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The 944 Post-mortem

I sold “Red Sonja” last week and bought an NB Miata.

When I first bought my 944 it was on the suggestion of many in the Austin automotive community. It was in good shape, it had a wonderful engine, and it was the right color. I was very excited to join the world of Porsche ownership and camaraderie. But, after a year, I have some thoughts on the car, and some more on the state of Porsche ownership in general.

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We gather around to watch an E92 M3 chase a Volvo 850 wagon

YouTube Preview Image

Watching in-car videos is double-triple the fun when you share them with your car buddies. The Hooniversal HQ is no exception. I cued this clip of a Norwegian-registered, commendably quick Volvo 850 making it difficult for a BMW E92 M3 to keep up. It was a heated discussion…

Bradley Brownell:  I haven’t shaved since January.

[Ed. note: Wait, that was another talking point.]

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What do you want to know about the 2016 MotoGP Grand Prix of the Americas?

That’s right everybody, it is MotoGP time once again. With the loss of the races in Indy and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, this race at COTA marks the only time that MotoGP will be hitting the shores of the US of A. And unlike last year, I have media access for this weekend so I’ll be in and out of the paddock all.

So, my dear readers, if there is anything you want me to try to tackle this weekend please let me know in the comments.

We are here at the Pirelli World Challenge Opener!

That’s right party people, the drought of winter is over and racing is back in full swing. I will be here at COTA all weekend for the Pirelli World Challenge series, one of the most diverse racing series in the world. I’ll be here every day, and wandering around the paddock and track with my COTA tattoo on my arm.

If you see me, come and say hi. If you have anything you want to see in particular, sound off in the comments and I will try my hardest to make it happen.

We Will Be at the Houston Auto Show!

That’s right kiddos, we are going to H-town next week to cover the Houston Auto Show. I’ve been going to the show for several years now, and it has never disappointed. With Houston’s oil money, large market, and varying demographics, the Auto Show has always had a wide variety of OEMs showing their wares. So if you will be there, shout me out on twitter @PartyPat116. I should be there at least for Media day, and Friday.

What COTA Means to Me

Yes, I went out and got my favorite place in Austin immortalized on my left forearm. Some reactions have been super positive, some have been super negative, wondering if I was in an altered state of mind or wondering how long it will take for me to regret this. Sure, COTA looks like it might be having a few issues, and even if it’s not off right now, there will be a time where COTA might not be viable for FIA racing. But none of that matters, and none of that will affect the wonderful memories I have of the Circuit of The Americas. Let’s dive into this all together, shall we? … Continue Reading

We’re at COTA all weekend for WEC and Tudor

I will be at both big races happening in Austin this weekend. WEC has the massive 6 hours of COTA and Tudor has the Lone Star LeMans. I have full paddock access for both series and I will be bringing you daily updates about the going on’s here in ATX. If you want anything specific, let me know either in the comments, or send me an @ on Twitter @PartyPat116

The Maturity Of My Foolishness


I was heading home earlier this week when I heard the unmistakable sound of a coffee can muffler from the Chevy Cobalt in the parking lot next door. I may have judged the driver for his bee-on-steroids exhaust tone just a few years ago but as I get older I have learned to embrace his foolishness just like my own. The people who believe themselves to be true car enthusiasts may stare and laugh at the Cobalt kid while sitting in the drivers seat of their tastefully modified Corvette but little do they know they are just an older version of him. I started on my automotive path much like the Cobalt kid with gaudy modifications on my four cylinder econo-box and although that car is but a distant memory now, my foolishness is still at hand.

I received my learners permit just as The Fast and the Furious was released in 2001 and was ready to get my hands on any car to start the quarter mile life. I had to settle for driving my parents 1989 Pontiac Bonneville with one of them in the right seat for the first few months. As my sixteenth birthday was approaching my dad mentioned that he knew of a cheap Mitsubishi Diamante for sale that a client of his was looking to get rid of due to the leaky valve-stem seals.  He offered to buy the car for me if I helped fix it. I jumped on the opportunity and once we got it in, it was repaired within a day. I was happy to have a car and happy to have a part in getting it back on the road although most of my assistance involved handing various tools and parts to my father.

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A Hooniverse swan song: Matching your lifestyle with the right Eagle


This is a long overdue post and a tough one to write. Literally, it’s been difficult to write; I’ve started and revised it dozens of times. Also, notice that I didn’t say “story” or “report.” It’s a post and probably not a very good one and…

Look, I’m just here to say that I very recently accepted an offer to write elsewhere and, at least for me here and now on Hooniverse, things are just like Jeff Beck sang: “This is the end.”

That said, of all the hundreds of things I’ve written here in the last two years, my favorite by far was the Ford Tempo Buyer’s Guide in 2013 and I’ve always meant to follow that up. I struggled to figure out what completely unwanted car should be next and I eventually settled on the full line of Eagle, the orphaned brand caught between the worlds of failing American Motors Corporation and their pseudo-saviors at Chrysler. Follow the jump for the only guide you’ll ever need to buying an Eagle product.

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eBay Motors looks to celebrate the MotorLife


eBay Motors is looking to celebrate what it calls the MotorLife. In its words it calls the idea “a celebration of the motorhead.” That is something we can get behind because it should cover some of the main bits of everything we love about our own Hooniverse. If it has wheels, we’re interested, and if it has an engine, that’s even better.

The goal of this movement is to, well the real goal is of course to get people to visit eBay Motors. I mean let’s be real here… it’s a marketing movement, but it’s one we can get behind if it really starts telling great stories that need to be told. The eBay Motors blog will be the hub of all of this action, where a number of folks while cover a wide range of events, project vehicle builds, and general automotive awesome.

Additionally, you can get in on the vehicular love fest by sharing your own stories on the eBay Motors blog comment section, through Facebook, and on Twitter. Yes, there’s a hashtag… it’s the hashtag era, get used to this. #MotorLife.

To prime the pump a bit, eBay Motors is having a contest. The prize is $1,000 to spend on parts on eBay Motors, and it runs each day through the 23rd of August (aka this Sunday). Head over to this Facebook page, post a picture, and tag it with #MotorLife and #eBayContest and whatever other zany/witty caption you can think of. Want to enter on Twitter instead? Go follow eBay on Twitter, then post a photo with #MotorLife and #eBayContest, and send it as a reply to @eBay. Non-Private Twitter accounts needed, please.

We know you need $1,000 to spend on parts, and maybe this is your ticket to getting that. Hell, some of you could find whole cars to buy for $1,000 (Helloooo LeMons!).

[This blog post was written as part of a collaboration with eBay]