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Diecast Delights: David Deacon’s BMW M1 In 1:43 Scale


Despite what television and the internet might have you believe, some guys actually enjoy spending time with their wives. This weekend we hitched up the wagons and headed into town for a day out and about enjoying the gorgeous weather and seeing what Reno had in store. We grabbed some lunch and walked around in the more gentrified bits of town, where we found a couple antique stores. She loves antiquing, and I don’t mind it. I spent my time among the vintage stuff seeking out car things, and more often than not, some of them come home with me. This one was shouting to me that it would like to come home and join the other 1:43 on my shelf.

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Diecast “Delights”: A Trabant 601 in 1:18 Scale


For years and years I had wanted a model of a Trabant to add to my collection of “real world” cars. I had vague recollections of seeing them for sale in model emporiums at prices just beyond what I could afford in my formative years as a collector, but I never made that stretch. And then they all disappeared.

Recently they have started appearing on eBay again, so I finally took the plunge, and here it is. Unfortunately I wasn’t to know that my time with this particular diecast would be a complete disaster from beginning to end.

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Diecast Delights: A Shelby Cobra in 1:18 Scale

Chris Haining February 29, 2016 Diecast Delights


You know, I’m not really a fan of the AC Cobra in any of its forms. I know that talk like that is enough to see me permanently ejected from The Man Club without any chance of readmission, but it’s just not my cup of tea. Many people other than Mr Shelby have cooked up the light chassis- big engine recipe, with equally tasty results, and though the Cobra represents pretty much the embodiment of four wheeled fury, it’s a bit of a one dimensional character.

That said, by God, do I ever respect its significance. So many of the outrageous, brutal projectiles we all know and love, both production and concept, have their nucleus, their genesis, in the Cobra. And there’s no better reason than that to have one in your Diecast collection.

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Diecast Delights: A Jeep Rubicon in 1:18 Scale


Something happened last week, not sure what, but it inspired me to head up into my attic and uncover a model Jeep that has been begging for a Diecast Delights feature for years.

I realised we’ve not done enough in Diecast Delights to explore the wonderful variety of off road vehicles that exist in the miniature domain. Models of these motorised  mud-slingers actually deserve specific attention from the scale model collector. You see, off-roading is fun. For the majority of those who do it, it’s a game. A hobby. Just like collecting models. And, whether you’re voluntarily hub-deep in mud, hobby-wrenching on an old 318 or playing with a new 1:18, you’re playing.

So lets get a double win with an excellent model of a machine built for fun. The Jeep TJ Rubicon.

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Diecast Delights: A 1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk in 1:18 scale


This model has actual, genuine, honest-to-goodness, working crank windows. That’s all you need to know, and all you need as justification to go and buy one.

The subject matter itself is almost a side issue. It’s a 1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk, in gold, of course.

Check it out in stills and in video (!) after the jump.

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Diecast Delights: A 1975 Peugeot 504 in 1:18 Scale


Now here’s a car which ought to appeal to Hoons on either side of the Atlantic. Indeed, one which is probably somehow more revered in the USA than it is in the UK.

The Peugeot 504 is one of the more iconic shapes ever to have emerged from the nominally dull-as-dishwater category of “ordinary family sedan”, although that would probably be to undersell it somewhat. Plaudits rained down on the 504 from launch in ’68 right up to now, and with have been as important to the development of Africa as the Industrial Revolution was to the development of England, the Peugeot isn’t in danger of being culturally forgotten any time soon.

Still, having a 1:18 copy handy for safe keeping won’t do anybody any harm.

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Diecast Delights: An Opel Ascona (B) i2000

IMAG4499As has been mentioned here before, my favourite 1:18 models tend to be of ordinary, everyday cars, albeit those which no longer feature on the road prominently enough to still be in the collective conscious of the general public.

A case in point is the second generation Opel Ascona, a car which, seemingly bizarre in hindsight, was sold alongside its Vauxhall Cavalier sister on the UK market for a good few years towards the end of the ’70s. In a parking lot the bluff-fronted Ascona looked oddly distinctive beside the shovel-nosed Cavalier; which wore the nose of the Opel Manta, which was also based on this platform. Confused? So were GM.

Anyway, here’s Opel Ascona (B), the limited edition i2000 model, in 1:18 scale.

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The Attainable Riva Aquarama


Those curves. That pronounced sheer. The authority of line you only see when a design has formed organically from the mind of a talented designer. All of these attributes and more can be found on the Classic Riva Aqcuarama, and many more from that famous Cantieri.

No matter what the angle you gawp at them from, your jaw will always droop a similar distance. The only problem is having somewhere big enough to keep it. Oh, and deep pockets.

So what you really need is one in something like one-tenth scale. Like this one.

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Diecast Delights: A 1952 Citroen 2CV in 1:18 Scale


We’ll go from last week’s extreme Crocodile to a rather more mundane Tin Snail, and a vehicle which is probably far more relevant to the everyday motorist while being far less colourful.

We’re looking at a Maisto produced Citroen 2CV, probably among the the most humble yet worthy vehicles to be made available in 1:18 scale.

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Diecast Delights: The Audi R8 “Crocodile” in 1:18 Scale


Having gone one and on about the various justifications a collector uses to add to his collection, there’s one big factor that I’ve left out, and this fifteen year old Maisto model is a very good example. I’m talking about when you just have to have something because of its paint job.

I’m not really a collector of racing cars. I have a few, a 911 GT1 and a couple of Mercedes CLK derivations and I have them because they represent the ultimate development or extreme of the car their shape represents. This one, though, the Audi R8 LMP, had no relationship with any road car you could mention. It just looks awesome because it’s been painted up like a crocodile.

No further justification to own needed.

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