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Craigslist Find: 1987 Accord is (Almost) Track Ready

1987 Accord

Now here’s a Lemons worthy car if I’ve ever seen one. … Continue Reading

A Four Grand Fantasy Frenzy in ’93


It’s one of life’s little pleasures, probably enjoyed less often now that everything happens in the virtual world (taking your laptop into the bathroom is a bit…. eww). I’m talking about spending a little time in the smallest room while idly flicking through a local Ads paper, daydreaming about snapping up one of the many bargains right there in your lap. Fun to do, even more entertaining when you’re in another country reading about cars which are almost impossibly exotic to you, despite their low, low fiscal value.

When I first visited the USA as a twelve year old my knowledge of American cars up to then was based solely on the rare occasions that Car magazine tested something from the other side of the Atlantic, or perhaps when I’ve found a copy of Car and Driver during a visit to one of my the local USAF bases. As soon as our Delta L1011 touched down at Orlando International I realised that I actually recognised precious few of the cars I was surrounded by. I felt genuinely ashamed of myself.

So, to resolve this, the first time my Dad stopped at Citgo to fuel our Alamo Lumina, I seized the chance to pick up the local Autotrader and start putting names to the shapes. Twenty four years later, let’s take a look back at the rich variety of machinery I feasted my eyes upon that exciting evening in August ’93.

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This Must be the Cleanest Renault Alliance GTA Convertible on the Planet

Tim Odell January 28, 2016 For Sale

1987 Renault GTA convertible for saleIn today’s edition of Rare Does Not Equal Valuable, we’ll be examining a Renault GTA in 7.5/10 condition. The GTA was a special version of the Renault-built-in-Kenosha Alliance that had the first $1,500 worth of mods anyone would do to sport-up car: body kit, seats, exhaust, motor mounts, lower gearing, sway bars, alloys, etc. According to wikipedia, the main auto mags liked it well enough (despite making a mere 95hp). If nothing else, the GTA gets bonus points for being manual-only.

This example is the extra rare convertible, so the seller can’t really vouch for whether the A/C works or not. Other than that, it’s largely devoid of rust in the rockers or more typical places. Between the old weatherstripping and some hints of orange in the floor, it seems this one might not be completely water-tight anymore.

1987 Renault GTA interior1987 Renault GTA engine

So, unlike the preposterously priced LUV from earlier today, this one’s got a reasonable no-reserve current bid of $1,175 with the auction ending on Saturday. For a small stack of Benjamins you could have the pleasure of constantly reminding people it’s not a Cavalier.

1987 Renault GTA for sale – eBay Motors

This Must be the Cleanest Diesel Luv on the Planet

1982 chevy luv diesel for saleQuick, think of the Chevy LUV. Is your mental image that of a faded yellow or brown model with an oxidized-to-chalk camper shell on the bed? Dinky tires that cost $15 each when new 18 years ago? Right. Such is the LUV in its natural habitat.

But then we have this thing: with 82,000 miles on the clock, it’s cleaner than any vehicle I’ve ever owned. The silver paint’s still shiny and unoxidized. The red interior’s still red. The seats have no tears. The carpet, no stains. Its only modification is a set of cheap chrome wheels.

I suspect the its powertrain might’ve saved it. GM’s early 80s “experimenting with BDSM diesel” phase didn’t exactly work out, so the (I’m guessing) 58 horsepower this unit’s 2.2L motor made kept it away from serious truck duty or wannabe racer/minitruckin’ influences.

So, um, does anyone want to go to Hardy, Arkansas and pay around $5k for the World’s Nicest Diesel LUV?

1982 Chevrolet LUV Diesel for sale – eBay Motors

Truck Thursday: Brand new 2008 Ssangyong Actyon Sport

Ssangyong Actyon Sport side

Here is your chance to own a truly one of a kind pickup truck. Well, no, supposedly there is over two hundred of them in U.S., but when did you ever see one for sale?

This awesomely named Ssangyong Actyon Sport can yours for a low price of six grand. Yes, there is a catch.

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For Sale: BMW 540iT Is Affordable Sport Wagon Goodness

bmw wagon

You know I love wagons. You know I love German wagons. Someday I hope my own German wagon is on the road, but I think we’re still quite a ways away from that happening. In the meantime, something like this 1999 BMW 540iT might be a nice daily driving alternative until my Wombat is ready to run.

The seller is listing it with a price tag of $4,000 and those three lovely letters OBO attached as well. It has a high count on the odometer with over 168,000 miles, and you’re always taking a chance on used German sheetmetal. Still, if you can handle some of your own basic work and the car is in solid shape, this could be a good buy for someone out there.

Add in the rarity factor, and you have one interesting ride to play with on a daily basis.

[Source: Craigslist]

The Coolest Car At The Paris Auctions Is One You’ve Definitely Never Heard Of

Georges Irat 2

The French are an odd sort, and I mean that in the absolute best way possible. Georges Irat seems like one of the best kinds of odd Frenchmen, in that he created this thing. This car is actually a prototype of a production car that never actually materialized, but as a one-of-one, it is one of the most *unique* unique automobiles I’ve ever seen. The Retromobile show is known for showing off some unique cars, but this “Georges Irat cabriolet par Labourdette” is amazing, special, cutesy, and sporty all wrapped up into one package. This car will be crossing the auction block next week at the Artcurial auction in Paris, which runs concurrently with the Retromobile show. The limited knowledge of the internet as it pertains to this car can be found after the jump.

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4 Cylinder, 4 Speed, IRS-equipped 1963 Pontiac Tempest Could Make a Surprisingly Modern Cruiser

Tim Odell January 26, 2016 For Sale

1962 pontiac tempest for saleIf I were a Leno-grade car collector, I’d be sure to add every example of the early Y-body GM compacts to my stable. They featured unique and impressive technology for the day that was seemingly “lost” until embarrassingly recent years. Most ironically, it was the Tempest LeMans GTO that kicked off the “sell the same big, dumb V8s over and over” era, but its roots were quite contrarian. This ’62 sports a four cylinder (that’s half of a 389ci V8) mated to a flexible driveshaft connecting to a rear-mounted transmission and independent suspension.

This particular one is refreshingly “driver grade”, with imperfect paint and a four year slumber that it’s waking from. No need to keep it perfectly stock. The cool part of the Pontiac four-pot is one could theoretically crank up the performance with a bunch of half-orders from Jegs or Summit. Meanwhile, upgrade to electronic ignition and drop on one of those bolt-on TBI systems to the four barrel intake to wring some drivability and efficiency out of the thing.

The reserve’s unmet at $3,500, but the Buy-it-Now’s set for $6k, which isn’t too far off the mark anyway. Could be a great mix of sport, comfort, economy and uniqueness that’d be hard to beat at that price.

1962 Pontiac Tempest for sale – eBay Motors

This El Camino Monster Truck Can Be Yours

el camino monster truck

An El Camino and a 2005 Hummer bumped naughty bits and this is the drunken result. It’s a 1970 El Camino sitting atop the chassis of an 05 Hummer. Currently, per the ad, it says the V8 isn’t cranking but the seller believes that’s because the computer and the chip in the key aren’t communicating. The ad also states that it won’t be suitable for the road… that’s partly true because it’s suitable for ALL OF THE ROADS.

The asking price is $6,500, and we think someone should pony up $5k and go buy this damn thing. Then let us drive it… everywhere. Possibly to Tierra Del Fuego and back.

Oh and if this particular vehicle looks familiar… perhaps you’re in the mood for Doritos?

[Source: Craigslist]

Hayabusa Powered Locost would Make a Fine Daily Driver

Tim Odell January 21, 2016 For Sale

hayabusa swapped lotus 7 cloneLotus 7 clones, be they the more legit Caterham or much more DIY-y versions tend to max out the performance-per-dollar scales. They typically tip the scales between 1200 and 1500lbs, so it doesn’t take much in the way of horsepower to make an incredibly quick ride. Luckily, today’s example does’t have to make excuses for itself, sporting a nearly-200hp second generation Hayabusa engine and gearbox. It puts power to the ground through a Toyota Celica rear diff and a set of 14″ Hoosier slicks. The seller lists a ton of other details of upgrades for hardcore autocross performance, as well as boasts of regularly getting fastest time of the day.

Obviously, as-configured it’s only street legal if you declare your driveway to be its own sovereign state. That said, with the addition of a few lights you could probably get a small-volume exemption/individual constructor’s title in some of the more permissive states.

Bidding’s currently at $4,555 with an unmet reserve and three days left. Like I said above, it’ll shame vehicles costing 10x that much, but given that you have to trailer it everywhere and chassis/suspension spares aren’t necessarily just an Autozone away, it’s hard to image forking over significantly more than the current price.

Hayabusa Powered Lotus 7 clone for sale – eBay Motors