Fastback Friday Used Car Review: 1999 Ferrari Modena

(Phone rings) “Hello?”
“Whatcha doing?”
“Not much, how about you?  I haven’t heard from you forever.”
“I’m at the Costco, I got something to show you.  I’ll be there in five minutes, cool?”
“Sounds good.” 

Five minutes later, the doorbell rang and, as I went to open the front door, I glimpsed the Modena in the street in front of my house through the partially open slats of the front window blinds.

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“The Bend” At Bonneville Speed Week

Everyone calls it “The bend”.  You can think of it as Burning Man for Gearheads.  What is it?  It’s a place where a portion of the throng of attendees camp during Speed Week.  The Bonneville Salt Flats are situated just a few miles from Wendover, Nevada but the hotels in town can’t hold all of the people that show up for this event. 

The solution?  Camp along the road that leads out to the salt. 

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Bonneville Speed Week 2012

Speed week is about half over for 2012.  With the end of the weekend, most of the onlookers have gone home and the serious racers linger on the salt.  It remains to be seen which records will stand and which will fall.  What we do know is that it was a beautiful weekend on the Bonneville Salt Flats.  

Click past the break for some photographic highlights from Bonneville Speed Week.

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Triumphant Returns: The Bluth Company Stair Car

[image source: www.televisionwithoutpity.com]

Seen recently somewhere in Southern California, the world’s most beloved stair car is set to make its comeback on the silver screen.  An unknown photographer snapped this spy shot of it being transferred, likely to or from a hilarious set.

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Hooniverse Roadie: Bonneville Speed Week 2012

(To woman in the Le Triplettes de Bonneville pit) “What kind of car is that?”
“1961 Renault Fourgonette.”
(Noticing accent) “Where are you from?”
“We are from France.”
“That’s so cool.  What class are you racing in?”
“Sorry, no English.”
“Your English is good.”
“Seuls les deux prhases.” (Only those two phrases.)

It was at this point that I realized the magnitude of this event.  I have lived just 120 miles away from the Bonneville Salt Flats in Salt Lake City for my whole life.  Speed Week is easy for me to take for granted, but my conversation with that non-English speaking French woman opened my eyes to what transpires right in my backyard each year.

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Event Coverage: Wells Fun Run 2012, Drag Racing

If you ever wondered what Wells, Nevada looks like, the photo above is close, although, I used some heavy effects to make it look as lush and inviting as it does in this photo. Desolation notwithstanding, Wells hosts a car show each year that should be the envy of all other car shows. Some car shows focus on being the biggest, others have a rockabilly theme, still others focus on a certain make, continent of manufacture, etc…

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Modern Art Monday: 1952 MG TD Midget Rat Rod

The local race track holds an annual event called the Graffiti Drags.  For this one night, only cars 1979 and older are allowed.  It makes for great photo opportunites as you sit back and watch all the vintage hot rods screaming down the track.  Then, once in a while, you notice something that doesn’t quite fit with the crowd of V8 Fords, Chevelles, and Mustangs.  In this case, it was a 1952 MG TD Midget.  It met all the requirements for the event, which were age and be safe enough to run down the 1/8 mile track.  It was, and it did, in a gentlemanly, yet rough-around-the-edges, manner.

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Wrenching Tips: Road Trip Tool Kit

Tim agreed to let me have a crack at his excellent Wrenching Tips series.  Today, I’ll address those tools I always hope to not use – the road trip tool kit.  I don’t have enough tools or money to have a complete road trip tool kit assembled and at the ready, so I assemble and disassemble it each time I head out.  For that, I usually use these basic guidelines.

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Obligatory: Ken Block Gymkhana 5 – Streets Of San Francisco

Ken Block and his driving skills are amazing. The 650 HP Ford Fiesta he drives is also amazing. What could be cooler than watching Block performing his long list of automotive parlor tricks? Watching him perform them in one of the coolest cities in the world, that’s what. What better place to make this type of video than San Francisco, with its famous vistas and hilly streets?

Hit the jump for 10 minutes of City shredding.

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Spotted In The Wild: 1959 Rambler Six Sedan


Every now and then, we post photos of a car that was “spotted in the wild”. Well, reader/tipster KAH. took this concept to a whole new extreme. He spotted this 1959 Rambler in Homer, Alaska of all places. 

Hit the jump for two more shots of this rare sight.

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