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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1988 Isuzu Impulse available in New Jersey; Become Joe Isuzu…

1988 Isuzu Impulse (low miles) Very Clean!!! - Google Chrome 9142014 94913 AM.bmp

Continuing on with our Weekend Edition, and I spotted this Isuzu Impulse listing on Craigslist, and immediately thought of one of the more offbeat advertising campaigns of the 1980’s, the one in which Comedian David Leisure became Joe Isuzu. All the television spots were memorable, but I wonder if they really helped the brand in moving the metal, so to speak. At around this time period, Isuzu produced one of the most inspiring vehicles of the decade, and it went by many names around the globe (like the Isuzu Piazza in Japan) but was known as the Impulse here in the states. I still like them, but do you?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A First Generation Toyota Celica Supra; All I can say is Wow…

1979 Toyota Celica Supra Mark 1 5 spd. exceptional! - Google Chrome 9132014 70950 AM.bmp

When I try and find things to show our readers on the Weekend, I troll around on Facebook to the various sites that are created by fellow car enthusiasts, Pages like the Brown Car Appreciation Society is a favorite of mine to discover truly jaw dropping Craigslist Listings, like this one. This is a 1979 Toyota Celica Supra, and I doubt there is a nicer example for sale anywhere in the country…

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1990 Jeep Commanche 4X4; Try to contain your enthusiasm…

Jeep Comanche Truck 4X4 - 4.0 Liter 6 Cylinder - only 68K miles - Google Chrome 9122014 92051 PM.bmp

Well, this should get all the hoons who frequent this site salivating… This is an honest to God 1990 Jeep Commanche 4X4 Pickup, equipped with all the right hardware… The 4.0L Six, a 5-Speed Manual, Air Conditioning, and it only has 68,000 miles on the clock. Alright, you can’t dragon this truck from your computer, as you will have to go to Tucson Arizona to do so… I guess we all know that this is the Holy Grail of Trucks, but how badly do you want it?

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Weekend Edition Real-Quick Hit – A Blue 1977 Honda Civic, with a Brief Listing…

HONDA CIVIC - Google Chrome 972014 10357 PM.bmp

This is going to be brief and to the point… The first generation Honda Civic is a Milestone Automobile, and there are few left for anyone to admire (They have virtually disappeared from the Northeast years ago). So, when this Craigslist listing popped up, I knew it was perfect fodder for the Weekend.

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1969 Sunbeam Alpine GT on Craigslist…

1969 sunbeam alpine GT fastback - Google Chrome 972014 95320 AM.bmp

Here we go on the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and I thought I would open up with a car built in Britain 45 years ago. The fact that this car isn’t just a pile of iron oxide is amazing in itself, and it probably should be saved, but are you the person who will bring this car back?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – This is a 1973 AMC Ambassador Brougham with a Honkin’ 401…

1973 AMC Ambassador Brougham - Google Chrome 962014 54104 PM.bmp

You all know I have a feature that appears on Friday called the Obscure Muscle Car Garage, which it gives you the chance to vote on cars that you have never thought of as Muscle Cars, and grant them entry into the Garage. Last Friday, you didn’t agree with me that a Buick Lacrosse was an Obscure Muscle Car (with one comment that suggested that I fold the series altogether (!)). Well, here is a car that I would have probably included, and it is now for sale on Craigslist…

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A Very Serviceable 1971 Plymouth Fury III Hardtop…

1971 Plymouth Fury 111 2door Hardtop OBO - Google Chrome 962014 120548 PM.bmp

Continuing on with the Weekend Edition, where I troll around Facebook, Craigslist, Auto Trader, and eBay for vehicles that I think are worth mentioning, and I hope you think so as well. Here is probably one of my favorite Full Sized Bruisers of the 70’s, the Plymouth Fury Coupe. This one has received a lot of TLC over the past couple of years, and it is now up for sale… It needs some more love, but at what price?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1985 Pulse Autocycle found on Craigslist…

1985 Pulse Autocycle, RARE, Unique! - Google Chrome 962014 95650 AM.bmp

I am going to begin this weekend with a vehicle that I thought I would never find on the list that is Craig… A Pulse Autocycle. Back in September of 2012, I did a Weekend of Discovery, and this peculiar vehicle was one of the postings, and you can read all about it here. It is a strange and wonderful vehicle, but would you want to own one?

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Craigslist: 1993 Range Rover LWB County

1993 Range Rover LWB County side

I just reviewed a 2014 Range Rover Supercharged LWB over at TTAC. I loved it, and it is needless to say that right away I went shopping for a Range Rover of my own… and on my own budget!

Whamo! A LWB Classic!

How could this be a bad idea!?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Here is a 1953 Kaiser Traveler DeLuxe Hatchback on Craigslist (of all things…)

1953 Kaiser Traveler Deluxe 4 door hatchback - Google Chrome 8312014 94619 AM.bmp

Of all the cars that could be listed on Craigslist, this particular car is unexpected. OK, so you go to Craigslist to find beaters, and you find dealers who are primarily Buy-Here Pay-Here types of retailers, or you might find some questionable customized vehicles, but for the most part, they are all unremarkable everyday vehicles that appear within the listings… Not this time, as we take a look at a truly rare vehicle from the early 50’s…

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