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An Afternoon With TheKenMan: The First Edition


So I would suspect that my fellow Hoons have realized this olelongrooffan, for now, lives down in sunny southwest Florida. And while in many areas of this great country we live in have seasons marked by the return of tree leaves, grass growing in the spring time requiring cutting and trimming on a regular basis and then brown during the summer on to the vivid color of those deciduous tree leaves in the fall, down here in southwest Florida, our turning of the seasons is demonstrated by the almost overnight appearance of privatized auto transporters over in the Big K parking lot on the Tamiami Trail here in FantasyLand. Yes, my fellow Hoons, spring has sprung here and the snowbirds are heading home. And their cars are off on these transporters like wayward children riding the bus while Mom and Dad pop for first class airline tickets. Alas, they both will return in the fall and another season will have begun. But what does that mean to this olelongrooffan? Well, my fellow Hoons, a jump will need to be made to make that determination.

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Weekend Edition: Vårmønstringen 2015 by Norsk Sportsvogn Klubb


Quite a headline, isn’t it? The event is an answer to the question I’m sure many of you have been pondering, “What is the sports car scene like in Norway?”

The Vårmønstringen is a spring awakening of sorts. Held by the Norwegian Sportscar Club, it’s one of the biggest yearly automotive events in Norway, and this year’s gathering was the 40th so far. These photos by Hooniverse reader and power enthusiast Adrian Jektvik show just how diverse the scene can be.

And yes, there was a Koenigsegg there.

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Wagon Wednesday: The Lada Wagon that conquered USA


A Lada station wagon is pretty awesome by itself. Especially the round-headlight 2102 ones, as they have the most simple and classic appearance of them all.

But one of the most significant ones, at least with Finnish plates, is this exact ochre one I photographed at the Classic Motorshow last weekend. The 2102 wagon, originally bought for two packets of coffee and driven by a brave team called The Hoponderos made it through the United States in one piece, and back to Finland. No mean feat.

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Blast from the Past: 1971 Citroën SM


Nestled among the classic Citroëns at the Classic Motorshow’s parking lot, next to a slightly dented CX GTi turbo was a Feuille doree gold coloured 1971 Citroën SM. It wasn’t the only SM at the event, but it was the most interesting one I had yet seen.

This particular “Special Maserati” was registered new in the Eastern Finnish town where my dad grew up. The car was ordered by a Citroën enthusiast, the owner of a plumbing company, and my dad knew his son. Apparently, the car did spend quite some time at the shop already when it was new, but that is probably par for the course when you have a very rare, very quirky and very exotic personal luxury coupe somewhere in Eastern Finland.

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Queen’s English Cast Off: The 1974 Austin Marina 1.8


Last week’s Queen’s English show at Woodley Park in the Los Angeles suburb of Van Nuys was an orgy of great British brands and a panoply of that island nation’s finest. There was also – off in a lonely corner – an Austin Marina. … Continue Reading

More of that Good Stuff from the Classic Motorshow 2015


Eagle-eyed weekend readers might have noticed that there simply wasn’t an awful lot of weekend content posted on Saturday or Sunday. That’s entirely down to me: the schedule for me this past weekend was such a tight one, that there unfortunately was no time to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

The good thing is: there’s post-worthy content for you to see right here, just a little later. I’ll be posting the interesting Classic Motorshow parking lot single shots after the Weird Neighbors you saw first.

That includes this bagged Mercedes right here.

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Fort Lauderdale Auctions America 2015: The EuroClassic Edition


So there this olelongrooffan was, hanging out at the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center and checking out some pretty seriously cool cars and trucks. Well at least to me anyway. As I gathered the above image of this sweet old ragtop, I tried to remember if I had ever seen one in the flesh and I don’t believe I have. It is a sweet and rare ride. I contemplated using this image as Mystery Car post but I figured my fellow Hoons would have it identified prior to completely loading. If my fellow Hoons are having difficulty ID-ing this thing, please feel free to make the jump.

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The Queen’s English Car Show Will be a Jolly Old Time

Robert Emslie April 21, 2015 Car Shows


Once a year Woodley Park in Van Nuys CA hosts the annual oiling of the grass, or as it’s better known, the Queen’s English All-British Car Meet and Jumble. This year’s cars and crumpets fest is coming up this very next Sunday. Assuming participants can get their cars started (and it doesn’t rain) things will kick off at 9am.  There will be food vendors so you won’t go hungry, and things will wrap up at a questionable electrical system friendly 4pm. One thing to keep in mind is that spectator parking is somewhat limited so you might want to come early. Maybe right after having your kippers for breaky.

It will be well worth it. Participating will be a riot of Rovers, a multitude of MG, an avalanche of Austins, and lots of Loti, and the Jumble (or swap meet) may be the opportunity to find that missing leaf spring gaiter or key fob you’ve been desperately seeking. The show is free for spectators, and there’s a nominal charge for getting your own Brit barge on display, the participant entry form may being found here. Similarly, a Map and directions are here.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area this upcoming weekend, this is a must-see event for all enthusiasts, and especially so if you also happen to be an anglophile or just someone who’s always wondered how Lucas manages to put all that smoke in their wires.

Image: ©2015 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

Viva La Bedfordshire: It’s Another Old Vauxhall


Yesterday we looked at a magnificently accessorised example of one of Vauxhall of Luton’s V-Bombers, the Victor estate. Today it’s the turn of that car’s little sister, the Viva, also appearing at Classics On The Quay, and again in that Hooniverse-friendly Longroof format.

The Viva was, I believe I’m right in saying, the very last car where Vauxhall were allowed to exercise their development muscle without being pressured to share their toys and play nice with Opel. Every subsequent car to wear the proud Griffon badge would have either some or most of its design in common with something from Germany.

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To The Victor Belongs The Spoilers.


I was raised on a diet of Blue Ovals. Henry was our favourite uncle and he treated us well, and even if the family has grown distant from him over time, we’re still very fond of the way he does things. In contrast, we never really warmed to The General. He seemed a little stand-offish, and we never really related to him. Only now am I starting to realise what a talented guy he was, and how much great work he did.

Back in the early ’70s Vauxhall were still allowed to talk and think for themselves. General Motors still ruled them with a rod of iron and fists of steel, but the Griffon emblem was still proudly affixed to vehicles which, by and large, were all largely developed by the clever chaps in Luton. The Vauxhall Victor you see before you visited the recent Classics at the Quay show, and is completely and utterly magnificent.

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