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Superformance and the Daytona Coupe

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If you asked me: what’s your favorite car you’ve ever driven? I’d have a number of different answers to give you. On that list, without question though, is the Daytona Coupe. It’s raw. It’s loud. It’s gorgeous. And it’s done oh so right by the great team at Superformance in Irvine, California.

For years, cars like this were stuck in that kit car realm which meant you had to buy it in pieces and then figure out how to get that engine and transmission bolted in place. Times have changed, and so have the laws surrounding these machines. Now you can show up and plunk down your cash and then walk away with a fire-breathing bit of American motorsports history that’s all your own.

No, you’ll never own an original Daytona coupe. They made six of them. None are currently for sale, and if one was it would be worth tens of millions of dollars. For a small fraction of that, you can put one that’s more comfortable and probably more capable in your garage…

Putting the 2016 Nissan Titan XD to work

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I’d driven the truck when it first launched. The 2016 Nissan Titan XD was just fine and dandy on the smooth roads around Scottsdale, Arizona. It handled itself surprisingly well on the short off-road portion of the driving event, and brushed off the shorter towing portion with ease.

I wanted to find out a bit more about this new in-betweener truck. It’s packing a dash more heat than half-ton shoppers typically get yet doesn’t go full bore three-quarter ton. What’s it like to live with the truck and put it to work? So I did that… and used it to tow something for a long distance.

Oh I slept in it too, but that part wasn’t fun.

[Disclaimer: Nissan lent me a Titan XD at home for a week, and then again a few weeks later left one parked at SFO for me to borrow for our LeMons party. I said LEMONS party… with an S. Wait, that still doesn’t sound right.]

Cars gets a Fury Road treatment

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Our friends at Jalopnik happened across this trailer. It’s one persons vision of the worlds of Cars and Fury Road colliding, and the result is pretty damn well done. What we essentially have here is the Mad Max trailer cut using scenes from the Pixar film, and it all works surprisingly well.

Click play and realize what a lovely day it is.

[Source: Jalopnik]

Wicked Wheelies

Robert Emslie March 28, 2016 Hoonivercinema


Seeing as it’s Monday, and a lot of people are still coming down from an Easter candy sugar high, here’s five minutes of drag racer wheelies that don’t end well to wake you up. … Continue Reading

Whomped-On Wagon Gets Way Sideways

Jeff Glucker March 16, 2016 Hoonivercinema
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Parking lot shenanigans can be great fun. Additionally, it’s typically a relatively safe environment for you and your car should things go a bit off the plan. Here we have a person enjoying their wagon and really wringing the crap out of it, and it’s all good fun.

A bit sad about that drive home though, as it looks like it’s going to be a bit cold in the car with that missing bit of rear glass. The second run through the lot goes quite a bit better though, thankfully.

Is this Lotus the One that Spiderman Would Drive?

Jeff Glucker March 16, 2016 Hoonivercinema
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With enough downforce, one could theoretically drive on the ceiling if they were to go fast enough. That’s reportedly the case with the Lotus Type 91. The car gets examined at Goodwood and the crew there manages to churn out a short yet entertaining video that gives you a better look at the car.

Video: Pop goes the Mustang

Jeff Glucker March 15, 2016 Hoonivercinema
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Dyno videos are usually fairly boring. It’s a car strapped to a machine that goes nowhere very quickly. Occasionally, however, there are dyno videos that prove otherwise. Usually it’s because the car makes outrageous power, tremendous noise, or something goes terribly wrong.

The video above is one where the boost hits the fan. Also, that noise near the end sounds like the engine screaming that it’s dying.

[Source: Reddit]

Here’s how hard it is to drive a GT40 in damp conditions

Jeff Glucker March 10, 2016 Hoonivercinema
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Kneel before your new God, and know his name as Kenny Bräck. Yes, that’s right Kenny. No, we think that’s a perfectly good name for a God. You don’t think it’s very intimidating? Well how about Kenneth Devourer of Gasoline and Excreter of Driving Excellence?

That better?

Good now shut up and watch the video above.

Ramblin’ On with… the 2016 Jaguar F-Type R Convertible

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So we’re trying out something different here with this one…

The weather wasn’t cooperating during our time with the Jaguar F-Type R AWD Convertible. Rather then let that stop us from shooting something with the car, I did a quick intro then stuck a camera in the car, and wen out for a drive.

What follows is basically a rambling review of the vehicle. It’s almost a stream of consciousness sort of thing. There are some edits and cuts, but it’s nothing like our standard full bore review.

Also… it’s way too long. Regardless, let’s see how many of you hang in there for this one.

This is the first Ramblin’ On!

[Disclaimer: Jaguar tossed us the keys to the F-Type and included a tank of gas.]

Roadkill Garage Explores 3-Day Engine Overhauls

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One of the best parts of the MotorTrend YouTube channel is Roadkill. The hosts are great, the content of each show is entertaining, and the guys certainly know their stuff. One of the most fascinating parts of the show for me is that Freiburger and Finnegan can dive into an engine, assess the situation, and work quickly to rectify any problems. They might not fix things perfectly, but they definitely know what they’re doing. As someone trying to learn more about wrenching, this aspect of the show is endlessly appealing to me.

That’s why I’m pretty excited about one of the new shows coming to the MT channel. It’s called Roadkill Garage and it sees hosts David Freiburger and Steve Dulcich from Engine Masters coming together for more automotive goodness. The premise is that the two will attempt to overhaul engines over the course of three days. Starting on a Friday, the duo will pull, assess, repair, and hopefully restart an engine by the end of the weekend. It’s basically what you and your buddies do at home, but with more interesting cars and a camera crew trying to capture the action.

Now, the first episode you can watch above for free. The rest will be sitting behind the new MotorTrend OnDemand paywall. So if you like what you see, I’d recommend ponying up a few bucks. This is quality content and supporting your favorite bits of online content is something we obviously support.