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Last Call- What’s My Name Again? Edition

Robert Emslie January 23, 2015 Last Call

MonteroThe owner of this Nevada Mitsubishi doesn’t ever, EVER, want to forget which model it is.

Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged. 

Image: Imgur


Project Eagle: Diagnosing a Driveline Problem


When I last spoke of this Eagle, it was a mere introduction — both of myself and of this project. I hinted vaguely at its “some kind of clutch problem.” Honestly, that’s about all I knew at the time. Shortly after, my dad came over for a visit and we spent a couple days yanking the transfer case, transmission and front axle out to see what was up.

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Mystery Car

Robert Emslie January 23, 2015 Mystery Car


It was on this date in 1983 that The A Team premiered, bringing into the lives of TV viewers four Vietnam vets, framed for a crime they didn’t commit, and who while on the run from the military police still had time to aid other innocent victims facing similar fates.

The fate of today’s Mystery Car solution remains in your hands, and while you probably don’t have MPs on your tail, you might want to snap it up before someone else offers the solution. Don’t be too quick however, as we want the full make and model – I’ve given up on those other bits.

Image: ©2015 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved


Hooniverse Asks- Seventh-Generation Toyota Celica, Brah! Or Blah?

Robert Emslie January 23, 2015 Hooniverse Asks


When it comes to new cars, there aren’t that many sporty FWD coupes around. This was a category that used to be rife with competition – you couldn’t swing a dead cat but for hitting a Prelude, Eclipse, Scirocco, or, in its later years, a Celica – and most all of those cars were pretty darn fun to drive. I think that the seventh generation of Celica – its fourth since making the switch to front-driver – is also one of the most arresting car designs ever offered on a small coupe.

Now, I know we all like our sporty cars to be rear-wheel drive and manually transmitted, but considering the space and cost efficiencies of front wheel drive, and the fact that almost all the little sporty cars were based on more plebeian sedan hardware, it’s simply a fact of life that understeer was going to rule the day in these economical but engaging rides. The seventh series may not have offered AWD and an intercooled turbo mill like the Alltrac editions of its closest predecessors, but the 140-bhp produced by its 1.8-litre VVT-i four was a pretty good starting place. With 180-horses on tap, the 2ZZ-GE-powered GT-S gave drivers even more to play with, and both of those engines could be paired with a 6-speed stick.

Not only was the Celica in its early aughts guise a looker and a reasonable performer, but through Toyota’s performance arm, TRD, even more fun could be wrung out of the platform. The thing of it is, these days you hardly ever come across one of these Celicas that hasn’t been marred by some spectacularly horrible body kit. I know owners want to express themselves but whatever happened to getting a mis-spelled tattoo? I think that a stock seventh gen Celica, especially the GT-S model, is an under appreciated car. Do you share those thoughts? Should we all be snapping up clean and original low milage examples as investments? What do you think about these pointy Celicas, do they warrant a Brah! or a Blah?

Image: CarinImage

Last Call- Bumper Snicker Edition

Robert Emslie January 22, 2015 Last Call


Yes, I certainly will give them a wide berth, and I appreciate the warn… hey, wait just a cotton-picking minute!

Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged. 

Image: Imgur

Diecast Delights:- THAT Aston Martin Vanquish in 1:18 Scale

Chris Haining January 22, 2015 Diecast Delights


There isn’t a huge amount that’s been left unsaid about Bond Cars, and The Internet is well stocked with information about every one of them. The model you see before you is a depiction of one of them, but I’m going to pretend it isn’t. I’m not really interested in having a model of James Bond’s Vanquish, I just wanted a model of A Vanquish. It also so happens that I think Die Another Day is one of the worst 007 films ever committed to celluloid.

So below is a review of a very affordable and really, really good model of an Aston Martin Vanquish. Bond be damned.

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Truck Thursday: 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser is expedition ready

Kamil Kaluski January 22, 2015 All Things Hoon

Land Cruiser side

Each February, my wife, kids, and I spend a week in southern Florida. This year is no different, and like last year, I am now checking the local craigslist for the next potential family car before I get there. This gives me time to, in the event I do find something amazing for an amazing price, to convince the boss of it. No, despite many conversations, I have still not bought a new or used family car – my decade old Acura MDX runs too damn well to simply replace it with some appliance.

So I found this, what appears to be a well sorted, expedition ready 80-series Land Cruiser.

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The Hella Sweet Tow Rigs of LeMons at Sonoma Raceway

COE Ford car carrierLast weekend I had the pleasure(?) of dispensing justice upon the miscreant drivers of the 24 Hours of LeMons “Good Enough Grand Prix” at Sonoma Raceway. It was a small field comprised of teams that had been wait-listed for December’s Sonoma race mixed with a bunch of die-hards. As a result the BMW count (particularly e30s and e36s) was higher than usual (as these teams tend to be skipped over in favor of Ramblers and Super Snipes). Very Hooniverse builds (like the 440-powered M-B or blown 3800-powered Suzuki/S-10 thing) were few and far between. However, the overall combination of crappy/awesome intrinsic to LeMons tends to extend to tow vehicles as well. I’m sure Murilee Martin’s wrap up will show up at Car and Driver any moment now, but in the meantime let’s take a look at the (as Jay would say) Hella butt awesome tow/camping rigs of LeMons.

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Introducing Project HoonTruck: My “new” 1965 Ford F100

Jeff Glucker January 22, 2015 Project Cars

2015-01-21 17.33.03-1

The time has come to begin a new project journey. For some reason that I can’t fully explain, I’ve had an itch to add a truck to my life. It had to be old, and it had to have a bit of style. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to my 1965 Ford F-100… Project HoonTruck.

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: January 23 to January 25

Eric Rood January 22, 2015 All Things Hoon


The racing season begins in earnest now with two world-famous races of very different character taking place this weekend. In addition, you can find some of the big guns from Baja staying sharp south of the border this weekend over a shorter distance than the usual 1,000-mile trek. You can find out more after the jump and by next week, I’ll have the 2015 Overwrought Guide to Racing Series for your perusal.

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