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AutobahnDRIVER: The Base Jaguar F-Type Might Be The One You Want

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Our friend Tom is German. He lives in Germania, and he drives German roads. He recently got his hands on the base Jaguar F-Type, and it seems it might be the one he finds most appealing. After all, 340 horsepower is nothing to sneeze at. Especially when you think of all the (relative) cash you’re saving.

Check out his adventure with the car in the video above.

Roll On, Smokey!

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I love this truck.

If you weren’t already aware, the folks at Hot Rod Garage have themselves a 1973 Dodge D200. It’s a sweet pickup, and you see far less D-series trucks than you do Chevys and Fords. Tony Angelo (Hooniverse Podcast Guest) has taken the truck and swapped in a Cummins turbo diesel engine, and the result is one bad-ass oil-burning truck.

In the latest episode of Hot Rod Garage, the crew over there upgrades the truck even further. I’d say that I think a burnout match is in order between #RollSmokey and HoonTruck, but I don’t stand a chance in that battle.

Does The G63 Make Sense? The Smoking Tire Tries To Find Out

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I love the Mercedes-Benz G Wagen. At least, I think I do because I’ve never driven one. I’d prefer a downgraded nearly Mil-spec version, but that’s not the one we see prowling our streets. Friend of Hooniverse Matt Farah recently had the keys to a G63 AMG and he decided to explore the vehicle over the course of one his The Smoking Tire One Take videos.

Maybe I should keep my eyes focused on an old Defender instead…

Everyday Driver Takes A Pilgrimage

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“This is why we are going, because anytime you mention Germany to anybody vaguely interested in cars it’s drive fast on the Autobahn and go to the ring and here we are.” Friends of Hooniverse Todd Deeken and Paul Schmucker of Everyday Driver partook of something that’s on each and every enthusiasts bucket list and then some. Their recently released annual film Pilgrimage showcases some of the most amazing and beautiful European scenery both on and off track shot in stellar quality.

Over a five day period, they drive the Autobahn, the ‘Ring, and Spa. There are vehicles rented from RSR and then a dive into the madness of tuning magnate Gemballa.

Watching this film has me looking for reasons to plan my own pilgrimage next year.

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Jason Connor’s Focus ST Gets A Smoking Tire One Take

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Our own Jason Connor trekked up to LA to hand over the keys to his Mountune-prepped Ford Focus ST. He handed those keys to Friend of Hooniverse Matt Farah for the purpose of shooting a Smoking Tire One Take video.

Click play above to learn a bit more about Jason’s sweet ride, and listen in to Matt’s take on the car.

24 Hours of LeMons Pens “A Visit from a Guy Who Looks Suspiciously like Phil” to Warm our Gear Oil Soaked Hearts

murilee claus

We get so much garbage PR mail at the Hooniverse inbox, but the announcements from The 24 Hours of LeMons are pure gold. Ironic, given that the series is dedicated to garbage. Anyway, they’ve topped themselves once again with the latest reminder about signing up for January’s Sonoma race (which reminds me…).

Anyway, here’s the first of several paragraphs; click through for the rest.

‘Twas the Sat. before Christmas, when signups were due,
For LeMons Sonoma, that cold-ass venue.
Chanukah was over, the menorah unlit,
No flaggers were stirring, nor one Tech eejit.
All the hoopties were idle, dismantled in sheds,
And the drivers they dawdl’d, and took to their beds.
But those apps were still due the 19th of December,
As spams bugged them again and again to remember…

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RaceCapture and Podium are the Tools You Need to Win Your HPDE

Tim Odell December 15, 2015 Friends of Hooniverse

You know what improves post-session braggingData. RaceCapture is a device that can turn your OBDII and or CAN-bus-equipped car into a full datalogging, video capture and live-streaming suite. The RaceCapture device incorporates high speed GPS, a six-axis accelerometer, six-axis gyro, video capture (via a high-speed wifi link and your phone) and can stream all of the above in real-time. Secondarily, via the app you can access all your (and your friends’) data via Podium, their social platform.

The AutoSportLabs crew has been making RaceCapturePro for a while now; it’s a “universal” system with the same functionality, but requiring you to wire to every sensor individually, great for older-than-’96 or dedicated race cars, but definitely not plug-and-play easy. With RaceCapture (notPro), you plug RaceCapture into your car’s port, pair to your cell phone and you’re ready to rock. If you want to play further, you can use your phone/tablet to set up custom dashboards (I’ve actually seen these as the primary dashboards of LeMons cars running -Pro) as well as lap time predictions.

From my own perspective, this could be an incredible tool while running LeMons to watch different drivers’ lines and speeds through different sections of the track. Depending on how you can sort and search the data on Podium, it’d be cool to see what cars similar to yours ran at a given track, or conversely, what/who’s running similar lap times.

Hell, the vast majority of our cars are too old to work with RaceCapture, but AutoSportLabs is the kind of small-shop, open-source, enthusiast-oriented outfit we’re happy to give some press to.

Retail pricing for a 2008-and-later compatible setup will be $275, but during the kickstarter it’s down at $199. The adapter for ’96-through-’07 vehicles is another $60. A bit steep to be a stocking stuffer, but probably not so bad compared to all the other ways you’ve thrown money at your car. Their Kickstarter runs into January, with deliveries in May of next year. Check ’em out:

RaceCapture Kickstarter

Video: How To Win A Burnout Competition …In A Van

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Friend of Hooniverse Paco Ibarra has a vehicle he’s built for drifting. It’s not a 240SX. It’s not even a coupe. Instead, it’s a Toyota Previa… with some modifications. Here’s the list directly from Paco:

Stock 2TZ 2.4lts engine with 330,000 miles (85hps aprox?? )
Stock 5 speed W58 transmission
Custom one piece Driveshaft by Phoenix Rack and Axle
Ksport Kontrol Pro coilovers
Ksport hydro hand brake with Wilwood master cylinder
S14 rear subframe
Isis PErformance 5 lug hubs
Dual brake caliper kit by Maverick Motorsports
Four Z32 brake calipers
Rotora Mustang Cobra rear brake rotors
Custom made fiberglass dashboard
17″ Motegui SX5 wheels (heavy as fuuuu)
Grip Royal Steering wheel
NRG quick release
Federal 595SS tires on front
3,000lbs curb weight and loosing more (originally 3,900lbs aprox)

It’s clearly far from stock. It’s clearly incredibly fun. We’ll have more pics and a more complete story on the van in the future. For now, enjoy the tire destruction above.

Love that Vintage Racing Poster Aesthetic? Heritage Racing Can Help You Out

Porsche 356 Tach clock

Heritage Racing is a father-son duo of Jeff and Casey Maciejewksi. They’ve combed the archives and have created a number of posters, clocks, shirts and other merch inspired by classic racing posters and events. Their clocks look like famous racing car tachs, as shown above. Their calendar doesn’t just list they typical holidays, but also includes major racing events throughout the year. This means that, as you gaze up from your desk full of TPS reports at the gorgeous artwork of a car you’ll never own or drive, you can sigh wistfully that you’ll be missing this year’s LeMans as well. (Cut me some slack for the glum attitude; it’s late and my LeMons car is coming along slowly).

Normally we don’t do much in the way of PR like this, but Jeff and Casey are a small outfit trying to put their talents to good work, so we’ll make an exception.

So long as you promise not to forget we have our own coming out very soon, you can check out their calendar on Amazon.

Their calendar as well as the rest of their posters, shirts, decals and clocks are here on Etsy: Heritage Racing

A SEMA Show Car With Some Actual Go: Video

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Most often, if seems as if the cars you see at SEMA are way more designed for their ability to “show” then as opposed to having some real “go”. They’ve become static display pieces designed to get you lusting after the latest parts from the onslaught of aftermarket offerings.

The Hyundai Ark Performance Genesis Coupe is no such machine. It’s heavily modified, and it’s designed to get some actual use. That use involves making the car go sideways, and having it stay there. To prove this point, our friends at The Drivers Seat trekked out to the Hyundai Proving Grounds to watch Pro Drifter Odi Bakchis put it through the paces.

Odi doesn’t just drive though, he instills some knowledge along the way about how to get your car sideways and then keep it there.