A Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey – The Scion FR-S


 Oh yes I did. 

The FR-S wins my vote as a Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey becuase Scion came so close, but fell so short.  These are heady days when it comes to performance numbers.  Automakers are stuffing enough horses into cars these days to make the muscle cars of the ’60s look like a bunch of Shriner cars.  The FR-S?   Not so much.

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Swedish Turbo Tractor Burnouts And Drifting

I wasn’t sure how to title this post.  I went with “Swedish Turbo Tractor Burnouts And Drifting”, but it could very well have been, “All The Gods In All Of The Hooniverse Are Welling Up With Pride” or, “Holy Meatballs!  Swedish Fantasmo Tractor!” 

Basically, the story is, a man in Sweden has adapted a 400 hp Volvo 240 Volvo motor into his tractor, and now he’s hooning the hell out of it.  Click through for the video, which is the best thing you will watch today. 

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Modern Art Monday: A 4,400 Car Hot Wheels Mosaic

Some people are cool as hell. Kevin Champeny is one of those people. I base this judgement soley on the fact that he created this mosaic using 4,400 Hot Wheels (or similar) cars. My living room wall aches for this thing.

Click through for more photos.

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Random File: Doily Car

Scott Ith November 8, 2012 In General, Speed Reads

It looks so warm in there.  This is located at a museum in Prague, as well it should be.  Extra points if you can name the year, make and model.  (Not you, Antti.)

Click it for one more shot of this beauty. 

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Hooniverse Asks: What Are The Best Lonely Road Trip Songs?


Most of us have had an occasion to take a road trip alone.  Perhaps that road trip was just to drive around late at night and reflect on life.  What song or songs do you listen to during those drives?  I have dozens, including Hands on the Wheel By Willie Nelson, and Ride On by AC/DC.  My personal favorite, though, is Windfall by Son Volt. 

Both feet on the floor, two hands on the wheel
May the wind take your troubles away

Click through for this great tune and to help us make a new playlist.  

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The Loneliest Road In America

Scott Ith November 5, 2012 All Things Hoon, Road Trip

There are thousands of reasons to take a road trip. There are thousands of roads to travel. From that pile of reasons and that pile of roads, I recently found a reason to travel 400 miles across Nevada on U.S. Route 50. Fittingly, I ventured out on this journey alone, given the route’s nickname: “The Loneliest Road in America.” So, with Folsom Prison Blues cranked up, I jumped into the deep end of Nevada. The following are some thoughts about the trip.

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Wrenching Tips: Shop Safety

Ok, this is a boring topic, but we felt it definitely deserved a place in this series. If you have spent any considerable time working in the garage, shop, driveway, carport, or parking lot, you have probably cut some corners when it comes to safety. You may have even had a close call or two. Stop doing that. Here are some tips that will help to keep the doctor away.

You can dance if you want to…

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Generational Phenomenon: Police Distrust

Scott Ith October 23, 2012 In General, Nostalgia

[image source: www.motoringartist.com]

The Vietnam war was in full swing, Woodstock had come and gone, and a new generation was being introduced to this crazy world.  Jim Morrison had died a mysterious death in Paris just two weeks before I unwittingly joined Generation X.  What had I done?  There were hippies teaching my classes and my shirts were striped velour.  Willie and Waylon did their best to keep disco at bay, while on television, the Dukes of Hazzard and Jim Rockford taught me an important lesson about life.  

The lesson?  Don’t trust cops. 

Click through for an exploration of this phenomenon. 

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Police Car Plows Into Car On Freeway: WTF Investigation Underway

Let’s say you are driving along a freeway when you come upon another vehicle that has slowed considerably and you punt the other vehicle hard enough that the driver has to be cut out with the Jaws of Life. What would happen next? YOU WOULD GET A TICKET AND PAY FOR THE DAMAGE YOU CAUSED!

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Soviet Conveyance: Riga Autobus Factory

Scott Ith October 10, 2012 Cars You Should Know

Riga, Latvia, was an important city to the U.S.S.R. It provided a key port to the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. Latvia was incorportated into the U.S.S.R. in 1944, when Nazi occupation ended. Riga had been an advanced city for centuries and was known for its resources, industry, and trade. Capitalizing on the local talent, the soviets created the RAF, or Riga Autobus Factory (Rīgas Autobusu Fabrika in Latvian).  The vehicles they made were exclusively for utility and transit.  Today, the factory is closed and most of the RAF vehicles are gone, but the remaining examples serve as reminders of the not-so-distant Soviet past in Latvia.

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[image :autowp.ru]

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