SLC Autorama Highlight: Apolo Ohno’s 1964 Cadillac

This beautiful 1964 Cadillac made its debut at SEMA a few months ago, but with all the goings-on at SEMA, it may have been lost in the shuffle a bit.  Let’s take a closer look at this beautiful car. 

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The “Why Not?” EV Midget Build – Part 1

EV Midget

Why would you merge a 1979 EZ-GO electric golf cart with a late ’30s midget race car?

Why wouldn’t you?

Years ago, when my grandfather moved out of his big, old house, I was able to talk him into letting me drag the old midget race car out of his crawlspace and take it home.  Click here for more information about the history of the midget itself.

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Truck Thursday: S10EV On The Cheap?

From 1996 to 2003, GM built an electric car called the EV1. The car was a huge hit with environmentalists.  Actor Ed Begley Jr. had one and sung its praises from the rooftops.  The electric car was finally being built by a full-scale manufacturer and times were good in EV land.  Alas, all of GM’s good ideas needed to be squashed to make room for more Cavaliers and Suburbans.  GM recalled every single EV1, which could only be leased, not bought.  Save a precious few that ended up in museums, they were sent to the crusher.  GM sited lack of sales (despite a waiting list for new EV1s) and an inability to support such a small number of vehicles profitably as reasons for ending the EV1 program.  The interesting saga can be witnessed in an overly dramatic documentary called Who Killed The Electric Car by Chris Paine (2006).

While all this was going on, Chevrolet quietly adapted the electric powertrain technology to their trusty S10 pickup.  Most of these were made available as fleet lease vehicles, although some 60 of them were actually purchased outright.  This one is now available on a government liquidation auction site.  Click it for more on this ultra-rare truck.

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They Were All New Once: 1936 Chevrolet Assembly Line Film

The Great Depression was in full swing in 1936.  However, Roosevelt’s New Deal was now three years old.  Things were starting to improve.  The U.S. was going back to work and the economy was begrudgingly following suit.  Americans didn’t know about the misdeeds being perpetrated in Germany, nor that they would again be sending their sons overseas in a mere 6 years.  What they did know was that those who were employed were lucky, and those with permanent, steady jobs were even luckier.

The people in this video were among the lucky.  They are shown here building Chevrolets in the Flint, Michigan plant.  Click it to watch those beautiful machines being built.

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At Least They’ll Find You Handy: Homemade Tools

Ever felt like you wanted a nice car door dolly or planishing hammer, but you just couldn’t afford one? Ever want to build a chassis for your hot rod from scratch, but you just didn’t have a frame jig?  Well, you are in luck, there is a new online resource that will help you accomplish that project you’ve been working on.  Although, it will likely result in a few new projects of its own.  

Click through to get your Red Green on.

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Today’s Best Video: Farm Truck Wheelie

Every now and then some yokel brings his old truck to the drag strip thinking he can keep up with the muscle cars and the ricers.  Every now and then the yokel is right.  Click it for the “Holy $#!t!” 

[Source: Youtube | Thanks for the tip Chris Dortzbach]

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Entertainment: Car Show Scavenger Hunt

Springtime, and car show season, are only a few weeks away.  Yes, a chance to walk around and admire the hard work and dedication of others.  Also, a chance to turn up your nose at someone else’s poor taste.  A chance to nitpick details that you would never dream of having on your car.  Since you are doing it anyway, print out this post and make an afternoon of it.

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Truck Thursday – Fiat Edition

Scott Ith February 23, 2012 For Sale

Fiat is all the rage right now.  The Abarth is coming sometime this quarter, the 500 is selling in decent numbers, and finally there is an option for people who want a tiny European car that isn’t a Mini.  Naturally, we should feature a Fiat on Truck Thursday, right?  Presenting, a 1939 Fiat 508C pickup truck.  Click through for more on this Italian hauler.

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In Search Of The Perfect Parking Spot

Ostiusionophobia:  <Late 20th-c.  From L. Ostium “Door”, L. Sionem “Dent”>  The irrational fear of door dings.  I may have made up the name of the condition, but the condition itself is real.  I know because I am afflicted with it.  I don’t see it as abnormal, but those who ride in my car certainly do.  You see, I am willing to go to most any length (or walking distance) to avoid door dings – or the very possibility of door dings.  Hit the jump for some helpful tips on how to avoid mankind’s worst blight.

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Where Art Thou, Compact Pickup?

It has been well documented that he compact pickup truck segment is shrinking in the U.S.  There are fewer and fewer options in the segment and those that are available are getting predictably fatter.  Thirty years ago, in 1982, you could buy a thrifty Ford Courier that would carry 1,500 pounds and deliver 38 mpg.  It would set you back about $5,895.00.  (Sakes alive!)  In 2012, if you hurry, you can buy a year old 2011 Ford Ranger based on a two decade old platform which can carry 1,130 pounds and will deliver a segment-best 28 mpg.  The vehicles in this segment have gotten bigger, weaker, and more expensive (and, editorially speaking, far uglier).  It is no wonder the segment is dying.

Click through for more mini-truck sadness.

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