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Lovingly Resto-Modded Kit Car is Surprisingly Enticing

Tanshanomi December 11, 2014 Dealership Fabulous



While driving past Genuine Auto Repair in the Kansas City suburb of Lee’s Summit, I caught a glimpse of red fenders and a black grille inside on the showroom floor. What WAS that? My initial thought was something like an Elfin roadster, but I knew it was probably just some crappy VW kit car. I banged a youie and pulled in to check it out.

Once inside, it wasn’t an Elfin and it was a kit car, but it was neither VW-based nor crappy. This Mustang II-based Blakely Bernardi has been buffed and pimped, rebuilt and upgraded, from a previous state of dusty neglect to its current hotness. While it’s fashionable to bag on kit cars of any kind, this one possesses a surprising lustworthiness.

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MGTD Kit Car With Limo Stretch Is Horrible, Yet Oddly Intriguing


The MG-TD was and is a very desirable vehicle. That’s why Fiberfab and other kit car companies successfully sold knockoffs that could be easily bolted to a VW floorplan. Today, those VW-powered kit replicas are largely considered to be, um, “less desirable.” So, what would make it better? The same answer as any other car: a limo stretch! American Eagle Motors in Virginia is offering this “one of a kind” custom stretched Fiberfab TD replica for an undisclosed sum. The price is listed as “Call Us”, so maybe they’re so desperately lonely they’ll give you car just for calling and talking a while. More pics and details after the jump.

Would you want your bride or prom date to show up in this?

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Truck Thursday – A 1955 Chevrolet 3100 Stepside Pickup That’s Not What it Appears to be!

Chevrolet Other Pickups Incredible One of A Kind Show Truck  eBay - Google Chrome 7162014 34438 PM.bmp

Many of our longtime fans here on the Hooniverse know my feelings about RestoMods, but every once in a while, I become enamored with a well executed modernized classic, like this one. This is a 1955 Chevrolet 3100 Stepside Pickup that has been highly modified, but not in the way that you imagined. No, there isn’t a modern big block Chevrolet V-8 under the hood, or a modern Chevrolet Pickup chassis lurking under all the smoothed over body work. No, this truck was modified to accept a fully functioning 2001 Mercedes-Benz ML-320 Chassis and interior. Yes, a Mercedes-Benz ML-320! Make the jump to read a lot more about this interesting ride…

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1984 Ford Mustang GT that calls Germany it’s Home…

Fullscreen capture 6212014 80149 PM.bmp

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and I’ll start with this very curious Mustang GT that is up for sale in Germany, of all places. This car was brought to our attention via email from Stephan (Thanks, Man!) who also hails from Germany. So, let’s take a look at this very rare (at least in Europe) American Convertible, and see if it’s desirable on either side of the Pond…

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Peugeot 604: The Last Thing I Expected To Find For Sale Near Me.


For whatever reason, I’ve been giving the Peugeot 604 quite a lot of bandwidth lately. It turned up when we were talking about the PRV Douvrin engine here, and in humungous-bumper equipped form in this US brochure.

And that was all without having seen one of them in the flesh for as long as I could remember. Then, last week, a funny thing happened during a routine drive through the village. Like an apparition, I only caught it in my peripheral vision, and had nagging doubts as to the validity of what I’d seen. The next day, I felt duty bound to go for a walk, verify, and take some truly dreadful photos. Click the jump to share the excitement.

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Weekend Edition – Four different Saab Models offered by a Staten Island NY Dealer

Recently Updated47

Well, I did highlight a set of four different Land Rovers from this particular dealer, since they once called themselves RoverClassic.net, but they have since changed their name to Saab Classic, so now it’s time to take a sampling of their Saab Collection. Do you think that they are worthy enough for your hard earned dollar?

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Weekend Edition – Land Rovers Offered by a Staten Island NY Dealer

Recently Updated46

For a couple of weeks, I have been highlighting a few desirable cars that were offered by a Used Car Dealer who calls Staten Island home. The dealer used to go by the name of RoverClassic.net, but recently changed their name to Saab Classic, for whatever reason… Anyway, they have a very quirky inventory, and I thought I would highlight some of it throughout the weekend to see what you think. Let’s start out with what was once their namesake make, Land Rovers

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Weekend Edition – All I want for Christmas is some low mileage GM Cars…

Recently Updated34

Well, it is that time of the year, and I decided to create this particular posting after stumbling across the website of Bob Adams Classic Cars, in Scottsdale Arizona. This dealership is a regular on the pages of eBay, but I thought I would highlight some of my favorites directly from their site, specifically low mileage cars from GM.

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Long Shots: A Few DeLoreans For My Fellow Hoons?

LongRoofian December 16, 2013 Dealership Fabulous


So, this olelongrooffan is comfortably settled into my new gig here in the FantasyLand that is Naples, Florida. So much so that I have had the opportunity to get out and see some of the Hooniverse friendly sites round these here parts. Now my fellow Hoons may recollect this olelongrooffan found a cool *ssed GMC Motorhome facility in relatively obscure Okeechobee, Florida and the Hooniverse Overlords allowed me to share that experience with all ya’all. At that time I mentioned it was the largest assembly of GMC motorhomes I had ever seen. Well my fellow Hoons a week or so ago, I had a similar experience but this time it was with one of our favorite Gullwing Motorcars, the DeLorean DMC. Click on through to see a few more of them.

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