Miata or Reatta? Which Two-seater Would Get Your $10k?


In the late ’80s two different manufacturers were making two very different two-seaters. One was a cute roadster with a small engine, light curb weight, a manual transmission, and rear wheel drive. The other was a shortened, hand-made version of a larger product with a healthy V6, leather seats, and an automatic transmission. Certainly, these two cars were aimed at different audiences.

So why are they here on Hooniverse together today? Because they are both up for sale for around $10,000 and they are both extremely nice, low-mileage survivors. 

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Career Change? 80 Acre, 8000 Car Salvage Yard For Sale

Salvage yard

This is a Google Maps photo of L&L Classic Auto in Wendell, which is currently on the market for the low, low price of $3,000,000.00. Only three million dollars to to turn your life around! What do you get for that investment? You get 80 acres of lush, potato-adjacent, Idaho countryside and, more importantly, you get over 8,000 salvage cars – most of which are classics.

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HCOTY Nominee: The FX32


I don’t know how to define the Hooniversal Car of the Year, but I know one when I see one. Especially when it’s one that used to be two. You see, this Toyota used to be an FX16 and an MR2. Now, this beautiful amalgamation is a veteran of three Lemons races, a winner of one Lemons race, and is the only Lemons car to have ever driven back to the pits under its own power after a rollover accident. 

In other words, it’s a Hooniversal Car of the Year.  Check out more of my lobbying, and a video of the build, after the break.

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Modern Art Monday: Trunk lid turned living room art

Scott Ith September 9, 2013 Modern Art Monday


Several years had gone by since I picked up a rusty old trunk lid for a 1963 Nova.  It was in pretty good shape, and the one I was using had been hit, straightened, and repaired with plastic body filler.  It was all done with good intentions.  Years later, the trunk lid was languishing in the elements behind the shed out back. The Nova project had been on the back (back) burner, and the itch to be creative came over me. 

Sometimes you need to scratch that itch…

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Product Review: 3M Clean Sand System

3m clean sand kit review

If you are a proper Hoon, you will eventually find yourself taking some car apart and painting it, or part of it at least.  In order to properly paint anything, you’ll need to prepare the surface by sanding it.  3M recently offered Hooniverse an example of a new product designed to take the mess out of sanding. 

Dubbed the Clean Sand System, it is a hollow sander with holey sandpaper and a hose that will attach to any vacuum to collect the dust as you create it. Keep on reading to see if it actually does that.

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Toyota FX32 Wins At 24 Hours Of Lemons BFE GP

Everybody’s favorite Toyota FX with an MR2 shoved up its backside has done something unprecedented.  It is the first twin-engine, four wheel drive car to actually win at a Lemons event.  Somehow this little gem - which was built in a mere three months’ time earlier this year under Hooniverse’s watcful eye – not only ran under full power for a whole race, but won its class. 

Click through for more incredulity. 

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JDM Legends Meet: Photo Dump

Most cruise nights are pretty predictable.  There will be several Tri-5 Chevrolets, plenty of Mustangs and Camaros, a few rat rods, and some muscle cars.  After a while, they start to blend together and it takes something really special to grab attention.  The meet at JDM Legends wasn’t like that.  The cars that showed up were all so unusual (save a couple of Subaru WRXs) and rarely seen that they made this meet seem like a whole new world.  There were Starlets, 620s, MR2s, and Cressidas, to name a few. 

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JDM Legends Thursday Meet: The Skylines


JDM Legends holds a meet once a month for classic Japanese cars.  All sorts of sweet Japanese car geeks show up with cool Toyotas, Hondas, Subarus, and Datsuns.  A separate post will follow detailing all that great variety, but this one is just for the Skylines.

Click through to get your Niss-on.  (*self-congratulatory fist pump*)

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Welding Two Cars Together: FX32 Lemons Build Video


Just in case we have fallen short on our coverage of the two-engined MR2/FX mashup Lemons build, here’s one more post about it. Many of the commenters in the previous posts have asked for more photos of the build process. Well wish no more, for here are all of the pictures, strung together, into a 7 minute video of the whole process.

Click through to see the three month build (and the race at Sonoma Raceway) in ultra-fast forward.

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Fastback Friday: World’s Nicest ’82 Capri Up For Sale


Note: The claim in the title of this post is based on thousands tens of hours of research in this area. If you want to pick nits, perhaps it should read, “World’s Nicest 1982 Capri RS 5.0 4-Speed Is Up For Sale”. The point is, this thing is sexy sweet and you need it. You may not have even known that you needed a Capri RS. Well, now you do.

Click through for more of the best beige you’ve ever seen. 

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