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Wagon Wednesday: 2001 Mercedes-Benz W210 ex-Ambulance


You often see somewhat run-down Mercedes-Benz W210s in Finland. Due to some quality control issues with the bodywork, coupled with the hard use the W210s saw in their years, as taxis and repmobiles, it’s not uncommon to see significant amounts of rust on the sheetmetal of these turn-of-the-millennium Benzes.

While this 2001 E220 CDI example is pretty mucky, it’s also an example of the variety of Mercedes-Benz platforms, as it’s started its life as an ambulance in some other country. Long wheelbase, tall fiberglass roof: it’s Ecto-1 seen as a Mercedes-Benz.

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Gym Class Heroes: Toyota Aristo V300 Vertex


I spotted this Toyota Aristo at the parking lot of the gym I frequent. I do prefer the non-bug-eyed older Aristo, but this is still a weird enough sighting over here. Lexus GS:s aren’t too common here either, and the JDM alternative stands out just a little bit more.

Especially since it’s got partially gold badging and sort of noticeable wheels.

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Weekend Edition – Helsinki Street Sightings: Ford SportKa


The Ford Ka is a neatly packaged, if seemingly disposable little car. They appear to rust so quickly, I think the numbers of first generation cars will dwindle in the next decade.

So, while there still are common Ka:s, let’s take a look at this sportier version, aptly named the SportKa. There was also a droptop version, named the StreetKa. Being able to take either for a spin would definitely be interesting.

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Weekend Edition – Helsinki Street Sightings: Hyundai Coupe


The facelifted Hyundai Coupe – or Tiburon in select markets – has now reached the age where it kind of looks cool. No, really, hear me out: I don’t hate the bug-eyed front. Sure, it makes barely any sense compared to the attractive-but-maybe-a-little-plain original, but viewed on its own, it’s bold and daring and swoopy.

It does appear a little small-wheeled, but these things are getting very cheap and they still seem to hold on pretty decently, at least here.

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Project Car SOTU: 1993 Mazda MX-5


The Project Car State of the Union rolls around again, and the last time I introduced you to my humble, burgundy Sierra. I had just recently gotten it, as it was last summer, and I wanted a RWD car for the winter again.

This post won’t tell you much of anything about the Sierra. Well, I still have it, it’s at a friend’s greasepit and we’re working on the still-too-tall suspension when there’s time. It still runs, it still works, there’s nothing too complicated about it.

That’s pretty much why I bought this 1993 Mazda MX-5 instead.

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Blast from the Past: 1971 Citroën SM


Nestled among the classic Citroëns at the Classic Motorshow’s parking lot, next to a slightly dented CX GTi turbo was a Feuille doree gold coloured 1971 Citroën SM. It wasn’t the only SM at the event, but it was the most interesting one I had yet seen.

This particular “Special Maserati” was registered new in the Eastern Finnish town where my dad grew up. The car was ordered by a Citroën enthusiast, the owner of a plumbing company, and my dad knew his son. Apparently, the car did spend quite some time at the shop already when it was new, but that is probably par for the course when you have a very rare, very quirky and very exotic personal luxury coupe somewhere in Eastern Finland.

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More of that Good Stuff from the Classic Motorshow 2015


Eagle-eyed weekend readers might have noticed that there simply wasn’t an awful lot of weekend content posted on Saturday or Sunday. That’s entirely down to me: the schedule for me this past weekend was such a tight one, that there unfortunately was no time to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

The good thing is: there’s post-worthy content for you to see right here, just a little later. I’ll be posting the interesting Classic Motorshow parking lot single shots after the Weird Neighbors you saw first.

That includes this bagged Mercedes right here.

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Weekend Edition: Weird Neighbors at the Classic Motorshow 2015


The yearly Classic Motorshow, held in Lahti, Finland, accumulates the most interesting classic cars and the most enthusiastic car people to a fair centre not far from the city centre. The parking lot is certainly an interesting place every time the show is held, and despite today’s sad weather the turnout was good and eclectic.

Along with the chuckle-inducing CVH plate on the Testarossa, there were some definitely interesting pairings seen today. Take a look.

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Essex White: Ford Escort MkIII Cabriolet


Some of the most common convertible cars you see around in the summertime are various Ford Escort cabrios. The round, ’90s ones are the cheapest kind of droptops on the market, ranging from two grand to three grand usually. They’re not too clean, but the roof goes down.

Slightly below them and maybe above the cheapest Peugeot 205:s and Renault Twingos you find the blockier, ’80s third generation Escorts. A lot of these bear the VIN-identity of a regular hatchback or even a station wagon, having been converted from a German import bodyshell over 20 years ago, when this sort of thing was relatively commonplace. The same goes for E30 cabrios, a lot of them are creative rearranging jobs.

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Wheel Choices: 1980 Porsche 924

Antti Kautonen April 28, 2015 Finnish Line


The Porsche 924 is a dainty little thing, especially when you compare it to more modern street hardware. That’s a good reason to be quite conservative when you consider wheels for it, in case one wants to upgrade from the original 14- or 15-inch wheels.

In this case, one of the Porsche’s owners has boldly chosen to go with 17-inch wheels on 225/45 tires, and those do not exactly suit the light-looking, narrow-sided Porsche, even if the spokes are narrow. Maybe these would’ve been a better fit on the more wide-hipped 944 instead. What do you think?

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