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Hoonivercinema: Monday Movie Trailer


Despite the best efforts form the likes of Quentin Tarantino and his ilk, the genre of sixties sexploitation films has never seen  a popular resurgence. Maybe that’s because modern film makers can’t hold a candle to the original master of boobs and brawling, Russ Meyer. Meyer’s destiny was set in motion at the age of fourteen when his mother pawned her wedding ring in order to buy him an 8-mm camera. Little did she know that selfless act would eventually lead to her son being crowned ‘the King of the Nudies.”

Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! is probably Meyer’s best-known work, and for us it’s his most notable effort because of the cool cars driven by the buxom protagonists, and on occasion also used by them as killing machines. The plot involves a trio of Go-Go dancers who, bored with their manic gyrations in the strip club not involving the maiming or death of others, break out and head for the desert. There they kill a dude, kidnap the dead dude’s girlfriend, and attempt to scam a cripple and his developmentally stunted but hunky son out of their secret stash of cash. All the while they kick up dust and mayhem in a quartet of sports cars- ’59 MGA, ’63 MBG, a ’65 Porsche 356 C and a ’58 TR3A.

Check out the cool cars,and well, other stuff (don’t worry, it’s pretty safe for work), in the trailer after the jump. … Continue Reading

Hoonivercinema: Monday Movie Trailer


Stanley Kramer’s 1963 comedy epic It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World is not only perhaps the greatest assemblage of comedic talent on screen, it’s also one of the best car chase movies ever made. The movie features comedy legends Sid Ceasar, Milton Berle, Buddy Hackett, Mickey Rooney, and Jonathan Winters, along with a spate of comedic co-stars like an acerbic Ethel Merman, Phil Silvers, Terry Thomas, Spencer Tracy, Eddie ‘Rochester’ Anderson, William Demarest, Peter Falk, Dick Shwan, and (Growwll) Edie Adams. In fact, the cameos I’m leaving out of that list (spot Jerry Lewis in the film) could all have been above the title leads.

But it’s not just the comedians that make this film great. If you love late fifties/early sixties cars, then this movie is an orgy of autos. Chrysler is best represented, with a ’62 Imperial, Dart 440 and Plymouth Belvedere wagon featuring prominently. For the import crowd, there’s Rooney and Hackett’s Type 1 convertible which they abandon at one point for a twin-engine aircraft. Terry Thomas’ character is a cactus collector and as such drives a cool Arizona June Bug Green Jeep Station Wagon. Just like the actors, there are even more cool cars that make smaller appearances in the movie.

… Continue Reading

Hoonivercinema: FY Racing does Sno*Drift

YouTube Preview Image

Rallying in America is not dead yet and you should allow FY Racing to prove it. The Rally America season is in full swing and one of the first and most spectacular events on the calendar is Sno*Drift in north Michigan. A few dozen rally cars go dashing through the snow in some back-country roads while spectators find a nice, safe-ish spot along the routes to build bonfires and get drunk to soak it all in.

Sounds like a place that has Hooniverse written all over it. Sno*Drift is one of the more popular events on the Rally America calendar, and if you take some time out of your day to watch this YouTube summary from FY Racing, it just might be enough to convince you to make plans for next year.

FY Racing themselves are just one of many teams taking part in Rally America, but what sets them apart from everyone else – and even most racing teams in general – is the quality of their YouTube channel.

For every event they run, they have an extremely talented and dedicated camera guy/crew following the action. The shots of course show the gritty behind-the-scenes footage from the FY Racing garage, who field two Subarus, but it also shows just how much fun rallying can be as both a spectator and a driver. But you also never forget how much of a challenge it can be.

If you enjoy their presentation of Sno*Drift, be sure to check out everything else they’ve got on their YouTube channel. They are, in my totally unbiased opinion, one of the best motorsport channels on YouTube.

[Source: FY Racing, YouTube]

Hoonivercinema: Monday Movie Trailer

Hot Rod Girls Save The World (2009 Movie Trailer)

Do you like Hot Rods? How about Girls who save the World? If so, then you’ll likely enjoy the low-budget 2009 flick Hot Rod Girls Save the World. From what exactly do the Hot Rod Girls save the World? Well flesh-eating zombies created by a zombie ray from the planet Moosha of course.

The plot – and I use that term loosely – revolves around a reporter sent to a town in Washington for a story on a pair of Hot Rod Girls who build and race street rods like the boys, but get no respect because they’re Hot Rod Girls instead of Hot Rod Boys. She just so happens to arrive just as the baddie from the Planet Moosha turns his zombie ray on the small town, which apparently is interfering with his TV reception.

Murders, wrongful accusations of said murders, and a whole lot of rockabilly ensue. Is it a good movie? Well, that depends on your interpretation of good. It is a fun movie, harkening back to the Hot Rod/Monster/Teens gone wrong flicks of the ’50s. Check out the trailer and see for yourself right after the jump. … Continue Reading

Hoonivercinema: Monday Movie Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 8.08.36 AM

Like Bullitt, the French Connection is not specifically a car movie, but one in which an iconic car chase takes place, elevating it to the pantheon of great movies for car nuts. Directed with razor-edged tension by the masterful William Friedkin – who won a Best Director Oscar for his work – the film is centered on a New York Cop played by an intense Gene Hackman who is trying to take down an international drug syndicate.

The movie also stars Roy Scheider who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role. He didn’t win, but the film garnered 5 additional Oscars, including Best Picture. It was the first R-rated film ever to do so. The film is truly of the era, its gritty Cinéma vérité style becoming the favored look for crime dramas in the early ’70s, and Hackman’s caustic cop – like Eastwood’s Dirty Harry – becoming an archetype.

The car chase that identifies the movie today is actually a car-train chase as Hackman’s Popeye Doyle attempts in a commandeered Pontiac Le Mans to keep up with an elevated train containing his suspect. This scene alone is evidence in favor of the film’s Best Editing Oscar win. Check a bit of that out, as well as Gene Hackman being a badass, after the jump. … Continue Reading

Hoonivercinema: Best Motoring Super Battle

I’m a huge Best Motoring fan and I was deeply saddened when they closed their doors in 2011. The variation that the Best Motoring International series offered, from the Track and Touge Battles to Gymkhana runs, was a more enthusiast-minded environment than the comparable fact driven Motorweek.

Of all the battles, the Super Battle from 2006 reigns king. It’s an automotive David vs Goliath with a NSX-R and Murcielago trading places, which is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

… Continue Reading

My Weekend Didn’t Suck

YouTube Preview Image

Last weekend, Mrs. Tanshanomi and I got away for an extended weekend and spent two days snowmobiling in the Arapahoe National Forest with a few friends. The Grand Lake area is a snowmobile mecca, and these three minutes of video demonstrate why. Needless to say, we came back in a very, very good mood.

Living at 1000 feet ASL and much too far south, snowmobiling is not really a practical option for us most of the time, so this sort of activity is something special for us that we only get to do every couple of years. Back in the mid ’80s, I did work in a Twin Cities Yamaha dealer for several seasons and stole demo sleds on the weekends as often as they’d let me. However, as much fun as snowmobiling is in the Midwest, it pales in comparison to the environment and vistas the Continental Divide offers.

Our Polaris 550 Trail Touring sleds were the sort of typically low-spec machine common to rental establishments: an old-style, short-tracked model powered by a fan-cooled 550cc two-stroke twin. It was pleasant enough on the trail, but had neither the lungs nor the track length to venture into anything other than hard-packed snow. Among hardcore ‘bilers, Polaris sleds — especially their two strokes — have a chorus of detractors, but the fact that all of our sleds were in fairly serviceable condition after six years and 12-15K of hard rental use is a testament to the design’s underlying robustness. The only problems we had were a couple of inop electric starters and grip heaters (the latter the victims of obvious crash damage).

This video was taken with the Chinese “Xtreme HD” action camera I’ve been playing with for a couple of years now.

The soundtrack is one I found on Newgrounds, which I’ll give a plug for here because it’s a fantastic community and a great source for Creative Commons licensed works.

Hoonivercinema- Monday Movie Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 8.06.16 AM

Everybody loves an anti-hero, the character that plays by their own rules and doesn’t take you-can’t-do-that for an answer. You don’t get much more anti-heroic than a car salesman (sorry car salesmen) and no one is better at playing an anti-hero A-hole than Jeremy Piven. Did you know he was in Black Hawk Down?

In The Goods, Live Hard, Sell Hard, the only thing going down is car sales, and in this comedy Piven plays a fixer salesman at his smarmiest. Piven’s Don Ready leads a crew of sales ‘professionals’ that includes Ving Rhames, David Koechner, and Kathryn Hahn, and they are called in by a failing dealership to sell 200 cars over the 4th of July weekend. They’re not the only recognizable faces in the film, and in fact if you’re a fan of the U.S. Office TV show, you’ll recognize a few favorites from that cast.

The movie earned a mediocre 27% on Rottentomatoes, but you can’t tell that from the trailer, which is damn funny. I’m sorry about the trailer’s intro but it’s the only version I could find that was (A) HD quality, and (B) not a red band NSFW version. Anyway, ignore the first 10 seconds or so, and enjoy the rest, especially Ving Rhames’ bit about being away from home. … Continue Reading

Hooninvercinema- Monday Movie Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 8.31.30 AM

It goes without saying that, over the course of its history, auto racing in the U.S. has not had a lot of African American participants. That’s a sad state of affairs and when an individual of color does get behind the wheel, and makes a name for themselves, it’s a noteworthy accomplishment.

One such driver was Wendell Scott, who after War II honed his driving skills piloting a cab and by running Moonshine in the hills of Virginia. Scott started racing in local events and went on to become the first African American driver in NSACR, and the first to win a Sprint Cup Series race. His battle to participate in the traditionally all-white sport is loosely documented in the 1977 film, Greased Lightning.

The movie stars the late, great Richard Pryor as Scott, the always awesome Pam Grier as his wife. Beau Bridges and Cleavon Little co-star. Also co-staring are a bunch of ’40s cars that get hooned ’til their wheels fall off and crash into just about everything in sight. In fact, the trailer would have you believe that Pryor’s Scott is the ONLY individual in the film that can competently drive. Check it out, right after the jump.

Hoonivercinema- Monday Movie Trailer

Flash of Genius

Everybody loves a David and Goliath story, one about a little guy overcoming both the odds and a vastly bigger foe. It’s empowering, and at least offers the illusion that we as a species value fairness and egalitarianism in all aspects of our lives. Of course that’s a bunch of baloney and the fact of the matter is that, if you don’t fight tooth and nail for what is rightfully yours, it will be taken from you without a second thought.

One such real-world fighter was Robert Kearns, who in 1964 received a U.S. patent for his invention of the automotive intermittent windshield wiper. The fight was necessary because Kearns alleged his invention was stolen from him by Detroit’s Goliath auto makers. The invention, discovery that he had been duped, and the courtroom battle that followed are the central themes of the 2008 movie Flash of Genius.

The film stars Greg Kinnear, who portrays Kearns as a salt-of-the-Earth midwestern man who prizes his dignity above all else. The real life Kearns was actually a coldly calculating  business man who obsession eventually drove away his wife – in the movie portrayed by Lauren Graham – and his six children.  The real-life Kearns passed away in 2005, before his story reached the screen. That story is based on the book Flash of Genius and Other True Stories of Invention by John Seabrook. The movie version is stripped of much of the greys of the real story, presenting a more black and white version of good and bad. It may not be 100% accurate in its recounting, but it is a rousing drama about the intricacies of the auto industry and the legal system. Check out the trailer right after the jump. … Continue Reading


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