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1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille is a Whole Lot of…something

1965 cadillac coupe de ville for sale

It’s been a while since we checked in with our friend 1 Owner Car Guy (DANGER: Auto-play), seller of great used cars, cereal marshmallows in bulk, pocket beagle puppies and herbal supplements. Oddly enough, this Cadillac was in the first batch of his vehicles I found when I fell down his rabbit hole of craziness. Anyway, today we’re looking at his ran-when-parked ’65 Cadillac Coupe DeVille.
1965 cadillac coupe de ville for sale

The exterior’s a bit rough in the form of a few dents and a pried-open trunk and according to the seller the interior and most of the trim is gone, or at least “not on the car anymore”. That condition combined with a $1400 price might explain why it’s still for sale after over six months, but it’s not like he’s hurting for car storage space. To no one’s surprise, I’d love to get it under a grand, sell a few things off and make a preposterous LeMons car out of it. That, or use the 429 as a donor for an old-school hotrod of some kind.

The Fabulous World of eBay Motors “Other Makes” Section

go-4 interceptor other makes

That vehicle above? It’s a Go-4 Interceptor electric... thing, and it's for sale right now on eBay Motors. I found it in the “Other Makes” section, which is a wonderful repository of truly diverse machines being offered up for a vast range of prices.

The eBay Motor Other Makes is my go-to search section when I want to find the weird, wild, and wonderful that’s currently for sale today. Let’s take a dip into this wacky pond, but remember that this is just the tip of a massive iceberg.

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Weekend Edition Last Call – Another Obscure Muscle Car Barn Find

Fullscreen capture 4132014 55140 PM.bmp

First, it was the Chrysler 300 H (for Hurst) edition, now thanks to the Wagons HO! Facebook Page, another Obscure Muscle Car in the form of a 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle SS “Wagon”, found in Idaho of all places, is currently on eBay. This car has it all… An LS4 454 Big Block, Turbohydramatic 400, tilt steering wheel, air conditioning, 3rd seat w/ 8-passenger seating, luggage carrier, power door locks, power windows, rear window air deflector, trailering package, Turbine I rims, power tailgate release, heavy duty brakes, deluxe bumpers, AM/FM/8-track, rear speakers, and more. Currently the bidding is at $6,800 with no reserve. See the listing here: 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Wagon 454

eBay daydreaming: Old F1 car or Cold War jet(s)?

Eric Rood April 11, 2014 eBay Insanity, For Sale


We here at Hooniverse are dedicated not only to answering all of the great automotive mysteries of the Internet, but also to positing the greatest automotive questions to our readers. Today, in addition to today’s wonderful opener from Robert Emslie, let’s trudge over to eBay to ask which six-figure toy you’d prefer in your personal garage hangar. All three were technological marvels in their time and will cost a pretty penny to operate still today. So which would you rather have: a 25-year-old Formula One car or one of two Cold War jets? 

[Benetton F1 car, Canadair T-33 Silver Star, and MiG-15 Trainer]

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1975 Dodge Dart is the car We Wish All of You Could Have

1975 Dodge dart for salePicking up the right project car can be an art: not too hopeless, not too expensive, with just enough things wrong to keep it cheap but not so many that you can’t enjoy it. Today’s 1975 Dodge Dart seems to be just such a car: a solid platform to start with and upgrade while you drive it.

1975 Dodge dart for sale1975 Dodge dart for sale1975 Dodge dart for sale

Faded paint and the unfortunate later pointy frontend work against it, but otherwise the seller’s claiming it’s mechanically great. The 318 breathing through a two-barrel carburetor and 2.45:1 rearend will hurt your quarter-mile times, but make for an economical highway cruiser. Inside, the too-new seats and stereo detract from the aesthetics, but everything else looks to be in great shape.

The kicker? The Buy-it-Now is only $3750. Auction ends in just a couple days, so go have That Talk with the people who approve bringing new cars home.

1975 Dodge Dart For Sale – eBay Motors

Weekend Edition – Three Posh 70′s Cars that are not necessarily thought of as Posh…

Recently Updated52

I know what you are thinking… Have I gone off the deep end in describing these three vehicles as posh? Well, you really don’t think of a 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado, or a 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury as Posh, and you certainly think the 1975 Dodge Dart is anything but Posh… but let me explain. The Toronado shares its chassis with the very Posh Cadillac Eldorado, and the very next year (1971) the Toronado actually turns into an Oldsmobile version of that Cadillac. The Plymouth actually is a “Gran Fury Brougham” complete with vinyl top, velour interior, Air Conditioning, and most importantly, size… The Dodge is one of those “Special Edition” versions to compete with the Ford Granada, introduced that year. So, are they Posh enough?

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Weekend Edition – A 1982 Mercury LN7 Convertible now on eBay; Just in time for Spring!

Fullscreen capture 3292014 100300 AM.bmp

Welcome to another Hooniverse Weekend with yours truly… Let’s start out with what can only be called a true unicorn of the 80s, a Mercury LN7. This was a two-seat sport coupe based on the Ford Escort / Mercury Lynx platform and was also marketed at the Ford Dealers as the Escort EXP. Styling differences between the EXP and the LN7 were slight, but included different grills, different Alloy Wheels, and the LN7 Coupe received a curious bubbled rear hatch that the EXP didn’t get (at first). However, none of that matters because there were 28 cars (of both makes) that received a lobotomy… OK, maybe that was a bit strong, but the results speak for themselves…

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Found on eBay: Super Sleeper 1970 Dodge Coronet

Jason Connor March 27, 2014 eBay Insanity

I love Sleepers. The ability to deceive unsuspecting motorists of what lurks beneath the hood of your beat up sedan, pickup or wagon  has always been an interest of mine. There was even a book written in exactly how to do it with a specific Chevrolet Nova  of internet notoriety. 

Now enter the Dodge Coronet, part of the full size line from Chrysler sharing it’s B-Body platform with the Dodge Charger and Plymouth Belvedere. This particular car receiving a full frame off restoration turns the dial up to 11. Keeping it’s original 383 and rebuilding it with the addition of twin Garrett T-3 turbos this is sure to be added to the long line of lurking sleepers roaming our streets. 

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eBay: Own one of the last ALMS Porsche 911s

Eric Rood March 21, 2014 eBay Insanity, For Sale


The demise of the American Le Mans Series at the end of 2013 ushered in not only a new series (the Tudor United SportsCar Championship), it also ushered in a new era for the storied Porsche 911. The Stuttgart manufacturer debuted the 991 GT3 RSR chassis at this year’s Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. Meanwhile, the previous-model 997 GT3 RSR was relegated to, well, whoever has the money for one. Enter ZSA Motorsport, who are selling on eBay what they claim is the very last Porsche 997 RSR built . Follow the jump for more.

2012 Porsche RSR - Ex Factory Car, Ex-#45 Flying Lizard and ex #06 Core

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Weekend Edition – A Low Mileage 1979 Ford Thunderbird that was already featured here…

Fullscreen capture 3162014 122156 PM.bmp

Looking for the incredibly weird for this weekend, and I stumbled on a very familiar car only with a few more miles. It was in September of last year that I highlighted this car that was being sold in Georgia, and you can read that post here. Well, it looks like the car has been transported to a new home in Quogue, New York, and is once again being sold, only this time for a lot more money…

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