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Weekend at Beaulieu Finale; The Motherlode


My coverage of the Beaulieu Autojumble left me with so many millions of hastily shit shot images that filleting them into sensible portions for visual consumption has been a major, and long winded undertaking.

Well, this is it. The end, finally. Click over the jump for a final outsplurge featuring some of the notables that I’m simply never going to get around to writing about, or that are of such extreme minority interest that it wouldn’t be worth it anyway.

Spoiler: There’s a Rover 825 Coupé in there, you lucky, lucky people

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Weekend At Beaulieu: You Name It, We Got It.


“How much for the one, badly corroded and horrifically, brutally deformed Lotus Eclat alloy?”
“That’s £110, mate”
“Hmm, that’s a bit rich, considering the condition. I was thinking more like £60”
“You’re having a laugh, mate. I can’t let that go for less than a ton”
“Look I’ll take it now for £70”

….and so it goes on for the next ten minutes. This conversation was occurring literally everywhere you walked. It’s an inevitable phenomenon at this kind of an event; the prices marked on items is arbitrary at best and haggling is the norm. But before the skilful negotiation can break out, you have to have the kind of stuff laid out on your stall that everybody wants. And to be completely honest, walking past hundreds of identical stalls covered in rusty obsolete parts I had a hard time telling the trash from the treasure.

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Weekend At Beaulieu:- SM on DS Action


Whatever the unit of measurement is for Awesomeness Per Square Foot, the assembly of Gallic motoring eccentricity photographed above must register quite a high reading. If the Citroen SM is my favourite French car of all time (and I’ve just decided it is), and the DS is my second favourite, then what we see here is akin my favourite meal (haddock and chips) perched upon my second (rare steak).

One question begs to be asked, though. Was posing the bewilderingly complex SM with its hood open on a flatbed a choice made tongue-in-cheek, or was no irony intended whatsoever?

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Weekend at Beaulieu:- 4 Sale:- T’Bird? Word.


£23,750. It all comes down to context, really. In my world, where my daily driver is worth probably a hundredth of that, that’s a whole hill of cash. In vehicular retail terms, though, twenty-four grand doesn’t yet see you out of KIA territory. You’re talking real low-end BMW and Mercedes fare for that kind of figure. For out-and-out look-at-me new-car credibility, £23,750 doesn’t earn you a whole bunch of bragging rights.

So why not spend your 24 kiloquid on this? Parked amid the “for sale” area at the World Famous International Autojumble at Beaulieu this year, to say that this ’63 Thunderbird stood out is an understatement akin to the 1986 mutterings of Chenobyl safety officers that “we might be in a spot of bother here.”

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Weekend at Beaulieu: 4 Sale – The Barn Finds


“Barn Find” has become a real pain-in-the arse phrase. Stick it in eBay as a search term and you’ll be presented with a list of cars which have never been near a barn in their lives, nor been forgotten about for decades. Typically a Barn Find on eBay will involve a seventeen year old Nissan Micra being “found” in gran’s garage and then sold for whatever it’ll reach because she’s hung up her mink driving gloves for the last time.

Of course, there’s a big difference between eBay; purveyors of hopeless crocks to the poor and indiscriminating, and Bonhams, purveyors of… well, hopeless crocks to the Rich and optimistic. Bonhams, the renown auction house, took charge of sales of high class hulks which might just have genuinely have been found in somebody’s barn. But which will you choose?

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Weekend at Beaulieu: The Museum Pt3 – The Record Breakers


Part of me absolutely hates museums. Line after line of immaculately presented mechanical corpses sit there, mute, waiting without hope of ever seeing action like they did in the days before they were embalmed and roped off with velvet.

You need to visit Goodwood, Duxford, or dozens of the other gatherings around the world to see vintage aircraft and race cars being given a proper work-out. At Goodwood this year, on the same day that a Mercedes W196 Racer was being thrapped up the hillclimb, a Hawker Hunter and English Electric Canberra were dancing an intricate, noisy routine in the skies above. Of course, there are certain awesome artefacts from time that can never be demonstrated in public, though, which is a shame. There is unlikely, for instance, to ever be a Saturn V rocket display.

Which brings me to where I’m stood right now. Inches from machines which have been the fastest wheel-driven vehicles of their time. Absolute power, silenced.

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Weekend at Beaulieu:- The Museum. Part 1- Cars.


I’ve just spent the past weekend in the company of a great many bearded men from all over Europe (and beyond) who had flocked to Southern England for a world-famous motoring event. It’s called the Beaulieu Autojumble, and you may have heard of it. It’s a mecca for those vintage car enthusiasts who have been searching in vain for Darracq doors or a Delahaye differential.

Let’s start by introducing the home of this annual pilgrimage; Great Britain’s foremost car museum. Welcome to Beaulieu.

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AmericanMuscle Car Show: 2,600 Mustangs and a pall of tiresmoke

Eric Rood September 2, 2014 Car Shows


Our Ford Mustang-tuning friends over at AmericanMuscle racked up a number of superlatives with its sixth annual AmericanMuscle Car Show, in what likely the lumpiest collective idle sound in the entire univeres. More than 2,600 Mustangs entered the show that drew more than 10,000 people to Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. The show featured all of the trailer queens you might expect, but some tuner specials took part in drag races, burnout competitions, and dyno pulls to see whose pulleys ‘n’ flows pulled and/or flowed best.

Mustang celebrities like drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. and hot rodder Chip Foose dropped by with Foose announcing the winner of AmericanMuscle’s MMD Mustang giveaway contest that we highlighted here in April. If you’re a Mustang aficionado, wander on over to AmericanMuscle’s page to check out the AmericanMuscle Car Show page with highlights and tons of photos showcasing everything from crowd-shrouding tiresmoke to pristine classic Mustang-ness (Mustangity?). Make the jump for the teaser trailer from the event.

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Two-Car Garage- Same Color, Same Era, Two Very Different Cars

Robert Emslie September 2, 2014 Car Shows


Let’s say you have, like many of us, a two-car garage and need to fill it with a pair of cars that would be your only automotive entertainment. Today we’re kicking off an occasional series that seeks to help fill that two-car garage.

Sometimes when I go to car shows I luck out and find two or more cars parked in a row that are of an interesting contrast. Last week we had the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage and Jaguar F-Type to compare in depth, and this week we have what might make one of the coolest two-car garages in town – a 1972 Ferrari 365 GC/4 and a 1972 Datsun 510/Bluebird. Parked slot to slot, these two cars share model year and arresting color, but are otherwise examples from the opposite ends of the automotive scale. What do you think, would these two make for a great pair? If not, with what would you pair each for the ultimate two-car garage?

Image: ©2014 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

Convertible Comparo: Aston Martin DB7 Vantage vs Jaguar F-Type

Aston vs jag

At a recent car meet I happened upon a new Jaguar F-Type that was parked smack-dab next door to an older relation, Aston Martin’s DB7 Vantage. The Jag represents that marque post-Ford, while the Aston is from the days when FoMoCo owned both AM and Jaguar. I thought it might be fun to compare the two and see which one today might be the more lust worthy. If you’re ready to have a Brit-fit, then let’s go. … Continue Reading


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