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Craigslist: 1962 Bel Air Wagon With Modern Power

1962 Bel Air Wagon

Whenever I travel, I always wind up at the local airport far too early. So when that happens, I pull out my laptop and start checking out what the local Craigslist has to offer. Today I’m in Miami (just drove the new Honda HR-V, which I can’t tell you about yet), so I was very curious as to what I might find. A few listings from Cuba popped up, the random smattering of muscle cars and hot rods were there, and a few nice old pickups caught my eye as well.

It’s this 1962 Bel Air wagon that has me drooling a bit, however, and it’s due in part to what’s under the hood.

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CraigsList: The nicest 1988 Mercury Tracer wagon in the world


Ever since I first ran across one at my first 24 Hours of LeMons race, I’ve been intrigued by the first Mercury Tracers sold in the U.S. Unlike the 1991 and later Tracers, these early examples did not share a platform with their contemporary Ford Escorts. They were instead rebadged Asian- and Australian-market Ford Lasers, which were themselves restyled Mazda 323s. And this one in Stark City, Missouri, must be the nicest Tracer wagon you’ll find left in the world. Here’s the entire ad text and follow the jump for a pocket history of the increasingly rare Tracer:

“This is a real clean nice little 4 cyl. 5 speed station wagon. It drives out real well. This will make somebody or family a great economical runner. The body is very straight, the interior is nice and clean. The engine has been very well cared for, oil changed on time. It has very good tread on all the tires, lots of life left. We also just put on a new alternator and master cyl. This car is ready to go. If you need a great little car at a reasonable price check this one out real hard. If we can answer any questions please feel free to call or e-mail. Thanks for taking a look.”

[Source: Joplin CraigsList]

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Found on Craigslist: 1972 KGC10 Nissan Skyline “Hakosuka”

I keep going on about the forbidden fruits of the automotive world and this Skyline is no exception. With the newer models finding their way stateside under the 25-Year-Rul,e we have started seeing a plethora of fully legal R32’s blasting their way on the highways and canyons of this great country of ours. But those who have not followed the appropriate import laws have found their precious treasures crushed at the hands of US Customs.

Vehicle importation companies have been popping up like the magic mushrooms in Super Mario Brothers, and our northern neighbor Canada sees the holy grail of forbidden fruit being legally imported in the R34 GT-R. It’s no secret of my love for old Nissan/Datsun offerings and today’s example of a pristine and meticulously restored and modified KGC10 Skyline really does make me smile.

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Craigslist: Dodge Viper Prototype GT-3 Production Race Car

viper race car

Each February we depart the frozen tundra that is Boston for a week of southern Florida fun in sun. Before each trip I browse southern Florida craigslist in hope of finding a gem, that rust-free-but-with-faded-paint-obscure-limited-edition-something-that-is-being-sold-by-a-widow-of-man-who-worshiped-it, for pennies on a dollar. So far I have not found such thing, but I did find a Viper race car, and who wouldn’t want a Viper race car, right?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Your dose of French Weirdness in the form of this 1988 Citroen CX, and it’s for sale!

Citroen 2200 CX TRS 1988 - Google Chrome 272015 80617 PM.bmp

Here at the Hooniverse we love the truly perverse when it comes to our Automotive tastes. Classic Benz Wagons, Falcon V-8 Sedans, Ford Twin I-Beam Pickup Trucks, Older Lincoln Town Cars, reinterpretation of a Studebaker Open Roof Wagonaire… See what I mean? And when it comes to French Cars, well we all seem to go weak at the knees… Well, get ready for your knees to buckle because here is a very tidy Citroen CX from 1988, and it’s currently for sale on Craigslist…

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1969 Austin Morris Traveller with a Heart Transplant…

1969 Austin Morris Traveller wFiat 1800cc twin cam BRILLIANT FUN! - Google Chrome 272015 14242 PM.bmp

Welcome to the Weekend Edition, and once again I am here in New England under the threat of more snow, while places in the mid-west (Like Denver for example) have been basking in record setting mild temperatures. Bloody Hell… Anyway, I thought I would start with this gem… This is a 1969 Austin Morris Traveller with the infamous Wood Panels. Did you know they continued to make these right up to 1972? That is truly amazing. But this car has a surprise lurking under the bonnet… but you will have to make the jump to find out what…

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Hooniverse Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Here’s a 1983 Ford Quadravan 4X4 on Craigslist… I wonder what the interior is like…

1983 ford E-350 quadravan 4x4 van saletrade - Google Chrome 1172015 72133 PM.bmp

Ok, so this is a rather late posting to the Saturday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, but how could I not share? This is one of those 4X4 Van Conversions built by a company called Pathfinder based out of San Gabriel, California. Apparently, these were very popular in the 70’s and 80’s, so maybe it’s time to combine your love of 4-Wheelin’ with your love of what ever you want to do in the back of a van…

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – What do you think of this RX-7 Vega Frankenstein? (Oh yea!)

vega2.jpg (800×533) - Google Chrome 1172015 122425 PM.bmp

Combing through the Craigslist Listings has been quite an experience for me, and every time I think I’ve seen everything, something new and incredibly wonderful magically appears… Like this Chevrolet Vega that sits on top of what was once a Mazda RX-7. How cool is that? And the magical part comes from the fact that it is currently for sale…

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Hooniverse Weekend Quick Hit – What can you say about this Phoenix Camper built on a VW Bus Chassis?

phx2.jpg (626×422) - Google Chrome 1172015 114739 AM.bmp

Welcome to another Weekend Edition of Quick Hits, in which I uncover hidden treasures (or forgettable trash… whatever…) for your viewing and commenting pleasure. So, let’s start with this thing found on the virtual pages of Craigslist Seattle, and according to the very limited research I found, this was a vehicle designed in the late 70’s and early 80’s, with plans that originally carried the Popular Mechanics logo. So, what do you think about owning this thing?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – This is a nice example of a 1962 Studebaker Champ Pickup, And you can purchase it now!

1962 Studebaker Champ - Collector Truck - Google Chrome 1112015 15256 PM.bmp

The Studebaker Motorcar Company of South Bend, Indiana used to produce a great many cars and trucks throughout it’s lifespan as a vibrant company of the mid 20th century. However, things became just a bit more complicated after the conclusion of both the World War II and Korean conflicts, what with ever stronger competitors from GM, Ford and Chrysler, and the growing popularity of the smaller European Imports, the once great midwest car company was being squeezed out of the market (along with other independent car companies). This leaves us with glimpses of the once proud Studebaker vehicles, like this Champ Pickup that was produced close to the end of Studebaker Production here in the states. So, is it as desirable as I think it is?

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