2014 Hooniverse Calendar! Impress Your Co-workers!

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Time keeps ticking down and you still haven’t gotten Christmas presents for your kids and assorted co-workers.  Never fear, the Hooniverse is here, in the form of this year’s edition of the awesome Hooniverse Calendar.  Get one now!  They’re only a dollar a month – 13 bucks, and are certain to raise your IQ, your libido and lower your bad cholesterol. 

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The 2014 Hooniverse Calendar is HERE!


You were probably all paralyzed with fear this Turkey Day weekend – football passed by, turkey passed by, Black Friday came and went, more football passed by, more football passed by, The Walking Dead went on hiatus, you realized it was December already…

Then you awoke this morning to find…

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K-Car Abomination Gives Man (another) Stroke

Ray Lindenburg April 10, 2013 For Sale


What fresh hell is this?

Might be one response to the above photo.  Or, “it looks like a 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 era Corvette.”  Perhaps even a “Ferrari” or “Thunderbird.”  But if you’re Hooniverse’s own Jim Brennan, the reaction is, 

"It's giving me another stroke just looking at it..."

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A Race Rookie at Sears Pointless 2013


As you may have seen in previous posts, two of your trusty Hooniverse correspondents were able to finagle their way onto a real-life racing team… well, a 24 Hours of LeMons team at least. Sure, they might be $500 cars, but the experience is about the most fun a person can have for any price.

So there I am in the lede photo, driving the #32 FX32 – a twin-engined beast engineered by the geniuses at Stick Figure Racing. I’ll be honest, most of my involvement with the building of the car was keeping the real workers fed with delicious donuts from Banbury Cross. But I did help a bit too – I drew very accurate arrows on the proper lug holes in the wheels, kept the green and orange stripes fairly straight – important stuff. … Continue Reading

FX32 Lemons Build Update: The Final Edition

It’s been a long and harrowing journey, but there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  The Frankenstein’s monster known as the FX32 has neared completion (there are some loose ends to zip-tie up) and rests today on a trailer, ready to be hauled to its eventual destruction glory on the smooth pavement of Sonoma Raceway.

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Disappointed with your Christmas haul? Raise your spirits with a Hooniverse Calendar!

Ray Lindenburg December 27, 2012 All Things Hoon

You’ve survived the Mayan apocalypse and probably got another cat-themed calendar from your long-lost aunt that smells of mothballs, but the last week of 2012 doesn’t have to be defined by those crushing disappointments.  Ditch the cats and get yourself 13 awesome car-themed months by buying a 2013 Hooniverse Calendar.


The photography is awesome, the subjects are way cooler than that Corvette calendar your cubicle neighbor has and best of all, you’ll be supporting your favorite website.

Fastback Friday: 1988 Subaru GL

During my formative car geek years (junior high and high school), I lived outside Kansas City, Missouri.  I only mention this because I knew someone who had a late-80s Subaru GL 3-door and it was such an interesting and unusual vehicle.  People in the west and northeast may scoff at this idea, but the fact is, Subarus were rare in the midwest at that time.   An interesting aside to that rare theme – my dad still had the ’79 Rabbit during this period – and no dealership at which to service it.  The only VW dealership in the Kansas City metro area folded sometime around 1989.  If Subarus were rare, VWs were downright exotic.

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2013 Hooniverse Calendar – Do You Have One? You Should.

Its getting closer to Christmas by the minute and if you’re anything like me, gift shopping won’t begin for another 8 days or so.  Unfortunately, most of the cool gifts are online nowadays and require at least a couple days for shipping.  Unless, of course, you’re willing to double the price of your purchase to get overnight shipping.

So instead of stressing about finding the perfect gift for yourself, your friends, neighbors and loved ones, why not just order up a Hooniverse 2013 Calendar?  It’s only 12 bucks and the profits will buy more beer for the next company barbeque keep the site online for the next 6 days ever.

Follow the link below!

Fastback Friday: 2012 Hyundai Veloster

Somewhere near the intersection of Architecture Nerdery and Car Geekdom is parked this sparkling new Hyundai Veloster – another of the rapidly-rising Korean company’s new offerings introduced in the past couple of years.  According to a new television commercial I saw last night, the Veloster returns up to 40 miles per gallon, but it is included here because it looks cool.  And it is parked in front of a classic mid-century home in West Valley City, Utah’s Westshire neighborhood. … Continue Reading

Fastback Friday: Mass Transit Madness, Part One – The Mazda MX-3

I frequently use the train to get to work – yeah, I’m a car guy, but the daily commute takes the fun out of driving, and that’s a quality I’d like to keep.  So… it’s off to the train station several times a week – fortunately at my terminus is a pretty large park-and-ride lot that I can detour through to see what’s being used as daily beaters out here in the ‘burbs (I have a reverse commute – I live close to downtown and work in the suburbs).

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