Wagon Thursday(?): ’63 Chevy Nova Wagon


Yesterday, Kamil wrote an entry on this very 1963 Nova wagon.  In that entry, he wrote, “Here is the thing; I like these cars, I appreciate these cars, but I don’t know anything about these cars. Much like Harleys, I don’t have much interest in cars like this wagon which is why I don’t write about them often.” 

Now, as some of you know, I personally drive a 1963 Nova 400 station wagon – pretty much just like this one.  Well, it started out just like this one, but has since undergone many drivetrain/suspension mods.  So, since Kamil doesn’t have much interest in cars like this wagon, and I do, I will now offer a whole different perspective. 

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[Source: Craigslist]

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Wagon Wednesday: The wagons of Viva Las Vegas 15

Most of what happened at Viva Las Vegas cannot be shared here, but I do have a photo dump for you.  The show itself is the greatest collection of rockabilly culture, hot rods, period clothing, and over 40 bands – all with a doghouse bass. Click it to see a photo of every wagon that attended.

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EV Midget Build – Part 5: Metal Work

 The midget project was beginning to take shape.  I now had a midget that could roll around the garage – and even be steered – at my whim.  It was a real gas.  But there was more work to be done.  Despite the decision to stay with a patina/rat rod look, there were a few areas of rust that simply had to be dealt with.  Mostly, they were structural issues and ergonomic issues.

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EV Midget Build – Part 4: Rear Suspension

With the front suspension done, all I needed was rear suspension and I’d have a roller.  The original midgets of the late ’40s used a transverse leaf spring and either hairpins or split wishbones.  The look of the hairpins is such a classic that I decided to try to replicate that look on my midget.

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Truck Thursday: 1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport

Here it is folks.  The holy grail of the D50/Mighty Max/Arrow family.  This isn’t some customized fixed up truck, it is all original.  The spoked wheels, the f*&#ing awesome decal package, the push bar, and the sunroof are all factory options.  This particular truck has less than 60,000 miles and is nearly perfectly preserved. 

Good news!  It is for sale!

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Hooniverse Roadie! Viva Las Vegas 15 – Rockabilly Weekender

Viva Las Vegas is one of the greatest collections of pre-1964 hot rods, rat rods, originals and restored American rides in the world.  It is also one of the largest collections of the members of today’s rockabilly sub-culture.  Yours truly will be there covering it for your reading pleasure!

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Found In The Forums: Love Lost…And Found Again

Ever faced a repair that was going to cost more than your old beater was worth?  Hooniverse Forums user tbrand has.  In his case, it was his wife’s beater.  What was the logical thing to do?  Sell the car and put the repair money into a down-payment on a new car?  Perhaps.  However, when it comes to hoons’ cars (in this case, the wife’s car), logic doesn’t always win the argument.

Click through for more on how a timing belt, an Australian movie star, and a stroke of luck helped Mr. and Mrs. tbrand come full-circle. 

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EV Midget Build – Part 3 Front Suspension and Steering

Now that the golf cart was stripped, I had pretty much all the parts I needed to build this thing.  Now the task was just to meld together two different sets of parts that really, let’s face it, have no business being together.

Click through to watch the square pegs neatly fitted into round holes.

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EV Midget Build – Part 2: Harvesting Organs


As I sat in my folding chair at the 2011 Fathers’ Day car show in Wendover, Nevada, I watched several of the other participants buzzing around the parking lot in golf carts, Jazzy scooters, and a motorized cooler.  It was then that it hit me.  Let’s put a golf cart drivetrain in the midget and take it to car shows!

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Escort Owner Demonstrates How To Write A Classified Ad

If you are like us, you spend a considerable amount of time reading classified ads for cars.  They usually contain the same information.  “Nice car, low mileage, all the options” etc…  Classified ads, let’s face it, are utilitarian.  But occasionally, you find a gem in the pile.  This ad is just such a gem. 

Click through for the double whammy.

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