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Summer Holiday Souvenirs – 1977 Zastava 101 on the Nürburgring


Let’s say you go for a vacation on an island in the Adriatic sea. What would you bring back home from there? A suntan? Some handicraft? Two of my friends went for something with a local flavour, and went halves on a 1977 Zastava 101. You could do worse.

Beni, the guy who drove to my town a couple years ago with a blue Miata via Norway, is no stranger to wrenching on older, quirky cars, as he also owns an X1/9. This pretty much means he wasn’t afraid to set off to Germany, crossing the Alps, in the pea soup green 1100cc Fiat derivative. The thing even managed a comfortable cruise on the revered Autobahn. Joe Isuzu was nowhere in sight, though.

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Are We Missing Something? Surprisingly Cheap ’71 Unimog 404

1971 unimog 404 for saleHaving evolved from farm truck to its current heavy duty hardware, there’s no denying Unimog’s place as the ne plus ultra of 4x4s. Wrangler, CJ, Land Rover or FJ guys all quit slapping at each other with limp wrists to acknowledge its superiority. Unfortunately, most examples that come up for sale are later, massively heavy-duty examples from a German fire and rescue crew or the like. In fact, that’s exactly what our own Dearthair test drove so many years back.

It’s with great excitement, curiosity and a little skepticism that we present this 1971 Unimog 404 (there’s a “404 Not Found” joke in here somewhere but I’m too tired to make it…). There are no obvious condition or maintenance issues. The seller’s gone through a lot of recent maintenance, per this response to a question:

Yes original gearing. Never had it on highway I’m told they can go 60 but that would be winding it up. The only issue is all the gauge and switch info is in German or whatever. I don’t know what all the switches do. I have done all hard stuff (front axle seals mega bitch, etc) engine front oil seal has a very small leak, a few drips after running. I don’t think it is worth fixing. Everything else I have gone through. It also has a compressor for trailer breaks that works but I cut off the belt because unless you wanted to pull trailer with air breaks or to power air tools it’s just a drag on the motor because it pumps all the time.

That response really makes me want to buy it just to equip it with “MEGABCH” vanity plates.

Bidding’s at just $9,600 as of this writing, which is a damn good deal for a vehicle that could drag your house down the street in low range.

1971 Unimog 404 for sale – eBay Motors

1960 Ford F100 Panel Wagon, Because Vans are Too Mainstream

1960 ford panel wagon for sale

Oddly enough, Ford didn’t introduce the Falcon Econoline Van until 1961, so if you wanted a Ford box on wheels in 1960, this was your only option. This panel wagon, based on the third generation F-100 truck sports an early straight-six and three-on-the-tree. If the setting of the photo shoot weren’t a giveaway, this one’s a “ran when parked” special, having spent 12 years in the weeds. Prior to parking, the engine was rebuilt and a new clutch fitted. Alas, the rear main seal is shot (some rebuild…) and it’ll need a full going through to do more than sputter and set the tall grass on fire. The good news is it doesn’t get much simpler than a straight-six Ford pickup. The bad news is there are no pictures of the back of the interior. Spiderwebs, hornets’ nests, dead hobos or a ’70s sex grotto are all within the realm of possibilities.

Leaving out those possibilities, let’s think about what we could do with this thing. Think time’s over: Camping Rig is the proper answer. While I’m a big fan of period correctness, originality isn’t my cross to bear. Instead, I’d grab the 4×4 chassis of a number of Ford trucks being parted out on Craigslist and swing that sweet, sweet heavy duty drivetrain right into place. A good set of mud tires, a winch and a locker or two and you’d be good to wander to the ends of the earth in your rolling hobo mausoleum/sex grotto.

Two final details: the seller’s asking $2000 and also suggests that this would “make a great first truck for a teen”…which is both terrifying and awesome at the same time.

1960 Ford F100 Panel Wagon – Stockton Craigslist

Hooniverse Wagon Sunday – A 1978 AMC Matador Wagon from Quebec…

www.kijiji.cav-view-image.htmladId=1004205089&image=0&enableSearchNavigationFlag=true - Google Chrome 7192014 83229 PM.bmp

I have to confess, this is one of my favorite wagons that I will be posting for the weekend. This is a 1978 Matador Wagon (which ticks off all the right boxes for me, and I bet for many of our fans as well), equipped with the standard 360 CID AMC V-8 (in its last year of production for cars), and is fully equipped, at least according to the seller. So, is this wagon truly as lustworthy as it seems to be?

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Get Your Vintage 4×4 Fix for Cheap with this Scout 800A

1968 scout 800 for saleVintage 4x4s are getting more expensive by the day. This guy just got $31 grand for a ’69 Wagoneer (which puts the scheming portion of my brain into overdrive). Land Rovers, Cruisers, Classic Broncos and K5s are rapidly graduating to collectible status, with the accompanied price jumps. Bare-bones utilitarian vehicles meant for park rangers, selling as luxury items, huh. Luckily, Scout 800s are still widely acknowledged as being the crappy little 4x4s they always were. As such, they’re still available with prices like “will trade for 5hp chipper shredder”.

1968 scout 800 for sale (1)1968 scout 800 for sale (2)1968 scout 800 for sale (4)

This one’s a nice exception to the general crappiness of the 800, as it’s equipped with a 266ci V8 and a 4-speed manual. That said, plan near total dis- and re-assembly to get drain every fluid and replace every seal and hose. There’s more rust than we’d expect from an Arizona car, but it’s still on the low end for an ancient Scout. The nice part is you’re really under no obligation to restore it beyond grinding down the worst of it and getting the thing running. I’d keep it basically stock, save a grumbly exhaust and skinny mud terrain tires.

Opening bid is a mere $1500: 1968 IH Scout 800A for sale – eBay Motors


Pinto Cruising Wagon Twofer – Buy them before I end up living in them!

I’ve got a sick attraction to the Pinto Cruising Wagon. It’s so very of its time. Plus, a Pinto is a remarkably buildable platform, being light and easily accommodating a Ford smallblock or any of the descendants of The Pinto Four Cylinder, be they later Ranger motors or 2.3L turbos. I’m told there’s some crossover there to Mazda and Volvo motors as well.

But I get ahead of myself; let’s focus on the cars at hand. Yes, plural: two Pinto Wagons. One’s a run-of-the-mill two door wagon, the other a proper Cruising Wagon. The price? $1000 for the pair. I’m hyperventilating at the idea of being able to run a two car, ten person LeMons squad. I’m thinking a split theme: the Cruising Wagon is a crew of late-70s Quaalude-popping, polyester jumpsuit wearing scumbags, obviously. The brown wagon will be their contemporary Bible-thumping, sweater-wearing Moral Majority folks on a quest to save their souls. Chick tracts will be mandatory.

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Tiny Car Tuesday: Metropolitan Deserves a Fate Better than The Crusher’s Appetizer

1958 Nash Metropolitan for sale

While Suburbans, Travelalls, Wagoneers and malaise-era wagons doom themselves with high scrap values from their size, this Metropolitan ought to do the opposite with its diminutiveness. Still, today’s craigslist find has the feeling of a last-chance sale, so don’t think it won’t go to the yard. We’ve got the craigslist staples: “Ran when parked”, “selling for a friend” and two lousy pictures (one with foreground finger) that don’t really capture the condition.

So, what to do with it, then? As always, there’s the idea of taking a cheap, dry car from the southwest and selling it in the land of salty winters, where people look past desiccated paint to drool over intact rocker panels. For the more ambitious, its size suggests maybe electric conversion or a bike-motor swap.  May it could just be a quick project to get it road-worthy and sold, not that you’d make any money on that.

The $750 price puts it within shooting distance of LeMons pricing (not that the judges would give a Met’ more than a quick once-over in BS inspection). Assorted googling suggests no one’s ever done so. It’s tough to break new ground in LeMons, but here’s your chance!

1958 Nash Rambler for sale – Inland Empire Craigslist

Hat tip to Nate from the SoCal TT mailing list.

This Falcon Begs to dive into LeMons

1965 ford falcon for saleShould I get back into LeMons again (aside from judging), I’ll be on the lookout for a pre-smog, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive car with a manual transmission. Preferably with a solid rear axle: Victory through Simplicity. Doesn’t get much simpler than an early Falcon, as I can attest. Aside from being a year newer, today’s example is a near-clone of my own, at least as it left the factory 50 years ago.

It’s got a straight six with a three on the tree and…not much else. Actually, that’s a lie, as there’s no shortage of original parts to be extracted to liberate a pounds and dollars for upgrades. While while the stock Falcon chassis is a floppy mess, the mandatory cage (and some home-brew subframe connectors) will stiffen things up significantly. Additionally, a certain Texan made hay with the front suspension just by re-drilling a pair of mounting holes. Brake and fuel system upgrades don’t count in your budget and there’s no shortage of upgrades to be had there.

1965 ford falcon straight 61965 ford falcon interior1965 ford falcon rear

Leave the sixer and three on the tree in place for your first race, because the judges love such crappy equipment, and just run mid-to-back of the pack laps for two days straight. Save the four/five speed and inevitable v8 (…or turbo?) swap for races two through infinity. Oh, and because it’s an ancient Falcon, there’s no smog and minimal DMV requirements to get it registered for road use. Lastly, the price? $500.

Someone please buy it, so I don’t have to: 1965 Ford Falcon for sale – eBay Motors

1975 Dodge Dart is the car We Wish All of You Could Have

1975 Dodge dart for salePicking up the right project car can be an art: not too hopeless, not too expensive, with just enough things wrong to keep it cheap but not so many that you can’t enjoy it. Today’s 1975 Dodge Dart seems to be just such a car: a solid platform to start with and upgrade while you drive it.

1975 Dodge dart for sale1975 Dodge dart for sale1975 Dodge dart for sale

Faded paint and the unfortunate later pointy frontend work against it, but otherwise the seller’s claiming it’s mechanically great. The 318 breathing through a two-barrel carburetor and 2.45:1 rearend will hurt your quarter-mile times, but make for an economical highway cruiser. Inside, the too-new seats and stereo detract from the aesthetics, but everything else looks to be in great shape.

The kicker? The Buy-it-Now is only $3750. Auction ends in just a couple days, so go have That Talk with the people who approve bringing new cars home.

1975 Dodge Dart For Sale – eBay Motors

Weekend Edition – A Blue Mercedes W126 280 SE with a Manual, Courtesy of the Blue Car Appreciation Society…

Fullscreen capture 3232014 123402 PM.bmp

Facebook can be a wonderful thing. It has the ability to transport you to far off places, connect with people you have absolutely nothing in common with, exchange information and stories about mutual interests, and is one hell of a time killer. While killing time at the Blue Car Appreciation Society, I came across this rather interesting W126 that was really never officially sold in the States. Does that make it more desirable?

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