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Problem Porsche

Robert Emslie April 17, 2014 Hoonivercinema

problem Porsche

Nick Murray is a Porsche owner. Notice I didn’t say proud Porsche owner. That’s not to say that for a long time he didn’t pine to achieve this goal, and in fact he says he saved for five years to do so. Let’s just say that for Nick at least the realization of a dream has been far less enjoyable than the anticipation leading up to it.

Nick bought his 991 model Porsche last year. Since then the relocated Brit has experienced more trouble with the car than did Linda Blair’s character’s mom with her in the Exorcist. Porsche has been very accommodating in attempting to repair all of the faults – and from the video  there have been a multitude of them – but despite the German company’s best efforts it seems like this particular car, or Nick himself perhaps, is under a gypsy curse. Check out the lamentable list of problems in Nick’s YouTube video and see if you think Porsche deserves another chance to make things right, or if the company and Nick need to part ways as if this relationship never happened.

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The Drift Chronicles: The Other Side… Rivalries


It’s a new season of Formula Drift, which means it’s a new season of… The Drift Chronicles! This time we’ve teamed up more closely with our friend The Drift Idiot (AKA Sam) to bring you a look at the other side of drifting. Last season ended with Michael Essa taking the overall win… with some controversy, and it’s setup the new season to see some rivalry drama unfold.

In this episode of The Drift Chronicles, we examine rivalries between Chris Forsberg and Michael Essa, Justin Pawlak and Vaughn Gittin Jr., and also the rivalry between the drivers… and the walls.

Click on down past the jump to take in an all-new season of The Drift Chronicles.

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Renault shows you the electronic future – in 1984


Picture this: it’s 1984. You have a Christmastime journey through foggy France to complete, and you’re in luck: the Renault 11 TXE Electronic sitting on the parking lot is awash with every technological gadget you can possibly wish for – in 1984. Voice commands, digital instruments, anti-collision radar, an early navigation system, it’s all there in your European Encore.

And in this promotional video, the driver aids are not only demonstrated by the attractive driver, but also faithfully reproduced in 30-year-old 3d animation.

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Street Fight!

Robert Emslie April 15, 2014 Hoonivercinema

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.23.13 AM

Street fighting has long been glorified in movies such as Westside Side Story and songs like the Rolling Stones’ Street Fighting Man. It’s also been glamorized in commercial form – with real street fighters fighting in the street – in this Snickers ad from the Middle East entitled ‘Don’t Stop.’

The ad, created by Motek Entertainment, features motion capture techniques to make the light men move in a realistic manner and was made up out of over 200 separate takes. It will have you thinking twice before trying to beat that flashing don’t walk sign the next time you cross the street.

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Hoonivercinema- Monday Music Video

Trampled by Turtles

Driving a long distance can be mind numbingly boring. It can also be a great opportunity for reflection, upon things you’ve done, chances missed, or perhaps future plans. That can result in a feeling of melancholy, which of course is not necessarily a bad thing.

That’s just the feeling I get watching this video for Midnight on the Interstate by the Duluth Minnesota Bluegrass band Trampled by Turtles, and which is off of their 2012 album Stars and Satellites. This stop-motion slice of life was created in collaboration with the Media Arts department from Bethany Lutheran College in the band’s home state. Check it out after the jump and see if it makes you want to jump in the car and take a long drive.

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Hoonivercinema- Ferraris en Paris

Jason Connor April 11, 2014 Hoonivercinema

YouTube gold from many years ago in the era of 240p resolution greatness. Today we enjoy the sights and sounds of Maranello in the City of Love. I’ve always felt that the F50 wsa a pretty excellent machine and it’s obviously capable of overshadowing that glorious howl from the F355.

Click the jump to hear some aural porn.

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Hoonivercinema- Monday Music Video


I’m sure you all know that Alice Cooper is the name of a group and not that of the dude with all the black eye makeup who acts as its ringmaster. His name is Vincent Furnier, and despite his reputation for macabre and shocking stage antics is a truly nice guy. Of course what gets all the press is the legend, not the reality and so more people would say that he’s the guy that bites the heads off of things and worships Satan rather than that he’s the dude with a passion for golf and a 38-year marriage.

Because of that rep for the occult, a lot of folks won’t even listen to Alice Cooper, lest doing so makes them turn their back on good and take up evil as a hobby, doing such things as stealing candy from babies and farting on elevators. That’s too bad because Alice Cooper puts on one hell of a show, filled with theatrics and the kind of hokey scares that let you know you’re in on the joke. Furnier is from Detroit, which of course is the Motor City, and he is a huge car guy as well. That didn’t translate into an impressive (admittedly wet) track time when he was on Top Gear, but it does show up in the song Under My Wheels, which you can see in a most excellent live performance right after the jump.

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Dogs Be Watching

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 6.07.26 AM

Great performances deserve an audience and in the case of this likely soon to be ex-FedEx driver, those onlookers are yard full of dogs who can’t get enough of the goings on. Check out what keeps these canines so entertained right after the jump.

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Drift Idiot Day 12: Hey, I’m Trying Here

drift idiot day 12

He’s back in action.

Who you ask? Why none other then good friend of Hooniverse Sam Nalven. You might know him better as Drift Idiot, and we’ve all been enjoying his journey into the world of slinging vehicles sideways. About a year ago, Mr. Idiot decided that he wanted to learn how to control his car when he pushed it purposely into an oversteer situation. During that time there have been a few ups, many spins, and only a handful of lows.

Today though, we enter a new chapter in the world of Drift Idiot. He and his 240SX  have entered a competition, and you can see how he fairs after the jump.

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Hoonivercinema- Monday Music Video


The lyrics to Kraftwerk’s prog-rock classic Autobahn have over the years been famously misinterpreted by those who don’t speak German with any fluency. What many hear is fun, fun, fun on the Autobahn, like the kind of activity that the Beach Boys once noted would result in having Daddy take the T-bird away. There likely were no Thunderbirds in mind when Kraftwerk came up with the song however, as the lyrics really are ‘fahren fahren fahren aug der Autobahn‘ which means drive, drive, drive on the Autobahn. The song’s still a lot of fun.

That crazy mix up is just the kind of shenanigans you’d expect from those merry-makers from Germany, and if you would like to make your own hilarious misinterpretation, you can hear the long version (22-minuten, so if you have to use the bathroom do it now) right after the jump.

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