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Concept Cars: The Pininfarina Ethos 2 still looks fresh


Would you believe if I told you the sleek, light-looking car above was a concept from two years ago? Five? Perhaps with LED headlights and different door glass instead of the SVX-y elements, it would be easily believed.

But no, the Ethos 2 was actually presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1993 – an astonishing 22 years ago. Maybe it’s the shade of blue that still works in 2015, maybe it’s the well-proportioned body, maybe it’s the minimalistic approach, but there’s nothing on the car that would severely date it back two decades.

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The Carchive:- JDM (C31) Nissan Laurel


It’s a quarter to nine in the evening in the UK right now. I’ve got good strong coffee and chardonnay on ice, Waynes World is on DVD because there’s absolutely nothing on TV, and I have a Japanese language car brochure on my lap. Welcome to The Carchive.

The last couple of times we’ve looked at a brochure from the orient it has been by way of video. This time around we’re doing it the old fashioned way with hopeless lighting and not-quite-high-enough-resolution images. Just the way we like it.

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Diecast Delights: A Lancia Stratos in 1:18 Scale


What influences you to add something to your model car collection? Well, there are many answers that one could give to that question. Historical significance, technical prowess, physical attractiveness, colour, the list of justifiable reasons is endless.

Why did I add this Lancia Stratos to my collection? Well, I could have cited any of the above, but there was one far more important, over-riding consideration.

Yes, it has pop-up headlamps.

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The Carchive: Dodge Viper RT/10


It’s Friday afternoon, and NASA have been advised to track our activity as we make our way through the cold, dark, infinite blackness of automotive history in the hope of chancing upon a fascinating wormhole into motoring past. Welcome To The Carchive

Today we’re looking at a brochure for a car which was widely celebrated rather than condemned or pitied, mainly because it was one of the more interesting machines to have come off a North American production line for as long as anybody could remember. The year is 1992, and we’re looking at The Viper.

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Great Little Car: Mazda MR-90 was the GLC re-animated


It’s always baffling when you find out there’s a car you never knew existed. When searching for Ford Festiva images – honestly – I bumped into this press shot of the Mazda MR-90, and it completely caught me off guard. What was it? A Hyundai Pony with Mazda badges?

Badge engineering doesn’t go that way in this case, and the MR-90 is just something refreshed. You’re looking at the 1977-onwards Mazda 323 GLC, only wearing the GC generation 626’s face for the Indonesian market.

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For Sale: Dutch 1987 Hyundai Stellar is an unlikely survivor


Let’s think back on the Hyundai timeline. There’s the Sonata, before which there was the Sonata, and then there were a whole bunch of Mitsubishi-engined Sonatas, and then there’s the Stellar. Exactly! The Stellar, an in-betweener from the time when Hyundai still built Ford Cortinas under licence, and was in transition to using Mitsubishi partsbin stuff in bodies they designed themselves.

The Hyundai Stellar was a rear-drive car that used the 1970s Cortina platform, but under the hood was a Mitsubishi four-cylinder. The body was a Giugiaro design, tall, blocky and narrow, and the glasshouse is a good few percent too far back to make perfect sense from the side on. They aren’t exactly commonplace anywhere, but there’s a surviving, fully loaded 1987 car in the Netherlands and it’s for sale.

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Diecast Delights: A Pontiac Fiero GT in 1:18 scale


My model car collection, by and large, tends to eschew household-name supercars in favour of less obvious candidates for teenage bedroom wall poster worship, hence the Opel Manta and Citroen CX being among the treasures in my attic.

So, while bored on a train journey and idly browsing my Android mobile eBay app, which I have set to search only for 1:18th scale with price <£20, I was surprised, nay, shocked to find the model in these photos among the massed ranks of Bburago Ferraris. Yes, it’s a Fiero.

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Weekend Edition: The Mk3.5 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet


Much like the Ford P100 pickup truck seen in the earlier Weekend Edition post, the Mk3.5 Golf Cabriolet is something wearing the face of something else. The hardware and the hard points, along with the rest of the car from the A-pillars backwards, mean that you’re still getting the same Golf that debuted in 1993, but the appearance was tailored to match the new fourth generation car. It’s hardly different from what Volkswagen did earlier, as the first-generation droptop doubled for the Cabriolet when the Mk2 Golf was built.

This 1999 car actually looks quite good in black, and the Azev A wheels are always a favorite.

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The Carchive- Video Edition: The 1982 JDM Honda City


It’s time to get the coastguard on high alert as we clamber into our inadequate inflatable dinghy and set out in the violent swells of motoring history, in the hope that we might find something interesting floating between the relentless white horses. Welcome to The Carchive.

Take the jump to endure another slice of Carchive Video as we pore over the colourful pages of the Japanese market Honda City brochure. It’s a volume containing only the occasional English word, so let’s go through it together and see what we find.

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V.I.S.I.T: 1964 Ford Zodiac III


The Thorn in Mistley is well known locally, and probably regionally, for its gastronomic credibility. People flock from miles around to sample some of the best seafood in the North East Essex area, all washed down with wine of suitable provenance. As a result of this it’s almost routine that there be something of interest parked outside.

Often as I walk past there are too many patrons sitting at the pavement tables for me to start taking photos in front of them, and so far I’ve missed out on a Lamborghini Countach, a Morgan Aero 8 and a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing through either my own cowardice or through forgetting to have a camera with me. This time my quarry was nowhere near as exotic, but certainly didn’t lack appeal nonetheless.

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