Reddit Poll Reveals the Most Hated Cars, and a Few Beloved Ones


When it comes to cars, everyone has a favorite. You can probably name yours right now, along with anyone else reading this content. Some of the models folks might mention are to be expected, whether that’s because they look fantastic, perform exceptionally or provide an experience that’s entirely unique and enjoyable. Vehicles like the Tesla Model S, Ferrari 458, McLaren F1 and Audi RS4 come to mind. Favorite cars are a dime-a-dozen though, what about the most hated cars?

Did you know that in the United States, the two most hated vehicles are the PT Cruiser and Toyota Prius? The PT Cruiser is also hated just as much in the UK, England, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Australia and many more countries.

CJ Pony Parts polled the r/cars sub-Reddit to identify the most hated and loved vehicles of all time. Considering the sub-Reddit has garnered over 135,000 subscribers, it’s the perfect place to collect such information from people who are obsessed with cars. While these findings indicate how redditors in each country and state feel about these vehicles, it’s not indicative of how the majority of each country or state’s residents truly feel. Still, it’s fun to look at.

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