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1959 BMW 600: “The Limousine”


So awhiles back this olelongrooffan was up in the City of Palms and spotted something previously heard of and only seen in pictures. Yeah, my fellow Hoons this was the first time I had spotted a BMW 600, “The Limousine” if you will. And it dates from 1959, the same age as the Daytona International Speedway and this olelongrooffan. Click on through to see some more of it.

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2015 Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance

a lead 2015 Boca Raton concours (1)

It is a pleasant coincidence that the Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance occurs each year at exactly the same time I spend a week in warm southern Florida with my family – it’s like they plan it around me, which they should.

The one day concours is relatively small in size but it features something for everyone and not just the rare and the overpriced/over-hyped. Like last year there were plenty of fast and funky Europeans, American muscle, British luxury, with some micro and one-offs thrown into the mix.

Over a hundred pics and results after the jump.

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Chicago Auto Show: Hooniverse chats with Nissan factory LMP1 driver Jann Mardenborough


Yesterday, we brought you an interview with Darren Cox from Nismo, who is leading Nissan’s efforts to field the front-engine, front-wheeld-drive Nissan GT-R LM Nismo. If you missed our coverage at the car’s world premiere or Jeff’s great video on it from the Chicago Auto Show, here’s are the basics: This is a hybrid racecar that will put out more than 1,200 horsepower at full chat while it races at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this summer and also in this season’s World Endurance Championship.

With a nine-driver crew in the three Le Mans cars, Nissan has drawn out their driver announcements. Jann Mardenborough, a graduate of the GT Academy (which we’ve covered here before), was among the most recently announced trio of drivers. For a young Brit of just 21 years, Mardenborough seems completely composed at all times, even when we ambushed him before the unveiling of the GT-R LM last Thursday morning. We proceeded to bombarded with questions about everything from the GT-R LM to the recent Bathurst 12 Hours to the 24 Hours of LeMons and he was more than happy to oblige.

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Eurotripper European Car Show: The Water Cooled Edition


So it was a couple weekends ago this olelongrooffan was up at JetBlue Park in the City of Palms checking out the Eurotripper European Car Show. As I mentioned previously, there was large contingency of VDubs, both air and water cooled, but they were not the only Eurocars to show up that day. One of them was this seriously cool Land Rover as well as many more. However, to see them my fellow Hoons will have to make the jump.

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Chicago Auto Show: Hooniverse chats with Nismo’s Darren Cox


When Nissan announced and revealed their GT-R LM Nismo car that will run at Le Mans, the idea was radically different: a front-engined, front-wheel-drive beast in the LMP1 class where the competitors all run mid-engine, all-wheel-drive cars. The unique design was not unexpected from Nissan if you’ve paid attention to their recent Le Mans efforts with radical designs like the DeltaWing in 2011 and the ZEOD in 2014. The man behind those designs is the brilliant Ben Bowlby and the man standing behind Bowlby for the duration has been Darren Cox,Head of Nisamo Global Brand Sales and Marketing, who also created and has championed the vastly successful Nissan GT Academy.

We caught up with Cox just after the GT-R LM’s unveiling at the Chicago Auto Show last week and managed to crowbar our way into the massive queue for his time. As the face of the program, Cox has approached the public launch of the program with uncharacteristic honesty and forthrightness in a motorsports landscape dominated by secretive designs from his competitors. He’s an amiable man, patient with the buzzing media circus and he nearly answered all of our questions for him.

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2015 Chicago Auto Show: The Hoon’s gallery


The Hooniverse contingent descended upon the 2015 Chicago Auto Show’s press days last week like so many politicians to a brothel. Greg Kachadurian attended the Nissan GT-R LM Nismo’s release party and Jeff added another video about the same car because it is certifiably nuts. I even interviewed one of the GT-R LM’s drivers and the program’s director, so to speak, which will be forthcoming soon.

However, it turns out there was more at the show besides Nissan’s forthcoming LMP1 car (and the gorgeous Alfa Romeos and whiskey) so follow the jump for a couple of the show’s highlights.

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2015 Chicago Auto Show: Guess which booth was our favorite…


If you’re curious, Whistle Pig bourbon is delicious…

The News for February 13th, 2015


Welcome to the Hooniverse News – Chicago Auto Show recap! This is a weekly recap of some of the biggest stories in the automotive industry without the fluff or bull – only this time, I’m covering it LIVE-ish! I’m here with Jeff and Eric to bring you the biggest news of the show as always, but now with my own photos and without having to borrow news sources from other people! This week:

  • Nissan drops the top on the 370Z Nismo

  • Acura freshens up the RDX

  • Honda reveals all-new Pilot

  • Ram debuts high-end Limited trim

  • Kia shows off Trail’ster Concept

  • What was your automotive news?

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2015 Chicago Auto Show: A closer look at the Nissan GT-R LM Nismo

YouTube Preview Image

Meet the Nissan GT-R LM Nismo. This car will race this year at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the Le Mans Prototype 1 (LMP1) class.


That word cannot be stressed enough. This is a one-of-a-kind concept from the same mind that designed Nissan’s DeltaWing and ZEOD : Ben Bowlby. If the looks don’t tell how you it’s different, then know this: It is a 1,250-horsepower, front-engine, hybrid, front-wheel-drive*, aerodynamic phenomenon that also happens to be a racecar.

Need some more insane information on the Nissan GT-R LM Nismo? Dive in:

  • The car’s design was done entirely on a computer, which is typical. What isn’t, however, is designer Ben Bowlby’s faith in the design (and Nissan’s faith in Bowlby). The car has been tested in the wind tunnel exactly once. That is incredible for a car so dependent on its aerodynamic performance.
  • Despite Internet claims that the car will understeer like a pig, Nismo’s Global Motorsports Director Darren Cox told Hooniverse that the car turns quite well, actually, and it’s very stable, particularly in the rain. If it rains at Le Mans (as Jason Statham indicates it always does), watch out.
  • The team, who are based out of Bowlby’s shop in Indianapolis, have only recently done straight-line testing at the Michelin Proving Grounds in South Carolina, where they’re also testing their flywheel recovery system. How crazy is that system? Three seconds of hard braking will spin the flywheel to 60,000 rpm, which is around Mach 2.0 and would produce a sonic boom if it wasn’t in a vacuum(!!).

*The car, as it stands if front-wheel drive, although the design will allow all-wheel-drive with the electric motors sending power to the rears. Maybe. Well, that part’s not yet sorted, yet, actually, since it’s a development year.

2015 Chicago Auto Show: the Ford GT earns its stripes


This isn’t the first time Ford brought out the all-new GT, but it’s the first time we’ve been able to see it out in public in a color different than what was shown in Detroit. Also, it gets stripes!

The paint is called Liquid Silver and when combined with the dark gray stripes it just looks so right. Even among the new cars here in Chicago being seen for the first time, the GT still manages to stand out and make a huge impression. Hell, there’s a blue carbon Bugatti Veyron Super Sport parked here and I had to have someone remind me about it. It’s stunning.

Click past the jump for a quick photo dump.

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