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Weekend at Beaulieu:- The Museum. Part 1- Cars.


I’ve just spent the past weekend in the company of a great many bearded men from all over Europe (and beyond) who had flocked to Southern England for a world-famous motoring event. It’s called the Beaulieu Autojumble, and you may have heard of it. It’s a mecca for those vintage car enthusiasts who have been searching in vain for Darracq doors or a Delahaye differential.

Let’s start by introducing the home of this annual pilgrimage; Great Britain’s foremost car museum. Welcome to Beaulieu.

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AmericanMuscle Car Show: 2,600 Mustangs and a pall of tiresmoke

Eric Rood September 2, 2014 Car Shows


Our Ford Mustang-tuning friends over at AmericanMuscle racked up a number of superlatives with its sixth annual AmericanMuscle Car Show, in what likely the lumpiest collective idle sound in the entire univeres. More than 2,600 Mustangs entered the show that drew more than 10,000 people to Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. The show featured all of the trailer queens you might expect, but some tuner specials took part in drag races, burnout competitions, and dyno pulls to see whose pulleys ‘n’ flows pulled and/or flowed best.

Mustang celebrities like drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. and hot rodder Chip Foose dropped by with Foose announcing the winner of AmericanMuscle’s MMD Mustang giveaway contest that we highlighted here in April. If you’re a Mustang aficionado, wander on over to AmericanMuscle’s page to check out the AmericanMuscle Car Show page with highlights and tons of photos showcasing everything from crowd-shrouding tiresmoke to pristine classic Mustang-ness (Mustangity?). Make the jump for the teaser trailer from the event.

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Two-Car Garage- Same Color, Same Era, Two Very Different Cars

Robert Emslie September 2, 2014 Car Shows


Let’s say you have, like many of us, a two-car garage and need to fill it with a pair of cars that would be your only automotive entertainment. Today we’re kicking off an occasional series that seeks to help fill that two-car garage.

Sometimes when I go to car shows I luck out and find two or more cars parked in a row that are of an interesting contrast. Last week we had the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage and Jaguar F-Type to compare in depth, and this week we have what might make one of the coolest two-car garages in town – a 1972 Ferrari 365 GC/4 and a 1972 Datsun 510/Bluebird. Parked slot to slot, these two cars share model year and arresting color, but are otherwise examples from the opposite ends of the automotive scale. What do you think, would these two make for a great pair? If not, with what would you pair each for the ultimate two-car garage?

Image: ©2014 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

Convertible Comparo: Aston Martin DB7 Vantage vs Jaguar F-Type

Aston vs jag

At a recent car meet I happened upon a new Jaguar F-Type that was parked smack-dab next door to an older relation, Aston Martin’s DB7 Vantage. The Jag represents that marque post-Ford, while the Aston is from the days when FoMoCo owned both AM and Jaguar. I thought it might be fun to compare the two and see which one today might be the more lust worthy. If you’re ready to have a Brit-fit, then let’s go. … Continue Reading

Hooniverse Goes To Concours D’LeMons West


Monterey car week has come and gone, and in that whirlwind half-dozen days, some of the worlds coolest cars assembled on the Californian peninsula for all to enjoy. Car guys came from all over the world to experience practically every corner of car culture for one week, and it was glorious. From the millions of dollars brought up to bid at the major auctions to the exhilarating vintage races out at Laguna Seca, there is literally something for everyone. Even if your budgets are a bit lower, and your dream car a bit more attainable, there’s one little car show for you that isn’t so little anymore. It’s called Concours D’LeMons, and it’s fantastic.

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Hooniverse Goes to Monterey (Day 2): Astons to Zagatos


That there is no mere Maserati Biturbo. It’s a maxi version called the 228. The execs at Maserati, in their infinite wisdom, built 469 of these between 1987 and 1991 to compete with the likes of the Mercedes 300CE, BMW 635CSi, and the Bertone Volvo 780. This being Hooniverse, I focused my Saturday down in Monterey on the unusual, the obscure, the Hoontastic. Make the jump to see the unusual, the obscure, and the Hoontastic. You won’t be disappointed. … Continue Reading

Hooniverse Goes to Monterey (Day 1): Aventador, Jackie Stewart, Laguna Seca


I can report to you that Day 1 of my Monterey jaunt was a smashing success. I got to drive a V12 Lamborghini, saw three-time F1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart, and spotted hundreds of rare and lust-worthy automobiles. It was a perfect day. Make the jump to see why Monterey Car Week is every car nut’s dream destination. … Continue Reading

2014 GT500 Shelby Super Snake is Everything You Think It Is


A few weeks ago, I went the annual Northwest Mustang Roundup and All Ford show on the campus of Bellevue College. With its tall fir and hemlock trees providing a verdant backdrop, acres upon acres of Mustangs and Fords of all kinds lay before us like a blue oval buffet. One of them stood out above the others, though; it was head and shoulders (and haunches) above the rest. Like what you see? Take the jump below to see more. … Continue Reading

Final Seconds Saturday of 2014 At Hanzels Auto Body Works


Now, Mr. Odell is usually the one to go to Hanzel’s for this event, but his series of posts convinced me that I needed to make the trek over to the bay area from my hideaway in the high deserts of Sparks, Nevada. Set the alarm clock for 4AM and hit the road. There’s nothing quite like a one-day road trip to really liven things up (especially after a quick stop at the ever-fantastic Dutch Bros. Coffee on the way out), and after having been given the opportunity to poke around a bunch of fellow enthusiast’s cars and probe the inner workings of Hanzel’s I’m convinced it was well worth the trip. Fun was had by all as we shared the intricacies of our cars among the gathered crowds. Coffee, crullers, camaraderie, and camshafts; how could it get better?

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Honda NSX lovin’ at Goodwood 2014


It must be a terrific asset to have a car like the NSX in your back catalogue, especially when you’re a company typically known for shops-and-back shuttles like, er, the Shuttle.

The NSX is something of a Hooniverse Idol, and quite rightly so. It first appeared in dealers in 1990 on the back of Honda’s very successful contributions to Formula 1 racing, and the Civics and Accords that clogged the world’s asphalt arteries were suddenly bathed in an exciting new, empassioned light.

After a lengthy production run, the right-first-time NSX was finally taken from us in 2005, and there’s been nothing quite like it ever since; Honda badge or not. At this years Goodwood, though, Honda were flying the NSX flag high.

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