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Long Shots: 1963 Rover 3 Litre Automatic


So it was a whiles back this olelongrooffan  was out and about seeing what could be seen. One of the things I spotted was that 1969 BMW parts car wannabe. Yeah only someone here in the Hooniverse would recommend talking the guy down to 66% of his asking price and snagging that ride for potential use as a donor car at some point in the future. Yeah, I love it here.

Anyways, after checking out that rusty ride, the owner mentioned this olelongrooffan may just be interest in what he had out back. And I was. With the rising sun reflection on the front windscreen, I couldn’t help but think that in 1963 the European export market was seeing another type rising sun reflecting upon it. And that rising sun was coming from the other side of the Pacific Ocean in the form of the soon to be burgeoning Japanese car export market.

But in the meantime, let’s take a look at something from Rusty’s neck o-the-woods.

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Quick Shifts: Hyundinky

Tanshanomi July 21, 2014 Quick Shifts


This is what you do when you find yourself with two totalled Hyundais and an automotive body shop at your disposal. The owner of Richard’s Collision Center in Grandview, Missouri truly did find himself with two nearly identical cars, one smashed in the front, the other smashed in the back. He did the only logical thing; he cut the away damaged sections and recombined what was left into this little curiosity. It may not be what you’d call lustworthy, but he ended up with a fun, quirky attention-getter for pocket change.

Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Side Opening Hatches


NOTE: This post inadvertently went live for a short time yesterday morning [thanks to the WordPress mobile app's oh-so-intuitive interface—grrr!]. My apologies to those who began commenting only to have the article disappear, and to those whose best suggestion has already been taken by a cybersooner.

Last Thursday, Jim’s review of the Caravan C/V caused me to remember that Dodge offered a full-width, one-piece rear door for many years on their B-Series vans, but unlike the upward-hinged liftgate typical of today’s minivans and sport-utes, the big B’s barn door opened to the side. That always seemed slightly odd and impractical to me, though it did remove the big rear window split that two separate cargo doors caused. Obviously, some designers do like the concept, because there are a number of vehicles that use it.

So, today, I want you to list all the vehicles the Hooniverse hivemind can come up with that have a single, side opening rear hatch.

And, yes, school buses would technically count (even though those are more emergency exits than cargo hatches). Now that I’ve covered that, let’s not list individual manufacturers and models. Likewise, we want a single, side opening rear door, so don’t get smart-alecky and post an Isetta.

DIFFICULTY: 3.5 – 4.5 on the Mohs scale, or until golden brown.

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Video Review: Dinan S3-R BMW 1M
The Real Ultimate Driving Machine


I harp on BMW a lot. Too much, in fact. The automaker still builds machines that provide a truly engaging driving experience. The problem is though, that the lineup has less and less of that. Still, cars like the new M3 and M4 prove that BMW can still create ultimate driving machines.

Back in 2011, however, they may have created their own modern-day masterpiece. It’s called the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, or 1M for short. This 335-horsepower mighty mobile proved that BMW had not in fact lost its mojo.

Did they leave a bit on the table with the 1M? I wouldn’t have said so back then, but after spending a week with the Dinan S3-R 1M I’m singing a different tune. What Dinan has done is take a great car… and made it into one of the best true driver’s cars that I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

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Hoonivercinema- Monday Music Video

Music Video Monday 21-07It’s hard to say whether or not Fiat’s diminutive 500 could actually race across the ocean floor, although I think I’d rather not like to find out the answer in the company’s electric edition – ziiit, ziiit. Regardless, that’s the fun everyone – including Charlie Sheen –  is having in this video for Arianna’s Sexy People (the Fiat song).  Is Charlie sexy? Let’s ask the people who found him drunk and disheveled in the bushes next to the Taco Bell drive thru for their opinion.

Armando Christian Pérez, better known as Pitbull also features prominently in both the song and the video, and he gets to launch Charlie off his luxury yacht with a catapult, an act that I’ll bet many people would probably have paid dearly to do. There’s plenty of other cameos in this video – which is sort of a commercial for Fiat’s retro return to America – and you can see who’s sexy and who’s not right after the jump.

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Shots in the Lot: 1969 Pontiac Firebird


Not to be outdone by the glorious golden Firebird we looked at last week, this blue bird was spotted in a Redmond parking lot just a few weeks ago. As usual, I decided to stop and get a few pictures to share with all y’all. Check it out. … Continue Reading

Hooniverse Asks-What Car or Truck Looks the Best When Lowered?

Eldorado Down

In the ’70s you might have been instructed to get down and get funky! Those dancing days were also the heyday of the low rider, that unique subset of car culture that focuses on cars that literally get down. Today that has branched out into the stanced set, and for years cars have been lowered for improved handling and not just the ability to look up girls’ mini skirts from their drivers’ seats.

Some cars and trucks look goofy when dropped, while others may make you slap your forehead in wonderment as to why they never scraped the pavement from the factory. As you might expect, there’s the right way to drop a car – purpose-built springs and struts, and perhaps hydraulic helpers to get you over life’s little bumps in the road. There’s also the wrong way, which usually involves cutting springs and letting air out of tires. For those who take that route, I just want you to know, you’re not fooling anyone.

I’m not fooling when I ask, what is in your opinion the car or truck that, visually at least, gains the most from being dropped? What do you think, what is the best-looking lowered car?

Image: losboulevardos

Hooniverse Wagon Sunday – An Original 1960 Valiant Suburban Wagon located in Arizona…

1960 Chrysler Valiant Suburban Stationwagon - Google Chrome 7202014 122352 PM.bmp

This will be the last post for the Hooniverse Wagon Sunday, and I thought I would go out with a bang… With this Chrysler Valiant Suburban Wagon. Now, 1960 was the debut year for the Valiant, and it wasn’t badged as a Plymouth… No, this was set up to be sold at all Chrysler dealers, once they signed on as a Valiant retailer. It was only the next year that they were identified as a Plymouth, only after the Dodge Boys received the identical Lancer variant. So, this is an original Valiant, with the famous Slant-Six, and a floor-shifted Manual.

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Hooniverse Wagon Sunday – A 1969 Buick Skylark Sport Wagon; The Other Vista Cruiser…

1969 Buick Skylark Sports Wagon 400 - Google Chrome 7202014 90303 AM.bmp

The Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser is an iconic piece of Americana that is easily recognizable as a milestone vehicle today. There may have been other wagons through this time period that sold in greater numbers, buy none were more memorable. And that is really a very sad thing when it comes to our next featured wagon because it had all the styling hallmarks of the Vista Cruiser, including the “Vista” Roof Windows. Presenting a very well maintained 1969 Buick Skylark Sport Wagon, the other “Vista Cruiser”…

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Hooniverse Wagon Sunday – A Sinister Looking 1973 Plymouth Satellite Wagon from Texas…

1973 Plymouth Satellite Station Waqgon - Google Chrome 7202014 83432 AM.bmp

I hope you are enjoying Hooniverse Wagon Sunday, and our next wagon has a Sinister Look to it, even though it has a faded light blue paint scheme. The Plymouth Brand has always had their fair share of “Sinister” looking vehicles during the late 60′s and early 70′s, and I think this wagon carries on that tradition. What I want to know is what do you think about it?

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