False Neutral #38: EICMA 2016


The new-bike show season continues, with another crop of new models just announced at the EICMA show in Milan. Eric, Garrett and Pete discuss the hottest (and in a few cases, not so remarkable) new models for 2017, plus a couple of concept bikes you may or may not ever find at your dealer. It’s no surprise that we disagree on a few of ’em, but we do so politely, of course. Bonus Galactica 1980 reference.

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False Neutral – EICMA 2016

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Classic Captions Contest – Hillman Imp Edition


Most Classic Captions images are photographic, since that’s what car marketers have typically used in their ads and press materials. But this week we have a beautiful artist’s rendering of a Hillman Imp, dashing up a mountain road under the skillful pilotage of a chisel-jawed driver, to the delight of his three female passengers. A skilled artist can carefully accentuate the vehicle’s appearance to subtly suggest traits that a totally realistic photo might not depict: in this case, power, security, and not tumbling off a cliff. But whatever this image says to you, say it back in the comments section and you could win cash money fabulous prizes points in life bragging rights.
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False Neutral #37: Motorcycles & Music with Thai Long Ly

Eric and Garrett welcome part-time bike tester, full-time motorcyclist, professional musician, and all-around cool guy Thai Long Ly to the podcast. Thai is not only a regular member of Motorcycle.com’s bike test crew but an accomplished bass player, songwriter, recording engineer and music producer. He eloquently speaks about the similarities between making music and riding a motorcycle. Garrett had some bandwidth issues that makes him sound like a cyborg in a few spots, but it doesn’t last long.

Hear Thai’s musical work on SoundCloud

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False Neutral – Motorcycles & Music with Thai Long Ly

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Classic Captions – ’74 Dodge Dart Hang Ten Edition


By 1974, the anti-establishment counterculture of the ’60s had mellowed with age, and the need to earn paychecks. Simultaneously, pro-America sentiment was rising as the Bicentennial approached. Dodge decided to split the difference and create an edition of their mid-sized Dart featuring youth-oriented, surf-themed graphics in red, white, and blue. Their ad men put a long-haired, surf-loving beauty in a stars-and-stripes swimsuit and gave her a board adorned ‘Merican colors as well. And then they put the trio in a gravel quarry, with nary a nor shining sea nor purple mountain in sight. No, I can’t explain that last part.

But I’m sure of of you can. You know the drill: post a cutting, witty or snarky comment and wait to bask in the glory of the upvotes that will follow.
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A Photo Rebus Puzzle

Peter Tanshanomi November 8, 2016 Quick Shifts


Since it’s Tuesday, and it’s also sad trombone night for at least 40% of you in America, let’s have some silly fun this afternoon. Can you figure out the meaning behind this photo rebus puzzle?

False Neutral #36: Bucket List Rides


The last couple of episodes have focused exclusively on motorcycles—the machines themselves. But the bike is only half of the magic of riding, the other part is the perfect road. Is there someplace you dream of riding to, or through, or around? Regardless if it’s the way the road curves, the scenery, or the destination, we all dream of that ride we’re going to do “someday.” Eric and Pete share theirs, and Garrett’s, too, even though he was not able to be with us.

There are no bike images this week, because they really didn’t factor into the discussion. I debated including maps of the routes we discuss, but that would make listening a bit anti-climactic, wouldn’t it? Instead, we invite you to Google some of the routes that you’re not familiar with. Trollstigen and Montvernier are probably the only two names that present spelling challenges and — what do you know? — we’ve included them for you here.

False Neutral – Bucket List Rides

Classic Captions Contest: 1963 Devin Edition


Bill Devin was one of the original promoters of what we know as kit cars today. Starting in the mid ’50s, he built a series of fiberglass bodies that could be bolted onto a VW Beetle pan, or used to build a true front-engine sports car with full custom frame and a Triumph 4-banger—or even an American V8! By 1963, when this ad appeared, Bill was also selling complete, turn-key sports cars.

This surf-loving couple seem to be be appreciative of the Devin’s smooth shape. No actually they aren’t even looking at it. What are they looking at? And why are they holding that pose? And why do they need three surfboards? I’m sure you can give us a clever reason, so click through to the comments section and share it.
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False Neutral #35: Investment Bikes


As promised, we took reader suggestions and talk about which bikes we believe will — or in some cases, won’t — appreciate in value over the next five to ten years. Our suggestions may surprise you; we surprised each other with a couple of them. We also discuss whether there are respectable 50cc options on which a man approaching middle age could commute, and have the world’s shortest discussion of snowmobiles. Be sure to click past the jump — over 40 motorcycle pictures are waiting for you!

Note: Eric’s audio feed has an odd hiss at times early in the podcast, but it goes away before too long, so don’t let it deter you.

False Neutral – Investment Bikes

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Classic Captions Contest – 1948 Kaiser Edition

Autumn colors are currently on the verge of turning to snow-cover in the less temperate reaches of the Northern Hemisphere, and this week our Classic Captions Contest appropriately follows suit. Whether it’s due to salt corrosion or traction, winter weather is an issue for automotive buffs; the skiing crew in this Kaiser ad probably had good reason to be concerned about both.

Share your best caption or quip about this image, and remember that early entries tend to get more votes!
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False Neutral #34: Alternative Suspension


Eric, Garrett and I get technical this week, discussing alternative motorcycle suspension and steering technology. From springer and girder front ends to leading link forks to anti-dive devices, we talk about what worked, what didn’t work, and what the motorcycle industry has abandoned and come back to later. I kinda geek out slightly here and there.

Website links mentioned in this podcast:

False Neutral – Alternative Suspension

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