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1987 Cosworth Benz Project is as Horrifying as You Fear

Tim Odell February 26, 2015 eBay Insanity, For Sale

1987 Mercedes benz cosworth 190e for saleAt some point I want to pick up a dreadfully cheap 928, SEL 6.9, or 8-series to revive just to see how bad it’ll be. I love simplicity, but when someone describes a vehicle as hopeless or not worth saving, I just can’t back away from the challenge. This 1987 Mercedes Benz Cosworth 190e 2.3-16V scares even me away, even as a fantasy project with a fantasy garage and fantasy time to work on it.

Approaching it in a fenced lot behind a New Jersey warehouse, we notice the lousy tint and over-sized, newer AMG monoblock wheels, typical of the suspiciously cheap aged luxury vehicle. Alas, under the hood, we’re treated to a quartet of exposed, rusted cylinder bores. Apparently the motor dropped a valve and this block isn’t salvageable. But wait! There’s still hope: the cylinder head was rebuilt and there’s a “good” block included with sale. Except that good block has surface rust and should probably be gone through by a shop. Honestly, I’d just as soon drop an Ecoboost crate motor in and call it a day.

1987 Mercedes benz cosworth 190e engine bay

Fine, the powertrain’s dubious, but hopefully the interior’s serviceable, right? Well, the visible 40% of the seating surfaces look pretty good, but the denuded C-pillar and missing gauge cluster leave an extra tinge of “fnck it” about the whole thing. Exterior? Rust bubbles, missing trim, oxidized paint, the usual. Oh, and those 18″ Monoblocks aren’t included, the factory wheels are and they’ve been spray painted black.

This thing checks all the “string of crappy owners in way over their heads” boxes, and just when you think the seller couldn’t do any better, he signs off with

Looking for Porsche 951. Also interested in E36 M3’s, Alfa GTV6 or similar cars.

Of course he is. Oh yeah, the price: opening at $2800, Buy-it-now of $4500. I apologize in advance for the drink you just spewed on your keyboard.

1987 Mercedes Benz Cosworth 190e 2.3-16V for sale – eBay Motors


Craigslist: 1962 Bel Air Wagon With Modern Power

1962 Bel Air Wagon

Whenever I travel, I always wind up at the local airport far too early. So when that happens, I pull out my laptop and start checking out what the local Craigslist has to offer. Today I’m in Miami (just drove the new Honda HR-V, which I can’t tell you about yet), so I was very curious as to what I might find. A few listings from Cuba popped up, the random smattering of muscle cars and hot rods were there, and a few nice old pickups caught my eye as well.

It’s this 1962 Bel Air wagon that has me drooling a bit, however, and it’s due in part to what’s under the hood.

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Weekend Edition – Nearly New Chrysler Shelby’s that are heading to Auction in March…

Recently Updated93

Welcome to the Weekend Edition where I come to you from that frozen hell hole called New England… We have been experiencing ungodly cold, and record breaking snowfall, and I’m just about ready to throw in the towel… However, as I’m looking forward to the end of winter, it looks like the spring selling season will soon be upon us. Auctions America, which is owned by RM Auctions, is having an impressive auction of collector cars on March 27th through the 29th in sunny Ft. Lauderdale. And they have a few cars from a collection they call the Chrysler Shelby Collection. Most of these cars were never sold, and still have their interiors wrapped in plastic. So, are any of them even worth your time?

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CraigsList: The nicest 1988 Mercury Tracer wagon in the world


Ever since I first ran across one at my first 24 Hours of LeMons race, I’ve been intrigued by the first Mercury Tracers sold in the U.S. Unlike the 1991 and later Tracers, these early examples did not share a platform with their contemporary Ford Escorts. They were instead rebadged Asian- and Australian-market Ford Lasers, which were themselves restyled Mazda 323s. And this one in Stark City, Missouri, must be the nicest Tracer wagon you’ll find left in the world. Here’s the entire ad text and follow the jump for a pocket history of the increasingly rare Tracer:

“This is a real clean nice little 4 cyl. 5 speed station wagon. It drives out real well. This will make somebody or family a great economical runner. The body is very straight, the interior is nice and clean. The engine has been very well cared for, oil changed on time. It has very good tread on all the tires, lots of life left. We also just put on a new alternator and master cyl. This car is ready to go. If you need a great little car at a reasonable price check this one out real hard. If we can answer any questions please feel free to call or e-mail. Thanks for taking a look.”

[Source: Joplin CraigsList]

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Last Call- Rad Taxi Edition

Robert Emslie February 17, 2015 For Sale


In the late 1920s in Berlin, hailing a cab would likely have resulted in one of these cool Motax-Droschken or D-Rad motorcycle taxis showing up. Deutsches Rad Werke built 180 of the Motax-Droschken exclusively for the Berlin market to counter the high cost of traditional automotive taxi service. The D-Rads could transport a single passenger for half the cost of the car. It was however cost that doomed the D-Rads as their maintenance costs proved to high for their owners to maintain a profit.

Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged. 

Image: Kreuzberged


Found on Craigslist: 1972 KGC10 Nissan Skyline “Hakosuka”

I keep going on about the forbidden fruits of the automotive world and this Skyline is no exception. With the newer models finding their way stateside under the 25-Year-Rul,e we have started seeing a plethora of fully legal R32’s blasting their way on the highways and canyons of this great country of ours. But those who have not followed the appropriate import laws have found their precious treasures crushed at the hands of US Customs.

Vehicle importation companies have been popping up like the magic mushrooms in Super Mario Brothers, and our northern neighbor Canada sees the holy grail of forbidden fruit being legally imported in the R34 GT-R. It’s no secret of my love for old Nissan/Datsun offerings and today’s example of a pristine and meticulously restored and modified KGC10 Skyline really does make me smile.

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Craigslist: Dodge Viper Prototype GT-3 Production Race Car

viper race car

Each February we depart the frozen tundra that is Boston for a week of southern Florida fun in sun. Before each trip I browse southern Florida craigslist in hope of finding a gem, that rust-free-but-with-faded-paint-obscure-limited-edition-something-that-is-being-sold-by-a-widow-of-man-who-worshiped-it, for pennies on a dollar. So far I have not found such thing, but I did find a Viper race car, and who wouldn’t want a Viper race car, right?

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Progenitor of Junior Comp Motorcycle Engined Dragsters Up for Sale

dave brackett dragster chassis for saleWhen this largely incomplete bike-powered dragster popped up in my standard eBay trawl, all I thought was that a modern Honda 600cc motor plus a small jungle gym would make for great entertainment. Not bad at a $950 Buy-it-Now. Turns out that in addition to maximum fun per dollar (in a straight line, at least), this one’s of historic significance.

Dave Brackett, the builder, built bikes and hot-rods that perfectly captured the zeitgeist of the late 60s and early 70s: dual motor chopper trikes and the like. Dave’s work was unique in that he pushed to use Japanese bikes and motors as much as the standard Harley units of the time. On a whim, he put together a tiny chassis and threw a Honda 750 motor in, resulting in low 10s at 128mph in the quarter. Not a super-high trap speed, but quick as hell. Today’s NHRA Jr classes can trace back to this car (and its ilk).

dave bracket chassis for sale (1)dave bracket chassis for sale (3)

Based on this post, it looks like someone hauled this thing out of a barn in Temecula back in 2012 and spent a couple years cleaning it up. Assuming that’s not just black Krylon and a dead motor sitting in the chassis, $950 seems to be a great starting point for a cool piece of history that’d still make some speedy passes. Auction ends today!

1972 Dave Brackett Motorcycle-Powered Chassis – eBay Motors

Weekend Edition Quick Hit – The 80’s Called, and they want their Benz Back… (Shhhh, You can buy it…)

Mercedes Benz Other Over 100K Spent and Show Ready Must Be Seen  eBay - Google Chrome 282015 60045 AM.bmp

Something interesting happened this past week, and it was the fact that Radio Shack declared Bankruptcy… and then I remembered their Super Bowl Ad from 2014 and it actually makes sense. This was a store stuck in the past with too many locations, and nothing to actually draw new customers in. I bring this up because I spotted this Mercedes-Benz on eBay, and images used in that Radio Shack Ad seemed more appropriate than ever…

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Crossing a Honda Z600 with a Suzuki Samurai, and you get a Monster!

VERY COOL.72 HONDA 600 COUPE 4X4 - Google Chrome 272015 83622 PM.bmp

Continuing on with this weekend edition of Automotive Oddities (From a Morris Minor with Fiat Power, to a Mercedes S500 with a Mustangectomy) we have our next contestant. This was once a Honda Z600 Coupe that was available here in the states from 1970 to 1972. So, this is what happens when you have a solid Z600 body, and Suzuki Samurai Chassis, and a spare Chevrolet 2.8L V6 just lying around. So, the question is this… Cool finished product, or Meth Induced Disaster?

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