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Podcast: Episodes 128 & 129: From The SEMA Show Floor
With BBI, Mountune, & Pierce Motorsports


Podcast co-host Chris Hayes trekked out to SEMA to interview a host of folks for the show. Over the next few weeks we’ll be running all of those episodes for you to take in. For now, we have episode 128 and 129.

Hooniverse – BBI Autosport live from SEMA 2015
Hooniverse – Mountune + Pierce Motorsports at SEMA 2015

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Going Racing With EXR And The LV02

YouTube Preview Image

At the race track is where we long to be. The problem is that it’s an expensive proposition. Parts, time, fuel, maintenance, and every other tiny thing you need to go racing is an exercise in emptying your bank account. Exotics Racing may have found a way to ease the pain, relatively speaking.

The Exotics Racing Series aims to offer serious wheel-to-wheel action for a fraction of what it would normally cost. A sprint race starts at just $4,990 and a multi-driver endurance race costs around $10,000. Compare those prices to seat time in a race with nearly any other race car outside of LeMons, ChumpCar, and AER, and you’re looking at a truly tremendous deal.

The spec series here uses a MitJet-sourced ride called the LV02. It’s a tube-chassis race car packing a fiberglass body and a 230-horsepower Renault four-cylinder engine. Controlling the action is a 6-speed SADEV sequential gearbox. The entire affair weighs just 1,600 pounds, which means you’re in for a thrilling ride filled with all the true race car sensations.

This is real racing, and it’s within reach of more than just the wealthy elite. It’s not cheap, but compared to the other options in the motorsports world, it might be the best bargain out there.

[Disclaimer: EXR invited us to the track to sample the LV02.]

A Dipshit’s Lap Of: Sebring (Lamborghini Huracan)

YouTube Preview Image

For the second installment of our new series, this Dipshit takes you on a tour of Sebring International Raceway. Well, you get to see inside the car but not much of the track. The car, by the way, is a Lamborghini Huracan, which I had just road-tripped through from Miami through a hellacious downpour.

So you could say my mind wasn’t in the right place… and after this, you’d have concrete proof. Regardless, sit back and enjoy this Dipshit’s Lap Of Sebring.

The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 84 – Twelve Cars W/ Rob Siegel

C&T 84

Cam and Brad are joined this week by the ghost of Jason’s crashed GarageBand program and the famous BMW fanatic and Hack Mechanic and author, Mr. Rob Siegel. If you aren’t familiar with Rob, you really should be. I reviewed his book about a year ago, and found it fantastic. If you haven’t got a copy of his book yet, you really should, and this podcast will probably talk you into it. He’s a genuine car guy that has a lot to talk about. So lets get into it.

This episode’s topics include: The 3 D’s, a bit of LA Auto Show discussion, a little bit about Rob’s new book and his work at Bentley Publishers, all of our car collections (of which Rob’s 12 cars shames the remainder), some talk about beer, some talk about music, ideal daily drivers, how to avoid killing yourself when looking at BMWs, Gymkhana 7 was a year ago, Brad’s new garage guest, and other fantastic topics. As usual, click past the jump to see our weekly DashCam videos.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Twelve Cars with Rob Siegel

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Driver on Driver: Episode 7 – The Season Finale

It’s time to wrap up season one of Driver On Driver. In this season-ending episode we look back at the folks Sam’s sat down with, learn about the relationships he’s cultivated, and… well really we just talk to all the people he’s pissed off*.

*But even that’s not really real… now is it? Do you get it now Internet?

If you missed it, here’s:

Episode 1 with guest Chris Forsberg

Episode 2 with Fredric Aasbø

and Episode 3 with Pat Goodin

and Episode 4 with Ryan Tuerck

Episode 5 with Mad Mike Whiddett

and Episode 6 with Jarod DeAnda

Thoughts On The Cars Of SEMA

Tanshanomi November 16, 2015 Featured, SEMA


Context is everything. As any artist, architect or museum curator will tell you, the surrounding environment colors our perception of things. A screaming, fuzzed-out guitar solo that sounds so great in concert would be annoying and intrusive in an oyster bar. A woman’s outfit that is considered risqué at a backyard barbecue might be utterly unremarkable on the runways of Fashion Week, and downright matronly at the beach. The where and who matters as much as the what. And nowhere is that more true than when scoping out the cars at SEMA, the 600-pound gorilla of automotive industry trade shows.

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Florida Bug Jam 2015: Bug Wars

Blue Volkswagen bug

Many of you can probably remember when Volkswagen was known more for making small, cheap, ubiquitous cars with character, known as the Beetle, than they were for a diesel emissions controversy. Last Saturday, I was able to travel back to those good old days at the Florida Bug Jam, a family-friendly judged classic Volkswagen car show with a poker run and some dirt track hooning. I don’t think I spotted a single water-cooled VW while I was there, besides the one that I arrived in.  … Continue Reading

Buy A Shirt And Help Us Out


A fan of the site and the podcast reached out to me on Twitter. He had designed a cool shirt, and wanted to know if we wanted to sell. I’m certainly interested in doing so as we haven’t had a new shirt design in some time.

There’s more good news here though, as the site he’s using to handle the sale of the shirt sees a portion of the proceeds go to Hooniverse. The person who created the shirt actually gets nothing from it, as they’ve used a site called Booster.com. This is, I guess, I a fundraising portion of CustomInk.com.

Here’s where you go if you want to buy a shirt. Now, I know nothing of the quality of these shirts, but I do like the design. We need at least 15 sales to make the minimum required order number, and right now we’re at two… both of which are going to me.

Here’s his Twitter account if you want to say “hey”, “thanks!”, or “F0ll0w m3 b@ck 4 h0t s1ngl3s in yur ar3a”.

The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 83 – Manual Labor W/ Blake Z. Rong

C&T 83

Yes, you read that right. We coaxed the lovely and talented Mr. Rong out of Early Podcast Retirement to be a guest on the C&T show. Jason, Cam, and Brad are all on this one, too, and we have lovely conversations.

This episode’s topics include: The 3 D’s, some more SEMA discussion, Brad’s recent car failure, Manual Transmissions, Porsche GTs, Millenial stuff, Cam drives an M3, “Boosted Chick”and pretty much whatever Blake wants to talk about (including chocolate). As usual, click past the jump to see our weekly DashCam videos.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Manual Labor W/ Blake Z. Rong

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Podcast: Episode 127 – Prepare For The SEMA Deluge


Hooniverse – Prepare for the SEMA Deluge…

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