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Diecast Delights: The Maserati Quattroporte V in 1:18 scale


Yeah, I’ve totally lost control. The whole idea of me rebooting the Diecast Delights thing was to make use of the several dozen 1:18th scale models which have been rotting away in various attics across Northeast Essex. Last weeks episode where I covered Maisto’s interpretation of the Morgan Aero 8, was supposed to be a hiccup. That was a model I picked up on eBay within the last fortnight. Well, so’s today’s. And I’ll admit now that I have another two coming. I’m a hopeless addict, but it’s a cheap habit so I’m not going to worry too much.

I bought today’s car, the Hotwheels rendition of the Maserati Quattroporte Mk 5 because that car is, out of all the cars I’ve ever driven, my favourite, despite the Skyhook system letting go dramatically mid roundabout and leaving me sawing at the wheel of what became a wobbly, tail-happy monster. I love that car, (read about the fun I had in it here) but alas in my current position in space, time and economy, a 1:1 scale QP is beyond my means and practicality. There are limited choices in scale model terms, too, and that’s why I ended up with this one. Take a closer look after the jump.

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eBay: 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 with Callaway twin turbo setup


If I have learned only one thing from the 24 Hours of LeMons, it’s that the song of an Alfa Romeo V6 rivals the sweetest strains of polyphony from the most alluring of sirens. I want one.

And of all the American-market cars Alfa powered with their 2.5-liter and 3.0-liter V6s, the GTV6 is surely the most striking. While it produced healthy power numbers for the time, it wasn’t suitably crazy enough for an Italian car, so Alfa entered an agreement with tuners Callaway, who built the beautiful twin-turbo engine in this GTV6 up for sale on eBay.

Alfa Romeo with Callaway Twin-Turbo Setup

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Die-Cast Delights:- Peugeot 205 GTI in 1:18th Scale


I’ve been up in the attic, fighting my way through the cobwebs, bat shit, old luggage and decorating ephemera (on stand-by until the resumption of operation Make-House-Nice) and I have itches all over thanks to fibreglass insulation penetrating my T-shirt and jeans. And it’s all with the aim of bringing you another exciting instalment in the current series of Die-cast Delights.

Many of the 1:18th scale models I have hoarded, obsessively collected, gathered over the years have now become available second-hand via eBay and, after a quick search and with a little bidding luck, can be yours with very little financial hardship suffered. But, what to buy? I have a load of models and some of them are absolute crap. Maybe, as this series continues, I’ll suggest something that takes your fancy, if last week’s Ford Cougar didn’t already.

Today it’s the turn of Solido’s Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI.

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Found on eBay: An ‘eye stopper’ Pontiac Fiero kit car

Eric Rood November 24, 2014 eBay Insanity, For Sale


If you’re a regular visitor to Hooniverse, you probably possess a basic familiarity with Pontiac Fiero kit cars. Some are strange bespoke pieces, but most of them cash in on the Fiero’s mid-engined configuration to render them 1980s Italian exotic-car lookalikes if the observer squints a little and has recently downed a hogshead of Disaronno. At first glance, this Fiero-based, asking-$16,000 Lamborghini Countach 5000S clone—which the seller adequately describes as “one of a kind eye stopper Bat mobile looking”—almost passes the amoretto-soaked test, but after chomping on some more Italian stereotypes, you start to notice the details, some of which are after the jump.

[The Fiero-ghini you've been waiting for.

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Die-Cast Delights: Ford Cougar in 1:18th Scale


Well, it happened. Collecting 1:18 Scale models was a hobby which had been put on hold since I “Grew Up”, moved out of my parents house and got a place of my own. My old bedroom used to have adjustable racking along one wall, and the shelves were stacked with so many boxed models that it was like living in a branch of ModelZone. I bought a few more during my time at University, but limited space in the Dickensian hovels I squatted in during education meant that the main collection stayed at home. It was always nice to come back to at the end of each semester; the models, which I had collected since I was seven, were a tangible link to my childhood. For about ten years now the majority of the collection has been in the attic, safely on stand-by, ready to be enjoyed again.

Allegedly,  I’m now a grown-up, and have easy access to 1:1 scale cars. However, I also have occasional spare time in close proximity to a web-enabled computer. eBay is prominently bookmarked. Inevitably, my fever for 1:18 has been rebooted, and a package arrived for me on Thursday from Germany. It’s a 1998 Ford Cougar, and it may well put me on a slippery slope back towards obsessive collecting.

Click the jump for the first in a series of reviews as I look back at the good, the bad and the downright inexcusable from my collection. Click the images to activate the Enormocator.

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Mid-Engined GTI Project Car Is Ambitious Nightmare

GTI Porsche

The MkII Volkswagen GTI is a plucky little hot hatch. It’s a fun compact with great front-wheel-drive driving dynamics and an enjoyable 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. For some, however, that isn’t enough for serious fun. Take this project GTI we found on eBay.

The engine up front is gone. The rear seats are also gone, because that’s where the new engine sits. It’s a four-liter V8 plucked from under the hood of a Lexus GS400, and it’s sitting in the middle of this GTI. The gearbox is 915 Transmission, which is the kind used in examples of the Porsche 911 built between the early 1970s and mid 1980s.

So… do you think you have what it takes to finish this Lexus-engined, Porsche-transmission-having, mid-engine 1986 Volkswagen GTI?

[Source: eBay Motors]

Finally, an International Harvester You Can Live In!

Tim Odell November 11, 2014 eBay Insanity, For Sale

1967 IH 4x4 ambulanceI wanted to make a quick Travels With Charley reference, relating to one’s occasional desire to pack it all up and hit the road in a slow truck with a box on the back. Unfortunately, I fell down a Wikipedia hole and really haven’t accomplished much. So maybe, without even going beyond viewing the eBay listing, this 1967 International Harvester 4×4 Ambulance has already lead me on a rambling journey of discovery. Having never read Travels, I expected it to be great but the reviews I just poured through make me think it’d sound more like a dated old man rant about “kids these days” than anything.

Still, the idea of having a rig big enough to sleep several and tote all their gear across traction-challenged surfaces holds some attraction. This example’s described as mechanically functional, but in need of cosmetic attention. Specifically, the interior’s begging for a undoing of the previous owner’s efforts and a renovation to match your intended use.

While the four speed and 4×4 system of this old IH are nothing to sneeze at, the I-6 and GIANT BOX shape might make for interesting times in anything but a brisk tailwind. Maybe the I-H faithful would refrain gathering with pitchforks and torches if a later 392 were dropped in instead.

Auction ends Thursday and the reserve’s unmet at just under $1,300. Is this a valuable rare truck or (like a 6×6) a novelty with limited buyer base due it its size?

1967 International Harvester 4×4 Ambulance for sale – eBay Motors

Found on eBay: 1992 Pontiac Firebird Formula Firehawk

Jason Connor November 7, 2014 eBay Insanity

The third generation Firebird and Trans Am maintain a special place in my automotive heart to this day. I spent a considerable amount of time in a 1989 Formula 350 and it was one of the first cars I genuinely considered fast. Times changed and the upgraded fourth generation offered more modern styling and better powertrain options, but the swan song for the third generation was the wildly insane and quite rare 1992 Firebird Formula Firehawk.

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eBay: Snowmobile-powered Yugo GV project is the best Yugo project

Eric Rood November 5, 2014 eBay Insanity, For Sale


Look, I know what you’re saying after reading that headline: “Project…I know what that means.” And you’re probably right, because people abandoning projects is usually a recipe for long, sleepless nights wondering what the heck the original builder was thinking and trying to put yourself into their deranged-in-similar-ways-but-just-differently-enough-to-make-it-hair-ripping state of mind.

And you probably already know that crazy things can be done with a snowmobile engine and its continuously variable transmission. And crazy things can be done with a Yugo. And, and, and.

Read this:

Up for auction is my 1987 Yugo Gv. Its a pretty clean little Hot Rod with some rust but still very solid. Its now rear wheel drive and has nothing in the front under the hood except for the radiator and fan.

Its got a 1995 Arctic Cat Thundercat 900cc snowmobile engine (180 horsepower) mated to a Franklin Quick Change rear end with a reverse rotation 4:56 ring and pinion and final driven at 8:50 gear. Power is transmitted thru a CVT Comet drive with a comet pro4 primary clutch and puck style secondary. This car does not have reverse…it pushed very easy. Both the engine and rearend are rebuilt with all new parts. It does run and drive but still needs a few things to finish it up like a permanent fuel cell and lights/turn signals wired. This car is crazy fast and I would bet it would do mid to high 11’s with no problem. Im moving and cant afford to ship my YUGO across the country!

Last auction winner was not prepared to buy so its back up for auction. It was being sold locally for $2500.00 but now its a NO RESERVE auction.

Snowmobile-powered Yugo GV on eBay

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Well, this is the second Faux Ferrari for the Weekend; A 1983 Stiletto Camaro

Other Makes Custom Auto Show Car  eBay - Google Chrome 1122014 23258 PM.bmp

What is is with phony Ferraris in the first place? They really don’t look like the real thing to knowledgeable enthusiasts, they tend to have very poor build quality, and the image goes all to hell when the engine fires up… So, for the second time this weekend, I am highlighting another Phony Ferrari, though this one looks ten times better than the last one…

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