New Shirts: “Mechanics Only”

Mechanics Only

Introducing our newest shirt – Mechanics Only! Click over to the Hooniverse Store to check them out. 

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Hooniverse Store, Now with T-Shirts!

the_missus August 6, 2012 Featured, The Store

 Shirts (1)

Come on over to the Hooniverse Store and pick up one of our newly arrived Hooniverse T-Shirts. They are $15.00 with free shipping to anywhere in the US. 

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Decals are Back!

After a, longer than anticipated, wait the Hooniverse Store is re-stocked with decals! 

Though we still only have the 1 design, we now have it in multiple colors. Head on over for a white, black or silver decal. We also have inside mount decals in both white and silver.
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Hoonimerch: Let’s Try This Again…


Update – as of this morning (4-26-2012) we have sold out! Thank you so much to those of you who have ordered!!  For those who didn’t get a chance to buy one (or 5), we are placing a new order right now for more decals (in a few more color options to boot).  We will let you all know when they are available. 

After patiently (or not so patiently) waiting 2 1/2 years, and working through a false start on Friday (sorry about that…), we are now ready to officially launch the Hooniverse Shop (at least we think we are).  We are starting out super small with only decals, and only 60 of them.  We really have no idea how well (or poorly) this will go, so we thought we would start out slow so that the Mad_Science household  garage doesn’t fill with unsellable Hooniverse paraphernalia. 

So jump on over to the Hooniverse Shop, where you can buy some of these nifty decals for $3.50 each (and free shipping!).  If this experiment goes well we will continue to add items to the store to supply you with cool Hooniverse gear to show off to all your friends.  If it goes poorly, well at least we have some cool decals to give our relatives at Christmas…



The Great Car Shuffle of 2011

the_missus August 19, 2011 In General

No, we didn’t buy a semi truck… hit the jump (and read a bit) to find out what was delivered to our door step last week.

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