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Weekend Edition – Tampere Sightings: Nissan Micra C+C


On a grocery run, I noticed this candy apple red Nissan Micra. Don’t get me wrong, supermarket parking lots are usually stocked full of librarian-spec Nissan Micras, but this was worth photographing. The 2007-model car is one of the rare enough C+C coupe cabriolet, and it’s about as ungainly looking as any millennial coupe cabriolet with the exception of the Mercedes-Benz SLK and the NC-body Mazda Miata.

I did actually stick around for a while, taking in the shapes and shades. The C+C is just baffling.

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Fort Lauderdale Auctions America 2015: The EuroClassic Edition


So there this olelongrooffan was, hanging out at the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center and checking out some pretty seriously cool cars and trucks. Well at least to me anyway. As I gathered the above image of this sweet old ragtop, I tried to remember if I had ever seen one in the flesh and I don’t believe I have. It is a sweet and rare ride. I contemplated using this image as Mystery Car post but I figured my fellow Hoons would have it identified prior to completely loading. If my fellow Hoons are having difficulty ID-ing this thing, please feel free to make the jump.

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The Carchive Special Edition: Ferrari 456M


While I usually mine The Carchive for the old, the unusual or the downright inexcusable, because today is my birthday I’m going for a completely self-indulgent choice, just like I did this time last year with the Maserati Quattroporte Evoluzione.

The Ferrari 456 is miles off the Hooniverse radar, really. In terms of significance to the marque the 456 is unlikely to go down in history as an outright classic, it was never a track-day superhero nor was it an in-your-face stylistic exhibitionist like the Testarossa or the Berlinetta Boxer.

Despite this, and in some ways, the 456 is my second favourite car in history. Take the jump if you’re interested in why.

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Viva La Bedfordshire: It’s Another Old Vauxhall


Yesterday we looked at a magnificently accessorised example of one of Vauxhall of Luton’s V-Bombers, the Victor estate. Today it’s the turn of that car’s little sister, the Viva, also appearing at Classics On The Quay, and again in that Hooniverse-friendly Longroof format.

The Viva was, I believe I’m right in saying, the very last car where Vauxhall were allowed to exercise their development muscle without being pressured to share their toys and play nice with Opel. Every subsequent car to wear the proud Griffon badge would have either some or most of its design in common with something from Germany.

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To The Victor Belongs The Spoilers.


I was raised on a diet of Blue Ovals. Henry was our favourite uncle and he treated us well, and even if the family has grown distant from him over time, we’re still very fond of the way he does things. In contrast, we never really warmed to The General. He seemed a little stand-offish, and we never really related to him. Only now am I starting to realise what a talented guy he was, and how much great work he did.

Back in the early ’70s Vauxhall were still allowed to talk and think for themselves. General Motors still ruled them with a rod of iron and fists of steel, but the Griffon emblem was still proudly affixed to vehicles which, by and large, were all largely developed by the clever chaps in Luton. The Vauxhall Victor you see before you visited the recent Classics at the Quay show, and is completely and utterly magnificent.

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Fort Lauderdale Auctions America 2105: Project Car Nightmare Edition


1973 Peugeot 504 Cabriolet

So recently I attended an AuctionsAmerica Show and have been sharing what was there to be seen and noted by this olelongrooffan for my fellow Hoons viewing pleasure. As I spotted these two, I came up with the idea of the PCH PCN and as I have experience with both of these makes of vehicles, I thought I would toss them out here for my fellow Hoons viewing pleasure.

1972 Citroen SM


Yeah when this olelongrooffan was a mere whipper snapper my Pops, TheGentlemanFarmer, owned some pretty much off the wall stuff. He acquired, somewhere, somehow, a 1975 Peugeot 504 Diesel with a four speed for his kids Hooning pleasure. At the same time, he was Hooning around in a 1972 Citroen DS 21 Pallas. (Mom still had the Robins Egg Blue Country Squire) That DS was sweet cream in color with butter soft leather inside. Of course, the mechanicals on each of these cars were rather sketchy and thejeepjunkie and I honed our Hooning skills on the Diesel while Pops preferred to let the pros see to his DS. Understandably so. Now has come the time to make the jump to see more of these beauties. All of the italized text is from the AuctionsAmerica site and is their property used here without permission. Images are all mine.

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Cars You Should Know – “The Jail Car”


The year is 1992. Ted is a Volkswagen enthusiast, and has recently purchased a Giugiaro-designed sport coupe/hatch second hand. He loves the car dearly, and his ambition is to modify it just so, you know, like one of those cars you see on the cover of European Car Magazine. Ted bought those sick 3-spoke wheels, and even gave his lovely coupe an eye-searing laser yellow repaint. In order to get his car *just* right, ready for the lime light, he needs more money. He decides to hold up a liquor store. With a gun.

Unfortunately for Ted, he was apprehended. He was tried. He was convicted. 25 years to life. Fortunately for Ted, he got out with good behavior. His dear sweet mother knew how much he loved that stupid little Scirocco, so she kept it nice for him while he was “living with his new wife in Tokyo”. She kept the car garaged, kept it covered, and once a month she’d start it up, drive it to the car wash, give it a nice spit shine, and bring it back and cover it up again. Annual fluid changes, even. She’s a good mother to Ted. When Ted got home, his beloved VeeDub was waiting for him, just like the day he’d left it. After a few years in the klink, Ted was ecstatic to get back behind the wheel. First stop, Costco. Yee Haw!

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The Carchive: The Caterham 21


It’s time once more to don our protective gauntlets, attach our safety harnesses and descend into the hazardous void that contains all that automotive literature that time forgot. Welcome back to The Carchive.

Last visit saw us drinking in the sheer value of the 1982 Skoda line. Today we’re paying scant regard to practicality and turning the dial on the fun-o-meter up a few notches, with a look at the Caterham 21.

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Truck Thursday: UAZ 469B


So a few weeks ago this olelongrooffan attended yet another car show, this one was the annual AACA show at the Naples Depot. When I left, after getting some cars in the lot images, of course, I decided to head down this small alley on the way home and see what one of funky cars lots (you know the one I’m talking about, every burg has at least one) I check out every so often had around back. Well my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan was sure surprised to see what they had out back that day. But a jump will have to be made to discover its identity.

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Sharp Japanese Metal II: 1986 Nissan Leopard F31


The 1980-1986 F30 Nissan Leopard we saw in the previous post was succeeded by the F31 body. It was a lot more sedate development, often appearing in two-tone shades, and it was deemed mature enough to make it to America under the new Infiniti umbrella, badged as the M30. No longer was there a saloon version, so perhaps Nissan took a leaf from Toyota’s Soarer book. It did take until the ’90s for Toyota’s newly visioned, potato-shaped MkIII Soarer to land in the States as a Lexus, so the luxury marque choices in this specific field were the Acura Legend and the F31 Leopard’s Infiniti M30 version.

As the Leopard, the car appeared in the classic Japanese cop show, Abunai Deka, often exuberantly driven with sirens blazing. But of course it was.

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