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Summer Holiday Souvenirs – 1977 Zastava 101 on the Nürburgring


Let’s say you go for a vacation on an island in the Adriatic sea. What would you bring back home from there? A suntan? Some handicraft? Two of my friends went for something with a local flavour, and went halves on a 1977 Zastava 101. You could do worse.

Beni, the guy who drove to my town a couple years ago with a blue Miata via Norway, is no stranger to wrenching on older, quirky cars, as he also owns an X1/9. This pretty much means he wasn’t afraid to set off to Germany, crossing the Alps, in the pea soup green 1100cc Fiat derivative. The thing even managed a comfortable cruise on the revered Autobahn. Joe Isuzu was nowhere in sight, though.

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Hooniverse Asks Bonus Edition: For What Should I Be Looking?


So this weekend up at my old stomping grounds, more commonly known at the Daytona International Speedway, the France family is hosting the inaugural Red Bull Rally Cross race at that venue. It is a two day event, (Friday and Saturday) and this olelongrooffan will be attending on Friday. Yes my fellow Hoons, you read that correctly, Friday. The dude that signs my paycheck has granted me a rare day off to attend my virginal rally cross event. Why not Saturday you may ask? I have been honored to spend a couple days with my oldest brother Bob hanging by his pool and enjoying a cold beverage or two.

My attendance at the former event is what leads to this Bonus Edition of Hooniverse Asks. As this is my first time at a stadium style event of this nature, what is the cool sh*t this olelongrooffan should check out? If any of my fellow Hoons have a suggestion or two, please leave them in the comment section. I’ll be checking in regularly. Thanks in advance Hoons.

[Image Source: Daytona International Speedway Site]

Video: The Smoking Tire takes the No Style Corolla into the hills

YouTube Preview Image

Remember the No Style Corolla? We found it back in 2012, and we were pretty blown away by the build at that time. The mish-mash of parts all seemed to come together in a fairly impressive manner resulting in an extremely unique vehicle.

Mark Still is the man behind the No Style Corolla, and he recently let The Smoking Tire crew into his world. Matt Farah jumps behind the wheel of the Lexus-powered, Mustang-supercharged, T56-using oddball, and his impressions can be seen above.

Parking Garage Sightings – Lancia Gamma Coupé


A good friend, Joe, sometimes whips out his camera when he’s out and about. This results in excellent car sightings that apparently are exactly to my taste, and I have to say he’s one hundred percent correct. Take this as proof: a perfectly preserved or meticulously restored Lancia Gamma, and the ultra-classy coupé version too.

Spotted in La Spezia, Italy, it’s certainly special.

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AutoTempest is Getting Even Better- Get a Sneak Peek


Tempest Beta

What’s one of the best ways to find cars and trucks for sale on the Web? If you said AutoTempest and their amazing aggregator tools, then give yourself a gold star. As good as AutoTempest is, there’s no such thing as standing still on the Internet and so our good friends over at the Tempests are working hard to make finding cool cars – or even your next LeMons ride – even easier. Not only that but they are giving the Hooniverse a preview.

Our buddies over at AutoTempest are redesigning the site to make it not only faster and easier to use, but also able to provide richer results content by including a number of smaller pre-owned vehicle dealer inventories. That’s only one of the cool new features planned for the launch of the new Auto Tempest, which is currently slated to go live in a couple of weeks. Of course, you don’t want to wait that long to play with it. Because of that, they have kindly provided us with a link to their beta site. You can find that right here.

Check it out and then give us – and the folks at AutoTempest – your feedback as to how the site works for you and any additional improvements you think might benefit. This is a work in progress, as you would expect from a beta site, so features aren’t set in stone. That being said, it’s already pretty much fully functional so jump right in and give it a test drive. After you do, let us know what you think.


Images: Auto Tempest

Wagon Wednesday – Help a BMW E30 Touring restoration get finished!


Aleš, a Slovenian gearhead and pneumatic Lego engine wizard, bought his dream car, a white BMW E30 325i Touring in 2012. The car wasn’t a complete basket case, but it sorely needed a rebuild to keep it from deteriorating quickly. There was hidden rust, and on a white car it would’ve revealed itself nastily soon enough.

Aleš started an extensive project, stripping the Touring to a skeleton shell, ridding the car of everything that wasn’t right. The finished job was aimed at factory perfect, or better. The power train had been updated at some point with a factory fresh engine, but a thorough overhaul of the dirty bits was in order. All the spare time and money Aleš has had, has gone into the 5-speed 5-door; the amount of work done by now is enormous.

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Quick Spin – Checking Out The Smoking Tire’s DeLorean DMC-12


It’s an uncanny feeling of a circle closing. The very first Hooniverse piece I wrote was a post about a DeLorean DMC-12 residing not far from where I live on the west coast of Finland. Now, after a couple years and a few hundred Hooniverse posts, I was on the west coast of the United States, looking at another DeLorean.

But like two cars ending up on the opposite sides of the planet, they had grown far from each other. The other one, the first DMC-12 I had ever laid eyes on let alone touched or sat in, was a considerably more tired example with black leather and automatic along with the original 133-horsepower setup. The car I saw last week was the flawless pride and joy of Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire fame: a manual car with a light interior, a late build car with only a couple thousand miles on the clock. And the powertrain had been updated to brisker standards, the perceived sluggishness far gone. “This is the best car in the world”, Matt said. I didn’t doubt him.

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Owner of a Previously Featured Chevy 210 Gasser Wagon Weighs In

As a matter of administrative procedure (and low-level narcissism), most of us here love to click back through our old posts just to re-read what we wrote and check out any late-arriving comments. All too often we find weird “what is final price? still available?????” messages from people not getting that we’re just linking to others’ ads, but sometimes something interesting pops. Case in point: the current owner of this Chevy Wagon Gasser we featured way back in 2010 weighed in with an update. (Sorry it took me 9 months to post the pictures, Bill).

In short, he knew what he was getting into with the massive project it was, and he’s been slowly chugging away on it, turning it the beast it deserves to be. Hit the jump for pictures and a project udpate…

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Watch All Cars Go To Heaven

all cars go to heaven

Our friends at The Smoking Tire have taken on a large task. The team flew to Oregon to take on the 600-mile Washington Backcountry Discovery Route. Seems fairly challenging based on the title of the trail, but it’s made more challenging when you find out that they buy a few beaters to make the trip with them.

No, not the brand new Jeep in the lead photo but a busted up Cherokee they bought on location. This is more than a video about cars. This is an adventure film featuring a familiar cast of characters in both human and automotive form. It’s longer format, and it took way more time and effort than the standard stuff you see on the interwebs.

That’s why it costs money. You can either rent it for $4.99 or buy it for $7.99. That money isn’t simply going into the pockets of the TST Boys (who should consider applying that name and reforming as a mid 90’s R&B/Hip Hop group), rather it will serve to make more of these mega movies.

So head over to Vimeo. Rent or buy the film, and prepare to be entertained.

Get Banovsky’s Car of the Day Everyday

banovsky car of the day

Do you like weird, rare, and obscure cars? No, I don’t mean a Yanko Camaro because that’s not that obscure or unknown. No, I mean stuff from the deepest depths of automotive obscurity.

Yes, of course you like them, we all do. Michael Banovsky, a Canadian automotive journalist (but I don’t think he does journalism per se, anymore), started a little website and email newsletter which shares his passion for obscurity.

Have you ever heard of the Daihatsu Charade De Tomaso 926R? How about a FEI X-3? I doubt you have, I certainly have not. This man is a walking encyclopedia on these things and is willing to share that knowledge with you. Now I would never suggest that anyone sign up for any kind of newsletter, but this is different. First, there is no ads in his letter or on his site, he is doing this out of passion. Second, it’s well written and damn informative. Check it out.

Main page: banovsky.com. Archives: banovsky.com/archive



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