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The Best Guy on Craigslist: Packards, Hudsons, Lincolns and a Trio of Fieros

A couple weeks back I started what was supposed to be a trio of posts about The Best Guy on Craigslist with a quartet of Imperials and a pile of big-engine Caddies, but before the third post could run all of his ads disappeared. Now that they’re back, I figured I’ll highlight everything this guy has to offer, rather than rope you along. In totality, this guy’s collection/accumulation/hoard/junkyard is in pretty sorry shape (as many of you noted on the previous posts). However, if you look past the dirt and grime, there are a number of great powertrains to be donated or LeMons/low-budget builds to be made. Hit the jump for a collection of (what used to be) classy, heavy hitters

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A First Generation Mazda MPV 4WD Van on Craigslist…

96 mazda mpv 4wd 88,000 origanal miles fully loaded - Google Chrome 9282014 10619 PM.bmp

Continuing on with the Weekend Edition, and when was the last time you saw one of these? This is a 1996 Mazda MPV Van wit the 4WD system, in relatively good condition, and with relatively low mileage. The Mazda MPV was rather unique when compared to other Minivans of the era in the fact that it was primarily a Rear Wheel Drive platform, and offered 3 front hinged doors (later models offered 4 doors), which didn’t follow the accepted Minivan Formula at this time. However, do you think this Mazda is more interesting because of the differences, or less so?

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1978 Volkswagen B1 Dasher on Craigslist…

CLASSIC 1978 B1 VW DASHER FOR SALE - Google Chrome 9282014 103855 AM.bmp

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and I will start out this edition with what is probably a Unicorn when it comes to Volkswagens… This is a 1978 B1 Dasher, and it is one of the later Fuel Injected versions. When was the last time you saw one of these (or even its close cousin, the Audi Fox) in anything approaching acceptable condition? Make the jump and see if your want level rises, or not…

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Weekend Edition – What would you do with this 1976 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia?

Mercury Other Ghia Edition  eBay - Google Chrome 9272014 92258 AM.bmp

Welcome to another Hooniverse Weekend Edition, and I thought I would start out with this eBay listing of a 1976 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia Sedan… Wait, what is a Mercury Grand Monarch? Well, these cars were built as a near top of the line model to bridge the gap between the Luxury Imports being offered during this time period, and yet offer all the comfort and plushness expected of the full-sized domestic Ford Models. Make the break, and I will fill you in…

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The Citroën to End all Citroëns? 5 Door CX 25 GTI Turbo 2

Tim Odell September 25, 2014 For Sale, Terrible Ideas

1988 citroen cx gti turbo 2 for saleWhen visiting Hanzel’s Auto Body Works for Seconds Saturdays, I make a point to marvel in the inherent weirdness of Citroëns. Leaving aside questions of actual performance, they’re designed so completely differently from their contemporaries. Adding to the baseline of that weirdness, today’s example is so rare it shouldn’t exist. Made at a time of waning sales late in it’s model run, the CX Series 2 Turbo was the ultimate top of the line. This example routes all 168 horsepower through a manual gearbox, and the gauge cluster tells us it’s an actual US model. Atop that pyramid of incroyable, it’s in Michigan with nearly no rust and a decent price.

1988 citroen cx gti turbo 2 for sale (1)1988 citroen cx gti turbo 2 for sale (3)1988 citroen cx gti turbo 2 for sale (4)

Rest assured, it needs work. The wiring is doing that thing that 80s European car wiring does, leading to weird nonfunctional circuits despite seemingly good connections. Pretty sure Painless doesn’t have a kit for this a Citroën CX, so plan on doing some interesting debugging (though you could use a universal harness to do the whole car). The front seats have been swapped for something, but look fine and would only be an issue for a purist.

At the current bid of $2,125, you’d be stealing it. While nowhere near as sportif, the this thing’s as rare and example of cool engineering as an UR-Quattro or early BMW turbo or M car. What’s it worth?

1988 Citroën CX 25 GTi Turbo 2 for sale – eBay Motors

Does it Get More Early 80s Than an EXP?

1983 ford exp for saleLate Malaise Era Ford earns points in my book for trying a bit of everything. They milked the ancient Falcon chassis all the way out to 1980 while simultaneously giving us the Fox and Panther platforms and threw the 2.3L turbo all over the place. With neither Henry the II or Iaccoca to lead, things got a bit wacky. The sporty-ish 2-seat EXP was apparently designed with stylish, childless singles or couples of early 80s in mind, though it’s hard to imagine the prototypical yuppies taking it seriously. That front end is giving me a some bad feels, man.

1983 ford exp for sale (1)1983 ford exp for sale (3)1983 ford exp for sale (4)

Today’s example deserves a serious look from anyone looking to pick up a relatively cheap sporty(ish) car that only car geeks can identify. Reserve’s already met at a little over a grand. There’s already one in LeMons, campaigned by the RUN EXP team, so at the least you’d need to come up with a new theme. They’re mechanically identical to all other first-generation Escorts, so parts are still available for cheap, possibly even an Escort Turbo swap is in order? Then again, this one’s got only 41,000 miles, and is said to be in near-pristine condition inside, with recent mechanical service. Tempting…

1983 Ford EXP (Escort) for sale – eBay Motors

Inboard Brakes, Lucas Electronics and Fiberglass Damage, Oh My!

Tim Odell September 23, 2014 eBay Insanity, For Sale

1977 lotus elite for sale

97% of the world’s Lotus Elites are in hopeless project condition in the back lot of some shop/tow yard that has no idea what they are. I might’ve made that statistic up, but it can’t be far from the truth. Perhaps they’re acquired in hopes of scoring a chassis in which to drop a big-block, powerglide and nine inch into; when the futility of doing so in a fiberglass “backbone” chassis car becomes apparent, well…it sits.

1977 lotus elite for sale (2)1977 lotus elite for sale (3)

This one doesn’t look too hopeless, with minor front fiberglass damage (from towing, no less). According to the seller the engine “appears to be rebuilt internally”, which really raises more questions than answers. The seller spends most of their description focusing on cosmetic details like trim or the interior. We can take this to mean the car’s not a hopeless pile of congealed fluids that needs everything or, well, that it is.  At least it has all four aluminum wheels and maybe a fifth one to be found somewhere! (?)

$850 with no reserve! Auction ends this evening!

1977 Lotus Elite for sale – eBay Motors

Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Your dose of Malaise for the Weekend; A 1977 Mercury Cougar XR7

MERCURY COUGAR 1977 XR7 BEAUTIFUL CAR XXXXXXXXX - Google Chrome 9212014 32402 PM.bmp

You know it wouldn’t be a Hooniverse Weekend without at least one feature that included a Detroit Boat made during the Malaise Era, and why not showcase one from a dead nameplate? This is a 1977 Mercury Cougar XR7 that shared a great deal with the Ford Thunderbird and Torino at that time. This had every excess 70’s styling cliche of the period… And that’s what makes it so damn desirable (at least it does for me…).

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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – This was once a 1983 Pontiac Trans Am…

CUSTOM FIBERGLASS KIT CAR BUILT ON 1983 PONTIAC TRANSAM $1500 OR BO - Google Chrome 9212014 21753 PM.bmp

On the Weekend I usually look at quite a few Facebook Feeds to see if there is anything out there that I can bring to your attention, and look what appeared on the Future $500 race cars! Even if the owner doesn’t know it yet Facebook Page. This thing was once a 1983 Pontiac Trans Am, but I am not sure what the Kit Car Make is… The only thing about this car I know is this: It’s a Hot Mess….

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