Of Reach: Dutton Reef Amphibian


On Monday’s bonus round of Mystery Car, the unnamed machine was correctly identified as the Amphicar 770, disappointingly quickly. There can’t be many folk in the Hooniverse who haven’t yet learnt of the many limitations and design compromises of the famous ’60s amphibian, its mechanical make-up was limited by the technology of the time, and one of the reasons for its metal construction was that Glass Reinforced Plastic was still only just beginning to become popular in boats, let alone boats which were actually cars.

So it was with genuine excitement and interest that I came across the Dutton stand at this year’s London Boat Show, where the latest release from Tim Dutton’s lovingly operated company was exposed to public gaze for the first time.

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AutobahnDRIVER: The Base Jaguar F-Type Might Be The One You Want

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Our friend Tom is German. He lives in Germania, and he drives German roads. He recently got his hands on the base Jaguar F-Type, and it seems it might be the one he finds most appealing. After all, 340 horsepower is nothing to sneeze at. Especially when you think of all the (relative) cash you’re saving.

Check out his adventure with the car in the video above.

Roll On, Smokey!

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I love this truck.

If you weren’t already aware, the folks at Hot Rod Garage have themselves a 1973 Dodge D200. It’s a sweet pickup, and you see far less D-series trucks than you do Chevys and Fords. Tony Angelo (Hooniverse Podcast Guest) has taken the truck and swapped in a Cummins turbo diesel engine, and the result is one bad-ass oil-burning truck.

In the latest episode of Hot Rod Garage, the crew over there upgrades the truck even further. I’d say that I think a burnout match is in order between #RollSmokey and HoonTruck, but I don’t stand a chance in that battle.

Not The Right Line For That Turn: Angeles Crest Edition

Jeff Glucker January 6, 2016 Hoonivercinema
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YouTuber TurboFoz posted a video that shows dashcam footage of his brush with death. The clip has gone viral at this point, as it’s a pretty miraculous bit of video and even more miraculous that the driver survived.

The vehicle being driven here is a Subaru Forester, and the road its being whipped on is Angeles Crest Highway. This is a truly glorious stretch of ribbony tarmac that rises away from the smog-ridden congestion of Los Angeles and into the beauty beholden to California.

On a particular portion of this road, way near the top, is a pair of tunnels. These make for the perfect spot with which to open up the taps and let your engine and exhaust roar. It seems that’s what TurboFoz was trying to do when he exited the tunnels, and shit went way down south way fast.

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Does The G63 Make Sense? The Smoking Tire Tries To Find Out

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I love the Mercedes-Benz G Wagen. At least, I think I do because I’ve never driven one. I’d prefer a downgraded nearly Mil-spec version, but that’s not the one we see prowling our streets. Friend of Hooniverse Matt Farah recently had the keys to a G63 AMG and he decided to explore the vehicle over the course of one his The Smoking Tire One Take videos.

Maybe I should keep my eyes focused on an old Defender instead…

Hoonivercinema: Monday Movie Trailer


How many things can you do really well? I mean, laudable activities that are valued by yourself and others, not just armpit farts and Mario Kart? Paul Newman was one of those people who seemed to be good at everything he tried. Newman was first and foremost a solid actor, winning a best actor Oscar for his role in the Scorsese-helmed The Color of Money.  On top of that he was a laudable entrepreneur-philanthropist, creating the Newman’s Own foundation which has donated more than $450 million to charities since 1982. In between those seemingly full-time activities, he also became a respected racing driver and team owner.

Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman chronicles Newman’s 35-year journey from neophyte racer, spinning his Datsun more often than crossing the finish line, all the way to his class-win at Le Mans, a career capper. The briskly edited film was co-directed by Adam Carolla and Nate Adams, and features interviews with Newman associates and friends, including actors Robert Redford, Patrick Dempsey, Robert Wagner, and Jay Leno. Racers also provide remembrances of Newman, including his close friends Mario Andretti, Bob Bondurant, John Morton, and Sam Posey.

Newman died in 2008 of lung cancer at age 83. Sometimes when famous people pass away their skeletons start tumbling out of the closet, tarnishing their reputation. That’s not been the case with Paul Newman, who in every of his endeavors has been described as warm, humble, and committed. Check out how those attributes contributed to his successful racing career in the trailer for Winning, right after the jump. … Continue Reading

Drift Idiot: Day 15 – The Void

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Did you ever think you’d see a Drift Idiot video and find yourself marveling at its beauty? Today is that day. Consider this a holiday present from Sam Nalven, because that’s exactly what it is.

Revel in the mystic moving voyage Sam takes as he drifts into the Void…

Hoonivercinema: Monday Movie Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 8.10.55 AM

The idea of demonic possession or the inexplicable advent of sentience in inanimate objects is a well-worn, and very effective trope in horror cinema. Just consider the freaky clown in the original Poltergeist or the titular Plymouth in Christine. Of course it always helps if that inanimate object is endowed with an element of malevolence to begin with.

That’s not the case in the horror/comedy/what the hell did I just watch film, Rubber. In this instance the possessed, or whatever it is, killer is an innocuous radial tire. The Tire wakes up – as many of us no doubt have – in the middle of the desert, covered in dirt and then uses its psychic powers to go on a murder spree.

While the 2010 French film is arguably the weirdest car-related movie since Repo Man it does follow a fairly traditional plotline. That plot is…. well, why don’t you just watch the trailer and see if you can make sense of it. … Continue Reading

Everyday Driver Takes A Pilgrimage

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“This is why we are going, because anytime you mention Germany to anybody vaguely interested in cars it’s drive fast on the Autobahn and go to the ring and here we are.” Friends of Hooniverse Todd Deeken and Paul Schmucker of Everyday Driver partook of something that’s on each and every enthusiasts bucket list and then some. Their recently released annual film Pilgrimage showcases some of the most amazing and beautiful European scenery both on and off track shot in stellar quality.

Over a five day period, they drive the Autobahn, the ‘Ring, and Spa. There are vehicles rented from RSR and then a dive into the madness of tuning magnate Gemballa.

Watching this film has me looking for reasons to plan my own pilgrimage next year.

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