The Carchive: Buick in 1966

Not every volume protected in the dank recesses of The Carchive is in the best possible condition. The truth is that certain documents of note would be worth far too much to be owned by the likes of me if they were as crisp and glossy as when they were new.

I don’t so much care about an immaculate front page, though. It’s the wealth of vintage imagery and information inside that counts, and never was that more the case than with this 1966 Buick line-up catalogue.

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Mercedes blows the doors to the past wide open

Whatever your thoughts on Mercedes-Benz, there’s no doubt that our roads would look somewhat different if the Daimler story had never been written.

Mercedes can justifiably claim to have invented the car, but if it didn’t, you could be certain that somebody would soon enough. Whatever, since 1886, an awful lot has happened, and it’s rather gratifying to know that the German brand with the three-pointed star has been keeping accurate notes.

And now, its entire historical archive can be accessed by the likes of us.

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Parting shots: The Goodwood Car Parks

It’s fair to say that the attendees of the Goodwood Festival of Speed are a broad church, and nothing better illustrates this than a walk around any of its many, many parking lots – necessary to corral the steeds of 40,000 visitors per day.

There’s an allocated supercar parking area, but in many ways the regular parking lots are more interesting. Those who book their cars into supercar parking all have one thing in common – that they think their car is something special. Those who are happy to park among the schmucks are more interesting, and their tastes are more diverse – I walked past an NSX and a DeLorean when I didn’t have my camera. Here are six car park gems that shows the rich variety of Goodwood off to a tee.

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Quatre Chevaux: The Citroen 2CV Dakar

At a time way before the SUV was conceived, the Citroen 2CV provided transport from point A to point B, whether or not your journey enjoyed the convenience of a proper road.

Totally excluding Sport from its remit, the 2CV nonetheless excelled as a Utility Vehicle. With its legendary egg-basket cosseting ride, this exceptionally simply furnished car could traverse most terrains with ease and confidence. That didn’t prevent people from making improvements, though.

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Reasons to like the Jaguar XE SV Project 8.

Chris Haining July 2, 2017 Goodwood

Like many, I grow tired of the constant flow of ‘most powerful this’ and ‘new Nurburgring record holder’ that. Familiarity breeds contempt, and when there’s a six-figure pricetag involved, such a machine moves straight into the world of ‘might as well not exist’.

They do, exist, though, and while essentially irrelevant to the average man on the street, they have palpable halo effect which reflects well on the more affordable offerings from the same brand. The latest ‘best of the best’ from Jaguar is a case in point. Yes, it costs even more than a Goodwood Festival hot dog, but it really does inject an agreeable shot of lunacy into an otherwise sensible lineup. My favourite thing about it, though, is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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Down and dirty with a Group B Ferrari 308

If you’re of a certain age, any mention of Group B might prick your ears. Ranking high among the most spectacular motorsport machines ever built, Group B rally cars oozed menace, roared deafeningly and spat fire. All this is excellent, but my favorite thing about them is the breathtaking variety in which they came.

Take this 1976 Ferrari 308. It’s a great example of a privateer machine, the kind of thing built with an eye on killing a few factory giants. It appears at Goodwood, fittingly, on the Forest Rally stage, which I’m not sure we’ve mentioned before.

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Driving a wedge into your Aston Martin preconceptions.

It’s most appropriate that the badge of this car’s maker provides instructions on how best to gawp at it. However, Ogle Design has put its name to far more than this flamboyantly angular creation. David Ogle’s design consultancy has shaped many facets of daily life, and also provided Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder in a galaxy far, far away.

For a while, it designed and built cars, too. Various models for Reliant, including the imitation cheese Bond Bug, the Turkish Otosan Anadol, and its own Mini-based SX100. It also built two examples of the machine in these pictures, known as the ‘Sotheby Special”.

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And now for something completely different: The Ferves Ranger

Here’s an interesting little curio. This tiny yellow beastie is a Ferves Ranger, built in 1967 by FERVES – a portmanteau of Ferrari Vehicoli Speciali. In production for five years, the Ranger took its mechanical package from the Fiat 500 and 600, something you might have guessed from the car’s miniscule size.

I say minuscule, but viewed head on it looks like any other forward control vehicle. Only in plan view do things get a bit odd.

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When all you can do is Astonish

Nuccio Bertone. Clever bloke. He ran a styling company from the end of the second world war until his death in 1997, and his name has been borne by some of the most iconic and exotic cars of all time – along with plenty at the absolute opposite end of the spectrum.

The car in these photos might not be one that you’re familiar with, though. I wasn’t, although it all came flooding back after I’d circled it a few times. You’re looking at ‘the Jet’, and underneath those vogueishly ’60s curves, there throbs an Aston Martin heart.

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A thin line between love and 8?

So, what do we all think of the BMW 8 Series Concept, then? It’s central to BMW’s courtyard-located showcase at Goodwood, along with a smattering of BMW’s more high-profile coupes and roadsters. There’s a 507 in attendance, and a rather claustrophobically glass-ensconced E31, the last car to bear the 8 Series badge.

The car in these images is a teaser for BMW’s long awaited flagship coupe, and the smart money is on it not being wildly different to this nudge-nudge, wink-wink ‘concept’. Of course, some of the more extravagant details are a bit showcar silly and will be omitted on anything we can exchange fistfuls of cash for at your friendly BMW dealership – don’t expect to see a Swarovski crystal i-Drive controller in the real thing. But we’re still, effectively, looking at the new 8 Series, here, and I reckon it’s well worthy of discussion.

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