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All the Best Rally Cars, One Corner, One Video

Kamil Kaluski October 20, 2015 Aural Pleasure

If you love cars, you must love, or at least respect, rally cars and rally drivers. Designed to meander through narrow town streets, gravel forest roads, and snow-covered mountains, these cars, their drivers and pilots endure more in one race than others do all season. Over the years we have seen everything from the iconic Group B, through EVOs and WRXs, to the more recent Volkswagens and Skodas. This video, taken around a hairpin at the 13th Rally Legend event in San Marino, shows all these fantastic classic rally cars in one place, at full hoon. Enjoy.

List of cars after the jump.

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Free Association Friday: Dig Me by King Crimson

Antti Kautonen October 9, 2015 Aural Pleasure


Have you encountered really, really Hooniworthy lyrics in your favorite music? I am quite sure, that these pages hold together a few fans of progressive rock, and King Crimson to be precise. The song “Dig Me” from 1984’s Three of a Perfect Pair is pretty close to a familiar mindset of mechanical sympathy.

Among some of the more easy listening pieces on that album, Dig Me is quite abrasive, but the lyrics are close to home.

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Goodwood FoS 2015: The Art Of Noise


Ladies and Gentlemen…. The Napier Railton. It is machinery like this which forms the very bedrock on which our total commitment to The Car is based. It’s only because of the work of clever chaps in oily overalls decades of years ago that Motorsport- and consequently fast cars- ever became a thing. We thank them.

We also thank Fiat, for building a car in 1911 with a 28.4 litre (1734 CID) four cylinder engine. And we collectively thank our chosen higher forces for the fact that we can see, hear, smell and feel their presence today.

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Relive the glory of Formula 1’s testing at Imola in 1994

YouTube Preview Image

The San Marino Grand Prix of 1994 is known as one of the worst weekends in all of motorsport – certainly within Formula 1. That weekend (April 29 – May 1, 1994) earned its reputation with three horrific on-track accidents that claimed the lives of two drivers and nearly claimed a third. Rubens Barrichello miraculously survived his crash on Friday, but Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna – a promising driver in his first F1 season and a legend looking for his fourth championship, respectively – did not survive theirs on Saturday and Sunday.

But that’s history we’re all very [painfully] familiar with. For now, let’s rewind a bit back to March of 1994. It’s a full day of Formula 1 testing at Imola, which in about two months will host the San Marino Grand Prix. Most teams and drivers are in attendance and they didn’t go all the way there to drive easy. And it’s all caught on glorious 90’s VHS by Georg Metz, one of many spectators who were there to soak it all in.

The video quality is obviously bad by today’s standards, but the sounds are still captured clearly and you can see well enough to pick out Barrichello, Ratzenberger, and Senna. Towards the beginning of the film, you can even see Ratzenberger and Senna driving together – through the corner where Ratzenberger was killed, no less.

For pure Formula 1 action and the heavenly sounds of a Ferrari 412T1 dive bombing into Tosa, you’re going to want to set aside eight minutes to watch this. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

[Source: Georg Metz, YouTube]

How Japan does a hill climb, presented by Motorhead Magazine

YouTube Preview Image

Japan’s Motorhead Magazine hosted their inaugural Motorhead Hill Climb event this year and they chose a beautiful stretch of mountain road to do it at.

The Mazda Turnpike, as it’s called, is a fast, demanding, and dangerous route that goes over the gorgeous Hakone mountain. For their first hill climb event, Motorhead Magazine managed to shut down eight kilometers of this road, making it the perfect place for the likes of a BMW Z4 Super GT race car and a Ford GT-40 to stretch its legs.

The event drew numerous cars, several of which are featured in an excellent video put together by the Motorhead crew. If you feel like watching some stunning cars tackle this incredible road with great views and spectacular driving along the way, this video is worth seven minutes of your time. This is how Japan does a hill climb.

[Source: japanmotorhead on YouTube]

Noise on Friday:- Goodwood Reloaded


Every now and again you’ll switch the TV on and, inevitably, the Simpsons is on. On UK channels this usually means a rerun of an episode you’ve seen many, many times before. We all know who shot Mr Burns. we all vividly remember Flanders losing his wife, and there’s no longer any mystery left in the strange night-time goings on in the forest, for which Mulder and Scully’s 2D dopplegangers were called in to investigate. Simpsons re-runs are one thing, and expect them on a daily basis, as sure as the rising of the moon at night. What we don’t like, though, is when a “new” episode is aired and it turns out to be yet another clip show. It is with this in mind that I publish this post, which is, in essence, a clip show. It’s not just an excuse for laziness, though, and it’s definitely not just filler because I couldn’t think of anything else to put out in the 13:30 slot.

The Goodwood Festival Of Speed occurred back in July this year and I was lucky enough to be your reporter-in-the-field. It’s now that time of year where I look back at what I’ve seen, done and experienced as I prepare to exit 2014, and Goodwood still figures strongly among the highlights. Since at 13:30 a number of you are probably enjoying your lunchbreak, join me after the jump, and turn your volume way up high.

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Goodwood 2014: The Actual Action. Audi Quattro Sport S1 Hillclimb. Etc.


The 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed finished on Sunday. But not here it didn’t! Hooniverse is going to keep on milking that sucker for all it’s worth.

Central to the appeal of the FOS is the actual hillclimb run found at its geographical centre. It’s along this 1.1 mile tarmac ribbon that some of the all time greats of motoring history are given the chance to strut their mechanical stuff, to the cheers and applause of a grateful gasoline-veined audience. So far, my coverage of this event has been found somewhat wanting in terms of actual footage of the good stuff.

Thankfully, regular contributor and serious fan of fast-moving metal Jason Connor has my back on this. While I’ve been fruitlessly pointing my DSLR at cars on totally inappropriate shutter settings, trying in vain to get a shot as they roar past, Jason has been studiously editing the live stream from Goodwood, slicing it into manageable portions. Step past the jump to enjoy the Audi Sport Quattro being ragged senseless by Hannu Mikkola.

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Goodwood 2014: More Sunday Noise- ’97 Penske Mercedes PC26


Well, it’s 14:00 Stateside, and this will be my final post for this afternoon. I hope that Hooniverse’s coverage of the Goodwood Festival Of Speed in little old England has been to your liking. Those of you who have enjoyed it will be pleased to know that there will be a veritable deluge of FOS posts during the week as I wade through the various photos and videos that I’ve collected over the weekend and try and string a few descriptive sentences together. Those of you who have hated every single minute of the whole affair will be mortified to hear the same thing.

As a parting gesture, I thought I’d share a properly transatlantic racer with you; built in England, raced in America, powered by Germany and making a right old racket right up in your grill. After the jump.

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Goodwood 2014: Porsche 935, Loud and Naked. (SFW)


I’ve just been deafened, I have carbon monoxide poisoning, my t-shirt absolutely reeks of petrochemicals. I’ll probably become nauseous soon, and then have to take several days away from work to recuperate.

You, though, get to enjoy a very similar overall experience but without the life-threatening inhalations or eardrum-shattering shrieks, and all from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy. Take the jump to be aurally assaulted.

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The Carchive: Audio Edition! Vauxhall Tape Madness


Before you click the jump, and I know that very few of you will have read this far, such is your eagerness for the riveting audio ecstasy that awaits you, I ask you this. Where else on the internet could you possibly imagine this kind of killer content?

There was a time before the world wide web, I’ve heard. Car manufacturers would strive to spread the word about their products in any way they could. Printed media was, of course, the most popular, but people had to take the time to sit and read it. TV advertising was good, but it’s hellishly expensive to run even a twenty second long slot, and it relied on people being sat there as a captive audience, and attention could easily drift. Radio was good, as it allowed people to go about their daily duties whilst having a promotional message subliminally drummed into their head several times a day.

In 1986, flushed with frenzied excitement following the release of the New Vauxhall Carlton, somebody in GM’s management had the fantastic idea of issuing a promotional tape about the new car, so people could brainwash themselves voluntarily while driving, because it’s safer to listen to a Vauxhall Cassette at 80 than to read the brochure behind the wheel. And now, in a Hooniverse World Exclusive, you too can share the excitement of Vauxhall’s hottest release of 1986. You lucky, lucky people.

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