Get Yours Now! The 2013 Hooniverse Calendar is on Sale

Just one of 13, yes 13 months!

You probably saw the tease before, but the day you have been waiting for has finally arrived.  Yes, you too can own an official 2013 Hooniverse calendar.  Your iphone will thank you, your family will respect you, your friends will envy you and most of all, you will remember all those track days you missed in 2012 because you didn’t have a Hooniverse calendar.  

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Who Needs a Calendar? You do.

Ray Lindenburg November 19, 2012 All Things Hoon

With all the technology that surrounds us these days, it’s good to know that there are still things made of metal and paper and real stuff.  Like calendars.  Sure, your smart phone has one built in, your car can probably tell you what day it is and there’s likely an electronic day planner at the bottom of your cereal bowl.  Okay, I may exaggerate a bit, but I’ll tell you right now that your iPhone will not respond well to having a nail driven through it. 

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Truck Thursday – 1959 Goliath Express 1100 Pick-Up For Sale


I, like many of you, spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer in a poorly-lit cubicle in a poorly-designed office building reminiscent of a certain cult classic movie.  So there will be times that a little automotive distraction is a welcome part of the day… or a lot of automotive distraction.  Those little detours down the backroads off the information superhighway are fun, but what’s even more fun is when you get to make those trips in real life.

Like a few months ago, during a routine shopping excursion with my lovely wife and increasingly-less-tiny human – I nearly caught a forearm across the teeth as my wife pointed out a funky little pickup by the side of the road.  Of course, it was on the opposite side and already past, but the glimpse in my rearview told me I needed to execute a quick u-turn to check it out.

Doesn’t it seem like the most interesting adventures begin with a quick u-turn?

What I found was a detailed note in the window of a tiny cab-over pickup.  The note stated that the vehicle in question was a 1959 Goliath Express Pickup and it was for sale. … Continue Reading

(Volks) Wag(e)n Wednesday – Last Call 2012

Every once in a while, dumb luck leads you to stumble across something pretty cool.  A recent Saturday was one such time for me – I was on my way down I-15 through the suburban sprawl of the Salt Lake Valley on the way to the Intermountain Concours d’Elegance (photos forthcoming) when I happened to look off to the side of the freeway and noticed a large aggregation of classic Volkswagens parked at in a dealership overflow lot.  

Fortune smiled on me as I noticed an off-ramp upcoming, so I backtracked around to check it out.  I’m glad I took the time – I had stumbled on the Utah Transporter Association‘s Last Call show.  You can scroll through a few shots that I took below…

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Quick Shift: A Hoon-worthy NFL Player?

Ray Lindenburg September 24, 2012 Quick Shifts

Believe it.  Alfred Morris, a rookie running back for the Washington Redskins was born in 1988.  Why is that important?  Other than to make the rest of us feel old?  Its because car he drives to work every day was built in 1991.  And it’s not a classic Mustang Five-point-oh – no, it’s a Mazda 626.  Not even an awesome and rare GT Turbo hatchback.  It’s a DX.  With a stick shift and poverty-grade wheel covers (all present and accounted for).

Morris’ ’91 626 DX – courtesy The Redskins Blog

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Two Wheel Tuesday: Bonneville Vintage GP

Ray Lindenburg September 4, 2012 Two-Wheel Tuesday

It was a hot, dry summer across the Western US this year, but recent weather patterns have introduced some rain showers to the parched land.  Usually welcome, it seems that these rainstorms happen at the most inopportune times – the end of the third quarter of the Utah Utes’ season opener, on a wedding day, or during the introduction of the riders for the fourth race on Sunday at the Bonneville Vintage GP at Miller Motorsports Park near Tooele, Utah.

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4-Door El Camino for sale… Wait, What?

Ray Lindenburg August 28, 2012 For Sale

This Pontiac has potential, for what I’m not certain…Custom Pontiac Holden Crewman

Ok, I know, it’s not an El Camino.  And not even a G8 ST, one of the worst vehicle names in the Alpha-numeric Era.  So what is it?  Quite simply a Frankentiacden.  Or a Holtiacstein.  Or  a jumble of Aussie and American parts comprising something far cooler than the sum would indicate – possibly.

What we have here folks is good old fashioned American ingenuity.  When GM stopped building the El Camino in 1987, this fine land of ours was left without a coupe-utility in new car showrooms.  What the Aussies called a Ute (something near and dear to my heart) has soldiered on Down Under – and almost was re-introduced to the states before the collapse of 2008 ruined everything.  Thanks a lot, economy.

So, what’s a red-blooded American to do with this dearth of coupe-utility awesomeness?  Build your own, of course.  

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Wagon Wednesday: Gain a New Panorama on Life

So I’ve been thinking about new cars.  Honestly, I’m always thinking about new cars because that’s just the way my mind works.  I have had some problems with my current vehicle – nothing too horribly serious, just things that make me question it’s overall long-terminess.  Yeah, I just made that up.

Those problems to be electrical or some sort of minor malady created by the increasing complexity of vehicles these days, so I should probably amend my above comment by saying I’ve been thinking about old cars.  Just new to me…

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Hooniverse Asks Bonus – What’s the Coolest Automotive Easter Egg?


A while back, Hooniverse Asked what the lamest car badge was.  A healthy discussion followed as always, but one response stuck out of the bunch for me.  Esteemed commenter OA5599 commented on how cool it was that Nissan incorporated their logo into the design of their door handles.


Had you ever noticed that?  Because I hadn’t.  Of course that could be because I’m more of a forest than tree guy, but in any case…  I do know of a few others, but I’ll leave the commenting up to you, the commenters. 

So the (bonus edition) question today is – what’s the coolest automotive easter egg you’ve seen?  

Wagon Wednesday: This is The Box Your Volvo Came In

You think a Volvo wagon is boxy?  I’ve got news for you, Jack.  The Japanese were doing boxy long before about the same time as the Swedes.  Here’s your proof – a pristine 1986 Nissan Maxima for sale today in Salt Lake.  Designed entirely without the assistance of a french curve, the mid-80s Maxima was about as square as square can be – with perhaps the only concession to style being a jauntily-angled rear light.  But even then, just an angle – no curve.  Let’s not get crazy here.

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