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Craigslist Find: 1987 Accord is (Almost) Track Ready

1987 Accord

Now here’s a Lemons worthy car if I’ve ever seen one. … Continue Reading

Truck Thursday: Brand new 2008 Ssangyong Actyon Sport

Ssangyong Actyon Sport side

Here is your chance to own a truly one of a kind pickup truck. Well, no, supposedly there is over two hundred of them in U.S., but when did you ever see one for sale?

This awesomely named Ssangyong Actyon Sport can yours for a low price of six grand. Yes, there is a catch.

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For Sale: BMW 540iT Is Affordable Sport Wagon Goodness

bmw wagon

You know I love wagons. You know I love German wagons. Someday I hope my own German wagon is on the road, but I think we’re still quite a ways away from that happening. In the meantime, something like this 1999 BMW 540iT might be a nice daily driving alternative until my Wombat is ready to run.

The seller is listing it with a price tag of $4,000 and those three lovely letters OBO attached as well. It has a high count on the odometer with over 168,000 miles, and you’re always taking a chance on used German sheetmetal. Still, if you can handle some of your own basic work and the car is in solid shape, this could be a good buy for someone out there.

Add in the rarity factor, and you have one interesting ride to play with on a daily basis.

[Source: Craigslist]

This El Camino Monster Truck Can Be Yours

el camino monster truck

An El Camino and a 2005 Hummer bumped naughty bits and this is the drunken result. It’s a 1970 El Camino sitting atop the chassis of an 05 Hummer. Currently, per the ad, it says the V8 isn’t cranking but the seller believes that’s because the computer and the chip in the key aren’t communicating. The ad also states that it won’t be suitable for the road… that’s partly true because it’s suitable for ALL OF THE ROADS.

The asking price is $6,500, and we think someone should pony up $5k and go buy this damn thing. Then let us drive it… everywhere. Possibly to Tierra Del Fuego and back.

Oh and if this particular vehicle looks familiar… perhaps you’re in the mood for Doritos?

[Source: Craigslist]

1973 Pinto Wagon Makes a Most Optimal LeMons Car

1973 Ford Pinto for saleInternet Car Experts® love to gripe about how it’s impossible to find a remotely competent car for LeMons-legal pricing. To this we reply: Competence is significantly overrated and you just need to look harder. We’re not saying it’s easy; heck, even Hitler had a hard time searching (here’s some context on that)), but every once and a while a proper “just want it gone” special shows up. It’s even better when said “just want it gone” special checks all the boxes limiting the buyer population (and thus, value): green, Pinto, Wagon, manual, no motor, no title, last registered in 1982.

Most of those work in our favor: Pintos are light and can be made to handle. Even if that tranny’s toast, you’ve got a 3 pedals and some linkages to work with. Having no motor is hardly an issue, as you could pick one up here, here or here. While you’re at it, pick up a whole nearly-identical spare car. Scrap prices are lousy, so there’s no imminent threat of it going to The Great Refrigerator Factory in The Sky (aka Guangzhou) in a hurry, so why not show up with a trailer, tow vehicle and $100 and see what happens? Hell, I get the feeling they wouldn’t even be all that sad if you stole it in the middle of the night.

1973 Ford Pinto Wagon for sale – SF Bay Craigslist

Craigslist: Entire Contents Of Mustang Junkyard For Sale Very Inexpensively


This listing floated across my Facebook feed this morning, and I knew immediately that it had to be delivered to the Hoons of Hoonville. This could be the beginning of something beautiful, or it could be a complete waste of money. If you’re willing to do some wrenching (and who here isn’t), there could be a real money making operation on offer here. The listing features a yard full of 38 Fox body Ford Mustangs that you can have for literally pennies per pound. The unfortunate death of the yard-owner is forcing the sale, and the people who are charged with dispersing the crusty crowd of cars simply wants them all gone in one fell swoop. Everything for one price, one price for everything. Hit the jump for more information.

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Craigslist: 1966 VW Type 3 Fastback

1966 VW Fastback

It’s Friday. You know this, because you’re staring at your computer at work while also eyeing the clock. For me? I’m sitting in my home office (AKA my bedroom, don’t worry I’m wearing clothes… this time) dicking around on Craigslist while I should be writing, editing photos, editing video, handling social media, driving either the Dodge Durango or Aston Martin Rapide S parked outside, and not responding to trollish comments on our YouTube channel.

Instead of messing with all of that, I simply opened up a CL tab and typed “Fastback” into the search bar. That’s how I came across this rather wonderful 1966 Volkswagen Type 3. It’s the fastback variety, hence the search results, and I think it looks rather excellent with its two-tone primer paint scheme and black steel wheels.

Don’t you agree?

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Craigslist: Car Aint Got NO ROOF!! Redux


Kamil’s post yesterday inspired me to look for a car without a roof today. After all, who needs a roof? If you’re going to have a car that is intended to be driven with the roof down, why even have one at all?

This Fiat, realistically, wouldn’t exactly be a daily driver. I mean, it could be, and I’m sure some of you would try, but this would be better served as an occasional driver 3-seasons car. Luckily I live in Nevada and I can drive without a top for at least 80 percent of the year, so this would be a great project for someone in a situation like mine. Honestly, it doesn’t look like that much of a project anyway. Clean up the drivetrain, refurb the brake system, and make sure the suspension is in good nick, and you’ve got a great car with some excellent patina. I wouldn’t paint it, heck I might not even reupholster that seat. The body looks solid, and the chrome looks shiny. Get out and drive!

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Craigslist: Car Aint Got NO ROOF !!!

Car Aint Got NO ROOF 1

The trick to buying cars, for many of us, is spotting the potential in what others would consider a basket case. The rust-free but otherwise needing everything special, the pimped out, the blown engine but otherwise perfect mechanic special. They’re out there.

Our own Alan Cesar sent this Car Aint Got NO ROOF !!!  ad into out tips line. To an untrained eye it looks like another butchered classic GM sedan, but to some of us…

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For Sale: 1990 VW Vanagon Packing A Subaru Surprise


The Volkswagen Vanagon is a pretty cool ride. It does have the drawback of being a bit slow though. That can be easily fixed with a motor swap, which is what this Craigslist seller has done. A six-cylinder engine from a Subaru has found its way into the back.

It’s not an inexpensive sale by any means, but it seems the majority of all the work that this ride needs is done. In fact, the owner says they drive it to and from work a few days per week. Is it worth the $15,500 asking price? I’m not sure, but I do know that it’s a unique ride and I love the sleeper aspect of the whole thing.

Check it out here.

[Source: Craigslist]