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Drift Idiot Day 12: Hey, I’m Trying Here

drift idiot day 12

He’s back in action.

Who you ask? Why none other then good friend of Hooniverse Sam Nalven. You might know him better as Drift Idiot, and we’ve all been enjoying his journey into the world of slinging vehicles sideways. About a year ago, Mr. Idiot decided that he wanted to learn how to control his car when he pushed it purposely into an oversteer situation. During that time there have been a few ups, many spins, and only a handful of lows.

Today though, we enter a new chapter in the world of Drift Idiot. He and his 240SX  have entered a competition, and you can see how he fairs after the jump.

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Weekend Edition – Alex and Joe’s German-Finnish Roadtrip


Remember that ice track post I ran about a month ago or so? It centred on the haps and mishaps of two more or less German guys who drove a 1988 BMW E34 535i to Finland for a laugh, spent a cottage weekend with friends and in the end sold the BMW and flew back to Germany. Anyway, the whole experience was captured on video, and it makes excellent Sunday viewing on the sofa.

There’s time lapse and judgement lapse aplenty, so take a look.

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It’s a Wrap – The 60 Euro Volkswagen Polo gets down to money


Two things about the 1986 Polo nestled in my garage spot form its core values. First, I paid 60 euros for it in non-running condition. Second, it’s white. The ever-so-talented Blayde Works of t-shirt and FinalGear fame combined the Polo’s outer, appliance-like appearance with its purchase price, getting it to wear its heart on its sleeve. The car has already reached meme-like status amongst the gearheads at FinalGear, so wrapping it in European currency would be the perfect decoration for it. Of course, a vinyl wrap would be infinitely more expensive than the car so far.

Next step: producing some Euro coin stickers to slap on its hubcaps?

[Image: Blayde Works]

Regular Car Reviews is on the way up again – with crowdfunding

Antti Kautonen February 6, 2014 Lets Help a Hoon


For the semi-recent past, I have been enjoying Regular Car Reviews‘ “Automobile Roasts”, for the lack of a better term. That’s what they are, really – take a fairly random car offered by a random dude or a fan of the YouTube channel, see the blurry-faced reviewer dissect the car with a part deadpan, part creepy delivery, put together in an uncomplicated fashion. It’s a good recipe for a fresh slice of YouTube weirdness – definitely a step towards to the weird part of YouTube instead of a regular review per se. They’re polarizing if anything, but immensely popular: the number of subscribers soared from 1000 to 47,000 from September 2013 to February 2014.

And this past Monday the only car Mr. Regular had at his disposal, a Toyota Echo, met an untimely end in a traffic accident in snowy conditions. With the Echo rendered unusable (albeit still working because it’s a cheap and simple Toyota), the show faced a steep cliff as there would be no way to visit reviewable cars and create more content. The love-it-or-hate-it nature of the show manifested itself in a load of “DOES THIS MEAN THIS SH*T IS FINALLY OVER” comments in some parts of the internet, but luckily the crowdfunding site put up to enable sourcing of a new used car for him has been a tremendous success. He wanted to scrape up a mere 5k and it’s now at more than double that. In addition to just getting some wheels, the money will make it possible for him to do a roadtrip to visit people eager to get their own cars reviewed in the show.

There’s still 46 days left in the FundAnything RegularCarReviewsResurrection *inhale* process, so if you like the show, throw him a few bucks. I’d like to see the show go on.


This Fiat 125 is Awesome, There’s Just No R-guing


For some, the coolest match up of old and new is Betty White staring in this season’s hit sitcom, but for others, it’s something far less obvious, and much better sounding. Imagine if you will a Fiat 125 – the 124′s fancy pants brother – that has been freed from the yoke of its 90-horse 1,608-cc four and given something… well, a little more German. Yeah doggies, this classic Italian sedan has been imbued with one of Volkswagen’s sweet narrow-angle VR6 engines, and not just any, but one from an R32. The coup de grace however is that it’s been converted to a coupe as well.

It was built by Genowefa Garage for a group of guys who describe themselves as ‘just a bunch of friends with heads filled up with VW,’ or more formally as, Wolfsgruppe. It’s described as a work in progress, but it already both looks and sounds as mean as a wolf, and you can see and hear it howl right after the jump. 

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/TUNED heads to Panama
…things don’t go as planned

tuned in panama

Our friends over at /TUNED recently went on a little expedition to Central America. The plan was to shack up in a nice condo they found on Airbnb, shoot video on a few predetermined vehicles, and enjoy the country of Panama. Well… things don’t always work out the way they’re supposed to, but it looks like the guys still had quite a bit of fun.

Check out part I of the three-part Panama series after the break. Why? Because it includes insane highway racing buses.

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Best Wishes to Jack Baruth and His Family (UPDATED)

jack baruth hooniverse

Friend of Hooniverse, Jack Baruth, was involved in a serious car accident over the weekend. Following surgery, he is expected to make a full recovery but his passenger is still in serious condition after being air-lifted to another hospital. Jack’s young son, who was also in the car, was miraculously not injured, which I am sure provided more relief to Jack than any medication ever could.

In his Facebook post, Jack said that ice, not speed, was a factor which caused the 40mph off-set crash with another car. No word on what kind of car he was driving at the time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jack and his family, wishing him and his passenger a speedy recovery. We are sure that he’ll be having beers with us at our NYIAS party once again this year. 

For those that do not know Jack, until the end of 2013 he was the editor-in-chief of thetruthaboutcars.com where many of his articles exposed the truth about the automotive industry. He also writes for Road & Track and in his spare time time holds a day job, too. And he moonlights as a guitarist; I’m not sure if he ever sleeps. He’s an accomplished racer and his garage holds two Porsches and a Panther. I first met him at Bob Lutz’s CTS-V Challenge, he taught Tim how to drive his Falcon, and stood up for Glucker when no one else did. 

UPDATE: Jack answers some questions (CLICKY)


Video: John Hennessey Hoons His Local Highway at High Speed


We haven’t tossed around the word PAH! in some time now. Well, that PAH!less period is over because John Hennessey just brought PAH! back to the table. Thanks to the local authorities, Hennessey was able to get a section of Texas toll road shut down in order to make a high-speed pass in his HPE600 Corvette.

The car has a mild tune and a splash of nitrous. That’s apparently all that the C7 Corvette needs to break on through to the other side of the 200 mile per hour barrier.

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HCOTY Nominee: A Jaguar XJ12 LWB, Oh, belonging to the Queen Mother.


Looking back at all the awesome cars I’ve seen, felt, driven and tasted over the last year gets my salivary glands all Niagra-y. And I’m pretty sure that, out of the wondrous array of vehicles I had before me to choose from, I’ve selected entirely the wrong one for Hooniversal Car Of The Year.

It gets off to a bad start by not being a heavily patinated muscle-car that has fallen on bad times, nor an astonishing new hit-the-nail-on-the-head 2013 product launch, nor a beautiful DIY special, lovingly crafted over dozens of devoted, determined years by an enviably single-minded eccentric.

Nope, my choice is none of those things, but it is, quite literally, the Queen Mother’s Jaaaag.

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Re-awakening of a Rover

Chris Haining November 4, 2013 Project Cars, Roadwork


It was a dark and stormy night. No, seriously, it was. Absolutely horrible; as if the British Autumn had consolidated all its payments of misery and was invoicing me in one crippling transaction.

Eighteen months ago I had driven the car to my grandparent’s house, parked it in the garage and left it. This is the story of bringing it back home.

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