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Found on eBay: 1991 Ford SkyRanger

Scott Ith May 22, 2015 eBay Insanity


The obvious question, when looking at this Modified Ford Ranger, is, “What the hell is going on here?” It has a body kit, and a wing at the front of the bed…and at the back! Ground effects and 4×4 trucks don’t usually make great bedfellows, but that’s none of this truck’s business. Oh, and let’s not forget that convertible top and the killer tape stripes.

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Craigslist: 1949 Mercury Coupe


The Ozarks, I am quickly being reminded, is never short on rusty gold, diamonds in the rough that just need a little polishing to reveal their true quality. What we have here could be the next best thing.

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Diecast Delights: Lotus Elise 111S in 1/18 Scale


You know, collecting diecast models is a peculiar hobby that everybody goes about in different ways. There are dozens of forums out there devoted to it, but a common theme is people fawning over the latest releases by companies like Exoto, Spark and CMC. These models are often made in extremely limited numbers, and the first person to flex their chequebook wins. The thing is, is this really collecting, or is it just shopping? And does it even matter?

With neither of my daily drivers being worth much more than £500, I have neither the funds nor the stomach to pump several hundred quid at a time into buying toys. Besides which, models at the high end of the industry are like jewellery, and end up being displayed in a similar way. It can end up being more about the model itself than the actual car it represents. For me the car is paramount, and if 85% of the detail can be bought for 15% of the price, then I’m all for it.

Hence this Lotus Elise now appearing in my collection after an eBay bidding war in which my maximum bid was £20.

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This Beater Marauder Convertible is Hotrodding at its Finest

1961 mercury marauder for saleThis 1961 Mercury Marauder has all the necessary equipment: A tri-power 390ci V8, four-speed transmission, nice seats, intact floors and power brakes. Intact sheet metal, a roof and hood? These things only serve to confine.

From context it seems the seller yanked it out of a barn somewhere then paid attention to getting the floors and mechanical bits sorted, swiped the interior out of what looks like an 80s Mercedes (that MB-Tex lasts forever) and called it a day. He drives it daily. For some reason I imagine the seller played by Woody Harrelson with a just bit of a Florida Man vibe.

1961 mercury marauder tri power1961 mercury marauder interior1961 mercury marauder interior 21961 mercury marauder rear end

Which, honestly, is exactly what I’d do all day every day if I could: start with cars a week away from The Crusher and bring the back to some form of functionality. Let someone else worry about getting the quarter panels patched perfectly or finding the factory-correct hose clamps.

The auction ends today and as I type this it’s sitting at $4000 with 16 bids, which…ok, honestly that’s a bit steep. I’m curious where it ends up.

1961 Mercury Marauder for sale – eBay Motors

Black and Tan 1958 Mercury Wagon: I must have you

Tim Odell May 12, 2015 For Sale

1958 mercury wagon for sale
Ford did some weird things with Mercury engines in the late 50s. This wagon has a four-barrel 383ci V8, but thankfully not the ubiquitous Chevy stroker. Nope, this particular 383 is from the MEL family with a claimed 300-330hp and 400-something lb-ft of torque. Those figures are impressive, it’s been said those early power numbers came more from the marketing department than the R&D group. Still, in proper tune that lump has the low-end grunt to haul this beast around just fine. Beyond the drivetrain and the sweet paintjob, this one’s got a squeaky clean interior and enough power convenience features (brakes, steering) to cruise in comfort…provided it’s not too warm out.

Personally, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of slapping any of the recent crop of TBI carb-replacement EFI systems on an ancient, thirsty motor just to see what happens. Back that up by a C6 with an overdrive unit, and you’ve got a remarkably versatile cruiser/hauler. I was about to go into a “you don’t surf” rant about classic wagons always having a board on the roof, but this guy actually uses it to go to the beach, so I’ll leave off for now.

Anyway, it’s $7500 on SF Bay Craigslist. Please buy it so I can stop thinking about it.



Showdown: Non-Wretched Jeep FC Vs Detroit-Diesel Swapped International

Tim Odell May 7, 2015 For Sale, Showdown

1957 jeep fc150 for sale1960 international travelall for sale

It’s been forever since our last showdown, but when I had these two tabs open adjacent to each other (and a primordial version of my Falcon next to them), it was clearly time to dust off the category.

In one corner, a ’57 Jeep FC in rare mid-grade condition. Typically we find these in end-stage terminal corrosion or as $20k restoration queens. This one’s generally intact, running and driving, with a $6300 asking price. The flathead four cylinder and insanely low gearing aren’t going to win any races on paved ground but with some vintage mud tires and a locker or two, it’ll out-climb anything this side of a mountain goat. And it’ll do so with that bed full of cut firewood.

Representing the “Ugh, it’s not a Jeep, it’s an International” faction, we’ve got this 1960 International Travelall. As if an early Travelall wasn’t unique enough, it’s had a Detroit 4-53 swapped in. Fun fact: those Detroit Diesel engine names are the number of cylinders and the displacement for each. Thus 4-53 = 212ci (3.5l) four cylinder. These are good for somewhere just north of 100hp, meaning this leviathan will also be an exercise in patience. Mechanically, “everything’s in order”, but it’s evident that some paint and body work top the To-Do list. The $5000 asking price feels about $1500 too high, but maybe that’s just me.

international travelall for sale (1)international travelall for sale (2)international travelall for sale (4)

On this truckiest of Truck Thursdays, what would you pick?

Pokey FC or Pokier Travelall?

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Craigslist Find – 1994 Ford Centurion is the Truck You Didn’t Know You Needed


It’s no secret that I’m a Craigslist hound, always trolling the bowels of the cars/trucks section for some interesting, rare, or just weird. Since moving to Springfield, I usually find the obligatory lifted trucks, clapped out rice rockets, or rust buckets that are only a few years old.

Today, though, I found something which is both interesting and rare, and I’ve only seen a handful of times in my entire life. In terms of style, it falls somewhere between a conversion van and a mail Jeep. Check it out!

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Craigslist: El Caminillac?


Sometimes I want to ask a car owner exactly what he was thinking, but then I remember it’s my own fault for being a Craigslist trawler. Anyway, today’s Craigslist find is brought to you by the 80’s: now with 100% real malaise!

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Roadside Attractions – 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280 SEL 4.5 is a Diamond in the Rough


Somewhere on 39 Highway, between Mt. Vernon and Miller, Missouri there sits an unusual creation. Chances are, you’ve never been to either town, and that’s OK. There are things like this to be found all across the country, in big cities and small towns. What I saw, though, was something large, old, and brown. I don’t see many of these on the road anymore, and I definitely don’t see many around these parts.

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Hemmings Hotties: 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74 LX


I know there are a few of you here who love these things. The Hooniverse love of JDM is well-documented, and many of us love a good 4×4. So, what better way to combine those two loves than with a nearly perfect Land Cruiser? Let’s check out this import special.

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