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Diecast Delights: A ’78 Mustang II Cobra in 1:18 Scale

Chris Haining January 27, 2015 Diecast Delights


What on Earth was I thinking, posting an Aston Martin Vanquish last week? This isn’t Billionaires Gazette, this isn’t the kind of on-line motoring organ whose participants spend their days on chaise longues, being handed trays of crackers and Grey Poupon, heck, some of us don’t even have butlers.

Lets get back to a model of something closer to the Hooniverse Heartland. A 1970’s ponycar which was, let’s be frank, a shadow of its former self and not really all that good. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t interesting. I mean, I find it interesting and I wasn’t even alive when it was launched, and even if I had been conceived five years earlier I was stuck on a continent which was largely Mustang free.

Find out if it deserves a place in your 1:18 garage after the jump.

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Diecast Delights:- THAT Aston Martin Vanquish in 1:18 Scale

Chris Haining January 22, 2015 Diecast Delights


There isn’t a huge amount that’s been left unsaid about Bond Cars, and The Internet is well stocked with information about every one of them. The model you see before you is a depiction of one of them, but I’m going to pretend it isn’t. I’m not really interested in having a model of James Bond’s Vanquish, I just wanted a model of A Vanquish. It also so happens that I think Die Another Day is one of the worst 007 films ever committed to celluloid.

So below is a review of a very affordable and really, really good model of an Aston Martin Vanquish. Bond be damned.

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Diecast Delights: A 1977 Citroen CX GTi in 1:18 scale

Chris Haining January 15, 2015 Diecast Delights


Over the festive period I spent some of my available time getting my house in order. The dozens of model cars that I have gathered since what seems like birth have been boxed up neatly and put in safe storage in my attic, ready for retrieval when necessary, after years of being marooned at my parent’s place ten miles away. The plan going forwards was for me to rediscover these old models once more, unbox them, play with them and share the more interesting ones with as many people who cared to join in.

That was the plan. The reality is that the collection has continued to grow in an only-just-controllable manner. The Internet is a dangerous place, and just before Christmas I found myself ordering the model you see before you. Click the jump to see more.

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Diecast Delights:- A 1961 E-Type (And how it all started)


Last week we looked at a Plymouth Roadrunner model from about twenty years ago. Today we look at what I imagine is one of the most commonly found 1:18th scale models in the world. Bburago’s evergreen ’61 Jaguar E-Type.

You probably know somebody who owns one of these. It has been a stalwart of the Bburago range since, I believe, the early ’80s. At this time the scope of their large-scale range was a lot more narrow than it is now. In fact, the face of 1:18 scale modelling itself has changed massively in the time that this model has been around. Back in the ’80s Bburago were pretty much the go-to brand for anybody who wanted to go beyond toy cars and onto proper models.  Let’s take a look at what is now a vintage model.

As usual, click the pics to make ‘em bigger, and please, being that it’s Christmas, indulge me as I take a trip into the past.

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Diecast Delights:- A ’69 Plymouth Roadrunner in 1/18 scale.


The last couple of models to have been showcased here have depicted European stuff, which is a bit of an oversight when I consider that Hooniverse radiates its digital rays from North America, perhaps it’s time to redress the balance. From an Italian car which hides its cultured high-revving horsepower beneath a designer suit, let’s look at a blue-collar legend relying on cubes and brute force for motivation. Also one of my favourite cars, as it happens.

It’s one of my favourite models, too. And unlike recent posts (where I admit to a slight eBay addiction that, seriously, needs to be curtailed), this one has been in my possession for something like twenty years. I vividly remember cycling five miles to a toy shop in the next town which sold a few models alongside buckets and spades and other seaside ephemera. I’m pretty sure I paid well over the odds. Who cares. Let’s take a closer look, and as before, click to massivate.

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Diecast Delights: The Maserati Quattroporte V in 1:18 scale


Yeah, I’ve totally lost control. The whole idea of me rebooting the Diecast Delights thing was to make use of the several dozen 1:18th scale models which have been rotting away in various attics across Northeast Essex. Last weeks episode where I covered Maisto’s interpretation of the Morgan Aero 8, was supposed to be a hiccup. That was a model I picked up on eBay within the last fortnight. Well, so’s today’s. And I’ll admit now that I have another two coming. I’m a hopeless addict, but it’s a cheap habit so I’m not going to worry too much.

I bought today’s car, the Hotwheels rendition of the Maserati Quattroporte Mk 5 because that car is, out of all the cars I’ve ever driven, my favourite, despite the Skyhook system letting go dramatically mid roundabout and leaving me sawing at the wheel of what became a wobbly, tail-happy monster. I love that car, (read about the fun I had in it here) but alas in my current position in space, time and economy, a 1:1 scale QP is beyond my means and practicality. There are limited choices in scale model terms, too, and that’s why I ended up with this one. Take a closer look after the jump.

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Diecast Delights: Morgan Aero 8 in 1:18 Scale


eBay is MyEnemy. Just as soon as I begin blowing the dust of a collection that has taken me twenty-six years to accumulate, online auctions have seen me running headlong into a renewed addiction. Today we look at a fresh acquirement, one which only cost a handful of quid, arriving as it did sans box and in slightly playworn condition.

The Aero 8 was launched in 2001 as the first new-from-the-ground-up Morgan since 1948. It was groundbreaking for the Lincolnshire firm in many ways; the first Morgan to use an Aluminium tub; all wood used in the construction was purely for decoration. It also marked a departure from the historically preferred Ford or Rover engines, to using German V8 motivation. Read on to take a close look at a model of what I like to call the Guten Morgan.

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Die-Cast Delights:- Peugeot 205 GTI in 1:18th Scale


I’ve been up in the attic, fighting my way through the cobwebs, bat shit, old luggage and decorating ephemera (on stand-by until the resumption of operation Make-House-Nice) and I have itches all over thanks to fibreglass insulation penetrating my T-shirt and jeans. And it’s all with the aim of bringing you another exciting instalment in the current series of Die-cast Delights.

Many of the 1:18th scale models I have hoarded, obsessively collected, gathered over the years have now become available second-hand via eBay and, after a quick search and with a little bidding luck, can be yours with very little financial hardship suffered. But, what to buy? I have a load of models and some of them are absolute crap. Maybe, as this series continues, I’ll suggest something that takes your fancy, if last week’s Ford Cougar didn’t already.

Today it’s the turn of Solido’s Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI.

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Die-Cast Delights: Ford Cougar in 1:18th Scale


Well, it happened. Collecting 1:18 Scale models was a hobby which had been put on hold since I “Grew Up”, moved out of my parents house and got a place of my own. My old bedroom used to have adjustable racking along one wall, and the shelves were stacked with so many boxed models that it was like living in a branch of ModelZone. I bought a few more during my time at University, but limited space in the Dickensian hovels I squatted in during education meant that the main collection stayed at home. It was always nice to come back to at the end of each semester; the models, which I had collected since I was seven, were a tangible link to my childhood. For about ten years now the majority of the collection has been in the attic, safely on stand-by, ready to be enjoyed again.

Allegedly,  I’m now a grown-up, and have easy access to 1:1 scale cars. However, I also have occasional spare time in close proximity to a web-enabled computer. eBay is prominently bookmarked. Inevitably, my fever for 1:18 has been rebooted, and a package arrived for me on Thursday from Germany. It’s a 1998 Ford Cougar, and it may well put me on a slippery slope back towards obsessive collecting.

Click the jump for the first in a series of reviews as I look back at the good, the bad and the downright inexcusable from my collection. Click the images to activate the Enormocator.

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A Model of Forward Thinking: The Pininfarina 1800


While I was in Brighton recently I took the time to visit the Sussex Toy Museum, a must-visit if, like me, every day you fight your inner child to avoid filling your beautifully decorated and partner-friendly living room with bits of LEGO and old Hot-Wheels.

Seeking a souvenir, I was pleased to notice a glass-fronted cabinet in which some of the displayed articles bore price tags. On the bottom row, on the left was something that caught my eye. I bought it for £3.95 and put it in my pocket, where I couldn’t resist jiggling it between my fingers in that tactile way that you might a pocket knife or set of keys.

Finding it was a double-win. Not only is it a lovely little model, but it also represents one of the most fascinating footnotes of motoring history. It gives me an excuse to write about the Pininfarina 1800, Leyland’s would-be worldbeater.

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