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Taking a Look Back: First Show of the Year

Despite how eventful this year has been, some of the photos I’ve taken have not progressed to being sorted and edited until very recently. One of these events, which I attended back in January, was a local car show called the 2015 Series Open Car & Truck Show at “The Shops at Wiregrass,” a small outdoor mall in the tiny nearby town of Wesley Chapel, Florida. Despite this being the first I’d heard of this car show series, there was a pretty nice showing of cars with a good variety, which I’ve collected to share with you after the jump.  … Continue Reading

The ’65 Ferrari 330GT Vignale: A Latin Longroof


It may well that be the same affliction that prevented my successful progression as a car designer is responsible for my wife’s total lack of trust in me for making decisions in matters of household decor. For instance, I think the Aviation Traders Carvair was a glorious looking aeroplane. I enjoy looking at pieces of Soviet brutalist architecture. Ekranoplans, to me, are handsome devices. No less do I appreciate the aesthetic of a Class 31 diesel locomotive than I do a Fiat Topolino.

Basically I cannot / will not acknowledge when something is ugly. I am no arbiter of style or elegance, though I’m pretty sure I have a fantastic taste in women. This brings me to what we have here, which, to hedge my bets, I’m going to say is simultaneously the best and worst looking Ferrari of all time.

… Continue Reading

V12 XJ220: The Biggest of Big Cats


This was a good test of a Hoon, one which 90% of the people milling around this participant of the Cartier Style Et Luxe at Goodwood this year, failed. Even those who took the time to read the accompanying datacard. “Hey, an XJ220!” they said. They paused, they looked, they appreciated, then they moved on. But did they catch the big “AND”?

The clever yet subtle decal says it all. V12 XJ220 . Yes, this particular machine has twice as many cylinders as your regular garden variety hypercat, and that makes it just a teensy bit special in my book. Indeed I began to get a little light headed as I looked around it, and I apologise if the images get increasingly pornographic after the jump. Actually, perhaps I don’t.

… Continue Reading

Car Show Crazy – 28th Annual Midwest Chevelle Regional


I can never get enough car shows, especially in the summertime. Somehow, sunshine and steel just seem right for each other. How about you? … Continue Reading

Goodwood FoS 2015: The Best Kind Of Wood


If this car on the Peugeot stand is property of Peugeot UK then somebody there has an excellent sense of humour. This is the kind of thing I like to see.

Moreover, the fact that this car is on the Peugeot stand at all is a mighty reassuring sign. This is a 309 GTI, a Goodwood Editon, one of the very last off the production line, a kind of celebratory run-out model. OK, the Goodwood name is coincidental to our current location and so that might be why it’s here. But I like to think of it as a display of Peugeot not forgetting where they came from.

… Continue Reading

Goodwood FoS 2015: The Size Of His Toys- New NSX


The theme of Honda’s 2015 Goodwood stand was extremely cleverly conceived. Or I might be reading far too much into it.

Having their 2015 offerings all packaged up as 1:1 scale models -should I have posted this as a Diecast Delight?- they have created a playful, fun-to-look-at display. Big toys. Excellent. But the subtext, which was either completely intentional and I need to drink more coffee and wake up a bit, or I’ve stumbled upon it by accident, could well be about separating the men from the boys.

Especially when there’s a particular toy which everybody with the slightest hint of a gasolinical inclination has been anticipating For Ever. It’s known by three letters which mean so much.

N S X.

… Continue Reading

Goodwood FoS 2015: Ford GT- A Glass Case Of Emotion


Talk about forbidden fruits. Look, don’t touch. Mitts OFF. Leave it! Not happy.

I want to gaze longingly at it with unimpeded vision. I want to follow every undulating contour with my eye until it waters. I want to place a palm on one of its curves, then run it gently but assertively along until it slides out of view into that special hole. I want to be inside, turn her on and feel a pulse from the other side of the leather. I want to bring that beat up and unleash a groan of pleasure from both her and me, and probably at exactly the same time.

The Ford GT.

… Continue Reading

Goodwood FoS 2015: The Art Of Noise


Ladies and Gentlemen…. The Napier Railton. It is machinery like this which forms the very bedrock on which our total commitment to The Car is based. It’s only because of the work of clever chaps in oily overalls decades of years ago that Motorsport- and consequently fast cars- ever became a thing. We thank them.

We also thank Fiat, for building a car in 1911 with a 28.4 litre (1734 CID) four cylinder engine. And we collectively thank our chosen higher forces for the fact that we can see, hear, smell and feel their presence today.

… Continue Reading

Goodwood FoS 2015: The Bird Is The Word


Bird has always been the word. T’bird, Superbird, Blackbird, My Bird, Doing Bird, giving the bird; In every single one of these applications it’s equally life-changing. And we didn’t even really need The Trashmen to tell us.

The Plymouth Superbird is probably my favourite of them all. So, when I walked around a corner in the paddock at Goodwood and Richard Petty’s #43 machine damn near ran me over, I felt like I’d been chosen by God. It would have been a noble way to go, really.

Fortunately I managed to capture the whole event on video.

… Continue Reading

Goodwood FoS 2015: Mustang. Feeling A Little Horse


The UK has been gripped by Mustang Fever for a little while now. So much so that, well, it’s almost become a little bit boring. When I’m wandering down a cobbled street and I hear the thunderous reverbulations of a stateside V8, I get all anticipative. Whassat? Roadrunner? GTO? Cobra?

Nope. It’s always some guy in a 2008 Mustang with the loudest exhaust he could fit. Specialists all over the UK have been busily marketing imported Mustangs to Enthusiasts Of Loud Cars for several years. The plentiful nature of such beasts the other side of the pond no doubt translates to Serious Profits. Thing is, until very recently that was the ONLY way you could get a Mustang in the UK. Well, Ford have been showing right hand drive Mustangs for at least a year, there was one here on their display in 2014. Yet I’m still not 100% sure you can actually march into your local Fordmonger and buy one.

And a bigger question than that: Why haven’t I driven one?

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