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Found in the Forums: A discussion on design – let’s over-analyze style!

found in the forums design discussion

Reader Devin seems to have a passion for art and design. That translates quite easily to anything automotive, and Devin has decided to kick start a thread focusing on the design of a variety of automobiles. In fact, the goal of Devin’s thread is to take a look at a specific vehicle or design language… and then over analyze it.

For example, Devin serves up the Dodge Avenger and then goes to town on how it came to be and why its lines exist as they do. It’s an interesting read to be sure, and it draws in Rust-My-Enemy (aka Chris Haining) who decided to bring in a discussion of Ford’s “Edge” styling. That’s where the thread currently sits, but it’s ready to explode with expertly over analyzed design discussions of countless vehicles.

If you’re a glutton for design dissection, you need to take a deep dive into this thread.

Found in the Forums: Automotive items become beloved furniture

found in the forums - automotive furniture

You’ve no doubt seen various ways in which clever folks across the Internet turn automotive items into household helpers. Be it a coffee table, desk chair, or a BMW V8 engine block that doubles as both an end table and wine rack, there are plenty of excellent ways to reuse car parts in the house. Reader Alcology started a thread in the forum to talk about items such as these, because he recently took the seat from a Jeep CJ and melded it with the adjustable portion of an Ikea-sourced office chair.

Now it’s time to pop into this thread and share your own creations.

Found in the Forums: Make wishes for more niches

fof niche categories

Reader Marto comes through with another gem of a category. This time he’s delving into the topic of automotive niches. There are plenty of unique spaces occupied by only a few vehicles, but Marto wants to find niches that we haven’t named yet or don’t get enough attention. For example, can you consider the GTM Libra a Pocket Supercar? Is the Codatronica a Super Wagon? Is the Chevette HSR a Muscle City Car?

These are important questions, and I know many of you will have the right answers and insight. Dive on into this thread and drop some knowledge for us.

Found in the Forums: A pending trip across the country needs your help

Jeff Glucker February 27, 2013 Found in the Forums

fof roadtrip

Back from the dead, it’s time for another Found in the Forums post! This time around it’s a post by reader Marto that caught my eyes. Marto explains that he is quitting his job, leaving his house, and venturing out on a mega roadtrip. The destination? Pretty much anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Marto is looking for advice as to what and where he should go see. Also, he needs advice on what type of car to get for the trip. Head on in to the forums to lend your thoughtful thoughts, and get Marto set off on the right foot.

Found in the Forums: The “I Spotted Today…” thread

No, we’re not reviving the Found in the Forums topic with a discussion on puberty. Instead, we’re talking about the “I Spotted Today…” thread that has you all showing off the various machines you find in your daily travels. Be it a Lamborghini Aventador (there’s one in there) or the ever-so-awesome Street Van shown above, there’s plenty of interesting finds spread out over this (currently) four page thread.

Head on in to the forums to see what others have spotted, and share a few of your own finds: I Spotted Today

Found in the Forums: What’s the greatest daily driver?

There are a lot of people out there with interesting vehicles. You might know a guy who tucks an exotic away in his garage only to bring it out when the temperature is holding steady at 70 degrees and there are zero clouds in the sky. Perhaps you have a friend who occasionally commutes to work in a muscle car, and enjoys rumbling in stop and go traffic while everyone else sits bleary-eyed in their econoboxes. This thread isn’t about those folks however, because we want to know about daily drivers… and we’re looking for the best of the best.

Reader NoKetchup started a thread in the forums to try and find out what the greatest daily driven machine might be. So far, only Jeep_Jeff has answered the question by supplying the picture above. It’s a great answer, as the car in question is a past Hooniverse Car of the Year winner. We want to see what else is out there though. Do you have a friend that drives a 911 GT3 RS everyday or maybe someone gets their groceries in a blown muscle wagon.

Head into the forums and share your thoughts on what the greatest daily driver might be

Craigslist: 2004 VW GTI VR6 “Nice Ad” Edition

We receive a ton of tips here at Hooniverse, and by “a ton” I mean about three or four per day. We especially love the CL tips… the cool or obscure cars, the half-assed projects, and ridiculous contraptions. And then one day comes a tip about a clean VW GTI with the subject line “nice ad”. The ad appears to have been well written, the car well maintained, and it’s even priced reasonably. Fry squints

Several months ago we started Hooniverse Forums. As with anything new, the beginnings are a little slow but things are picking up. In those forums is a section called “For Sale” which features a number of cars submitted by you, the readers. These vary from stuff you found while browsing or your own stuff. Have a look around and please post whatever you may have for sale. There are some goodies in there, such as a nicely lifted Jeep Wrangler, an ’83 Subaru Brat, an M Roadster clone, and a 2004 Volkswagen GTI VR6. Each Wednesday Jeff does a “Found in the Forums” post… maybe we’ll highlight your car next time, it unless Bowman comes with another awesome project.


Found in the Forums: The Project Death Proof International Scout Terra

If you’ve been following along with Zach Bowman’s tale of his project Mustang, you may be wondering why there hasn’t been an update recently. Well, Project Ugly Horse is taking a breather for a moment so that Mr. Bowman can concentrate on another project. This one has been unfolding in the Tennessee hills for a few years now, but there’s finally been serious progress to report.

Hooniverse… say hello to Project Death Proof.

What you are looking at is Bowman’s own 1978 International Scout Terra. No vehicle has survived at the hands of the Bow Man for longer, and this ride holds a special place in heart. Now, the truck is finally getting the attention it deserves. What am I am talking about? Hop into the forum thread to find out.

Here’s the link to enlighten you about Project Death Proof.

Found in the Forums: How cool is your barber?

Reader NoKetchup loves his local barbershop, and it’s easy to see why. Said barber is rolling around town in a rather excellent example of one of the greatest pickup trucks of all time, the Ford F100. Don’t get too excited about the steering wheel placement though, as we’re nearly certain this photo has been flipped around. Still, it’s a awesome image of automotive Americana.

This particular forum thread got me thinking about my own barber shop. The gent who cuts my hair is named Doug, and his closely cropped top is offset by the beard that runs down to about mid chest. Doug is (I believe) in his mid 20’s, and originally hails from Michigan, which is where is mildly modified Chevelle awaits his return. The parking lot next to my barbershop (Hawleywoods in Huntington Beach – it even says “HooniverseJeff” on the VIP board) often hosts classic car shows. These car gatherings highlight vehicles that appeal to both the lead sled set and the general lovers of old school steel.

Do you get your mop trimmed at a place that could be considered Hoon-worthy? Sound off in the forum thread, found here.

Found in the Forums: The Great Hooniverse Beer Swap

Typically, when I highlight a thread from the forums, it has to do with things powered by engines. This time around, however, we’re taking a minute to examine a thread that features something that powers us. I’m talking about beer, and more specifically, I’m talking about The Great Hooniverse Beer Swap.

The thread was started by BoostedLegoWagon, who proposed the idea of readers from around the country swapping their favorite bottles or cans of prized hop juice. It was JeepJeff who kicked things off though, when he shipped the prized items shown above to ZomBee Racer, and another shipment arrived to Stu_Rock.

Interested in joining The Great Hooniverse Beer Swap? Head on in to the thread and let your drunken voice be heard.