Fat Christine: 1952 Buick Small Block Chevrolet Swap

Here at Hooniverse, we advocate “doing stuff” with cars.  Whether it is a day at the track, a gathering at a coffee shop, a roadie, or just working in the shop, get out there and do something fun with your car, or someone else’s.  In this case, I am helping a friend install a small block Chevrolet 350  (what else?) in his 1952 Buick Special.  Click through for a bunch of photos of the fabrication stage.

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Wagon Wednesday: Wagonmasters Film Trailer

(Picture only slightly related to film)

The car that was once the quintessential image of the American Dream is all but dead – at least for most people.” – Wagonmasters website

For every type, make, model, and style of car, there is a following.  Part of the station wagon’s following is the Documentary Film Program at Wake Forrest University.  They are working on a new film devoted to wagons, their impact on our society, and their fans.

Hit the jump for the trailer.

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Modern Art Monday: Speed’s Fancy Bits

Last weekend, Ray and I were fortunate enough to take in an exhibit called Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile.  It features a very impressive collection of some of the most notable racing machines of the automotive era.  There were also one or two street cars in the collection (the ’54 Ferrari made me think many impure thoughts). 

This post is a follow-up on Ray’s great post about the same subject from last week.  Hopefully, the content is not too similar.  I believe the exhibit is worthy of two posts.  Hopefully you will as well.

More photos after the jump:

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Shopping Advice: IXOOST iPod/iPhone Docks

Combine a custom machined block of aluminum, some old exhaust headers, and some high-quality speakers and what do you get? IXOOST, which is today’s coolest tech/automotive gadget. Rush out and buy one of these for every auto/moto enthusiast on your list.

Click through for more info.

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Modern Art Monday: Parking Lot Bonus At The Speed Exhibit

Over the weekend, Ray and I were fortunate enough to take in an exhibit called Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile.  After taking in the wonders within the museum, we were greeted with a happy surprise in the parking lot, more interesting cars to round out our afternoon.  One was this sweet Citroen Ds. 

Hit it for more classics in the wild.

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Ebay Find: 1931 Ford Model A Snow/Mud Track Coupe

Scott Ith June 6, 2012 For Sale

When it comes to cigarettes, the more descriptors in the name, the more likely they are meant for women.  For example, Virginia Slims Ultra Light Menthol 120s are surely not something an XY human should ever buy.  This rule does not apply – in any way – to this car.  It is a 1931 Ford Model A 6-wheeled snow and mud track coupe.  That’s about as manly as it gets. 

This Model A is currently up for sale in Puyallup, Washington.  You might not know that you need it, but you need it.  It was converted for mud/snow use sometime in the 1930s, according to the seller, and was used to convey guests of the Northwood Club in Ishpeming Michigan on ice fishing and hunting forays in the Lake Erie area. 

More on this six-wheeled freak after the break. 

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EV Midget Build – Part 8: Finishing Touches and Adventures

Midget going to the show

35 days had gone by since I decided to do this build.  With a lot of help from my friend Sam and my dad, this thing was up and running in time to take it to the Wells Fun Run in Wells, Nevada.  But, it still needed a few things.  It needed a proper seat, a charging port, and my wagon needed a hitch to tow it with.

Click through for more.

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EV Midget Build – Part 7: Wiring, Body, and Test Drive


EV midget wiringFour cables looping back and forth from the throttle assembly to the resistor pack.

This crazy idea of mine was about to come to life.  The midget only needed wiring to be fully functional car. (Car? Toy? I don’t know, or care.)  So, off we set, plying our electrical skills.

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Oh Muse! My Daily Commute Taunt

Each and every day, on the way to and from work, I drive past it.  Each day I feel less and less of a man for not accepting its challenge.  To some, it may look like a mere crosswalk, guarded by two equal and opposite islands of concrete.  To me, it is a big middle finger turned straight toward me by whoever hatched this devilish design.  Hit the jump for the jump.

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EV Midget Build – Part 6: Odds and Ends

Hippodrome Fair grounds midget racer

The next item on the to-do list for the midget was brakes.  We could roll and steer, now we needed to stop.  ’40s midgets did not use a brake pedal.  Instead, they had a lever on the outside of the vehicle which was actuated by hand.  The lever actuated the rear-only brakes.  Midgets were drift cars long before drift cars were a trend.

An example of a period midget brake lever can be seen in the above photo with a white knob. That is my grandfather, Dale Ith in the 108 car.  This photo was taken at a now defunct racetrack in Salt Lake City called the Hippodrome circa 1948. 

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