Project MR2: Background & Introduction


A free car is always a good car.  A free sports car is an even better car.  And a free sports car that runs and drives is the best car.  Such is how the dreams of myself and my friend Dan are finally coming together.  And by “coming together,” I mean that the car needs some love.  A lot of love.  What will be a low-budget build, moderately capable of any kind of racing (within reason) we dare throw at it, has to start somewhere, and for us it’s with a free 1991 Toyota MR2.

The following is an introduction to our project car and to what we aim to do with it.  The future promises a lot of time spent wrenching which will hopefully reward us with much more time spent racing, but first let’s back up to day one…

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On the topic of Low Limits

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.44.21 AM

Low limits are what make light, tossable sports cars great.  The Dodge Challenger R/T, however, is not a light, tossable sports car.  On the contrary, it’s a big, heavy grand tourer with more visual brawn than balls.  And yet, with a Hemi V8 up front and moderately grippy tires at all four corners, its limits do extend beyond the magical threshold of what can be fun on the street within the letter of the law.  Logic says that lowering the Challenger’s limits would make it more enjoyable, and I have just the remedy for that as well as for the ever-present issue of cars being just too much for the street: snow tires.

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