Review: Meguiar’s Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator

Ross Ballot February 27, 2017 Featured, Reviews

We’ve all found ourselves there, riding in a car reeking of a smell that tickles your nose in not-so-pleasant ways. Or worse, we’ve found ourselves as the owners of said car, looking for a cure to what we hope isn’t a permanent scent. Take for example my new-to-me Stormtrooper 4Runner, which upon purchase had some kind smell that was seemingly soaked into the leather, carpet, and plastic that makes up the interior; while it wasn’t bad enough to qualify as painful, the smell was certainly irksome and in need of attention before I truly started to spend road-trip levels of time in the vehicle.

Luckily, Meguiar’s has a remedy with their Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator. The product claims to remove odors and unwanted scents from tough-to-reach spots and the more open areas alike, in turn leaving the interior of your car smelling fresh and free of that unwanted funk. Does it function as intended and advertised? Read on to see if the product’s claim are supported by its functionality.

Full disclosure: Meguiar’s wanted me to test their Whole Car Air Re-Fresher so badly that they sent me a sample can for use on the the Stormtrooper 4Runner. Happily, I gave it a shot to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

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Friday Fun: $30k Challenge

Ross Ballot February 24, 2017 All Things Hoon

Welcome back to Friday Fun, the game in which you spend theoretical money in as logical or illogical manner as you desire. Consider it a way to let one’s automotive imagination run as wild as it would like, or to remind it of how great a reality can actually come to fruition with real money.

This week, we’re a little more grounded than last week’s $100k, three-car parameters. In fact, this Friday’s “game”– let’s call it the $30k two-car challenge, for reasons that escape me– are very doable for many people out there. It involves an imaginary thirty-grand finding its way into your checking account for use on two cars, and an expiration date looming in the near future for when said money evaporates along with your hopes and dreams of using it to create a fleet of machines you might or might not otherwise drool over. So click past the jump and play along, and be sure to let us know what you would do with your money.

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Friday Fun: $100k Challenge

Ross Ballot February 17, 2017 All Things Hoon

It’s a theoretical that, as an enthusiast, is among the most fun things to ponder: one-hundred thousand dollars magically appear in your bank account, and the car fairy says you have to spend it all on cars and car-related activities. Pretty freakin’ ideal, right? That hundred-k goes a long way though, longer than you think, leaving you with a dilemma: do you spend it on one massively depreciated supercar and two beaters, or divvy up your funds and spread them out in order to achieve maximum bang and excitement for your buck?

Let’s go with the latter rather than the former: three cars, regardless of how questionable they are, are almost always better than one…and especially so when you have an imaginary $100k to spend on them. So let’s pretend that the fantasy has come true, that one’s bank account is suddenly a hundred-thousand fuller, and it has to be spent on cars. The dream, though it is very much so, has come true. What would you spend it on? I know what I would do with mine…in this moment, at least.

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Stormtrooper 4Runner: Modifications Explanations

Ross Ballot February 14, 2017 Project Cars

Off-road, the difference between a properly-outfitted rig and one lacking the equivalent modifications can be the difference between arriving at your destination in one piece and not getting there at all. And while every trail and every wheeling trip is different, it goes without saying that some adventures require a higher level of build than others, and the value of one’s equipment is only truly appreciated once it’s needed. Be it armor, recovery points, locking differentials, or even just the appropriate tires, every piece of hardware has a purpose and can contribute to making one’s trip not only successful, but worth remembering.

Now that we’re familiar with Project Stormtrooper 4Runner, let’s delve into the existing modifications, what makes it such a great platform for off-road adventures, and where the build will go in the future.

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Top Gear Series 24 trailer debuts, looks promising

Ross Ballot February 9, 2017 Top Gear

They’re back.

Moving into its twenty-fourth series, the BBC recently debuted the latest Top Gear trailer for enthusiasts and casual viewers alike to lay eyes on. It looks promising, with all the top-notch production and editing quality we’ve come to appreciate melded with the new hosts’ personalities and presenting capabilities displayed at their finest. There seems to be some actual charm this time around, making this a show you definitely won’t want to miss.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer, and for a quick breakdown of what we can expect.

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Straight Outta Canada: Stormtrooper 4Runner Introduction

Ross Ballot February 9, 2017 Featured, Project Cars

The tale of the Stormtrooper 4Runner starts back when I was a young kid, back with memories of riding in a booster seat in my dad’s lifted YJ Wrangler on weekend off-roading trips. My impressionable mind would suck these memories up like a sponge, imprinting upon me a never-fading love for all things four-wheel-drive, off-road, and trail runs. Twenty-ish years later the story has now come full circle, the off-road hobby manifesting itself in my top-priority 2017 New Year’s Resolution: explore more.

With self-inflicted pressure to make the most of life and to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors, and by extension to journey to my bucket-list spots, working towards these goals took a mandatory first step of acquiring the appropriate vehicle. One-thousand round-trip miles worth of road trip to Canada later, the story truly begins.

Welcome to Project Stormtrooper 4Runner.

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Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet: the ultimate luxury SUV

Ross Ballot February 7, 2017 The News!

Source: AutoMailRU

Mercedes has been pushing the boundaries lately with their G-Wagen-based vehicles, and the upcoming “collaboration” with Maybach is no exception. By taking the same mantra as was applied to the S-Class sedan bearing the same Mercedes-Maybach designation, the company is working to infuse an extra dose of luxury (if you can imagine that) into their top-level 4×4 in order to match, or even outclass, competitive SUV offerings like the Bentley Bentayga and the upcoming Rolls Royce whatever-it’ll-be-called.

Enter the G650 Landaulet, a long-wheelbase convertible version of the venerable Mercedes, which will undoubtedly be the most luxurious a G-Wagen ever offered. Hit the jump to read more about this utterly unnecessary, though equally wild, class-topping luxury utility vehicle.

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Forgotten Trim Packages: Lara Croft Tomb Raider Jeep Wrangler

Ross Ballot February 2, 2017 All Things Hoon

Source: FourWheeler

So-called “special edition” vehicles are in many cases, especially that of the Jeep Wrangler, not very special at all. What is frequently little or nothing more than a decal or appearance package, these supposedly limited-run trims are meant to draw in potential buyers by tricking them into thinking they bought something unique when, usually, it’s the same damn vehicle, unchanged except for some graphics and words slapped on the side or rear.

Jeep is among the worst offenders when it comes to this, with seemingly dozens of “special” Wranglers released year-to-year. That’s not the case with the Lara Croft Tomb Raider Edition Wrangler Rubicon though. Read on to see what made this special edition actually, well, special. 

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Review: Rokblokz mud flaps for my 2015+ Subaru WRX/STI

Ross Ballot January 26, 2017 Gadget Reviews, Reviews


Winter in the Northeast means road salt. It’s an inevitability; as soon as accumulation can be measured, the highway department starts spreading the stuff like it’s free. While helpful on the traction front, road salt is harmful on paint and can do serious damage over time. Hence why mud flaps have become such a popular “modification” in the Northeast: aside from being inexpensive, they are an easy way to add visual flair while also protecting one’s paint.

When it comes to purchasing a set, mud flap options for the Subaru WRX are more extensive than for most other vehicles but are still limited. After much searching I decided on a set from Rokblokz; they had just what I was looking for at a fraction of the price of other companies’ products, so I ordered up a set to give my WRX both a little appearance boost and to help keep the demon of winter from ruining the paint. Read on to see if they’re a worthwhile investment for your 2015+ WRX/STI.

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Our Cars: 2017 Subaru WRX – Time flies, and so do the miles

Ross Ballot January 25, 2017 Featured, Project Cars

Dates: 9/13-1/17 —– Odometer: 16,000 miles

Time flies and so do the miles when you commute roughly fifty miles to and from work, five days a week. Combine daily driver duty with innumerable weekend trips and it’s no surprise that my WRX crossed 15,000 miles ten days shy of six months of ownership. With the odometer now displaying over sixteen thousand, I’m here to report that the Subaru has been nearly flawless and, aside from a few annoyances, is as great a car to own as it is to drive.

The WRX has turned out to be very well suited to my wants and needs, eating up the miles with aplomb, regularly putting a smile on my face, and doing all the boring stuff with ease. Enough good can’t be said about it as a daily driver, and that it’s withstood my snow drifting shenanigans and handled a few days of autocross so well shows that it was designed for just this kind of use.

Read on to see how my WRX has fared in its first six-ish months.

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