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It’s Calendar Time Again! The 2015 Hooniverse Calendar!

November pages

Is it possible that another year has slid by again?  Well, not quite, but close.  There are but a precious few pages left in your 2014 Hooniverse Calendar, so that means it’s time to look back over the past year for tasty new photos for the 2015 version.

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Petrolicious wants your help in rewriting a lame law

Our friends at Petrolicious loves cars just as much as we do. They also have an aching for a bit of the forbidden fruit that currently can’t be imported into the United States. As it stands, you have to wait 25 years to get your hands on cool iron that was never offered up for our market.

Petrolicious wants to change that, and you can help.

Go to Petrolicious to read about their reasoning and motivations for creating a petition to change the DOT/EPA 25-Year Exemption Rule (AKA The Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance Act of 1988). Or if you want to jump straight to the petition to change this to a 15-year rule and add your name to the list, go here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/repeal-dotepa-%E2%80%9C25-year-rule%E2%80%9D-car-import-ban-15-years-and-allow-importation-non-conforming-cars-and/PhZ4RMgz



It’s not peer pressure. Just because I don’t lay on my back every evening with warm multigrade running down the inside of my sleeves doesn’t make me any less of a man. Much as I’d have liked one, I’ve never had a project car because I’ve never really had the time, the space, the funds nor the knowledge to take one on. Well, we all have to start somewhere.

Suddenly, and probably misguidedly, my daily driver Audi has become my project car. Take the jump for all the how on Earths and the why the hells.

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Project Civic Si(gh): The kids are alright

high school civic

Is that not a wonderful photo?

That is a merry band of high school students getting their hands dirty and learning how to wrench on a car. Some of them are elbow deep in my Honda Civic, because it needs a bit of work as you all know. Actually, it needs a tiny bit more than I originally thought, and you can see why after the jump.

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Two Wheels or Four? eBay Is Giving You A Choice In A New Contest

Jeff Glucker March 24, 2014 Announcements


eBay clearly likes to give away vehicles. We’re fine with that, because the vehicles they typically offer up are rather interesting. Case in point is their latest giveway, which sees two folks walking away with a grand prize. One of those prizes has two wheels, while the other has four. The two grand prize winners will choose between a 2014 Cadillac CTS Premium and a 2014 Indian Chief Classic. So you either wind up with a bruiser of a bike, or a re-sculpted American luxury sedan that’s better than ever.

The game is the same here, which means you have to go to the eBay Motors site and sign up for the Garage section. Once there, upload some photos of your own ride and you’ll be entered to win. If you already have an account, just upload some more photos for entries into the contest.

The odds aren’t as insane as trying to win Mega Millions*, and it’s pretty easy to upload additional photos for more entries. So head on over and try to win one of these two machines before the contest ends on April 11th. Besides the grand prizes, eBay will also dole out a bunch of $100 gift cards throughout the contest.

[Disclaimer: We teamed up with eBay to bring you information on this contest, which means we’re getting paid to share the message. We’d only do this with stuff we deem cool… and the chance to win a Cadillac CTS or a brand new Indian fit that bill.]

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Project Civic Si(gh) has NEW LIFE!
…at the hands of some students

2000 Honda Civic Si(gh)

It’s finally getting some love…

My 2000 Honda Civic Si has been sitting for a bit, collecting dust, dirt, and sadness. The battery is dead even though it’s a relatively new Optima unit, and the passenger side window has stopped working. The face is still bruised up, and the passenger side airbag still sits flapping in the cabin.

Regardless, when I do drive the Civic I have a massive smile on my face. It’s still such a joy to drive, even amongst the variable press car rotation specimens I have occupying my official parking spot (in fact, you can see the latest machine somewhere in that lede photo).

This Honda deserves some attention, and now it’s going to get it. Read on to find out what’s in store.

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Hoon Tales: This olelongrooffan’s New Gig


So, recently, this olelongrooffan popped in a post here in the Hooniverse showcasing my new longroof. One of our fellow Hoons questioned if this olelongrooffan had taken yet another new job? Well my fellow Hoons, the answer to that question is, without hesitation, a resounding Yes. Now as this olelongrooffan had been cruising around the Sunshine State in my XBenz for just six months, what was it that made this olelongrooffan decide to, once again, upend my career? Well, sometimes it seems that my life has been a series of “It seemed like a good idea at the time” decisions. But ya know what my fellow Hoons? It just seems to work for me.

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eBay Dream Racing Sweepstakes: Behind the scenes

dream racing sweepstakes

We’ve told you about the contest, we’ve shown you the car, and now we’re going to examine the eBay Garage Dream Racing Sweepstakes in a different manner. We’re going behind the scenes for a look at how the film and photographers put together the promotional package.

If your subject is an expensive car, perhaps it’s wise to utilize expensive equipment. From the cameras to the jib arms, the Dream Racing team utilized serious tools to get the job done professionally. Oh, they also had a helicopter. Oh to have a racetrack, wildly expensive cameras, a chopper, and a fleet of Ferrari race cars to play with…

Well, that last part you could possibly check off the list. Simply head over to eBay Motors and get cracking. You simply have to create a garage profile and upload pictures of your vehicle. It’s easy, and the prizes are worth the tiny bit of time you’ll devote to entering. Also, hop past the jump to check out the behind the scenes video. Some narration to explain what exactly was being done would be nice, but the visuals are fun too.

For full rules, head here. For more information, head here.

[Disclaimer: eBay is sponsoring the messaging of this content on Hooniverse. We only run sponsored content that we create, and we think you’ll enjoy. Racing a Ferrari on a race track in Las Vegas fits the bill rather nicely.]

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Our Cars: ’92 Lincoln Town Car Faces The Ravages of Time


When I first acquired inherited the Town Cow six years ago, she was remarkably well preserved, having lived a pampered, low-mileage life—most of it in my mother-in-law’s garage. When the rest of you met her a little over three years ago, the Maroon Saloon was still in pretty spiffy condition. The subsequent years have not been as kind, due to greater use and constant exposure to the elements due to her strictly al fresco accommodations in our side driveway. Though still basically solid and reliable, the Cow is experiencing accelerating decrepitude.

Death by a thousand cuts, as it were.

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eBay Wants You To Go To Vegas To Drive A Race Car

Jeff Glucker January 27, 2014 Announcements

ebay dream racing lede

A trip to Las Vegas is always a fun item on the calendar. There’s a way you could make it even more fun though, thanks to a new contest that eBay Motors is running. It’s called, quite appropriately, the eBay Las Vegas Racing Experience. Notice that one word there; Racing? That’s an important bit, because the Grand Prize winner of this contest will be flown to Sin City to jump behind the wheel of an actual Ferrari F430 GT race car.

The track is the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and the team at Dream Racing will make sure you’re set to don the nomex and hit the circuit. You’ll go from the classroom, to simulators, all the way up to hot laps with the real thing. Of course, it wouldn’t be Vegas without some casino and hotel time as well. You will get two nights at the Vdara Hotel & Spa, two tickets to a Cirque du Soleil show, a $300 dinner credit at Sage, and a $500 Visa gift card.

The most important bit, of course, is the car and the time on the track. If you want a shot at the good seat in the red car, you’ll need to head to the eBay Garage section of the Motors website. Add your car into your virtual garage for an entry into the content, and then add in additional photos for additional entries.

For full rules, head here. For more information, head here. We’ll be updating you on the status of this contest as we get closer to the February 14th cut off date. Finally, for a quick video of what the experience is like, hop past the break.

[Disclaimer: eBay is sponsoring the messaging of this content on Hooniverse. We only run sponsored content that we create, and we think you’ll enjoy. Racing a Ferrari on a race track in Las Vegas fits the bill rather nicely.]

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