Ran When Parked: 1929 Model A Pickup

From the “This is probably too much of a project for you” file, a 1929 Ford Model A pickup for sale in Helper, Utah. There are people out there who could turn this into a great hot rod or rat rod, but not many. Others might just call it yard art. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. 

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Bonneville Speed Week Spectator Guide

Many of the great stories we feature here at Hooniverse arrive via our tips line. Our readers have a keen eye for the cool, the awesome, and the bizarre. On a slightly different note, reader Angela S. from the U.K. sent us a note requesting tips on visiting Bonneville Speed Week as a novice spectator. After answering her question, we realized it would make great information to share with all of the Hooniverse.

Click through for your Salt Flats prep check list.

[image credit: www.thanks2frank.com]

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Wagon Wednesday: 1968 International Atlas 12

Scott Ith September 26, 2012 Wagon Wednesday

Someone took the name Travelall very seriously when they created this 12 door International. Oddly, at this time, it doesn’t have five rows of seating, but rather, a vintage moonshine still in the rear of the vehicle.  The owner claims that it was ordered for the Harlem Globetrotters and that they used it for four years. 

Today, it is in surprisingly good condition.  Click through for one more photo and more information about this monstronsity. 

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24 Hours of Lemons Thunderhill 2012: Photo Dump

The 24 Hours of Lemons Thunderhill 2012 featured cars that Hoons the world over will appreciate.  Here are some automotive highlights from the race, along with a few comments. 

The Starion/Conquest pictured above  won the Judges’ Choice award pretty much for finishing while being a Mitsubishi product.  It was fast too.

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24 Hours Of Lemons, Thunderhill 2012: A Beginner’s Perspective

Scott Ith September 20, 2012 24 Hours of Lemons, Featured

The sun rose over the rolling hills of golden winter wheat and filled my tent with light.  I rustled, rubbed the sleep from my eyes, and thought, “Holy shit!  I’m first on the track today!”  This was my first-ever Lemons event and I was…um…nervous. 

When Pete sent me the invite just two weeks previous to join Team Killer ZomBees (You may remember the ZomBee itself as the HCOTY for 2011), I did what any rational, self-respecting person would not do: I said yes.  What follows is my attempt to describe what the 24 Hours of Lemons was like.

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Modern Art Monday: Sandy’s CanCars

Scott Ith September 10, 2012 In General, Modern Art Monday

Some of our favorite subject matter here at Hooniverse comes in from our readers on the tips line.  Sandy’s CanCars is a perfect example of one of our readers (Thanks, Bruce M.) pointing us in the direction of something remarkable.  

The website features the work of Sandy, an English draughtsman turned technology teacher living in New Zealand.  Having been involved in the world of competition modeling, he had seen aircraft models made from aluminum drink cans. They always used the inside, plain aluminum of the can.  Then, the idea came to him to use the color and art on the cans themselves to celebrate and display the origin of the building material.  He also made the decision to build cars instead of aircraft.    

Click through for more from tin can alley. 

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Ear Candy: A Supercharged Inline 8 Cylinder Powered Roadster


Some ideas just sound right.  An example of such an idea is taking a straight eight Packard engine, adding a McCulloch supercharger and four Stromberg carburetors and dropping the whole monster in a stripped down ’30s roadster body.  The result isn’t just an idea that sounds right, but a car with one of the greatest engine notes of all time.

Hit the jump for two videos and the aural delight.

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Midget Update: LeMons Prep

I would like to announce that I have made the questionable decision to accept the poorly thought out invitation from the Killer Zombees Racing Team to join them at 24 hours of Lemons Thunderhill later this month.  Yes, it is just a short two weeks and a short drive (12 hours) away.  I have never participated in a LeMons event, so I am nervous and excited about the opportunity.  To ease my tension, my trusty companion, the midget, will be making the trip.  First, it needed a few upgrades.  

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Should Hold You Until Quitting Time: Lada Selecta

Lada Selecta

If you are in to customizing Russian cars (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then Lada Selecta is the site for you. Choose a body style and go hog wild.  Paint colors, ride height, rims and tires, and roof racks are just a few of the options you can choose. 

Click past the break to get your Soviet auto fix.

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1958 Ford Thames Trader: Newsreel/Advertisement

This film, posted to Youtube by the Ford Heritage Museum, details a rare trip with rare meat from London to Paris by truck.  The goal was to pimp the Thames Trader complete the delivery of seven tons of beef in less than 24 hours. 

Hit the jump to see if they made it.  (Spoiler:  They did.  Hit the jump anyway and watch the worthwhile video.) 

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