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2014 NYIAS: Classic NYPD Cars

new york auto show nypd cars (11)

The 2014 New York Auto Show is now in full swing until Sunday, April 27th. While we provided you with awesomeomgamazeballs coverage of the new, relevant, and interesting stuff, there is always more. On the lower level of the Javits Center, which is usually reserved for trucks, there is a section with after-market bro cars/trucks, movie cars, some classic cars, and others. This year, this others was a bunch of privately owned ex-NYPD cars.

The cars came from NYC Police Museum, which is temporarily housed downtown at 45 Wall Street, because the original location was damaged my super-storm Sandy. All cars are privately owned, mostly by retired NYPD cops, on the loan to the museum and the show. Hit the jump for too see all of them. Head to Bangshift.com for my buddy Craig Fitzgerald’s Bangshift.com write up on these cars, simply because he knows them better than I do.
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Car Shows- Some Things To Do This Weekend in L.A.

Robert Emslie April 22, 2014 Car Shows


Hey angelinos – or even near-by-erinos – what have you got on tap this weekend? Well, if your answer was nuttinmuch then here’s a couple of shows that you should think about attending. On Saturday the Z Store is holding their Z Bash, which they describe as ‘a one-day celebration of the Z-Car and the loyal fans of the West Coast Nationals.’ If you’re into Nissan’s venerated sports car and can make the trek to the City of Orange, then this is a can’t miss opportunity to see every generation, from S30 to Z34, and pick up some parts if that’s also a need. The Z Store is located at 1139 West Collins Avenue, Orange, CA 92867. More info may be had at their site, and a map to the locale can be found here.

If your interests are less Land of the Rising Sun and more aligned with the empire upon which the sun supposedly never sets then you’ll want to attend Sunday’s parking in the park event, The Queen’s English Cars Show and Auto Jumble at Van Nuys’ Woodley Park. Running from 9 am until 4 pm, the annual oiling of the grass as I like to call it is an excellent opportunity to take in both the common – MGB, TR3, XKE, etc – and the obscure. And all of it was built in Jolly Olde! If you’d like to bring your own old Brit to show, check out the cost and entry info here. Maps and directions to the park are available here.

I’m going to try and be at both shows, Saturday in my S30 and Sunday with the Jaguar Owner’s Club catting up the place in the morning. These are both typically great events, and the Queen’s English is one of the best opportunities in L.A. to see the best of Britain so I highly recommend that one if you’re in the area.

UPDATE: Here’s yet another great event coming up this Saturday. The San Gabriel Valley Region chapter of the Porsche Club of America will be holding a Concours d’ Elegance at the Art Center College of Design which is located at 1700 Lida Street in Pasadena. Car placement starts at 7:30 and judging at 9:30. The Art Center Cafeteria will be open for lunch and tours of the Gallery will be offered starting at 1:00. For more info, click here.

Image sources: The Z Store, ©2014 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

Rhys Millen Racing’s Mid-Engine V8 RM460 Hyundai Genesis Coupe


SEMA cars tend to be one-and-done kind of exhibitions of excess. Often, the cars will leave Vegas and head straight for the scrap yard, or to go on a press tour before being relegated to the dark and dusty corner of a shop somewhere. This one, though, seems to have survived to hoon another day. We spotted this one-of-one custom at last weekend’s Shift-S3ctor half-mile drag racing event in middle-of-nowhere Coalinga, Ca. RMR’s 2009 SEMA entrant was parked up with both hoods open, showing off the amazing engineering underneath. Take one part Genesis Coupe, add eight cylinders of 500 horsepower Genesis-Sedan-sourced 4.6 liter Tau, blend liberally with a pinch of Mendeola sequential gearbox, and a dash of Rhys Millen insanity, and this is what you get.

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2014 NYIAS: Alfa Romeo 4C, BMW M3, and other sports cars

2014 NYIAS Sports Cars-2

The 2014 New York International Auto Show is… kind of a snoozer. There really isn’t anything that we haven’t seen before, nothing earth shattering, nothing amazing. Or perhaps we’re just jaded, I’m not sure. This is the reason why we’re going to look at some sporty vehicles which we’ve seen before, but that are worth a second look. 

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NYIAS 2014: All The Mazda Miatas!

2014 NYIAS-2

Mazda, for some reason, thinks that auto journos like Miatas, so they have brought to the New York Auto Show almost every significant Miata they have ever made. From the original stripped out 1990 model with steel wheels to race cars, tuner cars, and concept cars. 

All pictures after the jump, including one of Jeff being a little too happy. My favorite is still the coupe concept from the mid-90s. There is no sign of the all-new ND Miata, which is disappointing. 

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New York International Auto Show 2014 – The Hooniverse Coverage

nyc auto show 2014

It’s that time of the year again when Jeff and I meet up in New York City and drink provide Hooniverse readers with some kind of a vague but somewhat interesting coverage. We are not sure exactly how we’re going to do it, and likely we never will be. We just walk around aimlessly, chat with people like, talk about people we don’t like, eat junk food, look at cars and criticize, drink fancy lattes, look at cars and drool, and take random pics with our fancy cameras. We’ll have our phones on us for the ever important selfies and/or really weird stuff which will FaceBook/tweet.

There will be premiers, some auto journosaur will do/say something stupid, professional and knowledgeable product professionals in ridiculously short miniskirts, automakers will put on fancy press conferences that we will not attend. There is also a few halls that no journos ever attend with old cars, and more frequently attended truck area. Is there anything you, our awesome readers, want to see specifically?


The Rometsch Beeskow is the Bee’s Knees


One of the great things about attending meet-ins like Cars & Coffee is their surprising nature, you never know just what’s going to show up. This past weekend at my local Saturday crack of dawn congregation a pretty special car made an appearance, and it’s one that might have you saying, when in Rometsch

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A Tale of Two Chevys


The great thing about cars shows is that you get to see similar models often sitting door handle to door handle, giving you the perfect opportunity to examine the plethora of details that make each version unique. I had just such a chance at this past weekend’s Cars and Coffee meet-in in Montrose CA where a pair of 1966 Chevys – one a plain jane Chevelle, and the other its fancy pants sister the Malibu – were on display.

Both cars were pristine examples, and while back in the day the Malibu might have been the one you’d choose, for reasons made evident after the jump, I think I’d take this poorer relation in this case.

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Truck Thursday: Because UNIMOG


So this past weekend, this olelongrooffan hooked up with my Cobra, Aurora, Street Rod and Mustang owning friend TheKenMan and we spent the greater part of the day seeing as much as could be seen around here in FantasyLand. As will be, or has been, related here in the Hooniverse, we experienced a bunch of cool events and at one of them was this fantastic Unimog this olelongrooffan just had to share with my fellow Hoons.

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The Ford Galaxie I wanted vs. the Galaxy we got.


One of my favourite topics to belly-ache about is how unremittingly grey the motoring scene was in Britain for most during the ’60s. You might catch the occasional flash of Rosso Ferrari or Racing Green E-Type every now and again, but the majority of road traffic was of the everyday, everyman variety. 60′s Britain could only dream of long, powerful cars on wide open roads, roof down, heading for the sunset.

Of course, it was inevitable that Ford’s celestially named car for Europe (Orion notwithstanding) would be not only spelled differently, but would satisfy only fantasies that involved practicality, a high driving position and re-configurable seating. The Galaxy we ended up with in ’95 was a box on wheels. The one you got in the ’60s wasn’t. Let’s, then, take a look at the far sexier ’63 Galaxie, an example of which I recently admired at one of our few non wash-out car shows.

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