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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Crap Can Racing Pair #2; 2 1959 Simca Aronde Sedans, for the Index of Effluency Win!

2 1959 simca aronde p60 - Google Chrome 1182015 40519 PM.bmp

This is to close this spectacular Weekend or Postings, and I hope you had as much fun as I have putting it together. So let’s see if we can bring these two very French, Craptastic Sedans back to some form of glory… By entering them into the 24-Hours-of-LeMons! And if you get both of them ready for your particular race venue (by some modern miricle that is), you are sure to win the coveted Index of Effluency Trophy… If nothing else!

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Crap Can Racing Pair #1; 2 Chevrolet Citation X-11’s Ready for Domination!

Chevy Citation X-11 (2) - Google Chrome 1182015 34524 PM.bmp

Well, let’s wrap up the weekend right, with some 24-Hours-of-LeMons or ChumpCar Candidates, and the first pair are these two Interesting Chevrolet Citation X-11 Race Cars in Waiting… Let’s put it this way, Citations are about as successful in these events as, well, Corvairs… So, do you think you have what it takes to make these crappy Chevy’s contenders?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – How about a 1974 Imperial Crown Coupe, claimed as only 1 of 57 made…

Imperial LeBaron Crown Coupe - Google Chrome 10192014 93359 AM.bmp

Continuing on with theWeekend Edition, and here is an interesting Craigslist Listing… This is an ad for one of the 57 Imperial LeBaron Crown Coupes sold for 1974, a claim that I find dubious at best. While not really willing to take the time to find out if it’s true, this is the last really big Imperials offered beefore these cars became the Chrysler New Yorker the very next year. Collectible or Forgettable?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Your dose of Malaise for the Weekend; A 1977 Mercury Cougar XR7

MERCURY COUGAR 1977 XR7 BEAUTIFUL CAR XXXXXXXXX - Google Chrome 9212014 32402 PM.bmp

You know it wouldn’t be a Hooniverse Weekend without at least one feature that included a Detroit Boat made during the Malaise Era, and why not showcase one from a dead nameplate? This is a 1977 Mercury Cougar XR7 that shared a great deal with the Ford Thunderbird and Torino at that time. This had every excess 70’s styling cliche of the period… And that’s what makes it so damn desirable (at least it does for me…).

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – This was once a 1983 Pontiac Trans Am…

CUSTOM FIBERGLASS KIT CAR BUILT ON 1983 PONTIAC TRANSAM $1500 OR BO - Google Chrome 9212014 21753 PM.bmp

On the Weekend I usually look at quite a few Facebook Feeds to see if there is anything out there that I can bring to your attention, and look what appeared on the Future $500 race cars! Even if the owner doesn’t know it yet Facebook Page. This thing was once a 1983 Pontiac Trans Am, but I am not sure what the Kit Car Make is… The only thing about this car I know is this: It’s a Hot Mess….

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Rescue this 1969 Saab 96, because you can do it…

1969 Saab 96 - Google Chrome 9212014 103751 AM.bmp

Once in a while, there is a serious Craigslist listing that seems to take the form of hero worship. This is one of those listings. Here we have a seller of a vehicle that he personally rescued from sitting in a pasture for a few years, but knows his limitations, and wants to see it go to a good home. Make the jump to read the entire listing…

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1985 Mazda 626 LX Diesel Stick, with a Parts Car thrown in…

1985 Mazda 626 LX Diesel, Plus Parts Car! - Google Chrome 9212014 101111 AM.bmp

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and I think I will start out with this mind blower… This is a 1985 Mazda 626 LX Diesel, a model that is very rare in the first place, but this seller actually has a part car to throw into the mix. So, raise your hand if you knew that Mazda once sold a 626 Diesel here in North America… To be honest, I had no idea this car existed…

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – An Original 1983 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible; Can you believe this has been driven over 100,000 miles?

1983 Chrysler Le Baron Mark Cross Town and Country 2dr Convertible - Google Chrome 9202014 24540 PM.bmp

I have kind of a confession to make, and it is one you have probably read about in some of my past postings. I look on eBay and Craigslist for all things Chrysler. I know, it is a sign of weakness, but I search for Newports, Furies, Polaras, Monacos, and quite often, LeBarons. This one cropped up, and I’m surprised that the car has as many miles on it as it does. So, what do you think it’s worth?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – What about a functioning 1988 Isuzu I-Mark Turbo found on Craigslist?

1988 Isuzu I-Mark RS Turbo with handling by Lotus - Google Chrome 9202014 92112 AM.bmp

Here on the Weekends I try and find some of the most wretched vehicles ever to grace the showroom floor, and to gauge your reaction to those vehicles. To many, Isuzu was said to be Japan’s Fiat, producing some interesting cars that were not completely engineered properly. They had a reputation of being designed well (Italy’s Giugiaro was most prevalent), and with the help of Lotus Engineering, they handled well. But the cars themselves have always been less than what they could have been. So, does that make this 1988 I-Mark Turbo any less desirable?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1977 Dodge Monaco Brougham Wagon, in Latrobe Pennsylvania…

1977 Dodge Monaco Brougham Wagon - Google Chrome 9122014 83356 PM.bmp

Well, it looks like I am going to highlight another Dodge for this Weekend Edition of Quick Hits, only this particular Dodge has a few more miles under it’s chassis. The Dodge Monaco nameplate was transferred to the venerable “B” body Chrysler configuration for two model years only, 1977 and 1978. It was one of the more confusing times for Chrysler in which they offered this version of the Monaco as well as the full sized Royal Monaco. Confused? Well, the buying public was, but that is not our problem at the moment. We have to decide if this Monaco Wagon is desirable or not…

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