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Slo-Motion: Alfa Romeo Spider in Slovenia


If you remember the post with the green, somewhat modified Trabant in Hungary, I can report the nomad photographer of that car has now arrived in Slovenia, via Italy. Friend of Hooniverse, Frankiess was quick to take these couple shots of a red Alfa Romeo Spider almost immediately upon his arrival in Maribor.

The Alfa Romeo seems to have aged wonderfully gracefully, and it looks just about right. The five-spoke alloys – are those Cromodoras? – are small as tin can lids, but look like they belong.

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Diecast Delights: ’98 Porsche 911 GT1 in 1:18 scale


What is the point of the weekly Diecast Delights slot? Well, all over The Internet there are dozens, hundreds, several forums all discussing nothing but diecast models. Quite a lot of them seem to be frequented by folk with bottomless pockets, all high-fiving and back patting each other on their latest megabuck 1:18 purchase, often a Ferrari released so recently the ink hasn’t dried on the press release.

Who cares about the cutting edge anyway when eBay is overflowing with forgotten gems for our delectation? The model before you was an impulse buy for a large KFC meal level of outlay, despite its Le Mans winning pedigree.

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Weekend Edition: Mystery Car Sighting: The Westland Empire Aristocrat Edition


So awhiles back in my V.I.S.I.T. post about that Deux Chevaux this olelongrooffan had spotted, I mentioned I was returning from picking up TheKenMan’s generously provided AuctionsAmerica weekend pass for their auctions over the past few days. So on this past Saturday morning after making sure the underside of the lid of my washing machine was clean, (yeah that is a joke only a few of my fellow Hoons and thejeepjunkie will get), this olelongrooffan headed across Alligator Alley for the 93 minute drive to the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center there in the Port of the Everglades for the show that is Auctions America. Now while I was there I saw a whole bunch of cool ass carp, a lot of which I had seen before but it was cool to see it all once again. There was, however, one vehicle I have only seen in a partly obstructed view and that was here in the Hooniverse. Yes, it was one of the esteemed Mr. Esmlie’s Mystery Car posts from way back in 2011 which, surprisingly, this olelongrooffan remembered. Check that post out here and the ultimate identification of that ride by none other than commenter P161911. Yeah, my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan was pure assed flabbergasted to have spotted it and even more so to have remembered it. I guess the blue Skyy hasn’t killed all of the brain cells in this double nickeled aged old man.

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Cars You Should Know – Phoenix Hotel Parking Lot Roundup


A couple of weeks ago I was in Phoenix to drive around on BF Goodrich tires, and be driven around on BF Goodrich tires. It was a riot of a time. During some downtime after our day at the track, I checked out a few of the cars in the hotel’s parking lot. There was a surprising amount of really cool stuff in this on lot. Everything from highly modified sports cars to a weird looking vintage Travco motor home. It was a very hoony parking lot that day, so I had to walk around with my camera. Here are the results.

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The Carchive: The 1967 Ford Thunderbird


It’s that time again when right-minded folk will change their browser to another channel and go read something else for the next couple of hours. Those of you who remain can join me for a rummage through the dirty laundry of time in search of an interesting sock or cherished, fading T-shirt. Welcome to The Carchive

A while ago these vaults hosted “Thunderbird Week” where we fondly revisited Ford’s “personal luxury” offerings from ’78 through to ’93. And very nice they were too. Well, give or take. Today we head back to ’67 and look at what is very probably, no, very actually my favourite American Ford of all time.

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Cars You Should Know – Bulk Buy Mister Two


Last night with nothing better to do, my wife and I decided to take an evening trip to Costco (I got like 4 pounds of trail mix in a bag the size of my torso, Big Hero 6 on DVD, and we shared a lovely hot dog and pepsi value meal). On the way out of our little shopping/wasting time excursion, I spotted this lovely little bronze beast. It’s just SOOO 80s! I set down my bags, my wife briefly rolled her eyes mockingly, and I took a few photos. I still can’t get over how clean 1980s Japanese cars can be in this neck of the woods. Aside from the interior being beat, and the front spoiler showing some wear, this thing was immaculate. I wanted to leave a note offering the person cash, but the fact that I’ve already got 5 cars and only one garage space helped me walk away. I don’t know what this car’s owner thought they’d fit from Costco, though. I’ve driven a few of these things, and they don’t offer much in the way of storage.

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Diecast Delights: The Ford GT90 in 1:18 Scale


What if? It’s a fun if ultimately futile game to play. What if, in 1995,  the Ford Motor Company had successfully designed, built and sold a supercar which was absolutely without equal?

Well, it never quite happened. But fortunately, Maisto built a model which is plentifully available so you can wistfully gaze at the legend that never was.

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The Secret Mazda Basement Museum

YouTube Preview Image

Mazda loves that Zoom-Zoom tagline. It means quite a bit to them. They take the idea of making driving entertaining quite seriously.

This is a brand that loves the very act of driving itself, be it on the street or on a trace track… and they’re good at both.

Hidden in a basement in Irvine, California sits proof of that….

American Cars Living and Dying in Poland – Part 3

American cars living and dying in poland

There was a time, I am guessing sometime in the early 1990s, when container ships full of cars originally sold in the United States must have been departing Port Newark for Gdansk, Poland. Those cars varied from cheap econoboxes to limousines, to classic American land yachts. Also on these ships were European and Japanese cars that were sold in America and for some reason, probably related to their price, were being shipped to the land where they were actually available for purchase new.

Today we once again look at the cars that started their lives, or were at least sold, in North America. As always all pictures come from the awesome readers of zlomnik.pl. Enjoy.

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Disposable Heroes: #1 The Ford Mondeo


Time, I’ve decided, is a right bastard. Ten minutes ago, in 2004, I graduated University. The Chris Bangle era of BMW was getting into full swing; Rovers were still trundling out of Longbridge and Mercedes-Benz found a new niche for the banana-shaped car with the CLS. Put briefly, a terrifying number of things have happened in a very short period of time. This point rather erupted in my cerebral cortex when it occurred to me that the Ford Mondeo has now been with us for twenty-two years.

I vividly remember the explosive fanfare which accompanied the Mondeo when it arrived back in ’93. It’s difficult to comprehend just how much impact it had back then, and even harder to assimilate the media hoop-la that surrounded it. Sadly, today we see it as Just A Mondeo, and that’s just a tiny bit unfair.

So let’s start what promises to be a thoroughly edifying series in which we celebrate those cars which were celebrated as phenomenons when they were first released, only to later be rendered disposable by a combination of ubiquity and indifference. Mondeo, take a bow.

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