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Streetwalker: 1988 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z


I’ve shot a lot of cars for this site, and a large number of those have been American cars strewn around the Finnish small-town landscape. Again, wintertime snow humps are receding, and the stateside-born metal is revealed, either by people bringing out their priced V8 behemoths or the melting snow just showing you what it has hidden for months.

This 1988 Camaro IROC-Z belongs to the latter camp. A friend remarked he has seen the dreamy red T-Top beast buried in snow for the whole winter long, and now you can see it in its perfect ’80s glory. And it doesn’t even seem that much worse for wear.

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Checking out Dutch classic cars: Volvo 480ES, Citroën CX and more


As we were driving along towards Maastricht from the point where the three countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany meet, I did a double take from the back seat of the black turbodiesel Audi A4 in which we were riding. “Hey, a CX! And an old Skoda! Should we turn around and check them out?”

After finding a semi-suitable parking spot, we could ogle at the weirdness. Just how good could a roadside Citroën CX be?

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V.I.S.I.T: Czech street scene- Automobily Prahy.


I’d been looking forward to this trip for ages. There were a number of gravities which pulled us towards the Czech capital; not least the fascinating history that the country has built up having been directed under a number of regimes during the last century. The architecture, too, promised (and delivered) a rich blend of renaissance, gothic, cubist, art-nouveau and brutalist styles to gawp at. Beer too, is in abundance and very cheap.

Of course, I had my camera on standby in case I encountered anything wheeled that was notable. Judge my results for yourself with the photoflood after the jump.

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Streetwalker – Prodding the edges of two inexpensive Japanese coupes


My brother – consider him the Bark M equivalent, then – needs a new car. Well, a new old car. Since the 323F shuffled towards the end of its mortal coil pack due to terminal thievery vandalism, he needs an another set of wheels at some point. For the time being, he’s reasonably happy driving a slushbox MKIV Golf, but there’ll be a time when he’ll shell over the estimated two grand for something he’s deemed fit for purchase. Let it be known, he’s even pickier about mileage than I am and he values sporty exterior pretentions more than staid-but-worthy sedans. French cars are viewed with suspicion. Naturally, the more reasonable end of the used Japanese coupe segment pricing is very enticing.

This weekend, a friend came to my town by train and we did the best thing you can do here: we took the Saab and drove to another town. Kidding, kidding. But as I had my camera tagging along, I snapped a couple of photos of the kind of cars that make the cut when I check the listings.

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V.I.S.I.T: A Ford Racing Puma


Every now and again you catch a car in your peripheral vision that gets you wondering. Was it or wasn’t it?

In this case it was definitely a Puma, and the colour looked quite like Racing Blue. But was it a Racing?

Yes, it was.

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Roadside Attractions: Saab 900 is ready to take you places

IMG_00000702_hdr (Custom)

While out and about on a recent fall day, I looked to my left and lo! I saw a 1980-something Saab 900 Turbo. This little red beauty had it all going on – good red paint, a decent black drop top, and tan leather. … Continue Reading

An Off-The-Wall approach to MINI Marketing


I hate the Mini Countryman. Aside from the fact that it’s demonstrably a very good car indeed, it’s awful. It’s built well and drives as nicely as any spawn of BMW should, within reason, but it’s horrible. The marketing, though, is great.

The usual, obvious thing is to have a stickered-up example drive a planned route, daily, in sticky urban traffic, where it will get noticed and draw people in to the appointed concessionnaire. In Stavanger, Norway, Bavaria AS do things differently. Things are looking up.

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$10K for a ’91 Nissan March? Go Figaro.


There’s a used car dealership the other side of town from me that sells the usual bland selection of popular day to day vehicular appliances, but they also have something of a sideline which, if nothing else, certainly brightens up their forecourt.

Figaro. The retro-styled Nissan has become something of a cult vehicle since the first grey-imported machines hit the UK in the early ’90s. And I still can’t decide whether I like them or not.
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Helsinki Street Sightings – 1995 Cadillac Eldorado


I could post CX:s and XM:s all day, but in all honestness Cadillacs such as this 1995-model Eldorado are just as rare over here. There simply isn’t a Cadillac I could call common, and a great deal of anything with that crest on the grille has swam here by itself as a private import.

While I’m trying my best to read into the ownership profile of the Eldorado here, there are a couple of things that throw me off. It’s fairly clean, but sections of it have been resprayed. Then there are the ungainly, motorcycle style EU plates, which desperately need to be replaced with the new small style plates that have been introduced this year (no EU tag, same size as US plates), and finally the cheapest possible wheels of generic design and a size too small.

But the colour of the car is great.

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Late Seventies Sightings – 1978 Volvo 242 & 1979 Toyota Carina TA40


On the same trip that resulted in me photographing the beautifully preserved, always head-turning 1982 Citroën CX, I also happened across a duo of everyday cars from the late Seventies. Once ever-so-popular, but these days either increasingly rare or downright uncommon, they sat parked just a couple carlenghts from each other. Neither of them were showroom fresh anymore, but displayed patina and bumps and bruises proudly.

Let’s start with the Volvo.

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