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The Carchive: 1974 Ford (Australia) Falcon


Welcome to The Carchive, the Hooniverse strand where we look back at sales literature of the past, many examples of which have aged rather better than the cars they promote.

Last week we looked at the ’70s cars of Panther, based just a hundred miles or so from where I sit right now. Today we’re travelling to a faraway land where, in the ’70s, Ford Customers really had it good. They had a massive range of choice, from little European-style Escorts and Cortinas, or they could opt for a big home-grown sedan with a V8. Take the jump to look at the Australian Ford Falcon.

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A Day With TheKenMan: The Naples/Marco AACA Show At The Depot: “It’s A Lambo, Dude”


So, a whiles back this olelongrooffan posted here in the Hooniverse some images of some pretty cool cars TheKenMan and I had seen while at an AACA car show here in toney Naples, Florida. In that post was this image of this sweet ole first gen Grand Prix. Several commenters had questioned what the yellow car in the background was. Well, as the title of this posts suggests, “It’s a Lambo, Dude.” Click on through to see a little more of it as well as the wonder just beyond it.

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A Day With TheKenMan: The Roosevelt Edition


So this olelongrooffan was out at the AACA Naples/Marco Chapter’s show a whiles back and came across some pretty sweet old rides that I didn’t even know about. This was one of them. It is a Roosevelt, as in Teddy Roosevelt, Automobile. Any of my fellow Hoons seen one of these previously?

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The Carchive: The ’70s Panther Range


The wind is blowing 12mph East North East and it’s about 16 degrees Celsius outside; the perfect conditions for a dip into The Carchive. Here we ponder at the printed relics of Motoring Past and decide whether the written promise matched the eventual truth.

Today’s document is a slender publication indeed, but this can be forgiven as the concern who published it weren’t exactly a global household name. Today we’re taking a trip to leafy Surrey, UK to see just what Panther Westwinds were up to in the early ’70s.

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West German cars living and dying in Poland – Part 2

A feature german cars in poland

The world has recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I cannot think of any single more striking difference between Western Bloc and Eastern Bloc countries than cars. Cars are something everyone sees everyday, they tell of our tastes and finances more than any jewelry, clothing, or home can. Just seeing the contrasts between East German Wartburgs and West German Volkswagen tells you which people are better off.

Today we take another look at West German cars that are presently living and dying in Poland. I included all Fords in this as Ford European HQ are located in Germany, despite the cars being manufactured all over. As always all pictures come courtesy of readers of the awesome Polish Zlomnik.pl website. Enjoy.

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Death In The Family: A fond farewell to the Ka.


Back in the late 20th century, a family walked out a small, local Ford dealership having placed a deposit down on two cars, a Ford Mondeo V6 and a Ford Ka. Six years later the Mondeo moved aside in favour of a BMW, but the Ka remained and would do for ages yet. Or, in fact, until this week.

The family I mention is my family, and it’s not without a few tears flowing that the Ka is leaving us. If you will, please take the jump to join me as I pay my last respects.

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Video: FSO Polonez made from LEGO Technic

FSO Polonez LEGO

Almost three years ago Santa brought me the LEGO Technic Unimog. This absurdly awesome vehicle was absurdly challenging to complete, especially when working with a five six seven year old on it. I still need to finish the crane and the winch on it.

It therefore amazes me when someone is capable of building anything original from LEGO Technic, especially something that resembles an actual vehicle. The above pictured FSO Polonez (early model)  is a lot more than just a pretty face. Its doors, hood, and hatch open, its wheels steer with the steering wheel, it has full suspension, and it has the typical LEGO engine and transmission.

But in addition to all of that, this Polonez is also radio controlled! My gawd, I NEED this!!! The holidays are around the corner and I’ve a good-ish boy, so Santa, if your fat ass is real,… please, pretty please?

See the whole car in detail after the jump.

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V.I.S.I.T: 1972 Bond Bug


The seductive curves of the female form.  The dynamic lpoise of a wild animal pounced to attack. The streamlined aesthetic of a fighter aircraft, elegant and trim yet concealing massive firepower. For generations car designers have drawn inspiration from these things and many more, leading to many a design classic.

By contrast, when creating the Bond Bug Tom Karen was heavily inspired by a piece of Red Leicester cheese he found at the back of the fridge.

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Jan Anderle and The Dálník: Blurring the line between Bike and Car.


Repulsive, isn’t it? A gargoyle among the sirens of steel and rubber that make up the historic motorcycle collection of the National Technical Museum, Prague. It may be redolent of the kind of creature that lurks at the bottom of the ocean’s deepest trenches, but it also happens to be one of the more interesting footnotes in European transportation development in the 20th century.

I covered the way-ahead-of-its-time ČAS Sc quite recently, and this, the Dálník 250 prototype is even more extreme in its concept. Find out more about it and what it led to after the jump.

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Used Car Reviews – 2004 Daewoo Evanda CDX V200


Ever since the Daewoo Evanda came out almost fifteen years ago, I’ve been somewhat slightly intrigued by it. There’s something off-beat about the Evanda, as it often appears under a multitude of aliases depending of where it has been sold, and when, but never truly taking a name as its own.

To begin with, it’s most authentically a Daewoo V200, replacing the V100 that was sold under the Leganza name. The V200 was sold as the Daewoo Magnus on its home turf, and when they were shipped to Western European ports, the name Evanda was applied on the trunklids. On North American markets, it was either the American Suzuki Verona or the Canadian Chevrolet Epica, the latter echoing its 2006 replacement (sold as the Daewoo Tosca in South Korea), but as Daewoo was even further integrated under General Motors, the Chevrolet badges were applied on the cars even in Europe.

So, this is what you could have ended up getting in 2004: a Daewoo which says GM Daewoo under the bonnet and has a Daewoo steering wheel, but Chevrolet badges on the outside. It’s an anti-car really, a non-brand, and despite having been designed by Italdesign’s Giorgetto Giugiaro like its predecessor, it appears perfectly anonymous. And that might be the thing I like most about it, there’s no badge burden on it if you just snip off the golden bowties. And since I found a little used ten-year-old example for sale locally, I really wanted to finally try one. Especially since it’s brown.

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