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For Sale: 1990 VW Vanagon Packing A Subaru Surprise


The Volkswagen Vanagon is a pretty cool ride. It does have the drawback of being a bit slow though. That can be easily fixed with a motor swap, which is what this Craigslist seller has done. A six-cylinder engine from a Subaru has found its way into the back.

It’s not an inexpensive sale by any means, but it seems the majority of all the work that this ride needs is done. In fact, the owner says they drive it to and from work a few days per week. Is it worth the $15,500 asking price? I’m not sure, but I do know that it’s a unique ride and I love the sleeper aspect of the whole thing.

Check it out here.

[Source: Craigslist]

Weekend Edition: Cheap 1992 Peugeot 405 Mi16 is a winterbeater find


What is the best justification for a car purchase? Buying one out of need, want, or nostalgia? This 1992 Peugeot 405 Mi16 combines all of those three, and I got it home last weekend.

I’ve found it funny for a while, that despite having several cars, I’m constantly lacking a honest-to-god daily driver that does it all. It’s already late November, which means that my MX-5 is going into winter storage, under cover, freshly inspected and washed and waxed. I won’t daily it like I did last winter, as it needs some rust work and I’d hate it to develop any more rot than it already has on its rockers and rear arches.

The 205 will also go off the road, as I have purchased a lot of interior parts for it, and the seats will be taken out and refurbished. The torn driver’s seat is the single biggest blemish on the car at the moment, and it needs to be put right. My humble VW Polo is on its way to be finished, but it’s hardly a highway car. And the Sierra? The less said, the better, but it’s been out of use for the best part of 2015, and motivation to put it right is dwindling along with little, insignificant parts breaking.

So, there you have four cars that necessitate the purchase of a fifth. And here, you have the fifth one. Four cylinders, four doors, 16 valves, 600 euros. A perfect recipe.

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eBay Find: Not Your Regular Ford Sierra 1.6

Chris Haining November 18, 2015 eBay Insanity, For Sale


Ah, the Ford Sierra. The controversial-at-first, aero-styled successor to the three-box Cortina. Arctic Circle correspondent Antti has one. Everybody should. It’s been a firm favourite of mine for years, no doubt thanks to years spent riding shotgun in Dad’s ’83 2.0 Ghia, with its impossibly plush velour, severely polished wood on the doors, “Graphic Information Module” and joystick for speaker balance and fade. I loved that car.

Sierras are a dying breed, these days. Huge swathes of the Sierra population were cut down in their prime in the late ’90s, chopped up as drivetrain donors for kit-car projects of various qualities. Only the very best, and most interesting, survive. One thing that separates the UK from the rest of Europe is that the three-door version was only ever sold here in two flavours; stripped bare economy or full house RS Cosworth (barring the XR4i with its different side pressings). An awful lot of the former were, over the years, transformed into replicas of the latter, often very, very badly.

This one, though, is rather more interesting than that.

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Craigslist Find: A 1982 Austin Allegro…. In Seattle!


A problem shared is a problem halved. Every morning the citizens of Great Britain wake to greet another drizzly, congested day, just as drizzly and congested as the last one. We bear an awful lot of weight on our shoulders,  our chequered and violent history with its rapid empire downscaling, our recent international sporting inadequacies and, who can forget, our notorious dental failings. But there is one terrible footnote in British history which gives us dull feelings in the pits of our stomachs, and is only mentioned in hushed tones. The Austin Allegro.

Up until now I thought the Allegro was a plague which only affected us and a few patches of mainland Europe whose defences were obviously lacking. But no. It appears that there’s one in Seattle (which I thought was a Metro and Maestro only zone). And it’s for sale!

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Weekend Edition: Finishing Up At The Branson Auction


Just to finish this olelongrooffan’s sharing of the stuff I saw while out at the Branson Auction a whiles back. If my fellow Hoons believe that General Motors is the only manufacturer to build a Super Sport you would be sorely mistaken. This 1951 Crosley Super Sport precedes those GM products by at least four years. And this wasn’t included previously in my Detroit Steel post because these were built in Marion, Indiana. It was a cute little buggy and sold for a fee inclusive $9,180.00. I would call that well sold. Click on through to see a couple more, if you like.

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Weekend Edition: Saturday Imports Spotted At The Branson Auction


So it was nigh onto a month ago this olelongrooffan decided to part with a trio of fins and attend the Branson Auction to see what was up with the only classic cars auction around these here parts. Previously, the Friday cars were shared and on Wednesday, this olelongrooffan was honored to have my Saturday Detroit Steel posted by my Hooniverse Overlords in a rare, at least for me, early morning timeframe. Thanks Guys. But, like yesterday’s ole school newspaper, that is old news. Well, today this olelongrooffan shares with my fellow Hoons the Imports seen on that warm Saturday in October here in the Ozark Mountains.

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Truck Thursday: Some Of The Saturday Trucks Seen At The Branson Auction


I logged into all things Hoon recently and realized I had not completed my coverage of the Branson Auction from a coupla weeks back so I thought I would get this update gathered up for my fellow Hoon’s Truck Thursday enjoyment.

This olelongrooffan has related that on more than one occasion I would spot a vehicle and in short order would see another similar type ride. Well, my fellow Hoons, that tradition continues on, this time in the version of Tow Mater.


The sightings of these things since I moved to the Ozarks continues to amaze this olelongrooffan even if this one is in the form of a golf cart. Feel free to click on through to see some of the other trucks spotted that Saturday.

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Wagon Wednesday: 1929 Ford Model A Depot Hack


For this installment of Wagon Wednesday, let’s take a trip in the wayback machine to 1929. … Continue Reading

Some Of The Detroit Steel Seen At The Branson Auction


So a couple weeks ago, the Branson Auction was held here in the Live Music Capital of The World. This olelongrooffan had a trio of fins burning a hole in the pocket of those designer jeans I purchased a few years back so I thought I would part with them to see what could be seen at that show. After having attending the Barrett-Jackson and the Auction America shows earlier this year I was curious to see what this burg had to offer. Actually, it was quite nice. It was run like the promoter had 37 years experience at it and I had a great time. As an aside, these are the Friday cars lined up to head into the auction arena. See that blue Caprice (well GM anyway) longroof? Crossed the block and sold for $1,200.00. Yeah, it was bargain Friday that day to be sure.

Now remember, these are gavel prices and include no fees.

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Weekend Edition: Pretty Sure That’s A Lambo, Dude


So as this olelongrooffan has mentioned, I was fortunate enough to have attended the Branson Auction of collector cars this past couple days. There were plenty of sweet rides there and I wish several of them could have made the trip back to the B’s Nest with me. Unfortunately, this was not one of them.

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