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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Here is a 1953 Kaiser Traveler DeLuxe Hatchback on Craigslist (of all things…)

1953 Kaiser Traveler Deluxe 4 door hatchback - Google Chrome 8312014 94619 AM.bmp

Of all the cars that could be listed on Craigslist, this particular car is unexpected. OK, so you go to Craigslist to find beaters, and you find dealers who are primarily Buy-Here Pay-Here types of retailers, or you might find some questionable customized vehicles, but for the most part, they are all unremarkable everyday vehicles that appear within the listings… Not this time, as we take a look at a truly rare vehicle from the early 50′s…

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Let’s take a look at this 1980 Plymouth Arrow Pickup Truck, and tell me it’s not desirable…

1980 Plymouth Arrow Excellent Condition - Google Chrome 8302014 35652 PM.bmp

Continuing on with our labor Day Weekend Edition, and look at what I discovered lurking close by (on Cape Cod no less)… This is a 1980 Plymouth Arrow Pickup, which was a badge engineered version of the Dodge D50 Pickup, which are both derived from the Mitsubishi Forte Pickup at the time. The Arrow Pickup was only available between 1979 and 1982, and many of them have long since turned into Chinese Appliances or Iron Oxide, and not many are left…

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – This is a 1973 Mazda RX-3 Wagon ready to be “Reborn”…

1973 Mazda Rx3 Wagon. Garage Find!! Stored Since 1997. Must See! - Google Chrome 8302014 104537 AM.bmp

Southern California is a wonderful place that seems to have all kinds of treasures hidden within storage bins and garages. This is a 1973 Mazda RX-3 Wagon that has been in storage for quite a while, but it is not currently running. So, the question of the weekend is this: Is a Rotary Powered Mazda Wagon worth the trouble of getting back on the road for future generations to enjoy, and at what cost?

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CraigsList: A Nissan Pulsar NX for the SHO-off


I love Hooniverse’s CraigsList Crapshoot, where my colleague Robert Emslie gives us Hoonitarian Hooniversalists the task of finding some specific automotive characteristic on CraigsList and posting for all the Hoons to see. This week, Robert asked for T-Tops and while I found a glorious Chrysler Cordoba, it was commenter Vroomsocko who took my breath away with this find: A 1988 Nissan Pulsar with the 3.2-liter Yamaha V6 from a Ford Taurus SHO stuffed in the engine bay, allegedly hooked up to a 55 shot of nitrous. Ordinarily, I would have left it alone, but this car’s very presence has gnawed at me for the last 24+ hours. Follow the jump for the complete ad copy and more photos.

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Here is a 1972 Plymouth Fury III Coupe from Hershey, PA…

1972 Plymouth Fury III 2 DR Hardtop - Google Chrome 8162014 93554 AM.bmp

To any casual reader of the Honiverse Weekends, you all know that I am a sucker for the early 70′s Chrysler Fuselage editions of the full-sized lineup. I used to search on internet web sites using key words such as Fury, Polara, Monaco, Newport, New Yorker, and Imperial. During this time period, the full sized Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth models were a bit more distinctive than the offerings from Ford or GM, and a lot more distinctive from today’s sea of sameness. So, could a full-sized Plymouth Coupe be used as an everyday cruiser?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Here is an unmolested 1972 Jaguar XJ6; Why is this car so Lustworthy?

1972 Jaguar XJ6 - Google Chrome 8162014 85116 AM.bmp

Let’s continue on with the Weekend Edition with this lovely Jaguar XJ-6 from 1972, now offered for sale on Craigslist. We received this tip from Steve (Thanks,Man!) who exclaimed in his email: DO SO WANT!. Yes it is a very good looking Jag, and it is one of those rare pre-rubber bumper cars that looks even better… So, what do you think?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Here’s a Sweet 1980 Lincoln Versailles to start your Weekend Right…

1980 Lincoln Versailles - Google Chrome 8152014 72325 PM.bmp

Welcome to the Hooniverse Weekend Edition, where I try to entertain you for the next two days with whatever I can find around the web that is car related. The late 70′s and early 80′s was a weird time for the auto industry, and the term Malaise has been used to describe this time period, and it actually fits. Here is an example of a car produced during this time period… a Lincoln Versailles, displayed in all of its resplendence with a formal roofline, two-tone paintwork, wire wheel covers, and a blood-red leather interior. Is this car Lustworthy?

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$16,000 BMW CS Coupe Might be the Cheapest Intact One You’ll Ever See

1974 bmw 3.0 cs coupe for sale

We should do a Hooniverse Asks about what car is so beautiful you don’t care how much pain it will cause you. Such is the BMW E9 CS Coupe for me. Unless properly addressed, their rust issues are terrifying. The interior tends to degrade horribly in the presence of excess dryness or moisture, they’re not all that fast and many are automatics. But dammit man, they’re so gorgeous. Tragically, examples with the correct drivetrain and minimal bodywork issues range in price from a nice E46 M3 to a new F80.

1974 bmw 3.0 cs coupe for sale (1)1974 bmw 3.0 cs coupe for sale (2)1974 bmw 3.0 cs coupe for sale (4)1974 bmw 3.0 cs coupe for sale (5)

So, at a $16,000 asking price, this not-quite-perfect-but-not-quite-hopeless E9 tantalizes. It’s had the engine upgraded to a later 3.5L M30, has 30 years of service records, and a claimed absence of structural rust. Sure, it’s still got the three-speed auto, but there are no shortage of donor four or five speeds to be dropped in. Then again, for 16 large, one could buy a large fleet of nearly mechanically identical 6-series’ at about $2k each. Or, you know, a decent M3. But they wouldn’t be as pretty.

1974 BMW 3.0 CS Coupe for sale – SF Bay Craigslist

Weekend Edition Quick Hit – How about a Brown 1984 C4 Chevrolet Corvette (In NJ, of course…)

1984 Chevrolet Corvette, 59,000 original Mi. Automatic, 2 Owner - Google Chrome 822014 82712 PM.bmp

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and I thought I would start out with the Milk Chocolate Brown C4 Corvette I found at the Brown Car Appreciation Society Facebook Page (Where Else?). This is a color that isn’t usually associated with the Corvette during this time period, and to be quite frank, I don’t think it really works that well, but what the hell do I know… Have a look at it for yourself…

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VW Flippers

I probably don’t need to mention that I spend a lot of time on the Craigslsists. I mean, a lot of time. Because of that I occasionally come across some stuff that makes me go ‘OMG,’ or sometimes even ‘LOL.’ Do the kids still say OMG and LOL? Anyway, I was trolling the classifieds recently and I came across the perfect item to turn your Backyard BBQ into a Backyard Vee-Duba-Que. That’s right, stainless steel VW logo spatulas! If you flip over both burgers and VWs then these 13″ pan slappers are going to be just your cup of weird car-related accoutrements. You can find them here, for $15 each, that is if they haven’t totally sold out by now.

Image: Craigslist


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