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Love that Vintage Racing Poster Aesthetic? Heritage Racing Can Help You Out

Porsche 356 Tach clock

Heritage Racing is a father-son duo of Jeff and Casey Maciejewksi. They’ve combed the archives and have created a number of posters, clocks, shirts and other merch inspired by classic racing posters and events. Their clocks look like famous racing car tachs, as shown above. Their calendar doesn’t just list they typical holidays, but also includes major racing events throughout the year. This means that, as you gaze up from your desk full of TPS reports at the gorgeous artwork of a car you’ll never own or drive, you can sigh wistfully that you’ll be missing this year’s LeMans as well. (Cut me some slack for the glum attitude; it’s late and my LeMons car is coming along slowly).

Normally we don’t do much in the way of PR like this, but Jeff and Casey are a small outfit trying to put their talents to good work, so we’ll make an exception.

So long as you promise not to forget we have our own coming out very soon, you can check out their calendar on Amazon.

Their calendar as well as the rest of their posters, shirts, decals and clocks are here on Etsy: Heritage Racing

A SEMA Show Car With Some Actual Go: Video

YouTube Preview Image

Most often, if seems as if the cars you see at SEMA are way more designed for their ability to “show” then as opposed to having some real “go”. They’ve become static display pieces designed to get you lusting after the latest parts from the onslaught of aftermarket offerings.

The Hyundai Ark Performance Genesis Coupe is no such machine. It’s heavily modified, and it’s designed to get some actual use. That use involves making the car go sideways, and having it stay there. To prove this point, our friends at The Drivers Seat trekked out to the Hyundai Proving Grounds to watch Pro Drifter Odi Bakchis put it through the paces.

Odi doesn’t just drive though, he instills some knowledge along the way about how to get your car sideways and then keep it there.

Walk the Monterey Paddock With Dr. Orlove and Jalopnik

YouTube Preview Image

Raphael Orlove is a young gushing geyser of automotive knowledge. The man knows his old cars, and he puts that knowledge on full display while walking the paddock at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

Follow allowing with Orlove as he basically freestyles his way through the pits.

Our hearts and minds are with Justin Wilson and his family

justin wilson

IndyCar racer Justin Wilson had a serious on-track accident last night, and the driver remains in a coma this morning. Driver Sage Karam entered a high-speed section of the track and saw the rear of his car break loose. He wound up in the wall nose first, which sent his car and many pieces of it all across the racing surface. Wilson came up on the debris as the nosecone of Karam’s car bounced up and hit Justin in the head.

Wilson was seemingly immediately knocked out, and his car went down into the inside wall. He was unresponsive at the scene, and was airlifted to a local medical facility. There’s been no news of his condition since.

Anytime a racing driver is injured, we cry out a little on the inside. When you’ve met them personally it makes it that much harder to watch the incident and wait for any bit of hopeful news to make its way through. Justin came on the podcast over a year ago. During the recording he was funny, friendly, open, honest, and an all around delight to have as a guest.

I hope we get to have him on the podcast again, not just because he’s a great race car driver, but because it will simply mean he’s there…

Norwegian 1994 BMW 850CiA comes to America, pukes


Remember Antti’s Norwegian friend Adrian? He is currently vacationing in the United States and Canada, and he brought his 1994 BMW 850CiA with him. Why? Because why not!? Also, because he needed a car with hand controls and Hertz doesn’t exactly keep those on the lot. Also, he’s gets to drive across North America in a 5.4-liter V12 BMW!

But, traveling in a twenty year old BMW is an adventure in itself. While driving from New York City to Boston, Adrian’s car started overheating (BMW? Overheating? SHOCKING!) and puking its coolant. Through our own Antti, he contacted me. I recommended that he have the BMW towed to Ace Performance in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. That’s the same place that sells Ariel Atoms, services lesser cars such as Porsches and BMWs, builds race cars, and is deemed good enough to work exotics such as my Integra, and my 4Runner (mad mods comin’, yo!).

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Three-Wheel Tuesday: A Tuk-Tuk on a European Tour


Friend of Hooniverse, Joe, spotted this three-wheeled contraption on his holiday in Croatia. Originally an Italian development, Tuk-Tuks or auto rickshaws have popped up all around the warmer climates, where they work well as an uncomplicated means of transport. Perhaps you remember the one from Octopussy, popping a wheelie.

This blue, German-registered example made by Piaggio was touring the Adriatic Sea, and from Croatia it would have continued to Montenegro, then Albania and back via Italy. Quite a ride!

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Submission Thursday: Magnificent Seven Ride


[Ed. note: This wonderful Austin Seven was driven by Matthew Harvey.]

It’s the last day in May, just a few weeks from Midsummer’s Day, but here in the wilds of Cumbria the weather is typically British. Summer is officially on strike. The sun is picketed by remorseless grey lumps hogging its warmth like stubborn trades unionists clustered round a brazier, unyielding and unrelenting.

The clouds may not be waving placards but the persistent drizzle is circumventing our collars. It’s dripping down our necks and sending shivers down our spines as Shop Stewards crying “All out!” must have done to British Leyland’s management in the 1970s.

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Meet & Greet: Old & Rusty Picnic #1 in Ankaran, Slovenia

2015-06-06 14.41.21

Going to an enthusiast car meet in Slovenia, what would you imagine seeing? I’m pretty sure nothing could prepare you for the awesomeness that was on display at the first ever Old & Rusty picnic meet in Ankaran, a small coastal town, on June 6th. The metal there was weathered or super shiny, the cars glacially slow or very quick indeed.

Hold on and check out the photo-heavy post our local oldschool car enthusiast friends were nice enough to treat us to.

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Wagon Wednesday: BMW E30 325i Touring on video


I’m sure you read the recent reader submissions depicting a Slovenian BMW E30 touring on twisty Balkan coastal roads. Now, you can see and hear the white wagon in action, with FinalGear’s video crew having created two short films about that particular, recently restored car.

The straight six sounds particularly good under a dedicated owner‘s care.

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Submission Thursday: Balkanized, Part 2


[Ed. note: Continuation from Balkanized, Part 1. If you haven’t read the first part by Matt Harvey, I recommend you do that immediately. Photos by Darjan Platinovšek –Antti]

Ivan and his new chums climb away out of sight and the burble of their engines dwindles to nothing. For a few seconds there is silence, not a breath of breeze to sully it as we drink in the landscape. Only a few seconds. We still have a good distance to go before we get to our digs just south of Rijeka with an hour and a half until sunset, just enough time to milk this road dry.

Pulling back onto the tarmac we resume the descent alphabetically, Audi first, BMW second, clear air in third. A few more bends and short straights and Darjan spots another lay-by, this time right on the apex of a sharp left-hander but with the promise of rewarding vistas. I slow as hard as I dare, mindful of the sticky master cylinder a few metres behind before easing the A4 over a lip onto an oval of gravel the size of a tennis court.

Aleš tucks in next to us as we reach for phones and cameras to scan the horizon and the islands in between and capture a few slices of the view. Shunning selfies, Darjan grabs his tripod from the trunk and declares it’s time for a group shot as I realize my right foot is resting on a boulder about 18” high. Rock Woollarding it is then! He sets the timer and jogs over to take position before the shutter clicks…

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