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Banger Racing on the Isle of Man

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The Isle of Man is a place that everyone should visit at least once. You have to go during the TT, and you have to take in all of the insanity surrounding the event. The people on the island don’t just love pushing around fast bikes though, as we discovered.

There is a small oval circuit on the Isle of Man, and it packs a substantial local crowd. The folks gather to watch their friends or family, and the racing action is excellent. We’re talking about Banger Racing, and it’s best viewed with a fresh plate of fish and chips and a cold brew from Okells in your hand.

Hit play, sit back, and take in the majesty that is Banger Racing on the Isle of Man.

(Also, we need to find a way to get some Hooniverse stickers on Hendo’s Lexus…)

The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 66 – Up In The Hooniverse Hills

C&T 66

Jason’s back from his birthday hiatus (and his stint on the hoonicast and TST), and he’s joined as usual by Cam and Tub. Cam’s still recording with his cellular telephone, hopefully for the last time. We really had fun with this hour, and we hope you enjoy it.

This episode’s topics include: Little Lamborghinis, The 3 Ds, Cam’s RX7 starts and runs again, Brad’s Boxster starts and runs again after a battery debacle, Jason talks about his time away, Brad (weirdly) lusts after a new Jetta Sport, and we discuss ‘friend of the show’ Mr. Regular’s new gig at Road & Track.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Up In The Hooniverse Hills

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Podcast: Episode 114 – A Huracan’s A Blowin’


I’m back in the studio after an unexpected absence last week. Joining me is Producer Chris Hayes as we kick it a bit old school and run down some new car news before diving into what we’ve been driving and what’s going on with our own cars. What’s the new car news? Well, a couple in Texas bought their 78th and 79th Dodge Vipers, and we think that’s kind of dumb. A Tesla Model S owner lapped the ‘Ring in 9:08 and we think that’s kind of awesome.

In the motorsports world, there was a big win at the 24hrs of Spa for the MarcVDS racing team. We want to congratulate our friend Francois on the victory.

In our own personal news, I tells the story of my weekend with the Lamborghini Huracan… and how one day turned from a standard video shoot into something so much more important.

Hooniverse – A Huracan’s A Blowin’

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24 Hours of LeMons: ‘Doing Time in Joliet 24 Hours’ liveblog


It’s a typically muggy Saturday in the Midwest and Hooniverse is live from Autobahn Country Club this weekend for the 24 Hours of LeMons’ race. While last year’s summer race at Autobahn was 14 straight hours (unlike the usual 14-1/2 hours over two days), this year’s is the series’ first true 24-hour race since September 2013 and your stupid lucky correspondent is here to walk you through as much as he’s able while balancing the basic needs of working the Penalty Box as a LeMons Supreme Court Justice, keeping tabs on the races on and off the track, and somehow sneaking a few hours of sleep in.

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The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 65 – Sports & Jokes

C&T 63

Jason’s sitting out this week because it’s his birthday, but Cam and Tub are in studio to entertain your ears. Cam’s still got less than stellar audio, but we deal. Hopefully back up and running like usual next week. Jason was on both TST and Hooniverse podcasts this week, though, so if you get a hankering to hear his beautiful voice, you have plenty of opportunity this week.

This episode’s topics include: Two of three Ds, Cam’s RX-7, Brad’s Jetta rental car experience, someone we don’t know taking delivery of the new LCI F30 340i, jealousy over Jason’s Huracan experience, Eric Rood’s LeMons car and a possible Cammed & Tubbed sponsorship deal, Cam played a solo concert and wrote a new song for Dirt Rockets called “73 RS” about, you guessed it…, and we introduce the “Facebook Car Club of the Week.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Sports & Jokes

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Driver on Driver: Episode 4 – Ryan Tuerck

Host Sam Nalven sits down with livery-thief Ryan Tuerck. He learns about doing the least amount necessary to win, the importance of proper mic checks, and how to eat a tuercky sandwich at 100 miles per hour… while sideways.

If you missed it, here’s:

Episode 1 with guest Chris Forsberg

Episode 2 with Fredric Aasbø

and Episode 3 with Pat Goodin

Nissan GT-R Nismo: Do you love the latest & greatest?

YouTube Preview Image

The Nissan GT-R has been a bit of a polarizing machine since it’s arrived years ago. Some love it while others feel it can be a bit soulless.

Regardless, there’s no denying its potent performance. Additionally, the car has only gotten faster, better, and more potent year after year. The latest and greatest version has spent time with the capable hands from the Nissan Motorsports division; otherwise known as NISMO.

The GT-R Nismo ups the crazy speed. It ups the crazy levels of grip, acceleration, stopping performance, and overall track-focused insanity.

Maybe it finally ups the number of people who love it for the absolutely focused machine that it is…

[Disclaimer: Nissan tossed us the keys to the GT-R Nismo for a few days. Our heart and brain thank them… our back has different feelings.]

Taking a Look Back: First Show of the Year

Despite how eventful this year has been, some of the photos I’ve taken have not progressed to being sorted and edited until very recently. One of these events, which I attended back in January, was a local car show called the 2015 Series Open Car & Truck Show at “The Shops at Wiregrass,” a small outdoor mall in the tiny nearby town of Wesley Chapel, Florida. Despite this being the first I’d heard of this car show series, there was a pretty nice showing of cars with a good variety, which I’ve collected to share with you after the jump.  … Continue Reading

The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 64 – The Long Con

C&T 63

The Holy Trinity is back in action this week with a new episode of the C&T show (W/ Jason). Cameron’s computer problems are still persisting, but we managed to muscle through it. This one was more fun than average, and you should probably give it a listen.

This episode’s topics include: The 3Ds (Drinks, Driving Music, and “What’s on your Desk”), A rant about Richard Rawlings and how he relates to the documentary “King of Kong”, Countach values?, Dream Parts, Shelby Dakotas, Embarassing Car Stories, I say “Ummm” a lot, Jason gets lasik eye surgery, Cam’s playing a show (tonight!) and Shoutouts.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – The Long Con

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Podcast: Episode 112 – Ramblin’, Podcastin’, and Peein’
An On-the-Road Episode


On this episode of the podcast, you’re getting a shorter On the Road bit. I’m in Minnesota to drive new Hyundai product, and I decided to fire up the microphone while he was sitting in my hotel room.

The chatter this time around ranges from what I’ve been driving to thoughts of getting old…

Hooniverse – On the Road: Ramblin’, Podcastin’, and Peein’

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