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Peugeot 604: The Last Thing I Expected To Find For Sale Near Me.


For whatever reason, I’ve been giving the Peugeot 604 quite a lot of bandwidth lately. It turned up when we were talking about the PRV Douvrin engine here, and in humungous-bumper equipped form in this US brochure.

And that was all without having seen one of them in the flesh for as long as I could remember. Then, last week, a funny thing happened during a routine drive through the village. Like an apparition, I only caught it in my peripheral vision, and had nagging doubts as to the validity of what I’d seen. The next day, I felt duty bound to go for a walk, verify, and take some truly dreadful photos. Click the jump to share the excitement.

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Weekend Edition – Four different Saab Models offered by a Staten Island NY Dealer

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Well, I did highlight a set of four different Land Rovers from this particular dealer, since they once called themselves RoverClassic.net, but they have since changed their name to Saab Classic, so now it’s time to take a sampling of their Saab Collection. Do you think that they are worthy enough for your hard earned dollar?

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Weekend Edition – Land Rovers Offered by a Staten Island NY Dealer

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For a couple of weeks, I have been highlighting a few desirable cars that were offered by a Used Car Dealer who calls Staten Island home. The dealer used to go by the name of RoverClassic.net, but recently changed their name to Saab Classic, for whatever reason… Anyway, they have a very quirky inventory, and I thought I would highlight some of it throughout the weekend to see what you think. Let’s start out with what was once their namesake make, Land Rovers

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Weekend Edition – All I want for Christmas is some low mileage GM Cars…

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Well, it is that time of the year, and I decided to create this particular posting after stumbling across the website of Bob Adams Classic Cars, in Scottsdale Arizona. This dealership is a regular on the pages of eBay, but I thought I would highlight some of my favorites directly from their site, specifically low mileage cars from GM.

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Long Shots: A Few DeLoreans For My Fellow Hoons?

LongRoofian December 16, 2013 Dealership Fabulous


So, this olelongrooffan is comfortably settled into my new gig here in the FantasyLand that is Naples, Florida. So much so that I have had the opportunity to get out and see some of the Hooniverse friendly sites round these here parts. Now my fellow Hoons may recollect this olelongrooffan found a cool *ssed GMC Motorhome facility in relatively obscure Okeechobee, Florida and the Hooniverse Overlords allowed me to share that experience with all ya’all. At that time I mentioned it was the largest assembly of GMC motorhomes I had ever seen. Well my fellow Hoons a week or so ago, I had a similar experience but this time it was with one of our favorite Gullwing Motorcars, the DeLorean DMC. Click on through to see a few more of them.

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Question of the Weekend – What Happened to Comfortable, Plush, Decadent Car Interiors?

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Continuing on with the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and I thought I would start with this question… What Happened to all those Comfortable, Plush, Decadent Car Interiors of the 70′s and 80′s? I know there are still very posh interiors available today, mostly in very expensive vehicles, but when was the last time you saw the decadence displayed like the ones I’m about to show you?

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The Ted Vernon Collection: In The Paint Booth


A couple a weeks ago, this olelongrooffan spent some time wandering around Ted Vernon’s used car lot and gathering up some images of some of the weird and oddball stuff he has. In the post I did on Saturday about his sports cars, fellow Hoon Bruce commented about Ted and his collection as if he knew him. He also made the following claim “His cars are very edgy and poorly painted,,,sometimes with a mop. But I gotta hand it to Ted…he is a survivor!” Well my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan was planning a post about that very same topic but you’ll have to make the jump to see what’s in the paint booth.

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Weekend Edition – The Cars of Mid-Atlantic Antique & Collector Car Center…

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Welcome to the third weekend in October, and here in the Northeast, we have been experiencing one of the mildest Autumn seasons in a very long time. So, what better time to bring up fine collectible cars that showcase some of the best colors that are no longer available on today’s appliance like cars. Colors like Avacado, Gold, and Light Blue with color keyed interiors that are not grey, or even gray…

As I was looking through the Wagons HO! Facebook page, I spotted an entry about a wagon offered by Mid-Atlantic Antique & Collector Car Center, and thought this would be a great weekend entry. Little did I know that when I decided to go to the web site of this dealer, I would go ahead and highlight their entire line currently for sale (well, at least the ones with photographs…) So, sit back and enjoy the cars offered by MAACCC, and let me know what you think.

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Weekend Edition: A Look At Ted Vernon’s Sports Cars


Last weekend, this olelongrooffan shared with my fellow Hoons the Elkys I spotted while at The Ted Vernon Collection a few weekends ago. This time around, I am here to share the sports cars I had spotted while wandering around that place. And this olelongrooffan was not sole visitor to what fellow Hoon stigshift describes this way, ” Just looks like a used car lot circa 1985. With shitty rims” and my fellow Hoons, know that he is not far removed from the truth. There were lots of folks there along with this olelongrooffan and we spotted some pretty cool sports cars lingering around. Feel free to make the jump to see a few of them.

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