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1975 Dodge Dart is the car We Wish All of You Could Have

1975 Dodge dart for salePicking up the right project car can be an art: not too hopeless, not too expensive, with just enough things wrong to keep it cheap but not so many that you can’t enjoy it. Today’s 1975 Dodge Dart seems to be just such a car: a solid platform to start with and upgrade while you drive it.

1975 Dodge dart for sale1975 Dodge dart for sale1975 Dodge dart for sale

Faded paint and the unfortunate later pointy frontend work against it, but otherwise the seller’s claiming it’s mechanically great. The 318 breathing through a two-barrel carburetor and 2.45:1 rearend will hurt your quarter-mile times, but make for an economical highway cruiser. Inside, the too-new seats and stereo detract from the aesthetics, but everything else looks to be in great shape.

The kicker? The Buy-it-Now is only $3750. Auction ends in just a couple days, so go have That Talk with the people who approve bringing new cars home.

1975 Dodge Dart For Sale – eBay Motors

Weekend Edition – A Blue Mercedes W126 280 SE with a Manual, Courtesy of the Blue Car Appreciation Society…

Fullscreen capture 3232014 123402 PM.bmp

Facebook can be a wonderful thing. It has the ability to transport you to far off places, connect with people you have absolutely nothing in common with, exchange information and stories about mutual interests, and is one hell of a time killer. While killing time at the Blue Car Appreciation Society, I came across this rather interesting W126 that was really never officially sold in the States. Does that make it more desirable?

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1969 Fiat 850 Spider: Imagine a Smaller, Slower, Prettier Toyota MR Spyder

1969 Fiat 850 Spider for saleUs kooky enthusiasts commonly clamor for a major automaker to pull the trigger on a mid-rear sports car that uses a FWD powertrain behind the seats. Decades ago, Fiat took a shortcut on that formula and made everything rear-engined. The 850 descended from the 600, which descended from the 500, Fiat’s OG rear-engine-d commuter. In the 850 Spider, the 843cc motor produced a whopping 49hp to haul roughly 1500lbs around. Imagine a (new) Dodge Charger with roughly 150hp for a comparable power-to-weight reference.

1969 Fiat 850 Spider side

Regardless of its relative gutlessness, today’s Fiat 850 for sale has a certain charm to it. At first glance I mistook it for a larger 124 Sport Spider, given the family resemblance. It’s on offer from an Italian car specialist in Southern California with 100% eBay feedback. Going with the good vibes is the right mix for a fun project driver: excellent mechanicals and just good enough exterior to get a few “molto bene“s driving around.

1969 Fiat 850 Spider – $3700 Buy-it-Now or Best Offer with the auction ending Thursday afternoon.

White LeMon: Datsun 280ZX by Nissan

1983 Datsun 280zx for sale

Few cars epitomize the late-70s and early-80s like the Datsun 280ZX “by Nissan”. We’ve got Japanese cars coming into their own as high-end machines, but still incapable of a cohesive branding scheme. (See also: Toyota’s Tercel Corolla.) This unit’s L28 has Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection with turbocharging right around the corner.

I’ll confess that most of my 280ZX knowledge comes from the last 15 minutes of reading the wikipedia page, but what I do know is we’re looking at an EFI’ed straight six in a decent RWD, IRS chassis with eBay Motors with bidding at $381. It’s a donated non-starter (fuel pump, at least) vehicle with back-registration due and a crappy paint job. If ever there was a vehicle screaming to be LeMons’ed to death, this is it.

1983 Datsun 280zx interior1983 Datsun 280zx rear1983 Datsun 280zx engine

According to our own Eric Rood, the 280ZX sits at about 41st place for LeMons car domination, whereas the 300ZX occupies 10th. For years, Z-cars had a reputation for seeming like they’d do well in LeMons, then blowing up disappointingly. Since that curse was broken way back in 2010, there’s certainly no way this obviously neglected machine could fail you. Also: T-Tops.

1983 Datsun 280ZX for sale – eBay Motors

Taking transport geekery too far.


This is the post which will cause you to lose any lingering hints of respect you may have still held for me.

The other day a small parcel arrived at my desk at work; a long-forgotten eBay purchase. I love it when this happens; I find stuff on eBay, buy it on a whim (if it’s, like, seriously cheap), and then forget about it. Then, several days later, a mysterious envelope arrives and I open it with glee. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised by what it turns out that I’d bought. 

And that’s exactly what’s happened here.
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MINI Marketers Work Like Trojans


Every now and again a marketing department has a brainwave and does something different, something memorable. It tends to be a company with a bit of a spring in its step, a youthful image or a reputation for fun. MINI, for example, are keen on grabbing your attention by the lapels.

Now, combine the MINI lust for life with the Dutch tendency for open-mindedness, freedom and pleasure, and you end up with something somewhat different to the norm.

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Wagon Wednesday – A Graceful and Brown 1976 Dodge Royal Monaco Wagon

Fullscreen capture 10282013 33918 PM.bmp

For this Wagon Wednesday, I thought I would highlight one of the last full-sized wagons produced by Chrysler in the form of this 1976 Dodge Royal Monaco. These wagons had one more year of production before becoming extinct, and that is really a shame. The name Monaco first appeared in the Dodge Lineup in 1965 with a model that was suppose to compete with the Pontiac Grand Prix as the Dodge Personal Luxury model, but morphed into a full lineup when the Custom 880 moniker was laid to rest. Then in 1974, the long running Polara nameplate was also retired, and a new Monaco, the Royal Monaco, became the top tier nameplate. This is one of those Royals for the 1976 Model Year…

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Denied Houseroom #2; A Quality British Leyland Timepiece


So what possible justification could my long suffering partner have for refusing this one? Every house should have a reference timepiece, one from which all domestic punctuality is derived. The choice of clocks out there is vast, from genuine precision crafted antique masterpieces to hideous faux-vintage quartz-driven horrors.

This one, in theory, manages to combine the tedious reliability of a cheap modern movement with all the style and panache of an early ‘70s Rover. What’s not to like?
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Truck Thursday: 1989 Dodge Ramcharger 4×4


So, a weekend or so ago, while UDMan was out enjoying the last vestiges of summer with his version of blue aqua up in the northeastern part of the great nation I call home, this olelongrooffan was headed up to the home of the “Beef People” to take advantage of that location they have next door which offered a blue Skye at a great discount, so long as I can remember my telephone number.  As I pulled my xBenz into that parking slot far removed from the entrance, to avoid the resulting pedestrian traffic, this old RamCharger was spotted and I knew it needed to be shared with my fellow Hoons. Click on through should you desire.

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Hoonterior Design 101, or how to make your wife really, really angry

080 (Custom)

Let me begin by saying I don’t actually recommend you replace all your good living room furniture with free junk on craigslist. I’m just saying that it’s possible. And if you do, please send pictures to tips@hooniverse.com. But seriously, don’t do it. But seriously, send us pictures.

Reusing and repurposing old, worn, or disused items is a concept as old as time. In the last 200 years, we’ve become experts at getting the most out our things, even if that means filling an old tractor tire with dirt for a raised garden, making a bench out of license plates and a tailgate like the one above, or putting new life an old car with a fresh motor and transmission. Heck, Red Green’s been doing his Handyman Corner for over 20 years, and all he’s got is worn out stuff.

Today, I got my creative juices flowing and, thinking back to my younger, poorer days, I wondered how I could put the FREE section of Craigslist to good use decorating my living room. Of course, cars are never far from my mind, so I then wondered how many free automotive things I could find. As it turns out, lots. Today’s challenge, then: decorate an entire living room with nothing but free car parts and accessories. Take the jump to see how well I did. … Continue Reading


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