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Sort Beverly Hills Car Club’s Listings by Price for an Endless Supply of Bad Ideas

Tim Odell April 14, 2016 eBay Insanity, For Sale

1957 continental mk ii for salebianchi for sale

Nothing more expensive than a cheap luxury car, they say. The Beverly Hills Car Club–actually, we’re going to digress right now. “Beverly Hills Car Club” is neither a car club nor in Beverly Hills. They’re a dealership that traffics cheaper examples of classics and exotics. Their address is a small warehouse in Lincoln Park, a gritty working class neighborhood about 30 minutes east of Beverly Hills. That said, their collection is extensive and actually pretty interesting…

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1967 funwagon for sale

This is a Sunbeam Funwagon. You’re probably never heard of it. Per the seller and like one other online reference, Funwagons were based on the Sunbeam Commer FC Van, a small British van from the Rootes Group. The Wikipedia article for the Commer FC confirms my assumption that all old British vans make like 50 horsepower and top out at about 65 mph. Obviously that platform needed extra weight, drag and a raised center of mass, so Sunbeam added a motorhome body and attempted to sell it exclusively to Americans. Those would be the same Americans just beginning to make use of the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways at sustained high-speed straight-line cruising. In a 1500cc-powered, narrow-track, high-roof camper thing. Right.

To its credit, the Funwagon has no fiberglass (that skin is sheet aluminum) and this one is completely mechanically functional. Supposing you were into silly, underpowered British vehicles (a few of our commenters come to mind), the $3k current bid isn’t too ridiculous in that it’s a typical price for an OK condition example of a rare vehicle. I was thinking motor swap, but it’s not like the original transmission or axle would be up to bear the necessary power boost. So, complete drivetrain swap? I’d offer up a Toyota 22RE + W56 + 7.5 or 8″ rear axle.

Your thoughts?

Epilogue: I meant to schedule this for last Thursday, but somehow screwed that up, so it never ran. Since then the auction ended with a winning bid of $6799!

1967 Sunbeam Funwagon for sale – eBay Motors

Yamaha 750cc Swapped Isetta Seems as Good a Way to Die as Anything

Tim Odell January 5, 2016 eBay Insanity, For Sale

isetta with yamaha swap We love to upgrade our cars for more power. How many of us have sextupled the original power figure of our cars? Such is the case with is 1957 BMW Isetta that’s had a 750cc Yamaha twin swapped in. Quoth the seller:

The guy I got it from thought it needed the protection of a rollcage because the stock engine was only 13 horsepower and would do 50 mph. so with about 80 hp. maybe it was a good idea.

See? Perfectly safe. The seller says this project is close to completion, but based the photos it appears to have the motor dropped in place and the body, paint and interior sorted. Thankfully, the leftover parts from both the Isetta and Yamaha appear to be in well sorted and bagged, rather than just piled in the back seat/truck/nearest bucket. Induction/exhaust? Engine cooling? Shifter? Pedals? Linking the chain drive up? These are but minor details.

Still, the idea of that big V-twin thrumming beneath your seat while you obliterate golf cart tires at every stop light is an attractive one. Not sure it’s the current bid’s $5100 worth of attractive, but attractive nonetheless.

1957 BMW Isetta with Yamaha 750 swap – eBay Motors

Custom Chevy K50 For Sale: Delicious Build, Light On Details

Bradley Brownell November 30, 2015 eBay Insanity

s-l1600 (1)

As I was perusing *the eBay* over the weekend, this lovely beast caught my eye. Having grown up in the midwest, I’ve always been a sucker for a big pick-em-up. Especially when it’s as gorgeous as this one. The truck looks quite capable, and it appears to be quite well built with good quality parts and fabrication. Unfortunately, there are very few photos, and what photos there are all depict the truck from the outside. There are no interior photographs, no underside photographs, no suspension photographs. This is terrible. This cannot stand. We need to unite to demand better eBay listings. The description, equally, is terrible. Click the jump to see a couple more photos, and decide for yourself.

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eBay Find: Not Your Regular Ford Sierra 1.6

Chris Haining November 18, 2015 eBay Insanity, For Sale


Ah, the Ford Sierra. The controversial-at-first, aero-styled successor to the three-box Cortina. Arctic Circle correspondent Antti has one. Everybody should. It’s been a firm favourite of mine for years, no doubt thanks to years spent riding shotgun in Dad’s ’83 2.0 Ghia, with its impossibly plush velour, severely polished wood on the doors, “Graphic Information Module” and joystick for speaker balance and fade. I loved that car.

Sierras are a dying breed, these days. Huge swathes of the Sierra population were cut down in their prime in the late ’90s, chopped up as drivetrain donors for kit-car projects of various qualities. Only the very best, and most interesting, survive. One thing that separates the UK from the rest of Europe is that the three-door version was only ever sold here in two flavours; stripped bare economy or full house RS Cosworth (barring the XR4i with its different side pressings). An awful lot of the former were, over the years, transformed into replicas of the latter, often very, very badly.

This one, though, is rather more interesting than that.

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This 5.0L Powered E30 is Somewhere Between a Hopeless Pile of Parts and a Kickass Race Car

Tim Odell October 1, 2015 eBay Insanity, For Sale

1987 e30 v8 swap for sale

BMW’s E30 chassis lives on for enthusiasts (outside the rust belt) as a well balanced paragon of durability, sport and efficiency. So obviously it’s a great candidate for a drift car. Personally drifting’s not my thing, but any activity that has guys building unconventional high horsepower machines on the cheap can’t be too bad, right? Besides, cheap E30s are hardly rare in my neck of the woods, so it’s unlikely a rare classic was butchered just to smoke tires.

The seller/builder juiced this one up with all-iron, carbed Ford 302, thankfully backed by a T-5. He didn’t just drop the V8 in a call it a day, though. The rear diff is a welded 3.73:1 unit that enables easy slides through third gear. Plenty of fun/stupid to be had there. It’s the rest of the mods list that leaves me wondering if this is just a bunch of shit bolted together, or if it just needs a little…um…social norming to be a fun track or touring car.

1987 e30 v8 swap for sale1987 e30 v8 swap for sale

We’ll let the list speak for itself…

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1959 Bonneville Contrasts Optimism with Decay

1959 Pontiac Bonneville for sale This car is too far gone. No one will ever put in the work necessary to fix the extensive rust, decayed interior and frozen drivetrain. And it’s tragic, because a 1959 Pontiac Bonneville Coupe signifies American cars at their most bombastic. The wide track eight lug wheels and jet-age fins stretching over a gargantuan trunk all come from an era where more was more. Irony, self-consciousness, counter-culture and minimalism hadn’t been invented yet. Seeing it in this condition gives off a bit of an Ozymandias vibe.

1959 Pontiac Bonneville (1)1959 Pontiac Bonneville (2)1959 Pontiac Bonneville (3)1959 Pontiac Bonneville (4)

I’d love to say some version of “patch it up, get it running and drive it as-is”, but it’d be nothing but patch before you could so much as it in it. While it’s doomed, the right thing to do here is pull the useful/valuable stuff like those eight lug wheels and send the rest to The Crusher. Hopefully others might continue living from its donation.

And then the jerk seller has the nerve to ask for a $3000 opening bid. At least it makes optimistic lawn art.

Pile of VW Bus Shaped Rust to sell for over $6000

…and we should all be ok with that. Is it astoundingly dumb that a rusted, engineless shell of a 1960 15-window VW Bus would sell for so much money? Yes. However, that’s really only a good thing for us. Those of us owning anything close to this model might feel a trickle-down bump from the inflating prices of these vans, while the rest of us will just find something else that’s cheap and endearingly crappy.

Whoever’s bidding up this van knows that completely restored versions are selling for even more absurd prices at auction. He or she is doing the math on what it’d take to reconstruct what’s missing and shine up what’s there. Whether or not they actually make money on the endeavor is irrelevant; someone’s about to pour mid five-figure sums into independent automotive shops and parts suppliers to bring this thing back to life. Those dollars aren’t going to buy cheap sweatshop-made sensors and sending units via RockAuto for a more sensible newish car, they’re going to the Hanzel’s Auto Body Works and Canepas of the world. If everyone were cheapskates like us, the automotive aftermarket economy couldn’t support itself. If some nostalgia-drunk (or just drunk drunk) Baby Boomer with more money than sense wants to create their own personal stimulus package, more power to them.

In case you’re interested in practicing your body work skills for the next 100 years, here’s the auction. Bidding ends Saturday!

1960 Volkswagen Bus for sale – eBay Motors

Found on eBay: 1991 Ford SkyRanger

Scott Ith May 22, 2015 eBay Insanity


The obvious question, when looking at this Modified Ford Ranger, is, “What the hell is going on here?” It has a body kit, and a wing at the front of the bed…and at the back! Ground effects and 4×4 trucks don’t usually make great bedfellows, but that’s none of this truck’s business. Oh, and let’s not forget that convertible top and the killer tape stripes.

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Diecast Delights: Lotus Elise 111S in 1/18 Scale


You know, collecting diecast models is a peculiar hobby that everybody goes about in different ways. There are dozens of forums out there devoted to it, but a common theme is people fawning over the latest releases by companies like Exoto, Spark and CMC. These models are often made in extremely limited numbers, and the first person to flex their chequebook wins. The thing is, is this really collecting, or is it just shopping? And does it even matter?

With neither of my daily drivers being worth much more than £500, I have neither the funds nor the stomach to pump several hundred quid at a time into buying toys. Besides which, models at the high end of the industry are like jewellery, and end up being displayed in a similar way. It can end up being more about the model itself than the actual car it represents. For me the car is paramount, and if 85% of the detail can be bought for 15% of the price, then I’m all for it.

Hence this Lotus Elise now appearing in my collection after an eBay bidding war in which my maximum bid was £20.

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