Remembering a legend: Don Panoz

A motorsports icon and brilliant entrepreneur has passed away at the age of 83. Don Panoz was a lifelong gearhead. Known for creating the American Le Mans Series (ALMS), Petit Le Mans, and helping building a lineup of wild street and track cars bearing his and his son’s last name.  … Continue Reading

Project Car SOTU: The Red Camaro

I was reflecting and somewhat laughing at how the status of my red 2001 Chevrolet Camaro has changed since I drove it home twelve years ago. My (now) project car happens to also be my very first car that I still have and more importantly, love. The big red bow tie came into my life during the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school. Before that, sixteen-year-old car geek Robby was driving around his parents’ green ’95 Ford Windstar.
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On the Track with Dodge’s new Challenger R/T Scat Pack Widebody

Out of Detroit’s three, the Challenger has always been the king at the drag strip, a king that rules with such a big crown the NHRA ended up casting down a ban on the late Demon variant. But can the big Dodge control itself at speed when the wheel isn’t pointed straight? Yes, oh gosh yes.

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Classic Captions Contest: 1981 Honda Quint Edition

honda quint

Disclaimer: There’s so much adventure happening in this faded 1980s Honda press photo. So, so much. We last left off with Kamil’s go at the Hooniverse Classic Captions Contest featuring Jaguar’s new F-Pace luxury crossover and a lot of questions. After dropping $4,495 down, Walt looks content with his $498 a month lease for the next three years. Nice high top Chucks, Walt. I’m at a loss for words though, when it comes to analyzing his companion’s face. Is she upset about having to wrangle all three (count ’em) dogs together for this picture that Walt demands to use for their family Christmas Card? Nothing says happy holidays like a brand-new Jag after all.
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Trackside at Road America: The WeatherTech International Challenge

The Mecca for those with gasoline in their blood, who crave loud and fast cars, is Road America. Four miles of long straights, sharp corners, elongated curves surrounded by Wisconsin’s best foliage. It’s a road course rich in history with checkered flags flapping since 1955. From vintage motorcycles, Le Mans type LMPs, striped-down muscle cars, amateur SCCA warriors, and classic European exotics, it’s a 14-turn maze for all-things with an engine and wheels. … Continue Reading

Road Tripping the American West in an F1 Car

Robby DeGraff August 10, 2018 Hoonivercinema

It’s probably been every single child (and adult’s, come on let’s be real) dream to pilot an F1 car on public roads. They blitz around tracks at atrociously fast speeds screaming as the RPMs rise high into the double-digits and Gs soar.

Red Bull Racing put Daniel Ricciardo, in his 900 horsepower Aston Martin RB12 on a road trip across the American west. Starting in the city of love, San Francisco, he bombs through the streets before making a quick pit stop on the San Francisco-Oakland bridge for a quick tire change. 15,000 rpm later he’s west into Utah’s dry and desolate Monument Valley (an area of the country I highly recommend you explore).

By nightfall he’s already in Sin City, the RB12’s engine noise ricocheting off the towering hotel walls of the MGM Grand and Aria. The clip ends with him parking his RB12, delicately packing away its removable steering wheel into a silver carrying case, and casually walking into the Bellagio, leaving two eager Las Vegas valets clueless. And I thought the black, six-speed Ferrari F355 I got to valet in college was baller.

Ricciardo recently announced plans to leave Red Bull Racing after this year’s 2018 season and join Renault’s Formula One team. We’re glad he soaked up a bit of raw Americana before heading to France.

Classic Captions Contest: 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT Edition

As July wraps up and August rolls in, let’s end off the month with a Hooniverse Classic Captions Contest focused a car from nearly 30 years ago that I personally think, has aged so well. Down the street from my apartment in Milwaukee’s Shorewood neighborhood, is a mega plex of a grocery store called Metro Market. There’s literally every single type of food object you can put into your body available on two, large floors. The three story parking garage attached to it, is a nightmare to drive in and horrendously designed. It doesn’t help when parked rare, rad, and obscure cars from the early 1990s distract you from attempting to exit. Case in point, the Mitsubishi 3000GT. Speaking of distractions, this press photo? Oh the stories that gray-haired man could tell. 
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Classic Captions Contest: 1995 Fiat Coupé Edition

If you’ve been following along with our recent rampant of Hooniverse Classic Captions Contests, a fair amount of the retro press images I’ve selected depict said featured car amidst some type of active sport or form of mighty fine outdoor recreation. A while back we took a close look at an Oldsmobile Fiernza poached at the bottom of a slope in Winter Park, and then the other week a boxy W-140 S-Class invaded the local climbing crag. Now were firing ahead another arrow with Fiat’s 1995 Coupé.

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Hooniversal Opinion: 2019 Chevrolet Blazer Design

“The Blazer is back!” were the words I saw flying across the Twitterverse late yesterday evening. I was ecstatic to read this, cuing up vivid dreams of a newfound rebirth of the truck-based Blazer I had grown up with, coming back from the dead. Would we see a new, small 4×4 in the Chevy lineup to potentially compete with Ford’s upcoming Bronco? Would we see a boxy, body-on-frame small SUV with aggressive styling paying tribute to the old Blazers we’ve all grown up with? You know, the ones that pulled ice shanties out onto frozen lakes in February, hauled your family up muddy two-track roads to the cabin on weekends? The Blazer that plowed through farm fields hauling equipment around  or had the rad ZR2 off-road package with knobby tires and that rear tire slapped on its liftgate?

That’s the Blazer that sticks out in my mind and the Blazer we all were hoping for. But nope, that’s nowhere near what was revealed last night, because there’s a new crossover in the Chevrolet’s lineup to join the Equinox, Trax, Traverse…I feel like by the time this post gets published, another crossover will probably bow wearing the nameplate “Bel Air,” “Monza,” or “Avalanche.” God I hope not.

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Classic Captions Contest: 1998 Mercedes-Benz S320 Edition

Here’s another jaunt at our infamous Classic Captions Contest here on the Hooniverse. Is there anyone else out there a giant Benz W140 S-Class fan as I am? I mean, look at the whip above, pure class. When I was in high school, I worked at a local used luxury car lot in Milwaukee where we’d buy, detail, and then sell old Audis, Jaguars, BMWs, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Lexus- the list goes on.

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