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MGTD Kit Car With Limo Stretch Is Horrible, Yet Oddly Intriguing


The MG-TD was and is a very desirable vehicle. That’s why Fiberfab and other kit car companies successfully sold knockoffs that could be easily bolted to a VW floorplan. Today, those VW-powered kit replicas are largely considered to be, um, “less desirable.” So, what would make it better? The same answer as any other car: a limo stretch! American Eagle Motors in Virginia is offering this “one of a kind” custom stretched Fiberfab TD replica for an undisclosed sum. The price is listed as “Call Us”, so maybe they’re so desperately lonely they’ll give you car just for calling and talking a while. More pics and details after the jump.

Would you want your bride or prom date to show up in this?

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A Carmudgeon Writes: Nice Vs Necessary.


Hello. Hooniverse’s resident tight-fisted luddite here,

We all talk about model bloat, we all moan about the fact that the Golf GTI has swollen over the years to gargantuan proportions, as if evolving specifically to serve as Pavarotti and Mr Creosote’s daily ride. Unfortunately though, this is never going to change.

With ever more complicated emissions and efficiency equipment becoming mandatory, weight savings have to be made to offset the gravity of all these bits and bobs. That’s a given. But things aren’t helped by the buying public, who insist that their car be equipped with more gadgets than The Sharper Image museum. Worse still all these gew-gaws add more than just mass; they’re murder on the pocketbook.

Read on for a curmudgeons view on what we do and don’t need in today’s cars.

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Long Shots: A Chrome Rolls Royce Anyone?

LongRoofian November 25, 2013 Dealership Fail

 So, the other day while I was still living in the concrete jungle that is southeast Florida and driving some 1,500 miles a week, this olelongrooffan spotted a first for me. That would be a chrome wrapped Rolls Royce sitting on one of the hoyty toyty cars lots down Boca way.

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The Ted Vernon Collection: In The Paint Booth


A couple a weeks ago, this olelongrooffan spent some time wandering around Ted Vernon’s used car lot and gathering up some images of some of the weird and oddball stuff he has. In the post I did on Saturday about his sports cars, fellow Hoon Bruce commented about Ted and his collection as if he knew him. He also made the following claim “His cars are very edgy and poorly painted,,,sometimes with a mop. But I gotta hand it to Ted…he is a survivor!” Well my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan was planning a post about that very same topic but you’ll have to make the jump to see what’s in the paint booth.

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Weekend Edition – A Jensen Viperceptor, and now you can own it…

Fullscreen capture 6222013 23021 PM

This weekend, I thought I would share some of the cars that have been discussed around Hooniverse HQ. Our man in Finland sent an email about this particular car offered for sale. It was once a Jensen Interceptor that has been treated to a full rebuild using modern upgrades. There is a YouTube Channel dedicated to this vehicle, and Piston Heads have already covered this car on the web, but now it’s on the market. What do you think about it?

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Lost Cause Weekend – So, you want to own the Porsche of your dreams…

Anyone familiar with Hooniverse should know that any mention of Porsche is greeted with an equal share of cheers and jeers. Some people think it is the ultimate in Precision German Engineering, while other call it a German Phallic Symbol. Either way, there is no ignoring the iconic nameplate. Well, the dealer I have been highlighting all weekend, Beverly Hills Car Club, has a few that are price rather reasonably. If you have been paying attention, that usually means they are either in ruins, or will need a great deal of work. There are others that will prove you wrong…

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Lost Cause Weekend – So, you want to own the Mercedes-Benz of your dreams…

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of the Lost Cause Weekend, where we explore the inventory of the Beverly Hills Car Club. We had fun with the British Stock on Saturday, with Austin-Healey, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Jaguar taking center stage. Now its time for the Germans, starting with Mercedes-Benz.

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Lost Cause Weekend – So, you want to restore that Classic Jaguar of your dreams…

Continuing on with our lost cause weekend, where we highlight the metal that is for sale at the Beverly Hills Car Club, where most of the inventory is turning into Iron Oxide, and it is now time to look at the Jaguar Inventory. Jags have always been a bit of a gamble, even when running right, and impeccably maintained. So, what are the chances these once exquisite motorcars will ever become your magic carpet ride?

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Lost Cause Weekend – So, you want to restore the Bentley or Rolls-Royce of your dreams…

Continuing on with our Lost Cause Weekend, where we examine the reasonably priced collector cars offered by the Beverly Hills Car Club. With the name Beverly Hill, you would expect to see more than a few classic Bentleys and Rollers in their inventory, and you would be correct. Some of the cars actually look pretty good, but there are others….

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Lost Cause Weekend – So, you want to restore the Austin Healey of your dreams…

Welcome to the Hooniverse Lost Cause Weekend, where I decided to look at the inventory of the Beverly Hills Car Club, and see if the cars that are offered at reasonable prices are the sort of car that an amateur restorer can try and replicate the car of their dreams, or even maybe build a competitive track car at least. Our leader has been tackling a couple of projects on these pages (see here, and here), so if you’re living in Southern California, why not join in on the fun, and see if you enjoy the type of fun that Tim seems to enjoy. Let’s start out with a few classic Austin Healey Sports Cars….

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