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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Future Lemon Edition; A 1979 Chrysler Cordoba…

79 Chrysler Cordoba Mopar B body - Google Chrome 4192014 101826 AM.bmp

This weekend, our esteemed 24-hours-of-LeMons Expert, Eric Rood, is at the Gingerman Raceway for the Cure for Gingervitis event, so I thought it would be a great time to introduce another Facebook Page that is loosely tied in with this (or any) LeMons event… Future $500 race cars! Even if the owner doesn’t know it yet. And I will start out this particular Quick Hit with this magnificent Chrysler Cordoba.

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1975 Stutz Blackhawk VI that once belonged to Arnold Palmer’s Wife…

Fullscreen capture 4112014 81841 PM.bmp

Welcome to a belated Hooniverse Weekend, and the only reason this is so late is because of the very heavy workload I seem to be under lately. I had to report to the office, and didn’t have any time to do a proper weekend of posting until now, so it will be a weekend of Quick Hits that I find around the web, like this gem. This is a Stuts Blackhawk VI that was once owned by the wife of Arnold Palmer. Does that make it desirable, or quite the opposite?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1973 Jeep Wagoneer That’s Too Cheap To Pass Up!

1973 Jeep Wagoneer PRICE REDUCED - Google Chrome 462014 113234 AM.bmp

Pow, here is another Weekend Edition Quick Hit, and this time I found a Jeep Wagoneer that is available in the Denver area. This was a posting over at the Wagons HO! Facebook Page, and we all seem to love anything that is connected with either Wagons, or Wagoneers. So, here is your chance to grab one…

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Hooniverse Weekend – How about an unusual 1971 Ford LTD Limousine?

Fullscreen capture 452014 92204 AM.bmp

Welcome to another Hooniverse Weekend Edition, where I find either the Desirable, or the Unusual when it comes to vehicles that are for sale, and this one is just a bit of both. Stretch Limousines were a thing of the 80′s and the 90′s utilizing Lincoln Town Cars, the rear drive Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, and various full size SUV’s like the Suburban or the Expedition. Well, here is an unusual take on a personal Limousine in the form of an every day (at least in the early 70′s) Ford LTD. Desirable or not?

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Weekend Edition – An Interesting 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 on Craigslist; Can a Mid 60s Sedan be called Interesting?

1966 Ford Fairlane 500 Original 65K AT PS Straight 200 CID 6cyl. - Google Chrome 3292014 91033 PM.bmp

Another Hooniverse Weekend Edition for Sunday, and my luck, it is raining quite heavily here in Connecticut, so it is the perfect time ti entertain all of you, and to get my tax forms done. About those pesky taxes, you see I have the privilege of filing three different sets of forms; Federal, Connecticut, and since I worked in the state of Massachusetts during 2013, I get to file there as well. But that is my burden, and I thought I would take a break to bring you this 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 Sedan found on Craigslist. Would you call it interesting, or something else altogether?

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Weekend Edition – A 1973 AMC Hornet Sportabout (Brown Car Appreciation Society)

Fullscreen capture 3222014 35947 PM.bmp

Trolling Facebook Pages seems to be an hobby of mine lately, and it really is a great source of subject material that I can share with all of you on the weekends. As you know, we here at Hooniverse love the Station Wagon, and one from an independent mark is even better. Well, here is a cheap enough AMC Hornet Sportabout from Arizona that should brighten any ones day…

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Craigslist: Toyota Supra Mk II P-Types


In yesterday’s Hooniverse Asks post, Robert pondered What’s the Coolest Japanese Sports Coupe of the ’80s/’90s? My response in the comments was the 1982-’86 A60-platform Toyota Celica Supra Mk II “P-Type”, and from the number of upvotes my comment got, many of you are fans of this car, too.

The  second-gen A60 was the last Supra to be a sub-brand of the Celica line. It was available in two styles; the “L-type” luxury model and the more racy “P-” (performance) Type. Powertrain was identical, but the two versions were differentiated by the P’s wider rims and tires, aggressive (for the time) fiberglass fender flairs and front air dam, and standard limited slip differential.

That post prompted me to see what sort of P-Type offerings were to be had in the great Project Car Purgatory that is Craigslist. What I discovered is that these cars are still well thought of, in as much as their asking prices indicate, and all these cars are more than a quarter-century old, with commensurate wear and tear on them.

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Ranger Roadster? Sure, Why Not?

I don’t have any tattoos. It’s not because of some aversion to them in principle, it’s just that I have a hard time thinking of anything I want written or drawn on me for the rest of my life. It must be nice to have no hesitation to making permanent changes. Case in point: I’d bet five bucks the seller of this dropped and chopped Ranger has some ink.

ford Ranger convertible

Sure, it’s been afflicted with the barbed wire armband and tribal thing of custom cars: bad interior customization and crappy flat black/gray paint. But then again, it’s got a 3.0L V6, five speed and a kinda-sorta decently executed roofectomy. Not unlike that “Bravery” Kanji tattoo your girlfriend said you should get, this could be a good idea for about one summer. For $2000, check it out on Atlanta Craigslist.

Weekend Edition – An incredibly rare Renault 5 (Le Car) 5-Door on Craigslist

1981 Renault Lecar Convertible Black Top (Classic) 4 speed - Google Chrome 3162014 10900 AM.bmp

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, where I find incredibly odd cars available for sale, and see whether or not you are amused by my choices (or not…) The Renault 5 came to America in 1976 and was renamed Le Car by American Motors Marketing, and promptly distributed the diminutive economy car through AMC’s 1300 dealers nationwide. The car was restyled (just a bit) for the 1980 model year, with the 5-door making it’s debut in 1981. The Renault 5 (Le Car) was discontinued here in the states during the 1983 model year when the AMC Renault Alliance was introduced. So, is this Renault Le Car for you?

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Weekend Edition – A Fiberfab Banshee now on Craigslist

Fullscreen capture 392014 92025 AM.bmp

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend. It looks like the long winter here in the Northeast is finally showing signs of moderating, and for most motorheads, this is the time of year that we think about a new project to take the place of the other projects that still haven’t been finished yet. And what better project to dive into that a 60′s fiberglass kit car (of which only a few were made) mounted on an equally quirky MG Chassis, with a Volvo Engine. Sounds like another Winner to me…

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