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For Sale: Ten brand new unsold 1985 Mazda 323 and Mazda 626

brand new mazda 323 626 2

Somehow, there are ten brand new, never sold and never registered, Mazda 323s and 626s, five of each, for sale in Wroclaw, Poland. The ad says that all ten cars were parked in an upper level of a showroom and they all have between eight and 246 kilometers (5 – 153 miles) on their odometers.

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eBay: The marvelous ‘Launcha Splatos’ crapcan racer is for sale


720-Splatos_LedeIt’s not every day that I see two cars listed for sale that make your heart skip a beat, but today has been a remarkable day. Bringatrailer.com already beat me to writing up the lurid Panhard project for sale in Los Angeles and this evening I discovered that one of my absolute favorite 24 Hours of LeMons cars is up for sale.

If you’re on this site, you’re likely familiar with the rallying legend the Lancia Stratos, a screaming, mid-engined, V6-powered, 1970s wedge that looked couldn’t possibly have been more Italian. The Stratos’ V6 made about 210 horsepower, which was plenty in a car that weighed all of a ton. In fact, those numbers would be great in a series like, say, the low-buck endurance racing 24 Hours of LeMons, a great racecar builder might think. Enter Mike and Darren Besic and their crapcan Stratos replica, the Launcha Splatos.

Launcha Splatos on eBay

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Checking out Dutch classic cars: Volvo 480ES, Citroën CX and more


As we were driving along towards Maastricht from the point where the three countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany meet, I did a double take from the back seat of the black turbodiesel Audi A4 in which we were riding. “Hey, a CX! And an old Skoda! Should we turn around and check them out?”

After finding a semi-suitable parking spot, we could ogle at the weirdness. Just how good could a roadside Citroën CX be?

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Classic Toy: 1974 Toyota Hilux

Scott Ith January 20, 2015 All Things Hoon, For Sale


Small trucks are pretty much a thing of the past. In the automotive industry, the segment’s death has been much-lamented, at least in the auto-journo realm. If you want a miniature pickup truck that will deliver good gas mileage and great utility, you’ll have to look to the past. This Hilux, for sale in Salt Lake City, fits the bill perfectly.

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Elvis Has Left The Lincoln

Robert Emslie January 19, 2015 For Sale

Elvis Lincoln

Here’s a 1963 4-door Lincoln Continental convertible that the seller claims was once own by Elvis Presley. Now, as you probably know, the King – befitting his position and wealth – owned a lot of cars. He was also not above trashing them, having once shot up his Pantera when it left him stranded. It’s unlikely however that he would have let any of his cars reach this one’s level of decrepitude. I mean, it looks to be in such rough shape that any part that Elvis might have touched will probably need to be replaced, or at the very least be attended to by a Haz-Mat team. Here’s the copy from the ad:

Lincoln Continental 1963 convertible 4 door. owned by ELVIS, especially built for “The King”, how RARE! The LCOC has documented this vehicle’s previous original owner, this is an original car that needs restoration and detail work. The museum that this rare car came from was asking five times this amount for it. The identical car to this one has been owned by two former U.S. Presidents and it’s now shown in a southern museum. This is your family heirloom. priceless. $66,000

Now the pics in the ad have a time stamp almost a decade ago. That could indicate one of two things; either this car has been in this condition for that long, and has been declining like the King did in the seventies, or the seller doesn’t know how to set up his camera. Either way, the asking price is $66,000, which is a lot of do-rey-me for an old Lincoln without such provenance. This one supposedly is documented by the Lincoln Continental Owner’s Club, and if it proves to actually be an Elvis-owned car, that will of course add to its value. But $66,000? What do you think?

Elvis Lincoln Int

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Crap Can Racing Pair #2; 2 1959 Simca Aronde Sedans, for the Index of Effluency Win!

2 1959 simca aronde p60 - Google Chrome 1182015 40519 PM.bmp

This is to close this spectacular Weekend or Postings, and I hope you had as much fun as I have putting it together. So let’s see if we can bring these two very French, Craptastic Sedans back to some form of glory… By entering them into the 24-Hours-of-LeMons! And if you get both of them ready for your particular race venue (by some modern miricle that is), you are sure to win the coveted Index of Effluency Trophy… If nothing else!

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Crap Can Racing Pair #1; 2 Chevrolet Citation X-11’s Ready for Domination!

Chevy Citation X-11 (2) - Google Chrome 1182015 34524 PM.bmp

Well, let’s wrap up the weekend right, with some 24-Hours-of-LeMons or ChumpCar Candidates, and the first pair are these two Interesting Chevrolet Citation X-11 Race Cars in Waiting… Let’s put it this way, Citations are about as successful in these events as, well, Corvairs… So, do you think you have what it takes to make these crappy Chevy’s contenders?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Here is a 1983 Nissan Pulsar NX; Talk about a True Unicorn…

Datsun Other NX Two Door 510 Z  eBay - Google Chrome 1182015 114305 AM.bmp

You know what has virtually disappeared within the American Car Scene? Sensible, cheap, and reliable 2-Door Sporty Japanese Coupes and I wonder how that happened. Does everything have to be a High-Riding SUV or Crossover thingy? Do you have to have gigantic cars just to drive yourself to work? Do you have to have the latest Euro-Prick machine to impress your family and (really not) your friends? Well, let’s go back to 1983, when Nissan introduced this very unusual looking, wedge shaped, 2-door sport coupe to America, and this one is a time capsule…

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Hooniverse Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Here’s a 1983 Ford Quadravan 4X4 on Craigslist… I wonder what the interior is like…

1983 ford E-350 quadravan 4x4 van saletrade - Google Chrome 1172015 72133 PM.bmp

Ok, so this is a rather late posting to the Saturday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, but how could I not share? This is one of those 4X4 Van Conversions built by a company called Pathfinder based out of San Gabriel, California. Apparently, these were very popular in the 70’s and 80’s, so maybe it’s time to combine your love of 4-Wheelin’ with your love of what ever you want to do in the back of a van…

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – What do you think of this RX-7 Vega Frankenstein? (Oh yea!)

vega2.jpg (800×533) - Google Chrome 1172015 122425 PM.bmp

Combing through the Craigslist Listings has been quite an experience for me, and every time I think I’ve seen everything, something new and incredibly wonderful magically appears… Like this Chevrolet Vega that sits on top of what was once a Mazda RX-7. How cool is that? And the magical part comes from the fact that it is currently for sale…

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