The Carchive: The ’95 Dodge Intrepid


It’s round about lunchtime, which means time to rummage down the back of the couch of time, to seek out another piece of historic automotive lint. Welcome to The Carchive!

Having just finished mopping up after the carnival that was US Van Week last time around, we’re keeping it low-key today. We’re sticking around in the US; Auburn Hills, Michigan to be precise. Roll back nineteen actual years to when Dodge had just updated their Intrepid.
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The Carchive: The 1990 Dodge RAM VAN


Welcome to the final day of what has been an unprecedentedly successful US Van Week, here at The Carchive.

Yesterday we found ourselves in a bizarre time vortex when I shared a 1985 brochure for the 1983 Ford Club Wagon. Maybe Ford were so proud of the ’83 model they re-released the brochure in ’85. Or maybe I just cocked the title up.

Moving on, we continue our Rampage through the ’80s Van market with a look at the 1990 Dodge Ram Van (whose brochure was published September ’89)

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The Carchive: The 1985 Ford Club Wagons



Yesterday it was revealed that we’re celebrating it being American Van Week at The Carchive, a festival that could well become an annual event. You heard it here first.

We got things started yesterday with the GMC Rally. Today we step forward 12 months while we drink in the considerable majesty of the ’83 Ford Club Wagon.

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The Carchive: The ’82 GMC Rally


Choosing a subject for a Carchive post often happens out of absolute pot luck, they land at my feet, blown by the breeze that permeates as soon as I open the gate. Or sometimes I’ve gone in there in search of something specific and gotten sidetracked: I found my Value Van brochure the other week while searching for a British Seagull outboard motor owners manual. It’s in there, somewhere.

This weekend I found myself enjoying a van. It put me in a van kind of mood, which I’m still in. As such, I hereby announce that it is Official American Van Week here in the Carchive.

Today we kick off with the 1982 GMC Rally.

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The Carchive:- The ’84 Saab 9000 Turbo 16


It’s 21:30 in the Saharan dust-stained, unseasonably warm rural backwaters of East Anglia, and that means it’s time for our second rummage through the dumpster of time for this week. Welcome back to The Carchive.

From America via Germany we move straight to Sweden today, to remind ourselves what was being born from jets in 1984. And please, nobody mention that that was three decades ago.

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The Carchive: The 1976 US Fords For Europe


Welcome to this week’s first freefall descent into the bottomless chasm of The Carchive.

This series has so far showcased brochures of various languages and from various locations. Today, though, we’re truly going pan-global. This is an English language brochure, printed in Germany, about the American cars that Ford exported to Europe.

Throw an 8-Track on and pour another Asti Spumante, it’s 1976 again!

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Flicking clever marketing: The Peugeot 20♡


From the same file of curiosities that previously brought you this MINI rubber johnny, I present you a French fancy I picked up in the late ’90s.

Some of you probably know, I quite enjoy looking at old car brochures. Reading them several years after a model has departed often gives us a better idea of the intent that the manufacture originally put behind their product. Some brochures are heavy on facts, some are closer to art pamphlets. Some just trot out line upon line of brain-mushing hyperbole that nobody in their right mind could have possibly ever believed.

Sometimes, though, when a car is released, or soon-to-be released, a company will do something different to fire our imagination. Let’s get a bit more animated about this after the jump.

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The Carchive: The ’82 GMC Value Van


Welcome to the Thursday instalment of The Carchive, where we survey the papery remnants of a time that once was, and marvel at how many actual vehicles have been outlived by their promotional materials.

On Tuesday we wound back to 1981 and peered at a sporting Italian Sedan. Today we step forward a year, to a vehicle which is pretty much the opposite extreme. It’s the Value Van.

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Adventures in Field Expediency with a ’95 Peugeot 306


It was twenty past eight in the evening that I got the call. I was in the living room, my laptop sitting on top of my lap, frantically concluding this Carchive post to hit a schedule deadline approaching in ten minutes time. So deeply involved was I in typing and rescaling images (somehow making them blurry in the process) that I didn’t notice the phone ringing for several seconds. With a start, I launched the laptop across the sofa and lifted the receiver.

My other, better, infinitely prettier half had fallen prey to mechanical malady in her beloved Peugeot. She was about half an hour away from home and her dashboard had exploded with that big red Peugeot warning light that simply announces “STOP”. There had been much eruption of steam from up front, too, so she had obeyed the Panic Light without dispute. And that was that.

Being the “car person” elect in our household, it was up to me to be heroic. This is how it went down.

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The Carchive: ’81 Alfa Romeo Giulietta


Welcome to another opportunity to join me in rifling through the huge piles of ancient paper that even the recycling people wouldn’t take on. It’s The Carchive.

Recently this EXCLUSIVE TO HOONIVERSE!!!1! Category has, well, been kinda modern. It’s therefore high time we stepped up the elderliness a tad. Let’s have a look at an early eighties Italian.
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