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Weekend Edition: Finishing Up At The Branson Auction


Just to finish this olelongrooffan’s sharing of the stuff I saw while out at the Branson Auction a whiles back. If my fellow Hoons believe that General Motors is the only manufacturer to build a Super Sport you would be sorely mistaken. This 1951 Crosley Super Sport precedes those GM products by at least four years. And this wasn’t included previously in my Detroit Steel post because these were built in Marion, Indiana. It was a cute little buggy and sold for a fee inclusive $9,180.00. I would call that well sold. Click on through to see a couple more, if you like.

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Weekend Edition: Saturday Imports Spotted At The Branson Auction


So it was nigh onto a month ago this olelongrooffan decided to part with a trio of fins and attend the Branson Auction to see what was up with the only classic cars auction around these here parts. Previously, the Friday cars were shared and on Wednesday, this olelongrooffan was honored to have my Saturday Detroit Steel posted by my Hooniverse Overlords in a rare, at least for me, early morning timeframe. Thanks Guys. But, like yesterday’s ole school newspaper, that is old news. Well, today this olelongrooffan shares with my fellow Hoons the Imports seen on that warm Saturday in October here in the Ozark Mountains.

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Some Of The Detroit Steel Seen At The Branson Auction


So a couple weeks ago, the Branson Auction was held here in the Live Music Capital of The World. This olelongrooffan had a trio of fins burning a hole in the pocket of those designer jeans I purchased a few years back so I thought I would part with them to see what could be seen at that show. After having attending the Barrett-Jackson and the Auction America shows earlier this year I was curious to see what this burg had to offer. Actually, it was quite nice. It was run like the promoter had 37 years experience at it and I had a great time. As an aside, these are the Friday cars lined up to head into the auction arena. See that blue Caprice (well GM anyway) longroof? Crossed the block and sold for $1,200.00. Yeah, it was bargain Friday that day to be sure.

Now remember, these are gavel prices and include no fees.

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Weekend Edition: Pretty Sure That’s A Lambo, Dude


So as this olelongrooffan has mentioned, I was fortunate enough to have attended the Branson Auction of collector cars this past couple days. There were plenty of sweet rides there and I wish several of them could have made the trip back to the B’s Nest with me. Unfortunately, this was not one of them.

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Weekend Edition: Friday’s Cars: The Newer Stuff Seen At The Branson Auction


As this olelongrooffan has mentioned, this past couple days was the Branson Auction of fine collector cars down here in the cool Ozark Mountain. When one enters the Branson Convention Center, you are required to mosey on up to the second floor to check in and then head through some massive double doors to the observation deck above the preview area below. The cars in line are the Friday cars heading into the auction area while the cars parked diagonally are scheduled to head over the block on Saturday. Feel free to click on through for a preview of the newer stuff that went across the block that Friday. And by newer, this olelongrooffan arbitrarily chose 1970 as the cutoff point. Remember, these are gavel prices, no fees are calculated.

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Weekend Edition: Friday Finds: The Old Stuff At The Branson Auto Auction


So as this olelongrooffan has mentioned, the Branson Auction of collector cars was this past couple days and I was fortunate enough to have a spare fifteen bucks and the time to attend it. It was pretty cool, well run and it is in its 37th year. I arbitrarily chose 1970 at the cutoff point for the model years and this post is about the pre-70 cars let loose that Friday. Remember all prices quoted are gavel prices with no fees included.

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Weekend Edition: Friday Finds: The Trucks At The Branson Classics Auction

IMG_4610 (2)

So, as this olelongrooffan mentioned on Friday, this weekend is the Branson Auction of fine motor cars and trucks. As it is relatively cheap to gain entry to this event, 3 fins for two days of nonstop action, it was decided that this would be a worthy expenditure for this miserly olelongrooffan so off I went. Of course, one of the first sights of the outside lot contained this gorgeous and highly desirable beauty. Naturally, this olelongrooffan ambled over to it and checked out the interior of this near forty year old campercar. It was Bone Ass Stock all the way down to the sign posted over the gas range in the kitchen, “Cooking Appliances are Not To Be Used For Comfort Heat.” Pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself.

Anyways, when the cars arrived off their transporters, or the highway as was often the case, the Friday cars were parked outside and the Saturday Cars were parked inside. With these Weekend Edition offerings this Saturday, this olelongrooffan hopes to have a trio of posts about the Friday Finds. What I did basically was stroll through the lot checking out some stuff this olelongrooffan thought might be Hoonworthy then I would go in and watch some of them cross the block. Then when I needed another smoke and a coke, I would head back out and check out some more. Where I could, this olelongroofan has included the gavel price and sometimes a comment or two. Note, the price was the gavel price, no buyer’s or seller’s fees are included. Who do my fellow Hoons think this olelongrooffan is? Daniel Strohl over at Hemmings?

Without further ado….Hope my fellow Hoons enjoy.

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Check In Day At The Branson Collector Car Auction


So this Friday and Saturday is the Branson Collector Car Auction here in the “Live Music Capital of the World.” Why Friday and Saturday? Well my fellow Hoons, automotive sales are not allowed on Sundays here in the ShowMe State. Yes, Sunday Blue Laws are still in effect here in the Midwest. Anyways, this olelongrooffan ventured down to that Purple Heart City to check out the goings on and see what was up with this auction. As I have attended a few of these type events over the years, this olelongrooffan was interested to see what would be offered by this team at the Branson Convention Center which is affiliated with a major upscale hotel chain here in this burg on the shores of Lake TaneyCoMo. Click on through to see some of my activities on that unseasonably warm Thursday in mid October in the Ozarks.

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Monterey Car Week Photo Dump: Auction Action


There were a good couple of handfuls of auctions going on in Monterey. You had the RM/Sotheby’s, Gooding & Co., Bonhams, Russo & Steele, Mecum, and some smaller ones dotted around the landscape. We walked around the Russo & Steele lot, ambled through a handful of the RM cars on the plaza, and attended the Gooding & Co. auction. It was interesting to see giant fistfulls of dollars being waved around for certain cars, and there wasn’t a single car in the lot that I could afford to bid on. It really makes you feel broke. You know, assuming you actually are broke.

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Fort Lauderdale Auctions America 2015: The Eurosport Edition


So here this olelongrooffan is, back over at the Auctions America show at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center there in the Port of the Everglades, nearly beachside in that oceanside community. My buddy, TheKenMan, had hooked me up with some freebie tickets so I topped off the petrol tank on my longerroof, as that would be how much I would need, and headed over to see what could be seen. Man there was a bunch of cool stuff there and this next couple posts are about the EuroSport and the EuroClassics I spotted that day. Interestingly enough, TheKenMan was there as well with three other buddies riding in that luxurious new Buick mini SUV he recently acquired. Although we never hooked up (cell phone reception in that center sucks, well at least with Metro PCS) but he told me later they were sitting in the bleachers, as old men tend to do, and started yelling at me to gain my attention. The bidder’s assistant thought they were trying to bid on a car and he got all hot and bothered when he realized they weren’t. Me? This olelongrooffan was off in LaLa dream land and missed all of that excitement. Oh yeah, this 1959 FerrariĀ 250GT, which is the same age as me sold at $715,000 with no reserve. Extremely unreasonable to suspect this olelongrooffan would bring in similar dollars. There is a jump here if any of my fellow Hoons are interested in seeing some of the other EuroSport carp I spotted on the other coast that day.

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